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She presently lives in Florida, as per reports, and furthermore has a Facebook account where she has . They set him on fire, the inmates, in his cell. It freed me in many ways. What a thing to have here with no way to know or help. Long story short i live in iowa. They deserved harsher punishments, regardless of age. I started on COPD Herbal treatment from Ultimate Life Clinic, the treatment worked incredibly for my lungs condition. Oh sure, they get to live behind bars & have 3 square meals a day, all while they live off my & your tax dollars every day. She was so beauitful, strong and innocent. Specifically, Stephanie was one of the members in the staggering homicide of teenager Sylvia Likens in 1965. I wish i could go back in time to save that poor little girl. Besides eye for eye came first if you are going to be stubborn and even try to sort through the many many contradictions that is the good book. Stephanie Baniszewski. I went for medical check and the result was negative from Herpes. And i have not seen any pics of John Sr either. The more familiar terms 'chronic bronchitis' and 'emphysema' are no longer used, but are now included within the COPD diagnosis. At the year the crime of Syliva happened, she was 11-years of age. No. If you know some information, please comment below. She escaped in 1971 but was recaptured. God is asleep at the wheel or is unconcerned with us at this point after so many muck ups who can blame him. What a sad sad story. This abuse incrementally lasted for three months before Likens died from her . Indiana's legal/Justice system is still a complete failure. Though she admitted to participating to some degree in Sylvia's abuse, she was granted a special trial and then all charges against her were dropped, likely because she agreed to turn state's evidence against . And why weren't the parents prosecuted? Stephanie Baniszewski is the second-most seasoned girl of horrible killer Gertrude Baniszewski. The cruelty involved, and by children no less, makes this case even more tragic. The Indiana "Justice" system is a joke! I dunno; it's hard for me to feel her kids were entirely responsible for their actions considering the parent they had. Stephanie Baniszewski has been in a relationship with Coy Hubbard. There have been people that have been burned to death, beaten to death, they've burned down one another's houses and shot and stabbed one another. You are disgusting. They provide a century's worth of data showing the concentration of Black and Asian families in the Central District. I want to share my testimonies to the generalpublic on how this great man called Dr OLOKUN who cure my herpes. I had a doctor give me Valtrex but I take the generic. Stephanie Baniszewski sent Hobbs to call the police from a nearby payphone. We have no more Information about his Father; we will try to collect information and update soon. That was punishment, allegedly, for having spread rumors that the elder two Baniszewski girls, including Paula, were prostitutes. Unbelievable that thw two Sisters chose to work with children and especially as an aide to special needs. I have been suffering from (HERPES) disease for the past 5 years and had constant pain,especially inside my body. Google has the address and phone. I had a chat with him via +18084815132 telling him what a mess my life has become. He never changed His word, men just chose what they want to follow and say the rest was done away with. two days later I receive the cure from the courier service so I used it as the herbal man instructed me to, before the week complete my sister cancer was healed and it was like a dream to me not knowing that it was physical I and my family were very happy about the miracle of Doctor so my dad wanted to pay him 5 million us dollars the herbal man did not accept the offer from my dad, but I don't know why he didn't accept the offer, he only say that I should tell the world about him and his miracle he perform so am now here to tell the world about him if you or your relative is having any kind of disease that you can't get from the hospital please contact [email protected] or WhatsApp him +2348110114739 you can follow him up on Instagram @herbalist_dr_sakura visit his website for the cure, he will help you out with the problem. although never convicted because she snitched on her crazy mother and horrid of a sister paula, she probably had more to participate in the torture. They are in relation from previous few years of a strong relationship. Stephanie punched Sylvia subsequent to getting to be aware of the charges. We cant say their name. Besides, probably they were indifferent too and dont wanna keep the daughters probably that is why abuse go unnoticed for so long. I just can't understand why so much hate towards Sylvia, I bet she was an angel and they just hated and had envy towards her for this. Gertrude lived in a large rented house with her 7 children, Paula (17), Stephanie (15), John (12), Marie (11), Shirley (10), James (8), and Dennis Lee Wright Jr, who was only a few months old. The courier service can transport it to me so he told me the amount I will pay, so my dad paid for the delivery fee. 70. I found out I had herpes 4 years ago. i has been stocked in bondage with herpes for two years and four months i has tried different means to eliminate this sickness because it surely has distract me even with the world, and i was told there is no cure, but only medicine for treatment all the possible ways i has tried was treatment, two months back i did some herpes research and i found amazing testimonies concerning natural herbal cure, and i go for it through the email address from the post just to give a try of herbal treatment, and i found it grate without delay i got cured with natural treatment from doc Twaha herbal cure his cure are powerful and shows out excellent result. But I do find it plausible that John (the father) didn't go in the house - from everything that's been related about Gertrude, it makes sense to me that he was either avoiding getting back in her web, that he simply found her & the house disgusting (as in, "I am so done with her") or both. Did any of them tell Sylvia they were sorry? Maybe that tells you where are pedophiles are. Lester agreed to pay weekly fees of $20 to Getrude. After a few years, John and Gertrude divorced . Likens' father, impoverished and traveling to make a meager living for his family, had placed the girl and her sister, Jenny, in the care of Baniszewski. Now, his relationship is perfect. Follow US news from on Twitter and Facebook. That's Bullshit! He never changed His word, man has and he picks and chooses which things he wants to believe, that's why there are over 30,000 denomination. How do I know this? He said he received a Facebook message a month ago, detailing Paula's previous life. thank you for posting this. I am completely undeserving of that. Here is a postcard from the TV show Treetop House that here is another from the same game from last post, Press J to jump to the feed. Fue hallada culpable por cmplice y fue sentenciada a cumplir 12 meses en prisin. She also enjoyed to sing. They should have rape her w a broom. "Pray to the Lord"Yeah. He was a cop he wasn't a cop. wow. Bible even said and eye for and eye. Paula is one of the worst and I'm still scratching my head over the sympathetic portrayal her character received in the film An American Crime. This happened over 50 years ago and none of the perpetrators seemed to do any serious prison time. Picks the kids up every sunday but never even took a look inside to see his kids had no stove and 3 spoons. Sylvia Marie Likens (January 3, 1949 - October 26, 1965) was an American teenager who was tortured and murdered by her caregiver, Gertrude Baniszewski, many of Baniszewski's children, and several of their neighborhood friends. Men women children. It looks as most of the abusers have had a short life. Top Quality, Cheap and easy to apply solutions to deliver your desire health and fitness results. I want them to admit what they did and understand it. According to the internet, he died in 2004, but I have not found information about her or some testimony. Please visit our,,,,,,, Click here to find your hidden name meaning, I GOT CURED FROM HERPES WITH HELP OF OYAMA. There is a similar case in germany with a girl called Karolina, she wast just 3 years old. We have no more information about his spouse. At a pretrial hearing held on March 16, 1966, several . Stated that she had 'fond memories of Sylvia and Jenny' and was 'Sylvia's friend'. After 20 years and reading over the transcript he was release and I meant him while he was on parole. Sadly they couldn't escape from that wierd spider net of a frustrated woman, lunatic and sadistic. They will destroy, humiliate, and even cause death. But that wasn't the only reason they chose me. You have friends here whether you know it or not Jolie just ask [email protected]. ", WHAT A GREAT MIRACLE THAT I HAVE EVER SEE IN MY LIFE. Silvia looked dirty and her hair wasn't washed and she looked so worn out all the time. Gertrude should have been sentenced to solitary confinement for life. Email address [email protected], via whats-app +1 (267) 691-1087 Thanks Dr. Ehimare for your help in my life and family and most especially to you Dr. I've gotta admit, reading about the case and her involvement with it is sickening. She will never suffer again. Soon a LOT of people will be gone, and the government will have to attribute it to aliens or something. WHAT A GREAT MIRACLE THAT I HAVE EVER SEE IN MY LIFE. is when you here these punks say how they "found God" while in jail. She was testifying to the world about the goodness of a herbal man who has the roots and herbs to cure all kinds of disease and the herbal man's email was there. My names are Clara David Im a citizen of USA, My younger sister was sicking of breast cancer and her name is Sandra David I and my family have taking her to all kind of hospital in USA still yet no good result. Five days before she died, according to a 1965 story by the Indianapolis Star, Gertrude Baniszewski ordered one of the neighbor boys to etch, with a three-inch, red hot needle, I am a prostitute and I'm proud of it into Sylvias stomach. Figures Florida would have somebody like that as a teacher. According to our records, Stephanie Baniszewski is possibly single. Anyone know where the oldest daughter is currently after being fired by the school district? wow, I cannot believe what author John Dean aka Natty Bumppo wrote about Sylvia Likens, in this so sad, and beyond adding insult to injury. I swear as im sitting here tonight she is the spittn image of Gertrude. Ehimare also cure the following virus and many more 1} Cancer 2} Diabetes 3} Hepatitis 4} fibroid 5} herpes 6} Lupus. I say this out of love. I watched the move years ago and still have nightmares about it. Powerful Herbal treatment is 100% guarantee for HSV cure, the reason why most people are finding it difficult to cure HSV 1 or 2 is because they believe on medical report, drugs and medical treatments which is not helpful to cure HSV and hasn't proved any sign of helping. Stephanie's boyfriend, Coy Hubbard killed Sylvia when he administered the very last fatal blow to her head with a wooden broomstick handle, which resulted in the immediate cause of death, a subdural hematoma to the brain. I don't know where to start, I'm 33 years old and i was diagnoses of genital herpes diseases for 5 years. In 1965, 16-year-old Sylvia Likens was sent to the home of a family friend, Gertrude Baniszewski, while her parents were traveling. He also cures ALS, HIV AIDS, CANCER, HPV, DIABETES and lots more.Here is his E-mail: [email protected]: can quickly reach me on via mail: [email protected], Thank God, I was cured from Herpes by the herbal medication I received from him. All of them should have served every last year and more. One day, which what all is happening at this time, election, covid, fake news, riots, birthing pains have begun. Stephanie Baniszewski. How obvious you want to get it? She would then channel the frustration towards the two girls, abusing and caning them. Stephanie Baniszewski's attorney got her a separate trial and later the murder charge against her was dropped as well. Sylvia never had that chance. so I emailed him telling him about my (HERPES) he told me not to worry that i was going to be cured!! It was not only murder, but abuse and torture. Moreover, I'm feeling great from within. She died in 1990. Seems like it would be wise to keep tabs on this, er, person? I want to say a very big thank you to DR momoh for what he has done in my life. He went there at least once a month to give Gertrude money, yet his daughter seemed in good health? And long before Sylvia's murder, the serial killer H.H.Holms killed a little boy and burned his body in the heating stove of the house he was renting in the Irvington neighborhood just a few blocks from where Sylvia's murder took place. They know he didn't do it. Shows you Indiana is crap. Another time Stephanie caught Sylvia wearing her brassiere; she then slapped Sylvia and called her a name. She was the mother of Paula and Stephanie Baniszewski. It was considered punishment. He encouraged and promised to get my man back for me and to help me win the lottery. As soon as i saw her pic it was like.i know that person!! Where can I get help? Or get a reply? 1-13 of 13. A life for a life, no if and or buts. I interpret what your saying is; (How they even survived jail?) RIP Silvia. I'd also like to watch the full length interview with Rev Rubin Fields as Gertrude is leaving prison. She was quiet and reserved but she also made him nervous. Oh no not again! And why didn't their other children get removed from their care like jenny who went to live with her lawyer.nope nothing odd there,I've along, nothing to see.Come on!And that baby wasn't gertudes. She needed money and suggested toSylvias father that Sylvia and her sister Jennie move in provided he pay $20 a week. I was so angry the first time I watched "An American Crime," I could have punched the screen repeatedly. And Id have no problem being one of those vigilantes. Please contact me [email protected]. HOW I GOT CURED OF HERPES DISEASEI'm here to testify about what DR. OSO did it for me. There were no laws then. Until one faithful day as I was browsing on the internet I saw a testimony on how Dr. Edualekhide has helped people in curing Herpes and other diseases, quickly I copied his WhatsApp number so i contacted him for solution for my Herpes disease, So Dr. Edualekhide told me that his going to prepare his herbal medicine for my health which he sent to me, luckily after 2week my Herpes was cured. At that time they could get furlow. How did Sylvia live as long as she did? After working at a school under an assumed name for 14 years, Paula's identity has been revealed. Constant checks up have been my hobby not until this faithful day, I was searchingthrough the internet, I saw a testimony on how Dr. Oduku helped someone in curing his herpes disease using his healingHerbs, quickly I copied his email just to give him a test I spoke to him, he told me that he is going to provide the herbal cure to me, which hedid, after i receive his herbs and i take it as instructed i was cure permanently from herpes my herpes disease was gone. I hope that Every one that laid a hand on Sylvia, and everyone that felled her never had peace after this I hope they are reminded daily till their death.. so sad RIP cookie, People actually believe there is no cure for herpes due to what our medical Doctor's do always say to us..but now i know that there is a cure for it Through herbal remedy' i and my boyfriend was once haven herpes type 1&2 i contacted DR.ODUDU for herbal treatment and he prepared us some herbs which we takes for some couples of days, and we take it as he says before i am to known' i and my boyfriend was perfectly cure for it and never experience the Outbreaks again. Help us build our profile of Stephanie Baniszewski! This horrific crime has haunted me since the first time I stumbled across it on the internet. am grateful for this massive cure of my health. I am also looking. Fue hallada culpable por cmplice y fue sentenciada a cumplir 12 meses en prisin. then i wrote Dr Ojamo and thank him for getting me cured from herpes. Thats just dying. Oi. I am from The Netherlands, so sorry if i misspell some things. We have to forgive so it doesn't eat us like cancer, but it doesn't mean justice can't be serve. Of all the horridness, the pain and itching were unbearable. Please visit our web :Dais IsnafirlahDais Isnafirlah, Thank you for nice information. I know where you can go. None of these people seem to care they took this girls life. Rest in peace, Sylvia. Contact Dr Kpudu via email: [email protected] call or whatsApp him on+2348050406865. Really makes me wonder what the police dog was brought over and really left for. It amazes me how some kill their spouse r whom ever, one case gets 18 years. They had to heard, live one another, do unto others as you would want them to do to you. They are in relation from previous few years of a strong relationship. thanks you so much friends that has join me to thank Dr. Ehimare for what he has actually done for me i pray to you all for a good life and property, his contact. She seemed like she was having a good life.. i made request for the herbal medicine, he actually did send it to me and gave me the instruction on how i will use it,The good news is this, i went to the hospital after the medication for test as instructed by Dr Oduku, i was tested negative, i was suprised finding out that am now herpes virus negative against my former result which was positive, Am happy to let the whole world know that today am free from this herpes disease,no more outbreak, no more cold sores, excruciating pains, i will advice anyone reading this message and needed a cure for herpes as well should please contact this Great Dr Oduku on [email protected] or WhatsApp +2348124765093Visit his website: https://dr-oduku-herbal-healing-centre.jimdosite.com Oduku is the best herbal doctor. Sylvia had more than 150 different wounds, according to the autopsy of her body. Sylvia was affirmed to spread gossipy tidbits about Stephanie and Paula being a whore back in school. 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