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lane cedar chest style number

I dont have experience with the cane webbing personally, but I know youve got to find a pretty skilled person to take care of this. The company was based in Altavista, Virginia, and continued making cedar chests there from 1912 through 2001 -- the last cedar chest rolled off the production line that summer when the cedar chest division was shut down. I have a small Lane table. Item Description: Translate description. Hi Yvette, Thank you. Lane cedar chest style number 48910. Could this have been made in 92 and Ive just read the serial number incorrectly? Serial 4611101trying to attain as much info as I can on this piece. Lane Furniture is only available through authorized dealers and cannot be purchased any other way. Hi Arlene, 1977 lane cedar love chest. Original Price 25.52 We also want to polish it up a bit since theres a small bit of wood that chipped off. I read you method of deciphering the serial number above. Can you give me any information on this item such as a date, type of wood & possible value. The serial number backward made no sense to them and they couldnt find the style. Yes. If you want to send along pics we can dig in further: [email protected]. It is but this table has It is clearly stamped as Lane on the underneath. Plus, enjoy free shipping on orders over $35. Thanks for your note. Any questions feel free to ask All auctions as is . I would love to know more or possibly find other pieces from the same style. I just bought a lane cedar chest for an auction. We have a little round Lane Altavista lamp table. Known by its impeccable craftsmanship, you will want to look for the following clues: Your logo may look like the above, or it may just contain the wording LANE Altavista, Va. (without the framing), or it may have a forest motif surrounded by a half circle above the word LANE, For example, our end table has the serial number: 063270 so our table was made on 07/23/60, Without a serial number, Lane cannot determine a date of production, Your piece may also contain an extra digit this tells you the plant location, Sometimes you may find an extra bit of information: the style number may be written near the serial number, For example, our table is considered style 2098, Scrape the burned finish with a single-edge razor blade (you can find these in your local hardware store in the paint prep aisle), Remove any loose dirt or wood bits and clean with naptha (typically a lacquer thinner, but it is best to consult your local hardware paint department to make sure you buy the right thing). Hi Henry, Click here to be taken to the Lane Cedar Chest Lock Recall page. Thanks for reaching out. Oil-based polishes also help to protect the finish by moisturizing it as the emollients slightly soak into the lacquer and wood pores in a similar effect as using moisturizing lotion on our skin. During years making cedar chests, the company produced a variety of chest styles, marked with its logo and a serial number. What we recommend is to take some pictures of your piece to local vintage shop owners to get their initial assessment. Thanks for reaching out. Very unique. This process softens, beautifies, and protects these hides. That way when you reach out to a local furniture appraiser you can have some more information on hand. Lane Altavista, VA hi i have 2 bedside lockers with serial numbers of 3gg7290 also under this is 294 80 and under that is 24 can u help all the way from ireland. See what other people are asking and then make a judgment based on the condition of their pieces versus your own. Cheers! I have looked timelessly on the Internet but have not got a real price. thank you! Lane. 1 talking about this. Im also having a hard time finding out anything about them. Ive just purchased a lovely little coffee table that I discovered after bringing it home is a Lane, made in 1958. Can you tell me some more about it?. Canada, Oh fun! Its some kind of liquid that turned black so it will require some aggresive sanding and then the whole piece will need to be sanded to match. Becky. Any info would be great! . I want to know a price for it to see how much its worth. Hi Dina, Yours is March 15, 1970 and from a different plant (See the number 20 instead of 21 from the post previously made by another guest). 2775-3 sr.nmbr 250310 how much is it worth What is the resale value of a Lane Cedar Chest Model 565150, Style 224553 Cavalier cedar chest serial number s-6896z also has drawer in the bottom ca. Would you have any ideas to help? Sunday, Mar 5, 2023 | 12:00 PM Central. Any insight? Thanks for reaching out. 34, Serial No. [email protected], Sending pics now! I cannot find it anywhere online. Here at Chairish, you can routinely find these iconic Lane cedar chests in our extensive online inventory. I cant find a serial number. The coffee table has style no: 1082 09, serial: 4 767010 Happy to hear from you Im going through my inbox so Ill be sure to look for the pics. I need help I have a desk Local pickup only . Theyre real light right now and wld like to keep the light wood color. Hi Laura, Unfortunately we dont offer appraisals, but heres a good way to determine value: find a comparable piece on Etsy/Ebay to give yourself a baseline, then with photos in hand, reach out to local vintage shop owners (antique malls are a great one-stop shop for this). Any help will be greatly appreciated. Paid only $3.00. Hi, I have a Lane record album organizer, but cant seem to figure out how old it is. Any help would be appreciated. Will try to help please email me pictures of the front of the piece and the markings. As you know, researching Lane is a tricky endeavor! I would recommend reaching out to an antique mall you can get a variety of vintage shop owner opinions in one spot. Photos of it can be found here: Sounds like a couple of fun finds. I bought a wedge shaped table on Craigslist for my moms apartment for $35 about a year ago. I believe Ive responded via email, but let me know if you have other questions! Hi Carlin, We are not appraisers so cant speak to value. is 1435-08 & the Serial No is 23721010. Withna clear logo but have no details on this desk or what it is worth, Please assist. The link above to the Lane site didnt work. Thank you. Serial number is 4279150. It measures 66 inches long 17.25 inches tall and 22.5 inches wide. Before I decide what Im going to do with it, I looked it up, but couldnt find it anywhere. Hi Todd, . Pleasantville Blanket Chest. If you could email me some pics at [email protected] well dig in! Its a bit heavy for me to tip over for the serial number. Serial # 265050 style # 983-21. Unfortunately we dont do appraisals as we cant see the pieces in person. Best of luck! History? Sounds awesome! For resale purposes, your best bet is to research your serial numbers online. Cheers! Cheers, Interchanging wax- and oil-based polishes will cause the furniture finish to become cloudy and streaked in appearance because the oil-based polishes will partially melt the wax in wax-based polishes but will not completely remove it. Hi Shana, I know manufacture date but cant even find a photo on line. Thanks for reaching out the serial number isnt clear to me. It has a bottom shelf that is 3 woven sections. If your model does not have a serial number we will be unable to provide you with a production date. Can you help me? I have a coffee table and matching end table marked lane on it. If I reverse as everyone says, it doesnt make sense. I was just wondering what they might be worth. Any thots? I would love to connect our readers to your shop! Where are the replies to the questions? Wondering if you could help? The base product used in most commercially available furniture polishes are either wax-based or oil-based. Thanks! Becky, Your email address will not be published. I. Hi John! I am really trying to find the worth, or even the date of this set. Thank you. Hi Tony, Being Lane the company most notably known for their cedar chests of course the Acclaim line had to have one. They may point you to an appraisal business or can give you a rough estimation based on their business history. Have you had any luck since posting? Cheers! Sounds good thanks for reaching out. Hi Christine I will check your mail please forgive the delay. Thanks for reaching out your piece was made in November 1971, based on the serial number. Please email [email protected], i have a lane vinal LP holder but the serial number has seven digits so i cant tell what year it was made, can you help me..ser.# 4860803. If you could, please send a photo of the front of the piece and the markings to [email protected] well try and dig in. A common affliction of vintage furniture were afraid, but dont let this turn you off from buying a great piece. Im guessing the mfg date is 01/14 but cant figure out the backwards 3. What condition is the chest in? Do you know which of their lines it is from? If I were in your shoes, Id reach out to local antique/vintage shop owners to get some recommendations for appraisers or furniture restoration artists (they also can speak to value). You can email to [email protected]. They include the serial number 29869060 and style number 988 05. Best of luck! I havent been able to find Lane furniture with the harp design. Could you please email me a picture of the chests front and the markings? Thanks for the note! Hello, thanks so much for this informative page! Thank you! The Leather Office Chairs are produced by a company called True Seating. *****FOLLOW ME ON OTHER S. Cheers! When visiting a dealer, they will have information either through the catalog or on the furniture of what is available and if the group is offered as a sofa/loveseat or sectional style. Style 2607 04. We are very excited to have these pieces in our home that was built around the same time. I inherited a matching pair of end tables made by Virginia Maid Style No. Please refer to your dealer as to the warranty of any such treatment or application. The Mid-Century Modern designs often featured patterned wood stains, with looks that appear more industrial, the only decoration being the hardware. I picked up two vintage Lane two-tier end tables. I know its been in the family for a long time, but thats about all I know. It is then processed into suede, split, or coated split leather. (displays a limited sampling of the millions of priced results in our database), many more examples with full details are available to our members - Learn more, Vintage 1950 Lane Cedar Chest Seller: Belk Auction Company. Thanks for reaching out these sound like beautiful pieces. 611-13 and serial no 565101. Hi L.J. Next, take pictures of the piece to local antique malls (you get a ton of vintage shop owner advice in one spot!) Regarding refinishing Im not a furniture restoration expert, but I would recommend reaching out to one in your area or a local antique/vintage dealer to see who they use. Enjoy! Ive had some luck perusing old ads in magazines. Best of luck! 36314 } I am just curious as to the history of this item if possible Unfortunately we cant provide a value assessment as we arent appraisers and arent seeing the piece in person. familyjewelsatlanta. It's a late Deco example of the Waterfall type, getting the name from the curved shape of the lid. 21.70, 25.52 Thanks for reaching out so happy to hear that you found those five tables. Thanks for reaching out yes please send pictures clear shots of the front and the markings would be perfect to [email protected]. Required fields are marked *. Hi Becky, It all began when John Lane purchased a Virginia manufacturing plant. Hi Joey! Thank you for your help Becky! I just found a lane cedar chest in my parents bedroom underneath the chest it reads a serial number of 088029 #5440-s or 5 and inside there is a paper with a number #5049, Hi Ivonne, I do have pics I can send to you. Thanks for reaching out & Im thrilled to know another Lane enthusiast they are such beautiful pieces. I have a Cavalier cedar chest with Pattern#161 and Run#4347 how do i find out anything about it?? Cheers! Hi, I purchased a Lane coffee table today Hoping to find out the style name and the type of wood. If you could send pics to [email protected], well dig in. 2 vintage Cedar Chests. I also have since discovered that my table is the Delineator cocktail table designed by Paul McCobb and manufactured by Lane. Your cedar chest isn't just a pretty piece of furniture for storing keepsakes and pillows. Unfortunately we dont offer appraisals as we cant see the pieces in person. 1113 91 Thanks for reaching out I would start by reaching out to Lane directly with the serial and style number of your Lane chest. What this is worth depends on where you're . Based on the numbers in the markings this dates the piece to 1962. Hi Leah, The Style # is 1673-27 and Serial # 4873020. Cheers and may the vintage be with you. In order to maintain the beauty of your furniture, proper attention and care must be given to it. The lane company manufactured cedar chests in the Chippendale and Art Deco style (between the 1930s - 1940s). Cheers! Whoever the previous owners were, they took extremely good care of it and we want to make sure we do the same. Nubuck leather is frequently treated with chemicals to resist stains and water. Enjoy! We were trying to figure out how old it is but reading the serial # backwards does not work. Bid. I would recommend reaching out to a local vintage or antique shop owner for an appraisal reference. You can see that Lane did take some of their cues from Danish inspiration:, I have a Zane Altavista Virginia wood Square coffee table serial number 217-2111 style 115 909. Cheers, There are three lines of numbers on the back: 51 then under that 305-03 and under that SER NO 376640. At what time did Lane start production of some or all of their pieces in China? Ill dig in cheers! It will need some TLC but I have no clue the best way to refurbish. The serial number is 466609 and style is 1082 18. Thanks for reaching out! Hi Jeff, Serial number si 56181 1. i have a Virgina Maid by Lane chest with green fabric top. Coated split leather is stiffer and less durable than top grain and is often used to cover the portions of a sofa or chair that will not be seen and does not need to be as flexible as the top. Would like to know the value since I want to sell. Even the air in what is assumed to be very clean households carry dust, pollen and other contaminants that will, over time, cause furniture finishes to lose their value by the accumulation of soil and by 'drying out' the lacquer topcoats. I inherited a lane coffee table with a ship on it. In Furniture > Trunks > Show & Tell. If I were in your shoes Id reach out to local vintage/antique shop owners and see if they can connect you with appraisers and furniture restoration resources. Im wondering if this translates to: 03/26/61, instead of 30/62/16, which is what it would be if I read it backwards like your serial number. Do you know of any other cases like that? Hmmm yes thats interesting. Hi Christine, answer. Thanks in advance- Jennifer, Hi Jennifer, Can you tell me anything about this piece? There is a double dresser, single dresser, corner desk, chair, and mirror; but no bed or headboard. Then I worked with local vintage shop owners to get their recommendations for an appraiser. , Just found a Lane table in my parents attic; style # 10906 04; Serial # 4973140. The table was purchased in San Antonio at Karotkins Furniture Store. There isnt a ton of information online about the various collections, but I have used this site before to help me identify wood types: To prevent this from happening, it is necessary to clean and polish or wax your furniture on a regular basis. Characterized by its sleek styling and quality construction, Lane Furniture has been an iconic American brand since 1912. Thanks for the note if you want to send the information to [email protected] well dig in! There are four finishes or treatments of leather: Most tanned leather is colored with a penetrating aniline dye that is absorbed by the pores and permeates the surface of the hide, giving it color without covering over natural markings. It has a standard hinged lift top that pulls up to open and a lock with a key. Also, please note that Lanes departure from cedar chests to furniture during the 1940s. It says on the bottom of the piece Lane Altavista Virginia Style # 705523 Serial # 4173121 it is on wheels and I am pretty sure it is a mini bar just trying to find some info on it it seems to be real wood. Hello, Im recently purchased a home with all content. Cheers! Some chests may also have an extra digit which denotes the plant location. It was a steal! I am coming to you with a question on a Lane cedar chest. Cheers! Turning off the personalized advertising setting wont stop you from seeing Etsy ads or impact Etsy's own personalization technologies, but it may make the ads you see less relevant or more repetitive. My wife would like me to restore it but if it is worth the investment I would prefer a professional to finish and repair it like it once was. If youd be able to send a pic to [email protected] well dig in! One of the most well-known designs, the traditionally styled Lane cedar chest has the look of an antique. Please share your thoughts. Thanks in advance for any info. Lane does not manufacture or provide sources for slipcovers for our furniture. The serial number is 2291190 and style number is 10985 97. I paid $3 each, so fun to find these. I would recommend reaching out to local vintage shop owners, they are a wealth of information and can connect you with a reliable contact. Style 257. Cheers! Hi. Hi Cindy, Makes me happy to hear that youre enjoying the site. All three of the pieces have black formica (I think; thats what we always called it) tops. 1947 vintage lane cedar chest - $425 (austintown) beautiful 1947 vintage lane cedar chest ** must see **style number: 2133 dimensions/size: 23"h x 47"w x 23"d"1947".lane alta vista, virginia cedar chest. Any suggestions on the best way to go about restoring? I would recommend reaching out to local vintage shop owners to see if anyone has a lead on the chairs (once you get looped into this network its amazing how many people can come and assist). It is like a thin piece of molding. The shorter, second number should be the style number. Today I came across a Lane coffee table I have never seen before and was wondering if you could help? Ive endlessly searched and cant find ANY info online for my table. Bid. If you could send me some pics Ill dig in [email protected]. I have a coffee table from my mom serial number: 2133 serial no.741330 it is in good condition minor scratching can you tell me what - Answered by a verified Antique Expert. vanskyock24 loves this. I would like to know if you could help me with what year these were made? Hi Rose, However, your dealer will need to work with a Lane sales representative to place this special order for you. We recently acquired a Lane chest, but are struggling to date it because reading the serial number backward just produces nonsense, and wed be interested in your thoughts. Its a 15 tall 4 legged wooden table. (SERIAL NUMBERING) The numbering of a printed product in sequential order. 1947 Las Vegas Classified Directory - Over50Vegas . . If you want to send pictures to [email protected], we can dig in further. We always love seeing pictures of our readers finds feel free to email us at [email protected] Here are some helpful suggestions for selling on your own online;,,,,, eBay,, and Other good rules of thumb are to look at the construction techniques & materials. Becky, Hello . Can you help I.D. Serial 253101 Always remember to allow time for the surface to dry completely. Discover Federal and Chippendale style chests . If you could send pics of the markings to [email protected] well investigate. Split leather comes from the lower layer of the hide. Cheers! Note "half-moon" bit of damage to the finish on the top. This warranty position is due to several reasons. Thanks for the comment in most of these cases were corresponding directly with the reader via email. Old LANE CEDAR CHEST HALLMARK . Enjoy! 466290 and the other Serial No. I have a altavista lane hexagon end table that is clearly marked on the bottom i would like to know what the resale price is for this piece as i cannot find any information about this piece online. Get the best deals for large lane cedar chest at Do you know anything about this table? I can not find anything on this gorgeous piece. Hi Bob, I would recommend seeing if a search of your style number on etsy or ebay yields any comparables. All are a blond lamented with gold trimming. Thanks. Expert's Assistant: The Antiques Appraiser can help. Becky. Is there any additional information you can provide on it? Cheers! I dont want to do any further damage as this is a great piece that I think I will keep forever. For service issues/questions please contact [emailprotected]. Recommendations would be appreciated. I would recommend looking for 1940s Lane chests on Etsy and Ebay to find comparables, then taking in pictures to local vintage shop owners to get a feel of local market value. Hi Jen, This one indicated 1942, but a picture sent to [email protected] can help us dig in. Hmm that is odd. Hi Rachel, Did you ever figure out the age of your cedar chest? NOTE: The factory does not know what specific models our independent retailers have in their inventories. Sounds like a lovely find. serial # 550121. As you know, getting Lane information is touch and go. Hi Emily, Do not replace lamps or other objects immediately back onto the furniture so that the polish will have ample time to dry completely. Click on the results to view more details Thank you! Thanks! These about 18sq walnut with a black laminate ? If you can send me some pics of the pieces themselves as well as the markings, well dig in more: [email protected]. Thank you for any info you can provide. Hi Austin, I have two Lane side tables marked on the underside with Lane Altavista Virginia Style no. Please see a copy of our Upholstery Warranty here: Upholstery Warranty, The warranty that pertains to our mechanisms can be downloaded on the website by going here: Warranty Informtion. Hi Sheila, favorite this post Jul 26 . I wanted to get your thoughts before I dive into this myself incase this thing is really valuable, ill take it to the pros, if so. Hi Patricia thanks for reaching out! Sounds like a great Cedar Chest. Do not know anything about it, needs to be refinished and dont know if to refinish or replace. Chuck in Virginia. If you could send pictures to [email protected], well dig in. Then vintage shop owners can give you a more dialed in amount based on your local market. Cheers! It is approx. You can search for it on Cause A Frockus if I dont have it listed, try a preliminary Google search. Yes. My guess is that both the lighter boarder and dark body are oak. The serial number is a little confusing :362206. 2210 Serial NO. If I can find out about the collection will reply. We have a license agreement with them to produce the chair with our Lane Logo. Once you find a wax polish you like, stick with it. Have looked on the bottom. I have a 3 legged corner sofa table, that we know nothing about. Hi,I have a Lane Hope Chest and it was built in 1956,it was my they still make keys for the push button lock on the front?? 3 years 10 months ago. This is about counter tops, but I think it still applies. You guessed right on the production date and sometimes I have seen serial numbers not included when its a set. I have a Lane coffee table that has cup stains and overall worn out. The serial # is either 112827 or II2827 and the style # is 48775. Thank you. Between those data points you can get a general sense. Could you please email them to me at [email protected]? Cheers! The interior of the chest is immaculate! But the serial number itself indicates a manufacturing date of May 25, 1957. It can be hard to find Lane comparables online Lane does still exist and while they have a responsive customer service dept their archives were partially destroyed some years back so it can be tricky to find what you want. For best results, waxes and polishes should not be sprayed directly from the can or bottle onto the furniture finish. I purchased it in the 1980s. We recently bought a Lane dining expandable pedestal table from an etsy seller with the following numbers on the labels from the underneath side of the table top: 3865020, 31693 and 294-54. Hi Gail, They have some water damage on each surface and one piece of decorative trim missing. Cheers! They are unlike any other Lane pieces I can find. Cheers! Greetings! Hunker may earn compensation through affiliate links in this story. Can you tell me what the tray/box was made for? 500, Serial No. They can also advise on an appraiser or furniture restoration expert if some small tweaks to the piece may boost the value. 257 The Joint Industry Fabric Standards Committee has determined that protective cover coatings (also known as RAFT) applied by entities other than the mill or tannery may affect fabric integrity and contribute to premature seam failure, discoloration, color bleeding, pile release, and latex deterioration. Can you tell me anything about it. Hello! If you could send a clear picture of the front and the markings to [email protected] Ill dig in cheers! To receive a FREE lock replacement, click here and complete the form. A serial number is a unique number assigned for identification which varies from its successor or predecessor by a fixed discrete integer value. The other 2 look like China cabinets to me without the doors. Wondering if anyone can tell me the age of this cedar chest. just acquired a style #908 21 I can send pictures. Hi Alx, Cheers and best of luck! Thanks for reaching out well dig into the photos sent to our email & let you know. Certain upholstery and replacement parts are available through our Customer Service Department or through your local Lane retailer. Hi Joe, Hi! Can you help? Cant find another one like it online and wondering if its authentic. It also appears to have two different style numbers printed on the bottom. Im afraid we dont offer appraisals, but I would recommend finding comparable pieces on Etsy or Ebay to give yourself a baseline & reach out to local shop owners to get a feel for the local market value. Later I discovered it was a Lane Rhythm. I have a combined cabinet with reading rack, I know it was pattened in 1987, and the style no. I have an old Lane tray, 21 long, with 2-3 deep sides, stained black. Cheers! Cheers! Style No. If you are not sure of the type or finish of your leather, look beneath the seat cushion on all items except recliners to find a label with Leather Classification and Leather Care Tips. For recliners, look beneath the ottoman for the information.

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