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According to him, the content of the PC is creepy and uncovers numerous subtleties. Whats a Fabricator? Jack Maxey: LINK Basically, If you think the Hunter stuff should stay hidden from the public forever, you should downvote and disagree. #Grassley, Chuck (IA), Ranking Member The whole story is a well-crafted US/UK-based active measure, and the likely objective of this little operation is to: If you are still not convinced, here is an eighth-grade-level explanation for why Jack Maxey is a fabricator: Due to the condition and stability of HBs liquid-damaged MacBook Pro, John Paul Mac Isaac was unable to perform a block recovery or a true clone of the drive. HB delivered it himself and signed on a work-order in his own handwriting and provided his cell phone number for contact (which JP called when the repair was complete). Credit: Rumble. Thank you. Jack Maxey is sharing something especially significant -- the contents of Hunter Biden's laptop -- and discusses the importance of the content to every American patriot. As Nostrodamosly cryptic as it is; if this is disinformation by democrats, why would they incriminate themselves in various crimes with these so call predictions, that we know they have committed? Jack Maxey, the whistleblower who says he has found previously unseen files on Hunter Biden's laptop computer, told Newsmax on Thursday that he believes U.S. intelligence agencies took down files he put online, and that's why he fled to Switzerland to ''expose the truth.'' So, for Maxey to get access to HBs cloud account he would have had to get a 2FA login token first. Only people whose respect I care about are my children and the dead. There is no need to embellish the content of the HB laptop, the information on it is sufficient to persecute hundreds of individuals for a conspiracy to commit election fraud including reporters, judges, politicians, senior DOJ, FBI, State Department, intel, treasury, and many others. According to Maxey, in early 2021, he gave The Daily Mail content from HBs laptop and as soon as the information was published, mysterious black SUVs appeared outside his house. Did Bannon get a full copy of the laptop? I was wondering if you could clarify or provide context for this, from Miranda Devines Laptop from Hell: There is one photo of potential concern in Hunters image library, of a topless pubescent girl. It Didnt Come from the CloudThe argument that Maxey could have recovered the 450 GB from HBs cloud account is also unlikely for the following reasons: Either way, if Maxey indeed accessed HBs cloud account, that would be considered hacking and he could be charged with conspiracy and computer fraud. Harakiri (or hara-kiri) most often refers to a form of seppuku (or ritual suicide), often miswritten as harikari.This is from wikipedia which has many inaccuracies but in this case I think is accurate although I do not speak Japanese. It Aint Worth Jack The new plan is to assemble a crack team of academics and intelligence community professionals to analyze the data and present it to the US Congress and Senate. Jack Michael Posobiec III ( / psobk / p-SOH-bik; born December 14, 1984) [1] [2] is an American alt-right [8] political activist, television correspondent and presenter, [9] conspiracy theorist, [10] and provocateur. If Maxey wanted to help get the word out all he had to do was to report the information accurately. | World News, Is Deep State Behind Efforts to Release Bogus Hunter Biden Laptop Pics to Use Against Those Who Reported Honestly on the Laptop from Hell? On September 30, Morris took a one-hour Uber ride to Long Island, where he showed her the incriminating emails and documents he had identified in a month of forensic digging.. [October 10, 2020]: The editors insisted the Post must have the entire hard drive before publication. If you fill the drive 10 times with 500 GB you will likely only be able to recover some of the content from the last 'fill'. You know what is profane? By way of classification, Jack Maxey is a member of the class of establishment republicans who produced the Italian Job, the Absolute Proof, and a score of other election disinformation actors that were designed to derail any attempt to conduct a real election integrity investigation. Maxey said that I think justice needs to be done here. He has been tireless in maintaining the media's emphasis on the PC of Hunter Biden however much he can. #Cruz, Ted (TX) Maxey is the poster child of the republican establishment, ready to commit Harakiri with a rusted fork rather than see Trump in office again. We have no more information about his spouse. Back in 2020 we went through that drive with a fine-tooth comb and have written about the content extensively. Jack Maxey was born in Pennsylvania. So, ease up. Jack Maxey is a conservative activist who initially provided copies of the data to the Daily Mail in the spring of 2021, as well as The New York Times, The Washington Post and D.C. politicians. HB used two-factor authentication for all of his online activity (and frequently changed burner phones). Yes, the OS stores some files in a compressed state (like JPGs), and then uncompress them when they are opened, but the sum of stored data cant exceed the drives physical capacity. They are in relation from previous few years of a strong relationship. The bride, 28, is known as Talbott., Its good to hear from you Hugh, it has been a while. Hunter Laptop Computer Repairman Says No Way 450 Gigs of Additional Data Was Included on Hunter's Laptop - Let's Go Brandon News! So, having extracted deleted information from a hard drive, I know that a 500gb hard drive, if filled and deleted 3 times, potentially has 1500 gb of data on it to be recovered. 2. Jack Maxey, previous co-host of War Room Pandemic, showed up in a meeting this week to uncover insights regarding the contents of a PC that had a place with Hunter Biden, the child of Joe Biden. Would love to see how you came to that conclusion, and if youve written about it. Jack Maxeys Father-in-Law John Stewart Bryan III, Chairman of Media General, Inc. An Important Message About Sex Abuse and Assault, Justine Coleman from The Hill is a Manipulative Media Hack,, Great. A2ZnewsFeed Latest News, Sports News, World News and Sports Video, Is Deep State Behind Efforts to Release Bogus Hunter Biden Laptop Pics to Use Against Those Who Reported Honestly on the Laptop from Hell? Thanks for replying to my comments. Makes sense. Following his graduation, he was commissioned into the US Navy. FYI, these posts were published in mid October 2020. He obtained the laptop from Rudy Giuliani in 2020. Jack Maxey: We Have To Kill This Leviathan Before It Eats Up All Our Liberties - Two Mikes with Dr Michael Scheuer and Col Mike | iHeart All Episodes All Episodes Advertise With Us Popular Podcasts Dateline NBC Current and classic episodes, featuring compelling true-crime mysteries, powerful documentaries and in-depth investigations. Gave to Daily Mail, Washington Post, Swedish Nat. Admission of Possessing Child PornThe cherry on the cake in Maxeys fabricated claims is that he found child porn on the HB laptop. (YA:1) Q has always been a republican operation and was funded by the same sources who run the Lincoln project. As a result, they were indefinitely suspended from further government business. 1 year ago Proceed with extreme caution when using any information from them or their networks. He went home to. The bride's paternal grandfather, David Tennant Bryan of Richmond, is a founder of Media General and the chairman of its executive committee. Tucker is the least of it. They also developed the narrative that the laptop contains hard core child porn (a claim that Maxey is also parroting). So, yes, I agree with your assessment that Maxey hasnt produced any new/original material becuse his is a narrative engineer. Everybody has been lied to, people of the world, particularly the Americans." . Anyone can read what you share. The number of cloud-linked files on HBs laptop was small (under 20 GB). Your email address will not be published. Jack Carroll Massey (June 15, 1904 - February 15, 1990) was an American venture capitalist and entrepreneur who owned Kentucky Fried Chicken, co-founded the Hospital Corporation of America, and owned one of the largest franchisees of Wendy's. [1] [2] He was the first American businessman to take three different companies public. The chief said the FBI has no data on Hunters PC. Jack Maxey, 83, of Crocker, died Monday, November 8, 2021, in the Mercy Hospital Springfield. According to the study conducted by Vocativ, Weinstein came in with the second most nods in Oscar speeches after Steven Spielberg. Whitehat GMBH is a Swiss shell company fully owned by Maxey, incorporated on March 31, 2022, two weeks after he arrived in Switzerland. Keep in mind that they are the same group behind the Italian Job and several other ongoing anti-Trump operations. Thank you for the kind words JB. And it may be that Hunter had an archive folder that was zipped (compressed), and then deleted. Examples: (Oct 20, 2020), (Oct 20, 2020) Do we have a record of someone providing or offering a clone to these organizations at that point? HD storage is a finite quantity. So the word **** is now considered profanity! We dont need any more media circus and narrative engineering; what we do need is public hearings via a select committee to investigate the HB laptop, followed by an appointment of a special prosecutor, indictments, arrests, convictions, and hopefully, lengthy prison sentences. On August 28 2020, John Paul Mac Isaac overnighted a 500 GB external SSD drive with a copy of the HB laptop image to Rudy Giulianis office. Copyright Yaacov Apelbaum, All Rights Reserved. If there is misinformation in there, can you point to a false text or document that has been published? Ayer Maxey, a former co-host of ex-Donald Trump advisor Steve Bannon's podcast the War Room, claims he and his colleagues have found '450 gigabytes of deleted material' including 80,000 images and. Jack Maxey: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know, Copyright 2023 Heavy, Inc. All rights reserved. This has been achieved via a carefully executed media blitz and by selling himself as a patriotic avenging angel and the leading expert on HBs laptop. Considering Hunters drive was only 250 gb, and the drive could not be cloned (each file had to be dragged and dropped, one at a time), and only 220 gb were recovered, then only 220 gb were available no matter what size hard drive a person moves Hunters files to the fact remains only 220 gb was recovered. Before the 2020 presidential election, a New York Post story on the laptop was censored by Twitter, ignored by many media outlets, and derided as Russian disinformation. Image 15: From the desk of a fabricator Garret Ziegler (one of the lead developers/promoters for another republican establishment active measure called Italygate) love note inviting me to join the republican grift and active measure club and advising me on various matters of etiquette and holy scripture. He was successful in recovering the contents of the users home folder, a total of around 220GB of data off the 256GB non-removable SSD. is it possible that Maxey is simply out of his depth, and therefore making inaccurate statements? Thanks for any insight you may have. - World News Guru, Is Deep State Behind Efforts to Release Bogus Hunter Biden Laptop Pics to Use Against Those Who Reported Honestly on the Laptop from Hell? United States , Maricopa County. Their silence allowed all that to happen. Certain people support him and are examining the FBI for his inadequacy and others denounce him for his cases. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. I do this for free of charge :-), there is no such thing as Qanon. Jack is a resigned Marine whose name has come up because he claimed to be in control of Hunter Bidens PC data. In this regard, hes not alone; other members of his Palm Beach society were engaged in a similar activity and donated to causes like lip service election fraud investigations. to cast down the poor and needy, to slay such as are upright in the way; You got the right title Digital Soldiers, but the wrong context. HB started clearing his online content as soon as he realized the consequences of abandoning the laptop and the FBI picking up the device. so, they had access to it for three years. Completely wrong, but a very sweet man., After Maxeys political stint, he worked on Wall Street, holding many positions in the alternative space of hedge funds and private equity. He also spent time in Puerto Rico as an entrepreneur. Instead, he gave it to a former hedge fund manager. Sorry, a 500 GB drive can only hold <500 GB. Theres a simple potential explanation for this. I am glad you are back. How can I contact you, dont see a publicly listed email? I fell for it. Keep in mind that long before Maxey got the drive, Bannon gave it to Guo Wenguis GTV. McCabe: Navy veteran and businessman Jack Maxey is the leading sleuth into the mysteries hidden in Hunter Biden's laptop hard drive. Go back read my post again and the links at the bottom of the post to other HB laptop related postings. Since they got it we have had Afghanistan, fuel, food and fertilizer off charts, Kazakstan and now Ukraine. he only person with the hard drive at that stage was Costello, and he was keeping it tight. Simply calling them RINOs is a much more roundabout argument than debunking one of the thousands of unredacted messages they posted. Jack Maxey Has More Dangerous Revelations From the Hunter Biden Laptop. So, yes, I agree, when George Soros tells Biden to jump, he jumps. The elites of all political persuasions really hate the man and dont care what they have done to our country in the process. Following the sale, the company has focused on local broadcast television and digital media. Graphic Video Captures Death of 14-Year-Old Boy on Orlando Free Fall Amusement Ride. We shared the analysis with federal law enforcement and published dozens of illustrative samples. (YA:1) Marco Polo is a RINO disinformation line of effort (much like the Lincoln Project is) that is running in coordination with Maxey. And this we may truly affirm to be a great proof that a man is just, not willingly or because he thinks that justice is any good to him individually, but of necessity, for wherever any one thinks that he can safely be unjust, there he is unjust. What proof do we have that the MSM was offered verifying materials (namely a Clone, since Im not sure forensic can validate authenticity of the laptop otherwise)? The issue is not that the laptop contains evidence of criminal activity (it does, plenty! On March 28, Maxey was promoting JP Mac Issac as an American hero. - Ukraine Live Cams, Is Deep State Behind Efforts to Release Bogus Hunter Biden Laptop Pics to Use Against Those Who Reported Honestly on the Laptop from Hell? Also these Q discussions are interesting. Your email address will not be published. Major Trade Flow Investing and Stock News, Is Deep State Behind Efforts to Release Bogus Hunter Biden Laptop Pics to Use Against Those Who Reported Honestly on the Laptop from Hell? I feel like at least one of the people operating under the Q name is playing the same game as Maxey. He tells the viewers and additionally the Faith & Reason panel about what has happened in the recent weeks regarding the material from the Hunter Biden's laptop hard drive that . >>> END BURN NOTICE >>>. The drive will fill-up and at a certain point it wont accept additional data (unless you delete some files). Daily Mail described Maxey as the source who distributed Hunter Bidens laptop to congressman and the media, including The Washington Post and New York Times. 36.2K. He says he gave the laptop to both the FBI and Giuliani. He gave a copy to Daily Mail last year who hired Merriman and Associates to examine it. (YA:1) HB originally brought 3 laptops to the shop for repair. Interment followed in Union Springs Cemetery. The FBI stuff sounds pretty serious. How many likes for my bro, #JackMaxey ?#HunterBiden #HunterBidensLaptop, Office Of Terry Brunk (@OfficeOfTB) April 6, 2022. However, as of now, hard evidence of Hunter has not been found, so many people are starting to doubt that Jack . As the Biden family's China dealings went south, Hunter may have gone so far as to try to purposefully . 4., Also, see Raise money on the false premise that he uncovered new uber-damaging content that no one else has and that he can/will use it to help win the 2022 midterm election. CORRIGAN - Funeral services for Jack Douglas Maxey, 73, of Corrigan were held Monday, Dec. 30, 2002, from Union Springs Missionary Baptist Church of Corrigan, with Pastor Phil Corbett officiating. Jack Maxeys Father-in-Law John Stewart Bryan III, Chairman of Media General, Inc. 3. 4 .I disagree with the blanket statement that disinfo is necessarily designed to cause damage. Jack Maxeys Father Thomas Fleming Maxey R&R in N.W. Who is Jack Maxey? Jack Maxey used to be cohost on Steve Bannon's Warroom. See comments in-line. Is Deep State Behind Efforts to Release Bogus Hunter Biden Laptop Pics to Use Against Those Who Reported Honestly on the Laptop from Hell? David Nino Rodriguez W/ JACK MAXEY. Why did the New York Post need get it from Costello (another excerpt from LFH): Ayer, Inc., New York City, since 1989; also board directors, N.W. More importantly the whole world is at risk if the Biden Administration is compromised by the Communist Chinese Party.. Your article really got under his skin. 1. Are all of Hunters messages there? (YA:1) Cant comment about his past promises to deliver, Im just judging him by what he claims to have found. Is Deep State Behind Efforts to Release Bogus Hunter Brandon Laptop Pics to Use Against Those Who Reported Honestly on the Laptop from Hell? Jack and Talbott Maxey, who divorced in 2009, donated over $10,000 to one such organization called Fight Voter Fraud, which, not surprisingly, to date hasnt found any concrete evidence of voter fraud. Assuming that the cases you are presenting and that you have the relevant data as you claim, you could say this is a big issue for public safety and honesty. Maybe the laptop was planted there in hopes that the information on the computer would get out as a way of blackmailing Joe Biden or the Biden family. Over a year before Moxey even got his copy of the laptop ;-). They were married in an Episcopal church so theres some fakery going on with his faux Catholic public piety. It seems ridiculous the MSM would not have access to a clone earlier on and would have to wait for Maxey well into 2021. Joshua, TX JACK MAXEY OBITUARY Jack Maxey Jr. BURLESON--Jack Maxey Jr. was born Aug. 24, 1957, in Houston, Texas, to Jack and Frances Maxey. Lets take this conversation off-line. "The federal government is not the sole prosecutor in the United States," are the words that today's guest on The Two Mikes, Mr. Jack Maxey began his presentation. So hes a phony at that, too. Jacks age is freely inaccessible, however, it is almost certain that he is over 60 years old. The Biden laptop first found itself in the possession of Delaware compute repair shop owner John Paul Mac Isaac.

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