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1961 amc mighty mite for sale

1961 AMC M422 Mighty Mite Never In Service Stored 30+ Years. Probably why the price is so low?? The specialized vehicle, registration number 1651, is in excellent condition with just 5,203 miles on the odometer.As depicted in the photos, the original top and correct tires are in great shape.This model is one of the few surviving specimens of the 3000 that were . When it comes to over-engineering, military vehicles are a good place to look for vehicles that may be crude in appearance but have had everything thrown at them from a component standpoint. Its diminutive size and feathery weight allowed it to be easily airlifted by helicopter into action and maneuvered through rough terrain by troops. (03/08/2018) Im thinking theres a lot of project left on this. 1961 AMC M422A1 Mighty Mite. A fire extinguisher is mounted at the base of the windshield. United States Army Equipment Vehicles Photo measures 9 x 7.25 inches. DEPOSITS ARE NON-REFUNDABLE. This page has been created by Steve Nelson - Hector, MN tron: legacy who sent the page 8; apple manufacturing quality engineer interview questions 1; 3 posts Page 1 of 1. . The vehicle has to be in similar condition to when it left the dealership. 1961 Amc Mighty Mite Call for rental southern nj 1961 Amc Mighty Mite Call for Rental Only. You can return thevehicle within 72 hoursof deliveryif it is not the right fit for you. 4 speed with high & low range, Independent suspension with inboard brakes. Drivetrain. IN ADDITION, MANY TIMES THESE VEHICLES SIT FOR LONG PERIODS OF TIME AND ONCE YOU BEGIN TO DRIVE THEM HARDENED SEAL AND GASKETS MAY BEGIN TO LEAK! Produced between 1959 and 1962, the M422 was the first military Jeep to be constructed with an aluminum body, making it the lightest military vehicle of its time. If the vehicle is not for you or you you believe the price is higher than you would like to pay we appreciate your consideration and good luck in the hunt! Free shipping for many products! The initial 1,250 were the 107-inch-long M422, like this example for sale in our classifieds, while the rest were M422A1sa virtually identical variant that was 6 inches longer and was said to be much preferred by troops. When you bid we pre-authorize your credit card for the service fee (this helps prevent fraud). (Opt Out of Sale/Targeted Ads). 2,500 miles since build was completed in 2016. Raper of Clearwater, Florida, was uninjured. From 1959-1962, the Mighty Mite was built by American Motors for the United States Marine Corps. This 1961 AMC M422A1 Mighty Mite is finished in olive green and is powered by an AMC-designed air-cooled 1.8L V4 paired with a four-speed manual transmission, a two-speed transfer case, and limited-slip front and rear differentials., Rare 1962 Mighty Mite Jeep made by AMC for the Marines during the Vietnam War. Just imagine how many Amphicars would be around yet if they built them out of aluminum. !1961 M422 Military Mighty Mite #1286 (04-14-61) 14, 900 actual miles Excellent Restorable . The initial 1,045 were the 65-inch-wheelbase M422 model. All rights reserved. PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU ARE COMFORTABLE WITH THIS BEFORE BUYING A VINTAGE AUTOMOBILE. The Mighty Mite was powered by a 1.8L V4 engine, and saw less than 4,000 examples made of all variants. Have any of you ever driven a Mighty Mite? Your daily digest of everything happening on the site. To return a vehicle a return contract must be signed within 72 hours of delivery of vehicle. Weighing a half-ton less than a contemporary CJ (Civilian Jeep), the military Mighty Mite answered the need for a small and capable vehicle that could be air-dropped into combat and other sticky situations. The AMC Mighty Mite was made in two versions. See more ideas about jeep, willys jeep, jeep truck. Parts used to be much more plentiful now days not so much, they are still out there but you have to look a little harder and expect to pay more. Photo is dated 3-20-1953.. 2 1961 M422A1 AMC Mighty Mites. However there are two correct Might Mite 2nd pattern windshields included in the sale. Engine: 108ci air-cooled AMC AV-108-4 V-4. RULES: No profanity, politics, or personal attacks. The vehicle weighed like 1200 pounds wet, they had a proclivity for tipping over. A buddy of mine has a restored one over here (NZ) that he and his wife regularly drive. the transfer case is part of the manual transmission. 2 posts Page 1 of 1. jameshanks G-Captain Posts: 774 Joined: Tue Jun 05, 2018 10:36 am Location: 1961 AMC Mighty Mite Jeep. 1961 AMC Mighty Mite Was Made to Drop From USMC Helicopters, Now Grounded 820-Mile 1979 Ford F-250 Supercab Is a Rare, Lifted, 4x4 High Boy, Now For Sale. It produces 55 hp and uses a single-barrel Holley carburetor. It is not running and is strictly a project. Everything in good shape. From the seller's description: 1961 AMC M422 Mighty Mite, Vietnam Era Military Vehicle, M422 Mighty Mite made by American Motors. 269 - Officers and Officials - 1965 (Robert McNamara, Richard Nixon, Billy Graham) - March 20, . What would you do with a pair of sub-2000lb aluminum bodied convertibles w/ AWD, dual LSDs, 4-wheel independent suspension, and inboard brakes? INSPECTIONS AND OR PRE APPROVAL FOR FINANCING SHOULD BE PERFORMED PRIOR TO PUTTING A DEPOSIT DOWN ON A VEHICLE. And new windshield. Ammo-box tool storage was added in the rear corners. (The most noticeable difference is where the windshield wiper arms protrude in relation to the windshield hood bumpers. Will need to be picked up or shipped.. A drivers seat and pintle hook are on the other Mite, so those could easily be swapped over. Beware wiring (e.g. AMC V4 Power! LOCATION. All rights reserved, 2023 CLASSIC.COM LLC, Follow Market to get updates when there are new listings or price updates for AMC Mighty Mite (1959 to 1962). M151A1 Jeep Parts. AMC Mighty Mite Jeep (1961) Sale price: Make an Offer. Very dependable solid Straight 6 cylinder, auto, very clean, power top, new upholstery, starts and will take you anywhere you want to cruise this summer. Trucks United States (Mighty Mite). AMC got the military contract for an approximately 1,700-pound, 14-ton 4x4. And in turn have a one price only policy. IqOzyyNbgYuA3lHO66b9LIHYs2vFVO6YCcmOQdDQXvoFo124MjSO64KYG41oepwN. 30 Years In A Barn: 1961 M422 Mighty Mite. Condition: Used: Model Year: 1961: Make: Jeep: Bremen, Ohio, United States. Although technically a lightweight truck, this vehicle was often referred to as a Jeep due to its resemblance. WE USE CENTRAL DISPATCH AND THEY ENSURE ALL CARRIERS ARE LICENSED, INSURED AND BONDED. The Sikorsky XHR25 is being built in quantity for the armed forces. Mighty Mite For Sale Grovetown, GA. 1959 - 1962, Mighty Mite, M422, Wanted, USED PARTS FOR SALE, and Knowledge Base. Its hood number (179849) is 3 numbers away from another Mighty Mite (179846) that appeared in the press video at the bottom of this post. 1953 Press Photo Mighty Mite truck water test, Marine base, Quantico, Virginia. California Notice at Collection rare piece of jeep history.. Davespotted this former Ranch vehicle that may have been driven by recording stars. WE CAN GET THE VEHICLE TO THE PORT YOU REQUEST FOR SHIPPING TO YOUR COUNTRY. AP Vintage Motors will set up the shipping and be paid the shipping cost before vehicle is shipped. Just wish there were more and better pics, perhaps in the daylight. The M422 is almost 100% complete and would be an easy enough restoration on its own, but paired with the A1 youd probably only need a passenger seat, rear seats, (and if you so chose) top bows and canvas to complete it., 1961 mighty mite,Viet Nam American motor serial #1730, 4108 miles, 3000 made, body great condition, aluminum body. This single-speed transfer case has a 5.24:1 First gear, serving as a fourth forward gear when the shift-on-the-fly 4WD is engaged. It was built with an air cooled engine and has a four speed transmission. We had a few of these on the NAVY BASE. Your support helps me generate new content (or keeps me fed in the process). Parts for Your M151A1 Military Jeep Restoration Project. View all listings Notify me about new listings. VEHICLES HAVE 10 DAYS OF FREE STORAGE AFTER PAYMENT/DOCUMENTS ARE SUBMITTED. The Mighty Mite came in a variety of wheelbases and was capable of reaching speeds of 65 mph. I want $5000 for all 4 of them plus all the parts I have for them. Tech Specs. You must enable JavaScript to use craigslist. The Mighty Mite was manufactured for the Marine Corps for use in the jungles of Vietnam. It will fly faster than 150 miles an hour. AC, radio, new shocks,. L 1960 Mighty Mite AMC M422. 1961, V-4 air-cooled, water-proof ignition, independent suspension, aluminum body, 1,700 lbs. Photo is dated 5-20-1953.. I will sell separately price will depend on which one and what parts you want included. 2003 Harley-Davidson 100th Anniversary Fat Boy9 mins$10,000Bid Now, 1987 Zimmer Golden Spirit Coupe1987 Zimmer Golden Spirit Coupe1 days$8,000Bid Now, 1975 Chevrolet Cosworth Vega1 days$5,000Bid Now, 1965 Volkswagen Beetle4 days$4,000Bid Now. Kept afloat by four inflated tubes, the Mite is propelled by the oversized serration on the tire treads. Current customer rating: (2.1) based on 281 votes. 1961 AMC M422A1 '61 American Motors "Mighty Mite" USMC Jeep Description For sale is a 1961 American Motors USMC "Mighty Mite". Lance is selling this Mighty Mite. It has the ability to ford deep rivers and was buoyed by a novel floating system that allowed the drive wheels to function as paddle wheels. Question of the Week: What's Your Favorite Single Issue Of A Car Magazine? Its powerful aluminum die cast, air cooled engine enables the vehicle to carry a payload of 500 pounds while towing another 1,000 pounds over rough terrain. (the one in the press photois #179849). All contents 2023 The best vintage and classic cars for sale online | Bring a Trailer, Privacy Notice CLASSIC.COM is a trademark of CLASSIC.COM LLC. 340 S Meeting St, Statesville, NC 28677. This unusual build is a modified Mighty Mite. (Early prototypes are said to have been powered by Porsche engines, but off-shore components wouldnt fly with Uncle Sam.) Once we are ready to put a vehicle for sale it is turn key! Mighty Mites were viewed as disposable surplus trucklets after the Vietnam War ended, but their charming looks and relative scarcity have grown on military collectors, driving prices gradually upward over the years. 2023 The Cars of Tulelake - Classic Cars for sale ready for restoration. Mighty Mites For Sale. Drivetrain SPECIFICATIONS. Professionally rebuilt engine. The frame number is 3248 1961 amc m422 mighty mite usmc military jeep; rare; all aluminum body; 55 hp v4; air cooled engine; water proof ignition; independent suspension; this one is complete and in pretty good condition; needs some motor work; have had this one for over 30 years; be unique. Photo is dated 01-19-1954., This is #197848 (from G503): (02/29/2020) This photo appears to show one of the prototype Mighty Mites. We see the classic Willys Jeep pop up with some regularity as . Offer. Driven 12,345 miles Restored 1962 mighty mite., 1971 International 1110 V8 Short Bed 4 Speed, 2021 Audi RS6 Avant Front/Rear Damage Runs & Drives, 2000 Volkswagen Street-Legal Jet Powered Beetle, 1982 Toyota Corolla SR5 GRIFFITH Convertible 5 Speed Project. boise . THIS IS A USED VEHICLE BEING SOLD AS IS. Photo measures 9.25 x 7.25 inches. If you win the auction, your card will be charged for the service fee and you pay the seller directly for the vehicle. DESCRIPTION. AMC : Other M422 for sale. GIVEN THE NATURE OF THE VINTAGE VEHICLES WE SELL, THESE COMPONENTS CAN BE WORKING AT ONE MOMENT AND NOT WORKING AT ANOTHER MOMENT. For which we hold a higher standard for our vehicles. Bid for the chance to own a 1961 AMC M442A1 Mighty Mite at auction with Bring a Trailer, the home of the best vintage and classic cars online. 1954 Press Photo Jeep being loaded into Sikorsky XHR25 helicopter, Connecticut. Try going to your local auto parts store to get a set of brake pads for it (or ANY part for that matter)!?! *This calculator is for informational use only and is based on the information you provide. The M422 "Mighty Mite" is a lightweight, quarter-ton tactical Jeep used by the U.S. Marine Corps. Current visitors . Engine is a aluminum 215 block shaved & board out to 327 cubic inch. 1961 Amc Mighty Mite Jeep Please call sales at 704-230-1010 Price $9,900 Make An Offer. . The AMC Mighty Mite is a rare relic from the Vietnam War. On Sale Now: $40.00. The gearbox is a three-speed manual with integral transfer case. This is an original press photo. 1968 AMC Javelin in Hanford, CA. For one, everything is heftable. 1959 - 1962, Mighty Mite, M422, Wanted, USED PARTS FOR SALE, and Knowledge Base. I collect military vehicles but never owned a Jeep ao anything like it, a few M37 pickups but otherwise only bigger trucks! If you don't win, the pre-authorization will be released. $4500.00 firm, already lost shipping charges. For sale are two 1961 USMC M422A1 Mighty Mites. Please contact John at: Copyright 2008-2017 eWillys. This is one of only 2,672 produced. title status: clean Aluminum body, fiberglass hood and fenders from a Toyota Landcruiser. Very cool..but Im sure getting parts for this would be an absolute NIGHTMARE! Good Luck, I think one of these was the Jeep in the Disney Jungle Cruise ride for years. overall weight. The independent suspension utilizes a front leading-arm and rear trailing-arm setup, and braking is provided by inboard drums mounted on the differential housings. Original 108 cu in (1.8L) Air-cooled V4 engine. BOTH PARTIES ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR INSPECTION AND DILIGENCE. 1961 AMC M422A1 Mighty Mite (35506492104).jpg. Bid for the chance to own a 1961 AMC M442A1 Mighty Mite at auction with Bring a Trailer, the home of the best vintage and classic cars online Lot #42,9411961 M422A1 Mighty Mite Military Jeeps For Sale, 1961 M422A1 Mighty Mite Nice survivor M422A1 Runs and drives Engine runs great Very complete Priced to sell Price: $950000 DISCLAIMER: The . Customize Your Payment. We do not simply re sell a vehicle we put time into each and every one of them. The AMC Mighty Mite, also known as the M422, was a series of light military offroad utility trucks introduced in 1959. Always gathers a crowd as it is the only one around. They were only made 3 years, have aluminum bodies, posi-traction front and back, 4 wheel independant suspension, and an aluminum V-4 engine. AMC V-4. condition: like new 11 posts Page 1 of 1. From the seller's description: 1961 AMC M422 Mighty Mite, Vietnam Era Military Vehicle, M422 Mighty Mite made by American Motors. Bill spotted this project Mighty Mite for sale. It was developed by the Marines for delivery by airlift to terrain not accessible to combat vehicles. obsidian healing properties; did bryan adams sing the first cut is the deepest.

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