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php select option selected from database in codeigniter

there is no default option, option depend for which user I add a task. I bought a flutter app with CodeIgniter backend from Codecanyon, I need create functions to adds autocomplete feature to the search bar that allows users to search for a location with . 1) You have not specified form post method so its taking by default "get" method and you are trying to get values using post(). Displays data that has been inserted into datatable. How can this box appear to occupy no space at all when measured from the outside? I dont understand why but this one always selected last option ( not the one i choose before). Which select option do you want to be the default selected option? but when m trying to submit the form fields all values are going to db correctly, but entering blank for that drop down value. How do I get a YouTube video thumbnail from the YouTube API? rev2023.1.17.43168. Would Marx consider salary workers to be members of the proleteriat? I hope this makes sence? Could you have this inputting to a database , WOO basically I changed the thing to $key==$rows['productid'] finally! Then input product name, category, sub category, and product price. In this tutorial, you will learn how to create an array of categories, display the values inside HTML select box and have selected options pre-defined with PHP and also I will show you how to get the selected options from a database using the ID of the record. Wall shelves, hooks, other wall-mounted things, without drilling? I am creating a theme select option for an App. Hope this will clear you and solve your issue. This database have 1 table: Product table. 2) You have set the select multiple but did not make its name as array foods[]. Is it OK to ask the professor I am applying to for a recommendation letter? My CodeIgniitor site already has a create and edit blog facilities and site management dashboard so much of what would otherwise be needed in order to create such a website already exists and an intelligent Freelancer will know how best to use this to their advantage - I want the . Double-sided tape maybe? Making statements based on opinion; back them up with references or personal experience. ';output += '';return output;}. Perfect to the point Tutorials. #peternakcode #codeigniter #selectoption #dropdownTUTORIAL SELECT OPTION DARI DATABASE DI CODEIGNITERSELECT OPTION pada codeigniter bisa kita buat dengan fun. How to create dependent select options, insert, update, and delete with Codeigniter and Ajax. There will be some changes in controller's and view's files also. Outrageous right? In this tutorial, You will learn to display data from the database in select options using PHP & MySQL with some simple steps. Then in the line that generates the option tag. You should never trust any variables from a user $_GET, $_POST, etc. The "some_variable" and "some_value" that assigns a value to "select_attribute" would not be inside the procNewEntry function . Create new database named codeigniter4_db. How do I connect to a MySQL Database in Python? To subscribe to this RSS feed, copy and paste this URL into your RSS reader. Browse other questions tagged, Where developers & technologists share private knowledge with coworkers, Reach developers & technologists worldwide. 1. code here Browse other questions tagged, Where developers & technologists share private knowledge with coworkers, Reach developers & technologists worldwide, @ioums Sorry about that I have ended it. Create new class in your model as shown below. Thanks a ton, mfikri! This tags create drop down list in html. Bootstrap is tied into that select. rev2023.1.17.43168. Extract Codeigniter that you have downloaded earlier to the directory: C:wampwww if you use WAMPSERVER. An example of data being processed may be a unique identifier stored in a cookie. 528), Microsoft Azure joins Collectives on Stack Overflow. How to rename a file based on a directory name? Connect and share knowledge within a single location that is structured and easy to search. My Name is Md Nurullah from Bihar, India. If you select one or more colors, the post.php file will display them. To create a "category" table can be done by executing the following query: To create a "sub_category" table can be done by executing the following query: To create a "product" table can be done by executing the following query: Next, insert some data into the "category" and "sub_category" tables. Making statements based on opinion; back them up with references or personal experience. Great! And editing is working but option of workers is not selected. Open index.php in root folder find to line 16 replace path to Paths.php file as below: Open App.php in app/Config folder find to line 39 remove index.php string in $indexPage variable as below: Open App.php file in app/Config folder. the same is with code : Yes, this problem sounds like the tricky part I mentioned. Find centralized, trusted content and collaborate around the technologies you use most. How could one outsmart a tracking implant? Kita buat persiapan database terlebih dahulu ,sahabat buat 3 table baru yaitu seperti gambar berikut: How to store/submit drop down list selected item to phpmyadmin MySQL db using PHP script code. Untuk membuat select option berhubungan dengan Codeigniter dan AJAX JQuery, inilah yang perlu Anda persiapkan: 1. Get selected value in dropdown list using JavaScript. Switch on Apache and MySQL from the XAMPP control panel. Installing and Configuring Codeigniter. state; district; state table structure Cannot understand how the DML works in this code, Fraction-manipulation between a Gamma and Student-t. Can I (an EU citizen) live in the US if I marry a US citizen? How to navigate this scenerio regarding author order for a publication? Browse other questions tagged, Where developers & technologists share private knowledge with coworkers, Reach developers & technologists worldwide, Have you specified 'multiple' attribute in select eg: . ``` I have fixed it now and it was because of how I was closing one small '>' inside the echo !!! Codeigniter insert and serialize multiple selected values into database, Codeigniter insert multiple selected values into database, How to insert multiple checkbox value in mysql using codeigniter, Get multiple array in Codeigniter and insert to database, inserting multiple rows to table in database codeigniter, Insert batch inserting limited values in the database and not inserting the data completely, using PHP and CodeIgniter, Poisson regression with constraint on the coefficients of two variables be the same. Step 1: Create a table named demo into your Database (MySQL) as follows: Step 2: Create a index.php file and paste the below html form design code: Now, when you click on the Submit button, the <form> contains action="code.php" so, lets go to Step 3 to write the code: Step 3: Create a code.php file and paste the below code to insert dropdown . 5. insert. Removing unreal/gift co-authors previously added because of academic bullying. What does and doesn't count as "mitigating" a time oracle's curse? In this step, you need to create a database name demo, so let's open your PHPMyAdmin and create the database with the name demo. Open the database.php file in the "application/config" folder and find the following code: In this step, you will learn the basics of select options dependent using Codeigniter and Ajax. Sorry if this confused you, I have a habit of assuming others will understand my eccentricities. Much easier to have the conditional inside the while loop that generates the select options. Why might this be. index.php Main file having drop down. Set default controller as below: Access demo1 action in Demo controller with following url: http://localhost:8095/LearnCodeIgniter4WithRealApps/demo/demo1, Access demo2 action in Demo controller with following url: http://localhost:8095/LearnCodeIgniter4WithRealApps/demo/demo2, Access demo3 action in Demo controller with following url: http://localhost:8095/LearnCodeIgniter4WithRealApps/demo/demo3, Access demo4 action in Demo controller with following url: http://localhost:8095/LearnCodeIgniter4WithRealApps/demo/demo4. How could magic slowly be destroying the world? . How to get multiple selected values of select box in php? If it is running well, then it will look like the following picture: Extract the Datatable file that was previously downloaded into the "assets" folder. The problem now is the SELECTED doesn't show based on what the users original choice was:'(, select option value from database on selected, Flake it till you make it: how to detect and deal with flaky tests (Ep. CodeIgniter: How to 'highlight' the link of the page the user is currently on? Why are there two different pronunciations for the word Tee? I am storing theme names in the database like so: I am then calling all themes in the Model and returning the array with this code: It is supported by all the main browsers such as Firefox, Chrome, Safari, IE, and Opera. 6. update. Because I will use all the lists above in this tutorial. It's best to load a var for everything and then post it in one shot rather than in and out of PHP. Therefore, we need 3 tables, namely: product, package, and the detail table. Notice the following changes: You had plain HTML code in the PHP segment in the beginning. Not the answer you're looking for? or we can use the * character to select ALL columns from a table: SELECT * FROM table_name. ; Use the multiple attribute to create a list that allows multiple selections. document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); COPYRIGHT 2018. So I have a tag in PHP. This is the ultimate tutorial about Select Options dependent using Codeigniter and JQuery Ajax. Fetch data from database using php start php script inside tbody tag in our bootstrap row. So, Make sure, you have already done it. Create a database named pos_db. I chose to use tag instead of form_dropdown() from Form Helper because i can't set a class atribute to