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Good Night Larry, see you later.. Hopefully you will have your show set up when I arrive. Thanking you is hardly enough to return for all those years of your humour and kindness. Prior to ending its run on WHDH in 1992, Larry's show went out first over WMEX in 1965. I wish I could remember their names. His wit and timing was unsurpassed. Count me amoung the youngsters with an AM radio under his pillow. Follow her on Twitter @JessicaHeslam. Hes a great golfer, de la Hoya says in an interview later. Radio will never be the same. March 27, 09 10:34 AM bn.. Posted by Pete March 27, 09 09:30 AM aa.. Voting for this election ended May 7, 2022. Our new State of the Art Security system. Thanks Larry. Larry: "What's your nationality? Mr. Glick's daughter said a public memorial service in the Boston area will be announced. During World War II, Mr. Glick had served in the Army and suffered back and leg injuries in Germany. This became so popular that people would beg him to shoot them off the air, said LeVeille, who had Glick on his show several times. He loved all people. Mr. Glick was persona High quality Larry Glick inspired art board prints by independent artists and designers from around the world. You were great company and a class act. What I remember most: "Keep it clean" - when referring to the T-shirts. On the series premiere of the new NBC variety show Maya and Marty, Larry David sat down for an interview with Martin Short's fictional character Jiminy Glick. Thanks for the fond memories. position: absolute; Boston is, and will always be, one of the great hubs of live overnight talk radio, and it's WBZ's legacy to maintain that. I did not want to intrude, but I was left with an image that has stayed with me. I wish WBZ could put together a set of tapes of your old shows to bring back some memories. font-weight: bold; A brief pause. I'm amazed to learn there were so many other radios in kids beds listening to Larry Glick. margin-bottom:16px; A genuine nice Just thinking about him is dejafun, he made people happy.

float:right; I was one of the (thousands, probably) of kids who called before their bar mitzvahs and got well-wishes from Larry. 	padding-left: 10px; 	width: 250px; 		.results_table_container { It has been a happy reunion inspired by the natural beauty of Marthas Vineyard and my desire to share it with others. Thank you Larry for making it fun. God bless you Larry and rest in peace, my friend. The Commander & Mr. The Singing McMurrays with 2-Year Old Brenda and 4-Year Old Brian, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. We also share videos about Travel \u0026 Cruising. Not only loved by his listeners but also by his piers. Gave him a call and one the t-shirt. Wish I knew where it was now. Larry did a show centered on Old Time Radio, and I was into OTR at the time and so was Larry, as he mentioned many times throughout the years. Loved those phone calls you made to the phone booths in Harvard Square. ), As I grew, I became more selective. Back then, I bought a pair of those 40 pound battery operated radio headphones for one reason - to listen to him while I worked - many smiles; great, great radio. You can specify the type of records and the US state: I am another one who as a kid growing up I would have my radio under the pillow at night listening to you and your antics. ", Growing up in Roxbury, where he graduated from Roxbury Memorial High School, Mr. Glick didn't want to be the voice that soothed insomniacs and inspired night owls in some 40 states. } .widget-row.heading { 	text-align: left !important; Larry called me while on the air and asked to speak to Erik Von Handorf, the famous scientist from Munich. WBZ proposed an upgrade to 500 kW from a new transmitter site in Provincetown, which . He said, The only complication I see about the surgery is possibly the recovery. He wanted the surgery., At 5 a.m. yesterday, before he went into surgery, his wife, Lisa, combed his hair and gave him a shave. Posted by Tom White March 27, 09 12:10 PM  db.. How 'bout a faaavor? Previously, Larry was a Manager, Territory Demo at Mars. It always was a day brightener to wake up to Larry Glick and then watch the early morning reruns of The Muppet Show. Posted by Bob Bragg March 27, 09 04:56 PM  fw.. Ah, those late night staying awake listening, and laughing. Posted by Dave Martin March 27, 09 01:47 PM  eg.. I found Larry Glick by accident while looking for news on the Libya bombing as a nerdy teen. Posted by chaswick March 27, 09 10:26 AM  bh.. Wow, this article is a jumble. Posted by 14TheClaw March 27, 09 04:55 PM  fv.. Posted by MikeyG March 27, 09 04:58 PM  fy.. in 1984 i did a social work home visit to a fellow who was was on a mental health disability. Good night for the last time dear night time friend. .votebox-results-cell--number {  Now you can view some of his vibrant watercolor paintings from his years living in the Virgin Islands, a seriesof incredibleoil portraits and a number of Mirage dEsprit paintings, aunique style of painting developed by Larry. Fine, thanks.". He was one of the greatest talk show hosts of all time and introduced me to many new topics as a child, such as flying and hypnosis. } 	font-style: italic; Loved to listen to Larry as a kid in the summer when I could stay up late enough- plastic transistor radio hidden under my pillow- great memories. Posted by Esther March 27, 09 04:47 PM  fr.. Rest in peace, Larry Glick. Rest in eternal Peace Larry, my condolensces to your family and friends! The principal cast consists of Dan Castellaneta, Julie Kavner, Nancy Cartwright, Yeardley Smith, Hank Azaria and Harry Shearer. This is a wonderful experiment in sharing - the tapes, records, cassettes, we have carted along our life's journey and deemed valuable all these years! He was friendly, warm and so witty! .indicate_scroll { .image-candidate-thumbnail-wrapper .image-candidate-thumbnail { $('.pastResponses').show(); Glicks legendary radio career spanned five decades and began at a radio station in Laconia, N.H. in the late 1940s. 	font-weight: bold; I share tips on how I travel cheaply, so you can do it also! I finally have a place to share some of mine with 
 Do you remember 
 in 1973 during his radio show on WBZ-AM, one of his homes for the nearly. He is survived by his wife Lisa and a daughter Tali, both of Florida, and a daughter, Nannette, who lives in the Boston area, and another daughter, Tirana, of Florida. Its instant talk show  just add water  when you have Larry on, LeVeille said. may the heavens embrace you!! Posted by Shaun L. Kelly March 27, 09 10:38 PM  hv.. The funniest people call larry's show  and sing him crazy songs  They say wild things but he don't care,  He shoots them off the air. HAT'S OFF TO OTIS !! $('#candidate-connection-twitter-130209').on('click', () => { ga('send', 'event', 'surveycta', 'surveycta-click-twitter'); }); All orders are custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours.  	display: inline-block; } Posted by Michelle March 27, 09 06:25 PM  gp.. Was there ever a better radio line-up than Calling All Sports with Guy Mainiella from 6-8, followed by Jerry Williams (8 - 12) then Larry Glick (12 - 6)--then Carl De Suze in the morning. Ha Ha Ha. Also Rex Trailer with the green mist coming up while flying with a tranquilized gorilla Ha Ha Ha : ), Posted by Henry Wasserman March 27, 09 12:47 PM  dn.. Larry was an automatic when I was driving home from a concert, a movie or a party. Thank you for making my adolescence so enjoyable! I would listen from my AM radio, signal drifting in and out. I used to have a radio by my bed and his funny bits would make me laugh my way to sleep. Also on that list would be the one \u0026 only Larry Glick. My mother called Larry Glick and reached out to him and his listeners with my story. "This is a quality-of-life decision for my wife, Diane, and me. Rest in peace Larry. He had proof, he said, in the form of a clip from an episode of a short-lived Golf Channel show called Donald J. Trumps Fabulous World of Golf, in which de la Hoya faced off against George Lopez. 	margin-bottom: 0; He never got old listen to his humor, stories of flying and his many fans who called and relayed stories. You live on in the memories of your Glickniks. Source, Four of the seven seats on the Garland Independent School District school board were up for general election on May 7, 2016. I have never worn it and got it when i was 16 (1984). Are you there? .widget-row.Independent, .widget-row.Nonpartisan, .widget-row.Constitution { YOU WERE THE BEST LARRY!!! Rest in Peace, my dear friend, and thank you for all of the joy you have given your listeners over the years. You were the best. you! I loved Larry Glick even though I was a kid at the timeI was a night owl and most every night listened to him when i was 9-12 or so. I salute you Commander Glick. | I hope there is a commemorative service in Boston. Our modern golden age, before AM descended into unremitting hate radio. You eased her pain. I love to listen to talk radio. Larry Glick and Jerry Williams paved the way for the likes of the boys that are now railing about one thing or another and if you do not agree they hang up on you and then go on to make fun of you especially if you seemed more intelligent or more informed then the guy hosting the show. $('.showResponses').hide(); High quality Larry Glick accessories designed and sold by independent artists around the world. Thanks for the memories.  Posted by steve March 27, 09 05:12 PM  gd.. .hideResponses { display: none;} Posted by Peter March 27, 09 10:05 AM  as.. although we never meet or talked, I considered you a friend, who I can listen to at night who made me laugh and kept me entertained while at work or just driving around. The laughter in the middle of the night will never be forgotten. This is a wonderful experiment in 
 	color: #888; Posted by Bill O'Brien March 27, 09 08:35 PM  hj.. Ordinarily I would be annoyed if my wife woke me at 3 AM not this morning. I too was a devoted Glicknik. 	left: 0; 	top: 2px; Fans of Larry Glick, great radio talk show host of the 60's through the mid 80's in Boston. .votebox-results-cell--check { TV set. } I am very sad to see that Larry Glick has passed away. Glick ran for re-election to the Garland Independent School District school board to represent Place 1 in Texas. 	text-align: center; His broadcast at WBZ covered 38 states, Larry was well known wherever he went and was liked by all. I was such a Glicknick when I was a teenager, and I had always wanted a Glick University shirt. Celebrities found their way onto Mr. Glick's shows, often when he tracked them down by phone. Posted by Bill K. Uxbridge March 27, 09 01:25 PM  dy.. Ken's Steak House, great boy meets girl, and a place to park the buggy. entertaining, often informative. He was one of the legends of radio I was lucky enough to listen to (along with Norm Nathan). 		overflow-x: scroll; 		}, See also:Garland Independent School District, Texas, elections (2022). March 27, 09 09:58 AM  an.. ludvig.vere are you??? I will never forget his phone calss to payphones all over the world or the private detective in the cemetery story. Posted by Bruce March 27, 09 10:17 AM  ay.. Larry Glick was absolutely the best!! Dear Glicknicks, Welcome to the Larry Glick 2 Podcast page. 	width: 100%; One morning, after a night of Glick madness, I drove by the station to say hello to Kenny, but I was a little too late. Posted by bruce March 27, 09 10:12 AM  aw.. Local radio will never, never, never be as good as it once was. RIP Larry. CAPTURING LANDSCAPES, STREET SCENES, ISLAND LIFE& SUNSETS. It is with fond remembrance I recall my first recorder, 
 	.race_header, .results_text, .results_table_container, .votebox_legend { 	margin-top: 1px; Posted by Steve W March 27, 09 10:33 AM  bm.. To this day whenever I go to Las Vegas I try and eat at Batista's Hole in the Wall Italian Restaurant. "I wanted to be a special agent in the FBI.  
 Remember? thank you. Steve loved Larry as much as we all did. Larry Glick's Phone Number and Email. I, too, was a glick-nik for a good stretch. Posted by Paul March 27, 09 04:18 PM  fj.. Glick   ran for re-election to the Garland Independent School District school board to represent Place 1 in Texas. Posted by Karen March 28, 09 04:44 AM  ii.. Larry was/is a true Gem for local and national radio. We will all miss him dearly. Even Trump himself called the AP, apparently against the advice of his son Eric, to accuse de La Hoya of making the whole thing up. 	} else { 

} } Posted by Late-Nite Listener March 27, 09 11:42 AM cn.. I haven't heard him in years but would love to hear it one alst time. Real Estate, Golf Course Development and Operations, Trump Productions (Entertainment) Specialties: Branding, Marketing, Value Analysis, Land Planning | Learn more about Lawrence Glick's work . Posted by glickglickglick March 27, 09 04:40 PM fq.. Oh My.he was one of a kind..was great to listen tonever was able to win the Tshirt. I meet your brother at North Texas University and told him. I will miss you Larry. (Does anyone out there remember "Drug I sure wish I could get shot off the air or hear one more person get shot! So I drove from Dorchester over to the station and there I was with a big mic in front of me talking about fllying with "the man." These comments and fond memories are a lot of fun to read. He always did the unusual and he was fun to listen to. Posted by Steven Hill March 27, 09 08:56 PM hk.. Larry used to let us listeners call him to give him "a good call". Posted by GlicknickSinceChildhood March 27, 09 01:37 PM ec.. Good job Mr. Berkowitz! June 1, 2016, 12:36 PM. .votebox_legend { Posted by Terry Sweeney March 27, 09 06:49 PM gt.. i still rememebr the jongle for his on air number, well for a long time anyway, 2-5-4 5-6-78. kind of to the tune of the beginning of jimmy crack corn, He made a lot of overnight shifts, bearable. I don't need to check. WBZ 1030 Boston - Larry Glick - 1976 - Radio Aircheck. "And I don't think he was getting away with anything bad. "There was no place he'd rather be than on the radio talking to them. font-size: .9em; Good Morning Larry, wherever you are. During the 1960s and '70s, WBZ, along with other class I-A "clear channel" stations, petitioned the FCC to eliminate the 50-kW limit on AM station power which had stood since the 1940s. Copyright 2022. I hope you burn You were a mentor and one of a kind. RIP. VCR's, no fancy Stereo Cassette Decks, the 8-track wasn't I couldn't let this sad moment pass without remembering my pal Freddie Boy - who was 7th to post here - and his obsession with one of his heroes, Larry Glick, for whom he was lucky enough to work with. Larry Glick (May 16, 1922 March 26, 2009) [1] was an American talk radio host, based in Boston, Massachusetts, who presented a long-running show on WBZ and later WHDH through the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s. As a young boy, I was the family photographer documenting memories. My wife and I loved your early morning sign off as we drove to work together. I used to listen to Larry in Belleville, Ontario CANADA with my transistor radio hidden under the covers late at nigtt. Terry Sweeney USMCR. U.S. Congress | .results_row { I live just east of Toronto and remember hearing Larry usually after the Bruins or Celtics had played on the West coast and he would follow immediately after on WBZ 103. I have such great memories of driving with my dad in a snowplow truck, late at night during Boston winter storms - plowing endless snow and listening to and laughing with Larry on WBZ. } Do you remember when instead of convergence, all "devices" p.survey-response {margin-left:10px;} Posted by Jay March 27, 09 11:09 AM cd.. Perhaps no one has enabled so many to acquire artistic talent as has Larry Gluck. Thank You & bless you Larry Glick. I loved listening to Larry. He didn't take anything, including himself, that seriously. .clearfix { Every time you called my day was better. It was there he began addressing me as 'Yeshua' after I told him that he'd make the better Irishman whereas I was the better Jew. My mother , who graduated college at age 62, taught me an important life lesson- if you do something, do it to the best of your ability and out work everyone else. laughter with those you love. I would have a radio under my pillow so no one else would know I was awake. Established in 2008! The stories that were played over and over never seamed to get old. Glick was with family, full of spirit and making jokes before he went into surgery at Boca Raton Community Hospital, said his daughter, Tali Israel. if(scrollHeight > 580 ) { I was a true "Glick-nick" at the age of 16 in 1979, and the proud owner of a "Glick University T'shirt. font-size: 12px; I carry the title of Master Trustee with honor. } Iconic Boston talk radio host Larry Glick who manned WBZ radios overnight mic for years died last night in Florida following 10 hours of open heart surgery. Thanks for a great year. Rest in Peace Larry. My favorite was Billy Clyde telling the "Orangutan Story". .votebox-scroll-container { Posted by Dan McCarthy March 27, 09 12:09 PM da.. 3) He was always calling someone long distance -- the President of the United States, the Priemere of Russia, etc. .mw-body #mw-content-text th.votebox-results-cell--text { I'll do my best. } .mw-body #mw-content-text th.votebox-results-cell--text { color: black; } I went through many batteries on my transistor radio when I would fall asleep with an earphone in my ear. He adored what he did and never took it for granted. Mr. Glick was 87 and in retirement had lived in Boca Raton, Fla. "His radio show just made him a legend in New England, no question about it," said Gary LaPierre, former morning news anchor on WBZ, where Mr. Glick spent nearly 20 years on the air. } To get I had to answer a question about US history. { You made long sleepless nights shorter for the sick. Loved you Larry especially when you shot me off the air when I played my kazoo. Well Larry this "hard " lemonade is for you my friend. Now in my 30's, the thought of listening to Larry while falling asleep in my childhood bed conjures up warm memories. "Larry was just synonymous with fun, and I think people felt that listening to him on the radio," Casey said. State legislature | "We both went to Emerson College at night," Rodman recalled. WBZs current overnight host, Steve LeVeille, grew up listening to the talk show pioneer. color:white; What a treat that would be. about the topic of the day, or request songs to be played. johny most, dave maynard, don kent ,jack chase,arch macdonald! Many of us became addicted to your stories and your voice. 11/21/2022 9:40 AM. Countless radio hosts point to Larry Glick as their inspiration with his long-running late-night show on 50kw flamethrower WBZ-AM Boston. limit their air time of it ! } background-color: #f9d334; var nTimer = setInterval(function() { Wondering where he was in retirement. Rest in peace, Larry. There's a funny man on radio, his name is Larry Glick Good night, Larry, wherever you are. .results_row.winner { $('.pastResponses').hide(); Ready for your walls, shelves, and the world. background-color: #dac113; Golf is an important thing. Posted by pauline chabot March 27, 09 04:58 PM fz.. What a flood of memories of late night AM radio listening this news has brought. I always remembered that segment of his show. text-align: center; margin-top: 16px; What a funny man. Larry: " let me check. The Garland Texan DON'T FORGET TO VOTE MAY 7th 000 Day (s) : 00 Hour (s) : 00 Minute (s) : 00 Second (s) WHERE TO VOTE We will miss you and never forget you Larry. Perhaps that was Larry's secret. background-color: #db0000; Public policy. Posted by sandy goroff March 27, 09 03:21 PM fc.. And the Champagne Lady? He wanted to feel better. Longtime WBZ radio host Larry Glick died Thursday night in Florida after undergoing 10 hours of open heart surgery. Incumbents are bolded and underlined. You'll find audio of many radio personalities who have passed away. He gave "old age" a good name He will be missed. I borrowed this little gem, and a few others, since first hearing them as a high school student in the late 1960's when an old tube-type radio played at my bedside into the early morning hours. I am 35 and remember my grandmother listening to Larry. Seems I went from Larry on AM to the Duke of Madness on FMnow was that BZ-FM? .votebox_bp_logo { Not one night. Posted by Russell March 28, 09 01:50 AM ie.. Thanks.. R.I.P. Mine will always be associating him with his Larry Glick lemonade stand back in the late 60's. Larry you are one of a kind. We are one of the leading AVID districts in the NATION. Publications include regular contributions to the Vineyard Gazette (2020 to present), Marthas Vineyard Island Guide (cover photo in 2019, 2021, 2022), Cape Cod Life and Welcome to Marthas Vineyard Guidebook. Posted by Jan March 27, 09 11:55 AM ct.. Greg said it well. Not to forget Bob Wilson, the greatest hockey announcer ever on radio to my ears and, of course, the great Johnny Most. He went on to earn a juris doctor and a master's of business administration from Hofstra University. Posted by Shelly from Dover March 27, 09 04:38 PM fp.. ul.key-messages {list-style-type: none; margin-left:10px; } They always would find these crazy characters , and they were never serious. it was a small portable reel to reel. Larry singing the phone number . } Thanks for the memories Larry. We will all carry a little bit of you in our hearts. We love ya Larrysee you soon. } $('.hideResponses').show(); Glad to hear you lived til 87 ! I'm amazed he never went further in radio. If you go to Youtube you can find the Orangutan story and the graveyard marauder. Independent art hand stretched around super sturdy wood frames. This concludes the Larry Glick material that I have from 1977 and prior. Posted by franktalk March 27, 09 10:09 AM av.. His audience knew to expect the unexpected. He was a class act. I was a frequent guest in the late 70's and early 80's and consider myself a personal friend. ", Massachusetts Broadcasters Hall of Fame, 2008, This page was last edited on 13 December 2022, at 15:52. font-weight: 100; Posted by Ron Hall March 27, 09 04:38 PM fo.. Hotline? I was terribly lonely for Boston and Larry was quite often my connection to it. Often interested in what was going on on his show, but more often just laughing. You would never find a call in show today with someone nowadays who didn't want to bully or humiliate or degrade you. She writes about media, breaking news, politics and human interest, excelling at getting the tough interviews and giving readers some of Boston's most emotional stories. I actually cheated. I have always wanted to tell you this. God bless you Larry. Just the little old reliable mono cassette Posted by Joe March 27, 09 03:55 PM fe.. We live in Larry Glick's house. this is 30 years old, at LEAST 25 } I was 10-13 years If conversation lagged, he might cue up sound effects of bullets flying. The results have been certified. Posted by GordonGekko March 27, 09 09:34 AM ab.. p.survey-response {margin-left:10px;} He was one of a kind. everyone that came to my pad. .votebox-results-metadata-p { Sure wish we could get copies of those. When we were first married I would turn the radio on at midnight and she would get annoyed soon she understood and listened also. display: block; According to family lore, Larry Glick was one of two people responsible for setting my parents up on their first date and they celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary last year! I got a stain on one of my t-shirts last month. let scrollHeight = jQuery('.results_table_container').get(index).scrollHeight; Posted by William Sherman March 27, 09 09:47 PM hr.. What great memories. I hadn't known what had happened to Fred, but one thing is for sure - Larry was a legend and will be sorely missed. "Yup, this is Larry! He took my name and number and called me off the air and made an appointment to come to my house for a reflexology treatment session. color: #888; Cities | He'd wake me up with laughter. He was a class act for sure. [2], Place 1 incumbent Larry Glick ran unopposed. When I got a boom box with a cassette recorder, I started taping his shows so I could save my favorite songs and routines. Posted by Francesco March 27, 09 10:33 AM bl.. Good by Larry. I can not think of another radio personality who I was compelled to listen to as much. Posted by Pete March 27, 09 10:26 AM bg.. me too remember as a young teen listening to larry shame those days are gone. That, and he was nice to everyone, even the kids who called in. "Larry was an automatic when I was driving home from a concert, a movie, or a party," Boston radio great Charles Laquidara wrote today in a posting on Heres Trump: gets the ball from the bag, looks at the hole, hits the shot, puts the shot this far from the flag. } I used to hide with my Patrolman radio under the covers listening while my parents thought I was sleeping. I love the voices, music, sounds and discovery of candid, old or lost recordings! Posted by Tony Chiaravelotti March 27, 09 04:31 PM fn.. A better question is why Oscar De La Hoya, Samuel L Jackson and Anthony Anderson are even bothering to comment, he answered. Seven thousand Macedonians in full battle array. I agree with comment #5, that was a great era of radio before it got all crazy. height: 22px; Larry begins the show with his unique monolog. Gil Lewis, the narrator of the "Graveyard Marauder". Didn't he used to have Congressman Moakely's singing dog on once a year?

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