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He lived in Bunea Vista source She married Melvin -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Elnora Henrietta10 Shrum (Henry Warren9, Joseph8, Nicholas It was built to withstand the fireweapons that were used at that time. 99 Shrum Why not share it with other people interested in history? The palace's ghost Petermnnchen ("little Peterman") is said to roam the halls of the Schweriner Schloss. The early Venetian Renaissance gate, its gable showing the carrying of the cross, was made by Hans Walther (15261600), a sculptor from Dresden. his groceries home in a sack over his back. 1886 in Trousdale Co., Tennessee. Date: OCT. 25, 1738, Notes for Anna Maria (Kreafer) Koener: ************** 1. Under John Albert I, Duke of Mecklenburg (15251576), the building faced important changes. 1955 in Logan Co. KY. Hi Trish, Enter your email address and password to log on. Name Relation Marital Status Gender Race Age Birthplace PATTON Maria Christina Shrum, born 1754 in York Co., PA. Longridge estate in Manchester Twp.until his demise in 1772. . The names have been handed down. Since late 1990, it is once again a seat of government, as the seat of the Landtag (the state assembly of the State of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern). John Allen Shrum did not have a daughter Prudie. 13 i. Johann Jacob4 Shrum-Schram, born 1714. The property later changed hands several times. Like a window into their day-to-day life, Schramm census records can tell you where and how your ancestors worked, their level of education, veteran status, and more. It's tucked deep into the forest and surrounded by rolling hills outside of the city of Mespelbrunn. All backed by our highest quality service and support. She married (2) Kenneth Pannell. Co., NC TN, and died Aft. The ship's carpenter, Understand it all by viewing our, Family Crest Download (JPG) Heritage Series - 600 DPI, Family Crests and Genealogy: how they relate,,,, Henrich Schramm, who arrived in New York in 1709-1710, Jakob Schramm, who landed in America in 1741, Georg Simon Schramm, who arrived in Pennsylvania in 1751, Georg Simon Schramm who settled in America in 1751, Joerg Jacob Schramm, who settled in Philadelphia in 1753, Johann Christopher Schramm, who landed in Ohio in 1837, Georg Schramm, who arrived in Iowa in 1840, Johanna Friderike Schramm, aged 36, who landed in America in 1843, Johanne Catharine Leonore Schramm, who arrived in Galveston, Tex in 1846, Johanna Schramm, who settled in Texas in 1846, Albert Schramm, who landed in Wisconsin in 1921, William Charles Schramm, who landed in Wisconsin in 1922, Peter W. Schramm (1946-2015), American academic and political scientist, Professor of Political Science at Ashland University, Brigadier-General Ned Schramm (1896-1983), American Commanding General 4th Air Force (1947-1948), Oded Schramm (1961-2008), award-winning Israeli-American mathematician, David Norman Schramm (1945-1997), American astrophysicist, Leonard D. Schramm, American Democratic Party politician, Candidate for Michigan State Senate 24th District, 1954, James S. Schramm, American Republican politician, Delegate to Republican National Convention from Iowa, 1960, James R. Schramm, American politician, Mayor of Sheboygan, Wisconsin, 2000, Jack J. Schramm, American Democratic Party politician, Member of Missouri State House of Representatives from St. Louis County 7th District; Elected 1964, Edgar Schramm, American politician, U.S. Consul in Montevideo, 1897, (Another 10 notables are available in all our, Erwin Schramm (1920-1941), German Matrosengefreiter who served aboard the German Battleship Bismarck during World War II when it was sunk heading to France; he died in the sinking. She was Joe and Martha You can see how Schramm families moved over time by selecting different census years. Cemetery, York, Pa. where it is believed that they have been buried. I had lots of fun and met some great people along the way.. 3 Male Voters Page: 157 She married Nancy C. 16 F Daughter TN The Bishop's House (Bischofshaus) from that period remains in a grave. and died October 19, 1912 in Sumner Co. TN. 74. John Henry8 Shrum (Carroll S.7, Peter6, Nichaolas Jr.5, 1860 in TN. NC Shoulder, Josie..half sister..W..F..12..TN TN NC, NEXT DOOR In the medieval era, after the fall of the Roman Empire, the German lands were inhabited by a variety of Barbarian tribes. Ship Fox, October 12, 1738---Ship Davy, October 25, 1738. Anna Maria died near there in 1754. Township: Dist. Catherina Barbara Shrum-Schram, born 1676. Swallow,Matildahousekeeper.W..F..20TN TN TN Leva May Shrum, born March 04, 1885 in 1914. Corporate Information | Privacy | Terms and Conditions | CCPA Notice at Collection. Township: Dist. Most of these were finished by 2019. Captain: WM. Blackwood. It is followed by the Hinterer Schrammsteine that run away in the direction of Schmilka. A quarter-century later, the foundation has enabled more than 150 Jewish women living in Germany to pursue . 24, 1896. Internally three openings are visible in the broch wall. 21 ix. W 7 TN TN View Social Security Death Index (SSDI) for Schramm. Go directly to Content, Search, Navigation, You are here: Home Palaces, castles and gardens Dresden Royal Palace. of the ruins of an earlier castle. died December 20, 1934 in Dallas Tx. According to Aunt Esther, Sol's father was a Swallows but there not Hilde Schramm has always been about action. W 6 TN TN Castles on the Web. Lichtenstein Castle is one of Germany's newer castles, built only in the 19th century to honor the medieval knights of Lichtenstein. In 1837, the ducal residence moved back to Schwerin, but the building was in relatively bad condition, and the Grand Duke disliked the individual buildings' incongruent origins and architectural styles. Children of Solomon Shrum and Vinnie Hutchison are: in Macon Co.,TN. 132 i. Esther Brown11 Shrum, born September 19, 1912. There is a village of Schrammberg down near the Swiss border of Germany. SHRUM BORN 2-13-1858, Buckingham,William.widower..mail rider.W..M..45.TN TN TN Male W 14 TN 2 male under 5 Use census records and voter lists to see where families with the Schramm surname lived. 1 female 10-15 Abt. Joe SWALLOUS Self M Male Peter & Apolonia SCHRAMM had 5 or 6 children. 91 vi. He married Elizabeth Garrett. the two half round towers and the outside walls of the palace. Nora Bell Swallows, born January 09, 1884; died October 23, Shrum-Schram, Johamn Jacob3, Hanss Theobaldt2 Schramn, Peter1) was born Johann Nichel4 Shrum-Schram, Johamn Jacob3, Hanss Theobaldt2 Schramn, Peter1) Burg Hohenschramberg was built in 1457 to 1459 by Hans von Rechberg In the later stages, the Thirty Years War degenerated into groups of ex-soldiers who roamed the countryside, pillaging and burning, and taking what they could. 113. Sherry's grandmother Willie Ann Shrum Templeton 07, 1899. Dorthula D 7 F Gr son TN. TN Peter Shrum Kenneth Gray, born January 1927; died in Stillborn. TN He married (2) Louisa Jane NC 130 i. Mary Ada11 Shrum, born March 22, 1893. Coins of Henry II, Edward I, James VI, George II and George III have been discovered, and it is possible that the broch was in use until comparatively recently. Martha 25 F source Clayton Swallows TN fort are 6 meters thick in several places and it contains many openings 73 i. John Thomas9 Shrum, born June 08, 1850 in Trousdale Co. No children were Jacob and Anna Maria's other children, at least the sons Nickel . married Charles Russell Stamps; born August 19, 1912 in Bethpage, Sumner We have these names: Anna Margaretha, Hanss Caspar, Hanss Theobaldt, Andreas, Anna Elisabetha, and Wendel. Lula Irene Shrum, born August 24, 1914; died February Shrum, John TN Conscr. November 15, 1826, and died June 17, 1864 in HUNTSWELL, ARKANSAS. The castle was built on the remains -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The castle is regarded as one of the most important works of romantic Historicism in Europe and is designated to become a World Heritage Site. In 1358, the County of Schwerin was purchased by the descendants of Niklot, who had been elevated to Dukes of Mecklenburg in 1348. Only 40 of the men were well enough to come to the courthouse to SHRUM, J. W. 1884 in Tn. Johannes Shrum-Schram, born 1740 in York Co., PA; walls were reinforced several times. Palaces Ashford Castle 7 Castles you can sleep in. via the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia about 1763 and settled in Lincoln He Shoulder, Rose .motherwidow.W..F..47..NC NC NC 1816; died 1910 in Carroll County, Children of Asa Shrum and Alice Decker are: It was built to withstand the fireweapons that were used at that time. James Tinkum Shrum, born March 21, 1889; died July 13, 156 i. Gary11 Cumbie. SHRUM, JOHN Sol was born and the tell was that she went to keep house for these people Children of Martha Shrum and Josiah Swallows are: Buckingham,Sadie.W..F..6mos.TNTN, 5 HOUSES AWAY FROM JOE He married (1) Phoebe Lancaster. John Wade SHRUM GSon S Male M W Farm Laborer Mary Elizabeth "Lizzie" Cox. Susan 30 F TN He married 133 ii. Buckingham,Alfred..sonW..M..14TN TN TN Facilities USA Facility Pennsylvania 800 E Virginia Ave West Chester PA, 19380 Australian Facilities Perth (Head Office) 54 Banksia Road Welshpool WA, 6106 H&B (Head Office) 60 Paramount Drive Shrum, Pathenia J. The names for the later Schramm immigrants were more often officially recorded as "Schramm" or "Schram". John Shrum, born 1805; died 1850. The castle became the most admired masterpiece of the student of Karl Friedrich Schinkel. Children of Nichaolas Shrum and Lidia Beck are: TN Buckingham,Laura.dau.W..F..12.TN TN TN 1 male 20-30 PETER H.L.SHRUM'BORN 4-26-1850, The building measures 136 m in length and 109 m wide, and features 120 arches. She married Aubrey Herring. Hilde Schramm, the daughter of a Nazi leader, is a tireless advocate for tolerance and understanding. W 47 NC NC Wanda May Gray. John 30 She married Lyndol Eugene Bonham. Theobaldt2 Schramn, Peter1) was born 1852. South German: topographic name from Middle High German schram crevice hole. Parthenia Shrum, born September 1849. Vinnie Isabelle Hutchison. 10, 1800. Featuring a smoking area and parking as well as a garden terrace, Schramm apartment is located in a forest. The Ottheinrich's WingA castle of superlatives. He married Statue of the Obotrite Prince Niklot (sculptor: Christian Genschow), Petermnnchen, an 1856 sculpture by Heinrich Petters at Schwerin Palace, "Neuschwanstein of the North - Schwerin Palace, one of the most important works of Romantic History in Europe", Schwerin Visitor Website about Schwerin Palace, State Parliament of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern,, Royal residences in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License 3.0, This page was last edited on 10 August 2022, at 17:40. compensation with only the thanks of the citizens. Shrum-Schram, Johamn Jacob3, Hanss Theobaldt2 Schramn, Peter1) was born 48. 1810. Joe lived out away from Russelville Ky in the countryside. She married (1) Jack Thomlinson. John SHRUM Son W Male 1 male 10-25 Thanks, Rebecca Godfried Von Holzheim Schramm (born 1380) DNA confirmed path_jeanne (Other) Evelyn M M Schramm (born 1925) Robert Schramm (Portrait) "U.S., School Yearbooks, 1880-2012"; School Name: Raritan High School; Year: 1976 Robert James Schramm (born 1961) Franz-Schramm-jr-born-1831 (Other) Date: 14 Aug 1831 Location: Germany: W 52 TN Farmer TN Adilla A. she filed for increase and got $12.00. She was born February 26, 1830 in TN, Nicholas married Anna Katherine KOENER in 1748. This web page shows only a small excerpt of our Schramm research. Household: The rocks then run up to the Schrammstein viewing point, gashed by three, mighty, vertical rock openings, the Schrammtoren (Toren = gateways or openings in German, vorderer = before, hinterer = behind). BIRTH: 1789, South Carolina short of statue and had a large nose. THE SCHRAMM CASTLE Burg Hohenschramberg was built in 1457 to 1459 by Hans von Rechberg the forefather of the Schramberg family. Also, the Teepavillon (tea house) was built. Lucy Tuck. Source: Louann Bonham. Tennessee About. TN In Anna Maria's 1754 will she names her heirs as Georg, David, Nicholas, The castle was built on the remains of the ruins of an earlier castle. Elizabeth Unknown 1828. Alexander Schramm Born: Berlin, Germany 1813 - Adelaide, South Australia, Australia 1864 Immigration: Australia from 1849 Alexander Schramm was the leading oil painter in the colony of South . Ben SHRUM Son S Male (1) Emaline Hargis June 16, 1846 in Macon Co. Tn; born January 27, 1829; Purlie Emaline Shrum, born September 19, 1891 in Taney, Name: Jacob Schram, Others have phrases attached that identify something about the original bearer. Dresdner Residenzschloss is one of the oldest buildings in Dresden, Germany. found on website This was about 67% of all the recorded Schramm's in USA. Swallow, Marthia..wife..W..F..26..TN NC NC Co TN; died October 28, 1892 in Pleasant Hill, Franklin, Illinois. The standard of recording and publication was poor. It also could have been a brother to Joe we don't know for sure, but anyway May -June 1864 was reported dead of chronic diarrhea at CAMP HUNTSWELL, They donate their time without She died Bef. Marthia SWALLOUS Wife M Female From 2017-2021 he served as Minister for Economic and Global Affairs at the German Embassy in London. The remains, even though heavily damaged is the Kaeferlesturn (Tower) in the northwest, the fort (Wehrburg) and the two half round towers and the outside walls of the palace. Co., Tennessee; died September 09, 1949 in Robertson Co., Tennessee. He was born December 22, 1848 in Overton County, Tennessee, 153 iv. What's more, visitors can enjoy a unique panoramic view of Dresden from the 100-meter Hausmann Tower. The climbing trail known as the Rotkehlchenstiege ("Robin Climb") begins at the northern end of the Falkoniergrund near Schmilka and runs up the Schrammstein Ridgeway (Gratweg). and died December 03, 1918 in Logan County, Kentucky. He married Anna Liess 1669. Its home to one of the largest art collections in Europe: the Staatliche Kunstsammlungen Dresden. that were used at that time. + 12 v. Johamn Jacob Shrum-Schram, born 1686 in Dunzweiler. 1. died 1818 in Westmoreland Co., PA. County, Pennsylvania, and he died there in 1818 He married John Shrum ASA THOMAS SHRUM, BORN 3-30-1855, For these immigrant families the name remains Schramm today, except that because of animosities toward Germans in the periods of World War I and II, many of German ancestry took steps to have their surname anglicized or softened to avoid . He married Eva Margaretha Cherdron von Bissingen. Child of Willie Shrum and Unknown Swallows is: Maybe she found out she was going to have a baby after he married Martha. The solitary Falkenstein with a height of 381.2maboveNHN[1] and the Hoher Torstein at 425maboveNHN[1] are the most important peaks in the Schrammsteine. Co. Tn; died February 07, 1914. Lela Shrum, born April 03, 1918; died June 27, 1918. destroyed on January 10, 1689. The colorful history of Brandenburg-Prussia, which is essentially the birthplace of modern Germany, provides a glimpse at the oldest origins of the Schramm family. 1900. ARKANSAS, June 1864. that Sol named his first daughter Mary after his wife, the second daughter The Schramm family name was found in the USA, the UK, Canada, and Scotland between 1840 and 1920. died November 18, 1864 in Macon Co. Tn.. Malvinia 3 F TN Ohio had the highest population of Schramm families in 1840. 30. I have gleaned a lot of my Schramm information from the Mormon Church microfilm records. 1809 in Tn, and died Bef. . NC mother who is 84. Magdalena Elisabeth Shrum-Schram, born 1728. With its historically rich, characteristic grain, this dimensionally-stable wood presents the elegant simplicity of a long banquet table. Medieval castles in North Rhine-Westphalia. KY. Martha died on the way and was buried along side the road. Nichel4 Shrum-Schram, Johamn Jacob3, Hanss Theobaldt2 Schramn, Peter1) He married (1) 2 males 15-20 TN; died July 26, 1931 in Bethpage, Sumner Co. TN. Johann Nichel4 Shrum-Schram (Johamn Jacob3, Hanss Theobaldt2 Mary L. 26 F Daughter TN above the northerly entrance to the fort (Wehrberg). From "Tennessee Cousins" Notes for Alice Mahala Oneal Decker: The broch consists of a drystone tower with a diameter of around 18.6 metres with walls about 4 metres thick at the base. 8 i. Anna Magdalena3 Shrum-Schram. Database: TN 1891 Voters List He married Matilda Newberry, daughter of William Newberry and Pharby. John Wesley Shrum, born March 30, 1887; died 1963. She married Robert JOHN F. SHRUM, BORN 11-17-1847, Wittich), Altenkirchen, Kusel, Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany, Altenkirchen, Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany. The castle was built on the remains of the ruins of an earlier castle. Schramm Castle, Germany - Castle Quest Contact Us | Castles on the Web Powered by: Ultimate Bulletin Board, Version 5.40 Infopop Corporation (formerly Madrona Park, Inc.), 1998 - 1999. The walls around the The walls around the fort are 6 meters thick in several places and it contains many openings that were used to shoot through during the wars. Subscribe 266K views 2 years ago #MeettheGermans #GermanCastles Germany has some pretty impressive castles - Neuschwanstein, Hohenzollern, Wartburg, to name a few. rn Schramm), Johann Caspar Schramm, Hans Theobald Schramm, Margaretha Engel Pfaff (born Schramm), Anna Elisabeth Schramm, Wendel Schramm, Jan 1610 - Altenkirchen, 66903, Deutschland, Aug 1684 - Altenkirchen, 66903, Deutschland, Hans Casper Schramm, Hanss Theobald Schramm, Margaretha Engel Pfaff (born Schramm), Anna Elizabetha Schramm, Wendel Schramm, Andreas Schramm, 1610 - Altenkirchen Province Kusel, Chur, Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany, Hanns Schramm, Barbara Schramm (born Wittich), 1610 - Altenkirchen, Kusel, Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany, Hans Wolf Schramm, Barbara Schramm (born Wittich), 1620 - Altenkirchen, Kusel, Rheinland-Pfalz, Deutschland, 1684 - Altenkirchen, Kusel, Rheinland-Pfalz, Deutschland, Circa 1616 - , Casper Schramm, Margaretha Engel Pfaff (born Schramm), Hans Wolf Schramm, Barbara Schramm (geb. married Mary Gifford, daughter of Gideon Gifford and Catherine Slaughter. 11 -male Voters- Page: 3251 Asa Joyner Shrum, born November 15, 1826; died June 17, 1864 Tilman D. Shrum, born December 31, 1807 in Smith now Macon He married Sarah Jane Vaughn. Within census records, you can often find information like name of household members, ages, birthplaces, residences, and occupations. 37. Issac 1 TN, 1870 Macon Co Census The coppersmith Schramm line seems to have originated from near the town of Ehrfurt in the province of Thuringia in central Germany.These coppersmiths kept their metal working skills closely held for many generations, but spread across central and northern Germany and into Denmark, Sweden and Norway. 3rd Co. F Joseph G.6 Shrum (Nichaolas Jr.5, Johann Nichel4 Pfoly, Bavarioa; died 1793 in Lincoln Co., North Carolina. Husband of Apolonia Barth and Apolonia (Barth) Schramm Louis Low Mince; born January 01, 1898 in Trousdale Co. TN; died December State: TN Year: 1891 It was built in 1457 to 1459. The bastions were later modified several times, and are still standing today. The interior has a diameter of about 11 metres, and the entrance is on the east side. The complex rock massif has much to offer both hikers and climbers with its multitude of trails of various levels of difficulty and its climbing rocks. Children of Hanss Schramn and Anna Liess are: 151 ii. and Mary Ada were sister's. He married (3) Nancy Overall June 26, 1844 2 male under 5 Tena Jeanette Shrum, born November 22, 1911; died November Schramberg is in the Black Forest about 50 miles north of Switzerland in the Province of Wurttemberg. A few years after reworking the main building itself, from 1560 to 1563, John Albert rebuilt the palace's chapel. Lovelady 1805, daughter of John Lovelady and Mary Ellis. Schwerin Castle (also known as Schwerin Palace, German: Schweriner Schloss, German pronunciation: [v in']), is a schloss located in the city of Schwerin, the capital of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern state, Germany.It is situated on an island in the city's main lake, Lake Schwerin. They migrated westward to Westmoreland Henry SHRUM Son S Male Gasthof Hirsch. 1 male 5-10 In 1840 there were 2 Schramm families living in Ohio. Martha9 Shrum (John Allen8, Tilman D.7, Peter6, Nichaolas The renovations gave the castle a face lift while maintaining it's unique architectural look. About Us | Contact Us | Copyright | Report Inappropriate Material 72. Before the Thirty Years' War, the architect Ghert Evert Piloot, who had entered Mecklenburg's service in 1612, made plans to completely rebuild the palace in the style of the Renaissance in the Low Countries. M W No occupation The children did not all wait!). Learn more. Peter6, Nichaolas Jr.5, Johann Nichel4 Shrum-Schram, Johamn Jacob3, Hanss He married Anna Maria (Kreafer) to name the first girl after the mother, the second girl after the husband's Dun Beag is an iron-age broch situated at the north end of a small rocky knoll. born 1790 in SC or 1790 in Halifax Co., NC, and died Aft. He lived 2 or 3 months before he died. Overview Offering a satellite TV and a garden, Schramm apartment is situated 0.5 miles from automobile welt eisenach. The family connections between these various Schramm locations has not yet been established, but I am hopeful. 1328 Prudie was the mother of Sol. He married (1) Ellen Suther. The average life expectancy for Schramm in 1944 was 21, and 76 in 2004. 41 v. Moses Shrum, born Bet. The surname Schramm was first found in Prussia and Silesia, where this family name became a prominent contributor to the development of the district from ancient times. A. SHRUM Self M Male Germany castle: featuremom: 1: 03-01-2000 04:48 AM: Burgette (sp?) Explore Schramm genealogy and family history in the World's Largest Family Tree. 51 xv. Topic: Schramm Castle, Germany: becksshrum Member: posted 03-25-2000 08:26 PM I am looking for information on The Schramm Castle in Schramberg, Germany. Benefits with the schloesserlandCARD Arrival & map Contact Dresden Royal Palace Staatliche Kunstsammlungen Dresden Taschenberg 2 | 01067 Dresden +49 (0) 351 4914-2000 [email protected] More information available at: There was a fort of the Polabian Slav tribe of the Obotrites on an island in the large lake of Schwerin. W 11 TN TN 99 Shrum --------------------------------------------------------------------------------, MARY Sarah 21 F TN She married Josiah (Joe) Swallows Browse profiles of historical people with the Schramm last name, This page needs Javascript enabled in order to work properly. and Theobaldt (David) had survived the voyage to America]. ASA J. SHRUM was enrolled 14 day Sept 1863 at Dardnell, Arkansas in 1853 in Macon Co. Tennessee, and died August 23, Between 1944 and 2004, in the United States, Schramm life expectancy was at its lowest point in 1944, and highest in 2000. She married Peyton Dixon. Willie Ann also. 1 female 10-15 12 Male Voters Page: 157 Jno. If you find any mistakes please contact the Web Page creator, Trisha Elizabeth 7 F The ruins is taken care of by the city of Schramberg and the "Burgpioniere" an organization of citizens of Schramberg. Many German names carry suffixes that identify where they came from. 1860 Macon Co Census I think you've talk to before. Despite all this, Konrad Wiederhold, the famous trial lawyer of Hohentwiel was able to capture the castle during the 20 year war. buried at VERNON TX. She She married George Finice Williams. 1808 in Tennessee. Soloman SHRUM GSon S Male 89 iv. Schwerin Castle (also known as Schwerin Palace, German: Schweriner Schloss, German pronunciation: [v in']), is a schloss located in the city of Schwerin, the capital of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern state, Germany. Burgruine Falkenstein. Other legends describe him as a long-bearded blacksmith, night watchman, or prankster to those who would seek to harm or steal from the castle. Some remained there, while more moved on to the states of Ohio, Texas, Illinois, California, New York, and Maryland. I know of no records connecting the castle to any Schramm line. 29 i. John Nicholas6 Shrum, born 1788; died 1870 in Macon Co., 11 iv. W 26 TN Keeping House TN Schramn, Peter1) was born July 27, 1881 in Puxico, MO. Mary Polly Shrum, born Abt. Windows on the northern face show biblical illustrations by well-known Flemish artist Willem van den Broecke (also known as "Paludanus"; 1530 1579). Albin 9 Child of Carroll Shrum and Mallie Leath is: Jacob and his son Georg were As the ducal residence needed additional defences, despite its island site, some time in the middle of the 16th century bastions were established to the northwest, southwest and southeast. You can find the castle in the Bavarian Alps in . Leath 1835 in Smith County, TN, daughter of Isaac Leath and Elizabeth Story. A fire destroyed about a third of the palace in December 1913. Son of Hans Schramm and Barbara Wittich Schramm 68. Sol's first wife was Mary Elizabeth. 2 Male Voters Page: 053 Schramm Castle, Germany: becksshrum: 0: 03-25-2000 08:26 PM: Looking for information on castles from 1300's: . Nicholas Shrum It is known for the different architectural styles employed, from Baroque to Neo-renaissance. Schramm is headquartered in West Chester, PA (USA) and Perth, WA (AUS). Zachary Taylor Swallows, born December 09, 1876 in Trousdale Schramm), Johann Andreas Schramm, Anna Elizabetha Schramm, Wendel Schramm, Hans Schramm, Barbara Schramm (born Wittich), Jan 1610 - Altenkirchen Province Kusel, Chur, Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany, Aug 1 1684 - Altenkirchen, 66903, Deutschland, Johann Georg Schramm, Anna Barbara Schramm (born Wittich), Christina Siefert (born Schramm), Johannes Schramm, Catharina Schramm, Hans Schramm, Andreas Schramm. Also, my Aunt Esther thinks her name was . + 113 i. Effie May10 Shrum, born June 21, 1905. listed. TN NC Source: Dictionary of American Family Names 2nd edition, 2022. ( Family lore has it that their marriage had to wait a period of years until the clergy returned to the area. W 6 TN TN Martha 7 F TN A spurt of migration followed, with some Prussians going elsewhere in Europe and many others crossing the ocean to North America. Children of Tilman Shrum and Mary Gifford are: He married (1) Anna 31 iii. The broch was visited by Thomas Pennant in 1772, and it was still a substantial structure, with a height of perhaps 4 metres. Some 200 tons of earth and stones were removed from the broch and all the soil was sifted through the excavators' fingers. Most entered the United States through Philadelphia. It's a fairly small castle and not very many tourists visit this place. 99 Shrum Schramm affiliated sales, parts, and service centers are located around the globe. Children of Solomon Shrum and Mary Cox are: Perhaps his son. Caterina Koener January 10, 1747/48 in Christ Lutheran Church, York, Pennsylvania. (Cp. Schramberg is in the Black Forest about 50 miles north of Switzerland in the Province of Wurttemberg. [2], Coordinates: .mw-parser-output .geo-default,.mw-parser-output .geo-dms,.mw-parser-output .geo-dec{display:inline}.mw-parser-output .geo-nondefault,.mw-parser-output .geo-multi-punct{display:none}.mw-parser-output .longitude,.mw-parser-output .latitude{white-space:nowrap}505451N 141212E / 50.91417N 14.20333E / 50.91417; 14.20333,, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License 3.0, This page was last edited on 18 November 2022, at 13:16. Only some parts of the building dating from the 16th and 17th centuries were retained. 86. My grandmother, Mary Ada Shrum Mince was

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