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nurses who lost their license

False documentation accounts for close to 3% of all disciplinary sanctions against nurses, according to a 2009 report on nurse violations by the National Council of State Boards of Nursing. 1. ATLANTA Two nurses lost their licenses after a television station persuaded courts to unseal a video secretly recorded . Ultimately, each nurses situation is different. Brent has conducted many seminars on legal issues and has published extensively in the area of law and nursing practice. Mail fraud may not be directly related to nursing, but it can directly affect your career if you are convicted. Getting a license can require at least six years of education and tens of thousands of dollars. Nurses: Will your license pass the verification process? Everyday Ethics for Nurses(7.3 contact hrs)This course provides an overview of bioethics as it applies to healthcare and nursing in the U.S. Both were disciplined by the state Board of Examiners for Nursing, but after years of hard work, they are among 18 nurses who have gotten their licenses back in the past three years. His part of making the world a better place is to make the law a less convoluted maze. Look at DPH website, repeaters after repeater for YEARS for many of these impaire peeps. Revoked - A nurse's license is revoked and the individual no longer has the right to practice as an RN or to use the title. The database does not include discipline against nurses meted out as a condition of being licensed. This includes use of cannabis despite the recent Proposition 64 legalization of recreational use of marijuana. As a nonprofit, we rely on donations to help fund our work. Even so, the label did not trigger immediate discipline nor was it immediately disclosed to the public. You may be able to avoid losing your license, if you enter a treatment program, emphasizes The board also revoked the license of Jennifer Reinhard, a licensed practical nurse from Torrington, because it found that she had violated the terms of an earlier two-year probation. With government oversight, it is essential to defend your professional reputation and avoid the above consequences. American Career, to please allow my stay being that I had a concusion and failed a semester. When a nurses performance is impaired it can be grounds for the board to revoke their license. It may seem easy to lose a nursing license, but the truth of the matter is that it is extremely difficult. It would be on PAP's recommendation that I could get my license back. I recently ran into a situation with an individual and I was wondering if there was a website that will post an easy way to find out why someone has lost thier nursing license. Nurses are more vulnerable to NPDB reports than any other medical practitioner. Consult a Nursing License Defense Attorney in Texas. Along with working while impaired, nurses have lost licenses due to drug or alcohol-related convictions. Imposed a one-year probation on Allyssa Graham, an advanced practice registered nurse from Old Lyme, who will not be able to prescribe medication for herself or relatives during that year, under a consent order. You may also view online the public orders suspending the licenses of Kenneth E. Weichert and Michelle A. Vickers. Imposed a four-year probation on Lori Karen Salupen, an RN from Bristol, after she admitted at a hearing that she had stolen and abused Percocet in September 2015 while working at Cook Willow Health Center in Plymouth, the boards memorandum of decision states. Unfortunately, there are many cases of nurses diverting drugs for their personal use. My blood alcohol level was a zero. Take a look for help in investigating your own state's regulatory boards. @ LpnI disagree, stress, short cuts, low staffing NO excuse for drug abuse. What could cause you to lose your marriage counseling license. There are a number of ways nurses have lost their licenses, and some of them may surprise you. There are processes in place to give nurses the benefit of the doubt and help them retain their documentation. She was arrested and charged with possession of a controlled substance, evading responsibility and driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, records show. If you have been accused of one of these reasons, you must retain an attorney as soon as possible to help protect your rights. I remember hearing about one nurse in a hospital I worked at that ended up losing her license after running an entire bag of heparin in like an antibiotic. For example, if a nurse steals or possesses illegal drugs, their license may be revoked. This chart shows the types of wrongdoing most often cited in accusations seeking nurse discipline. I have also written about the importance of obtaining representation from an attorney in disciplinary proceedings because what the board orders can have a long-lasting effect on your future. An experienced medical defense attorney may help you keep the license and avoid a conviction on their record. As you can see, there are many reasons why a nurses license may be revoked. Although her approach in challenging the orders is interesting (and you are always allowed to argue your case based on whatever legal principles you and your attorney select), none of hers were based on solid legal grounds. Patient abuse is much more prevalent among elderly patients. Specializes in Emergency & Trauma/Adult ICU. Hope this helps. Accept you are not your occupation. Supplemental Accusation Pending - More details are added to an accusation, a legal document formally charging a nurse with a violation of the Nursing Practice Act, and notifying the public that a disciplinary action is pending. The chart below shows the distribution of cases by how much time passed between the initial filing of an accusation and the final imposition of discipline. In 2011, a nurse who held LPN and RN licenses (allowed in her state) had both licenses suspended after she illegally obtained a physician's DEA number, impersonated a physician, and ordered Xanax prescriptions in her own name. Others have undergone lengthy, invasive and expensive monitoring requirements by the state's impairment program. For more info, please seemy disclaimer. This website uses additional cookies that mainly assist with our marketing efforts. Dean already lost state licenses and federal funding for crowding residents of seven nursing homes into an ill-prepared facility in the town of Independence, Louisiana, roughly 70 miles (110 . Whether the report will stand, be altered, or removed will ultimately be decided by the Secretary of Health and Human Services. document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); On a bustling Friday morning, the aroma of rice and beans wafts through a cloud of hairspray in Romys Beauty Salon in Meriden. Nurse License Verification service enables nurses to verify their license (s) from a Nursys verification participating board when applying for endorsement into another state. Officials from the state Department of Public Health repeatedly tried to contact her and were unsuccessful so it concluded she had failed to comply with the terms of her probation, records show. Meeting in Hartford on Wednesday, June 15, the board revoked the license of Leslie Matejek, a registered nurse from Derby, after she tested positive for cocaine three times in 2015, the board's memorandum of decision said. You should consult an attorney for advice regarding your individual situation. It may help to understand the most common ways nurses lose their licenses. I encourage you to read this case in order to grasp how the nurses challenges to the boards several orders were not successful. Failure to uphold HIPAA laws can result in getting fired from your nursing job or the revoking of your licensure. Nurses go on and on about . The Board of Nursing agreed with the following stipulations: nursing refresher courses and enlisting in the nursing Peer Assistance Program. Many states will suspend a nurses license if she has been arrested or convicted of a DUI, public intoxication or diversion, which is taking drugs intended for patients. This is what it breeds. Seven Louisiana nursing home facilities have lost their licenses after at least seven residents died when they were evacuated to a warehouse . Has 39 years experience. Negligence isnt just about medical care. Required fields are marked *, Find a Lawyer / Ask a Question / Articles / About / Contact, Copyright 2022 | Attorney at Law Magazine | Privacy Policy, Copyright 2022 Attorney at Law Magazine | Privacy Policy, Copyright 2023 | Attorney at Law Magazine | Privacy Policy, We use cookies to give you the best experience on our website. The course explains the elements of ethical decision-making as they apply both to the care of patients and to ethics committees. The information was . Strictly Necessary Cookie should be enabled at all times so that we can save your preferences for cookie settings. By using the site you agree to our Privacy, Cookies, and Terms of Service Policies. The information on the database is based on the Web site of the Board of Registered Nursing and state documents. The Texas nursing license defense attorneys of Bertolino LLP are here to help you through this difficult time. Looks like youre not logged in! Your license is a matter of public record it should not be too hard to find this info out. Not doing so may result in your inability to continue to practice your profession. This chart shows the. Nurses with substance abuse problems can and do recover, and even those who lose their nursing licenses can sometimes earn them back after completing recovery and demonstrating a commitment to long-term sobriety. Home Blog Youve Lost Your Nursing License Now What? The criminal court ordered her to enroll in a drug diversion program which, if successfully completed, would result in no criminal conviction. The order said that she took oxycodone and other drugs from the Norwich Rehabilitation and Care Center, where she was working, and falsified one or more drug reports. According to the American Addiction Centers, 10 percent of nurses struggle with substance abuse. For this reason, instead of finding him in court, you will most likely find his name online, where he is very active and thriving as a legal columnist. Drug-Related Violations May Lead to the Loss of a License, 5. With government oversight, it is essential to defend your professional reputation and avoid the above consequences. In most states, nurse-patient relationships are a major violation and cause for disciplinary sanctions, including the revocation of a license (source). Why Nurses Lose Their License All it takes is an investigation by the Board of Registered Nurses, and "BAM!" your license is gone. There are 167 nurses who were sanctioned more than once between 2002 and 2009. This activity will help you to recognize and support colleagues who may be suffering from substance use disorder while protecting patient safety. An RN license may be temporarily suspended or permanently revoked either can affect your ability to get a job and may be classified as a nursing negligence case in some states. While most nurses enter the nursing profession with the best intentions, every month Boards of Nursing (BON) in each state revoke or suspend dozens of licenses. Need Your Opinion About Medical Emergency. How Much Does an Emergency Room Nurse Make an Hour? Check your dependency upon the external vs internal. Complete one profile, and start getting recommended for jobs that are a match for your skills. Sexual Misconduct Is a Common Reason to Lose a Nursing License, 4.

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