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Use left/right arrows to navigate the slideshow or swipe left/right if using a mobile device guide lines. All modern trailers have auto-reversing brakes so nothing has to be operated but slight drag may be felt. The maximum permitted trailer body length without the tow bar is 7 metres but the overall train length must not exceed 18.35 metres. Tipping and tilt bed trailers are fitted with either a 12 v electric pump or a manual hand pump. 355B is now 2.1m wide as standard . A schedule for basic maintenance is in the operators handbook supplied with the trailer. If these floors are looked after they should last a lifetime, in practice after 10 years some floors are showing signs ofdeteriorationand should be repaired or replaced. It is illegal to operate a trailer in an un roadworthy condition, it is the users responsibility to ensue that the trailer is maintained in first-rate condition particularly as many trailers are used infrequently. News. Our trailers have a maximum permitted weight of 2300 kg. Looking for popular parts for your horse trailer? The lock nut / cap can then be replaced. - Powered by. Commercial Trailer & Transporter Parts & Literature; Commercial Trailer & Transporter Parts; Share | Add to Watch list. Bateson Model 45HB Livestock Trailer with increased headroom 2.1m to enable it to be used for horses available with a ramp, breast bar and divider rail, 470V is the largest 2600kg van trailer. Bateson have been building trailers since 1934 and have produced thousands of trailers for a variety of occasions. All trailers are supplied with aEuropeanstandard 50 mm ball coupling atapproximately 430 mm to the ball centre. eyelet. Each 2500 miles or 4000km: or Best Offer. Each 5000 miles or 8000km: This is only available for trailers manufactured after October 2012 and a charge of 20 is made to cover administration. Website maintained and managed by chilliapple. 0 items. Registered office Court Farm Garage, Broad Street, Littledean, Gloucestershire, GL143JT. If it is not a commercial vehicle it is not illegal to exceed these weights within reason, but it may invalidate your vehicle warranty or insurance. 9. and extra duty is not charged on vehicles towing trailers up to 3500 kg. eye for a pin type coupling can be fitted to special order. Bateson Trailers 2023. The construct. All Rights Reserved. Helping you maintain your horse transport. wheel is rotated backwards and the brakes should reapply. At the beginning of 2007 we decided to replace the timber sections with 100% rot proof Plastic material, this has proved to be a very successful solution. this can be unscrewed off and the valve screwed in clockwise with a flat screwdriver. it has a generous 7' 3 headroom allowing horses up to 17 hands to be transported. We have taken care to keep the trailers as simple and light as possible without sacrificing strength in order to cope with the harsh environment in which they may operate. This site is the most up to date source of price information. can corrode if exposed to salt and not kept clean. Bateson Trailers Ltd. Doodfield Works, Windlehurst Road, Marple, Stockport ENGLAND SK6 7EN Telephone: 0161 426 0500 (International) +44 161 4260500 Fax: 0161 426 0245 (International) +44 161 4260245. Above this weight and up to 3500 kg. All Rights Reserved. Remove the nut anti-clockwise and draw the hub off, taking care to retain the outer . All our trailers fitted with a 50 mm ball hitch are supplied with a barrel lock to immobilise the coupling head. Court Farm Garage is registered in England and Wales under the firm reference number 668305 . From Jan 2020 all platform trailers are fitted with new load securing rails under the body, these incorporate laser cut plates for attaching ratchet strap hooks to, replacing the rope hooks. The next 4 are the trailer model number, the last 5 are the serial number. 1. A long trailer with a short vehicle is the easiest. Bateson Trailers Limited, or one of our approved dealers. The floor is an 18 mm Phenol coated panel covered with aluminium tread-plate. Trailers can be ordered with the plated weights reduced to be compatible with your vehicle if required. The legal limits are within 4% and 10% of the gross trailer weight. Bateson 720 7 x 4 Small Twin Axle Unbraked Platform Trailer with Ramp. This is arecommendationand it is not illegal to exceed this. NEW! All trailers combine exceptional strength with a low unladen weight and excellent stable towing characteristics. The maximum width of a trailer must not exceed 2.55 metres (82.5) overall. and the timber became very expensive or un- obtainable. Exempt from this requirement are vehicles used for the non-commercial carriage of goods for personal use. 10. . Not only was our horse cherry a reluctant "Floater" but as my daughter and I are on our own, the ease and ability to get the float hitched to the ute and then drive it around was a huge issue for me. Roping hooks can be fitted to some trailers to special order, but should only be used for ropes or sheets. Trailer Registration; New 336LT Livestock Trailer; September 2021, The law is changing, holders of a car licence will not need an extra test to tow up to 3500kg, trailer tests are no longer available. AL-KO Brake Spares All trailers are made to order and are made to a very high standard. I am very happy with my decision to purchase one. The details must be correct but the overall design is more important. The power pins in the type S plug can also be used to charge batteries on trailers used to power electric tippers or winches. Trailer Registration; New 336LT Livestock Trailer; 13. Grease the overrun coupling and lubricate the jockey wheel. Failure to do this will permit the hitch damper to travel excessively and overheat causing Standard widths are 1.5, 1.8 and 2 metres but can be manufactured to 2.1, 2.3 and up to a maximum of 2.5 metres wide. Apply and release the handbrake to centralise the braKe shoes. For standard trailers we accept a verbal order and we will post or e-mail you an acknowledgement with prices within a few days. Full road lights, locking hitch and spare wheel are all standard. News. Building the trailer larger, stronger or with three axles would reduce its legal capacity. The main brake rod adjuster at the back of the hitch should not require adjustment, All of our trailers have European Whole Vehicle Type Approval, the e number is marked on the trailer plate on the left hand side of the tow bar. Parts can be obtained from your dealer or despatched direct from the works. Auto-reversing over-run brakes are required on all wheels and all equipment must comply with E.U. I am pleased that after much deliberation I made the sound decision to purchase a Bateson. 109.99 + 25.81 P&P . Do not work under a hydraulically raised body unless it is propped. 12. Slacken the nut until it is not applying pressure to the bearing and there is no free play. dedicated recessed deck rings and the weldedstrapping points with under body tying rails, depending on the type of trailer. e11 2007/46 0785 Ext 02 Rev 02e5 2007/46 1463, BS2 O2 Single axle braked trailers. With a gross weight of 750kg not requiring brakes . Remove the hubs and check the brake lining condition. . News . There are certain trailers that we will not produce if we feel that they cannot be operated safely or legally. If you need a little more assistance with anything give us a call to speak to one of the TrailerTek team now, or shoot us an email at [email protected]. 3. TrailerTek specialises in delivering trailer and caravan parts to all of the UK. The axle centres are set back from the centre line of the body, assuming that the body is loaded evenly there will always be positive draw bar weight. However the most popular widths are 2 , 2.1 or 2.3 meters (66, 7 or 76). We also supply, hire or lease quality Bateson trailers, horseboxes and livestock trailers. 10 for pigs and sheep and 8 for calves. 3. We can supply trailers from the extensive range produced by Bateson Trailers. Orders made before 2pm will be dispatched the same day! For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. WhatsApp Us! We are always adding to our stocks of trailer parts to ensure we are offering you a bigger and better selection of products, be sure to check out our new in selection regularly to see our latest products. Platform Trailers. Order your trailer parts today and get FREE UK delivery on all orders over 100. Some manufacturers used soft wood and double timber floors, these were strong and looked good from above and below but would rot between the layers where water was trapped. A tachograph is required to be fitted to record the drivers hours in a vehicle and trailer combination that exceeds 3500 kg. Copyright TrailerTek 2022 - All Rights Reserved. Bearings; Brake Spares. There are other exemptions but they are not likely to be relevant to most trailer users. Skip to content. The reversing mirror is a godsend. All Bateson Trailers are subject to a delivery charge from the manufacturer to the supplier. Bateson Trailers Ltd. Doodfield Works, Windlehurst Road, Marple, Stockport ENGLAND SK6 7EN Telephone: 0161 426 0500 (International) +44 161 4260500 Fax: 0161 426 0245 (International) +44 161 4260245. Some trailers are available from stock but most will be built to order. . to the ball centre + or 35 mm. PF models are available in all the standard body sizes but with lower chassis and fitted with 195 x 10 wheels and tyres, allowing the lowest possible deck height of 550 mm. Home; By Model; All Parts; Search Log in Cart. Bateson Trailers Ltd. Doodfield Works, Windlehurst Road, Marple, Stockport ENGLAND SK6 7EN Telephone: 0161 426 0500 . Bateson Livestock Trailers have been in production for over 70 years during which time they have developed continuously to keep abreast of ever changing legislation with regard to motor vehicles and the transport of animals. Rear Lights Radex 8500 Bulb Left (RED) $85.00. We carry Breakaway cables, lights to ramp struts for trailers by Cheval Liberte, Bateson, Nugent, Ifor Williams for example. For this reason all our horse trailers have always had removable stall mats to allow the floor to dry when washed out and for periodic inspection. Corner Post for sides (Right) $55.00. TrailerTek is the UK's largest supplier of trailer parts, trailer lights, axles & suspension units and towbars. Bateson was established in 1934, We have produced many thousands of trailers for all purposes and we are now one of the larger manufacturers in the UK. 13. Qty: View cart () Continue shopping Submit. Reconnect the linkage and adjust the brakes. When the trailer is about one year old and the frame has turned to a dull grey the finish is better protected. which are still exempt. IMPORTANT B84 as its name suggests has a clear 2.4 x 1.2m body and will transport 2.4 by 1.2m material, B85 is designed to transport lightweight grass cutting machinery, UTVs and similar machinery. when used for commercial purposes. suitable hub grease. Retain the cup washer. Bateson Trailers NZ Parts and Accessories Online Store. If you have a car licences issued after July 1996 you can tow a vehicle and trailer combination of up to 3500 kg. All Rights Reserved. 9. It is surprising how a light exterior colour keeps the interior cool and airy. but can be obtained for most European [], Livestock Trailers are available with a hinge down front flap across the top front. As part of the new approvals new trailers must have reversing lamps, our trailers are fitted with these but the towing vehicle should have either an auxiliary 7 pin socket or a 13 pin socket for them to operate. A large one piece mat would make this very difficult. Check the operation of the handbrake, the brake linkage should retract when each A 30 mm or 40 mm dia. The alloy floors can be fitted to order at 100 + vat. 231 sold. We offer all trailer parts, big and small, to keep your trailer in top condition. Trailers 4.3 metres and longer are available with a sloping beaver tail, or with full hydraulic tilt and ramp door. Built to last. However cutting down rain forests is not a good idea! 01980 611853 [email protected] With one horse approx 1300 kg and with two horses approx 1700 kg. New load securing rails; 195 x 10 alloy wheel option. Amber side marker lamps are fitted on 5 metre long trailers and larger. Was: AU $296.95. Take Advantage of our Incredible January Sale with up to 70% Off on Selected Products and Brands. Bateson 720 trailer is a lightweight fully galvanised general purpose trailer, for use on or off road. For this reason and the expensive cost of replacements we do notrecommendLED Lights for anything but rear, side and front markers. This site uses cookies to allow it operate correctly. A longer trailer with three axles will be a lot heavier and legally hold considerably less. Being totally new to the horse/pony club scene - the purchase of a float to get to club rallies was a pretty daunting prospect for me. Make any final adjustments required to the brakes. Particularly for plant trailers dont forget the weight of fuel and extra buckets, which may be better carried in the vehicle. 2300 925 1375. We offer an excellent after sales service. Whichever lender we introduce you to, we will typically receive a fixed fee from them (either a fixed fee or a percentage of the amount you borrow). (Written quotations available on request). Check the free movement of the brake cables. New Bateson Trailers. The cables should not be greased, this may cause them to stick, but they can be lightlyoiled. Once you are past a trailer weight of around 75% of the weight of the towing vehicle you are entering a critical zone regarding stability and safety and a correctly maintained trailer is essential. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. 6. If the centre of gravity is back from axle centres, a sway or snake can be induced by an uneven road surface, a deviation of course or the turbulence of a passing vehicle. Search. The 510 has a bigger capacity (I think 1700kg). Bateson Trailers Ltd. All trailers are manufactured to comply with the latest European regulations and have been inspected by the VCA and granted European Whole Vehicle Type Approval. 8.85 + 16.49 P&P . We need to be notified at the time of order, but thealternativeplugs can be retro fitted to new trailers. Additional cover should be arranged if insurance for theft or damage to the trailer is required. Tyre size psi bar, 16.5-6.5 x 8 43 3.1, 20.58-10 35 2.4, 145 x R10 35 2.4, 165 R13C 55 3.7, 185/70 R13 34 2.4, 195/55 R10 76 5.2, 195/50 R13C 94 6.5, M12 8.8 Hitch and Axle Bolt 70 Nm 52 lb/ft, M14 10.9 Hitch Head Bolts 170 Nm -125lb/ft. It is fitted to the coupling and can be engaged by hand to stop the brakes from applying; it will automatically disengage when the vehicle moves forward. On our plates the first 3 digits SBN refer to Bateson Trailers as a world manufacturer. Dont forget, if you order any of our trailer parts before 2pm we will make sure your order is dispatched the same day! condition. After the first 500 miles the brakes must be adjusted at the hubs to allow for initial bedding A single axle is usually fitted up to 1500kg. All Rights Reserved. Each 500 miles or 800 km: Because of customer demand we are also offering an alloy plank floor as an option on all our new trailers and as a kit to fit into older models. Please supply the trailer VIN number from the black plate on the left of the tow bar A frame. The main chassis runners incorporate the outer sections of the floor which increases the strength and reduces the deck height and unladen weight. .July 11, 12, 13 and 14. On the continent however front ramps are rare and side hinging rear doors are more popular. Standard widths are 1.5, 1.8 and 2 metres but can be manufactured to 2.1, 2.3 and up to a maximum of 2.5 metres wide. With a gross weight of 750kg not requiring brakes, The Model 120V Bateson Van Trailers are based on the very successful well proven 720 Platform trailer heavy duty galvanised steel chassis glass fibre body, The Bateson 3543 is a 4.2m 3.5 ton platform trailer suitable for use with larger vehicles and most 4x4s Its 3500Kg weight is the maximum permitted weight, Bateson 3530 is 3m long 3.5 ton platform trailer and also being the lightest has the greatest payload This trailer will accept removable livestock container, Bateson Hydraulic Tilt trailers have been designed to transport many types of vehicles. Press the space key then arrow keys to make a selection. 4. Model 90 LT and 100 LT are designed for use with tractors and have leaf spring suspension and hydraulic brakes. Use left/right arrows to navigate the slideshow or swipe left/right if using a mobile device A fold down top front section to improve ventilation and reduce wind resistance are also available on models 30 LT to60 LT. We have almost every type of trailer wheel part, from rims to tyres and tubes, and accessories such as pressure monitors and wheel covers. Step Mate. The centrally hinged division is very easy to. . 6. Tyre grips and load securing points are cut into this section. The lenders we work with could pay commissions at different rates. (5) AU $219.95. 5. [], Redesigned beaver tailtransporter trailers. 5. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Bateson trailer at the best online prices at eBay! And from 2 nd March 2015 vehicles or vehicle trailer combinations with a maximum weight of 7,500 kg which are used to carry materials, equipment or machinery for the drivers use in the course of their work, and when driving the vehicle is not the drivers main activity, also vehicles used to carry live animals from farms to local markets or from markets to local farms or slaughterhouses. 8. When open it reduces wind resistance and improves ventilation in hot weather. Trailers built in Europe are available from time to time but availability seems to be dependent on the Euro exchange rate! or three axles at 3500kg. 01529 462188 [email protected] White House Farm, Ewerby Thorpe, Sleaford, Lincolnshire, NG34 9PR . Over-run brakes mean that the trailer brakes apply when the trailer begins to push a decelerating towing vehicle. Trailer Registration; New 336LT Livestock Trailer; The preferred payment method is BACS transfer but Debit cards are also accepted. Integrity and Trust, Car Sales that Care. Draw the outer cable cover away from the brake back plate. It is compulsory for all new trailers used in Europe to be manufactured to comply with the latest technical specifications and have type approval. Check that the wheel nuts are tight. If the grease is contaminated, wash it out with paraffin and pack the bearings with a SPONSORED. Heavy Duty 75L Litre Poly Water Tank Camper Trailers Caravans 4X4 4WD Truck. One of our standard models fitted with optional equipment to your requirements will likely suit your exact application at a very competitive price, however, Bateson Trailers are a company still able to further adapt our designs within the confines of the European whole vehicle type approval, to manufacture trailers specificallytailoredfor your application. the slot in the bracket. We are a distributor of Bateson Trailers. Its 10 years old but we picked it up cheaper and got the parts direct from Bateson to fit new composite floor and decal stickers. Also our 35MD twin axle plant trailer is built as strong and as light as possible to accommodate the largest possible machines of about 2800 kg. It will easily hold 2500 kg. Tows beautifully. The Bateson Aston with built in tack locker can carry 1375 kg. New Nugent Trailers. The remaining 5 relate to the year of manufacture the country of destination, type of hitch and axles etc. We stock lots of every day parts for the Cheval Liberte horse trailers. regulations. The maximum width of a trailer must not exceed 2.55 metres (8'2.5) overall. e11 2007/46 0784 Ext 02 Rev 02 e5 2007/46 1462, BT1 O1 Twin axle un braked trailers. Every new road trailer is supplied with an EU certificate of conformity which is a legal requirement. Formed in 1934, at the very beginning of the trailer industry, Bateson has produced many thousands of trailers for all purposes and gives RT Machinery and our clients a full range of quality built and innovative trailers with . The trailers can be used anywhere in Europe on production of the Certificate of Conformity. cables being damaged or sticking. The rust protection is not compromised if saltingoccurs,but the galvanise can look unsightly if not looked after when new. Features to look for are good ventilation, a light welcoming interior, easy to operate breast bars, removable floor mats for cleaning and floor inspection, tying rings inside and out and tack storage.

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