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Matte grey; darker shaded points; blaze and snip; 1 hind sock. Condition is vital and a big deciding factor in how much a Collector will spend. The values in this report are based on sold prices from internet auction and on-line classified sites. Valued as set. Metallic light blue with black points, silver horn and hooves, Zebra-striped with a pearly base coat. Condition: The prices you will see listed in price guides are for models in good condition, with some minor ear tip, tail, and hoof rubs and/or factory problems such as overspray or blurred markings. Some of the rarer packaging types from the 60s and 70s can bring significant increase to the value of the model, but of the more common boxes, their value is determined by their condition and the collectors out there who are willing to buy. Matte dark shaded purple, purple mane and tail, silver hooves and horn, Matte bright chestnut pinto, detailed markings, stenciled bald face, white legs, stamped "BreyerFest 2019 30th Anniversary", BreyerFest SR, 1 of 1515, Matte red chestnut, lightly shaded points, star-stripe, BreyerFest Store SR, 1/1250, 2015 Simba du Pont de Tourney- Matte bay roan, star, BreyerFest Store SR, 1/2000, Matte chestnut pinto, elongated star, white legs, lighter tail, Matte bay leopard appaloosa, lighter shaded muzzle, Glossy light grey; shaded mane and tail; snip; 2 hind socks, Live Show Benefit Kid's Raffle SR, 1/50. R Walkaloosa - matte black leopard appaloosa, white with black splash spots, blue ribbons, Tractor Supply release, Glossy palomino, diamond star, 4 socks, Collector Club SR, Glossy pastel decorator with resist dapples, white mane and tail, 2 hind socks, Stablemate Club SR, Matte black pinto, wide blaze, 4 high stockings, Ponies and Palm Trees SR, 1/52, Glossy silver filigree, white mane and tail, gold and red ribbons, 4 socks, tan hooves, "Tahoe 2022" belly stamp, Winter Decorator Web SR, 1/1000, Phantom - Matte black and white pinto, bi-color mane and tail, 4 stockings Double-sided. Due to COVID-19, the 2020 Benefit Program was suspended. Your email address will not be published. Cancel anytime. The 2022 Breyer Retired List December 10, 2022 These products will be sent out to pasture at the end of this year. The Beginners Guide to Breyer Collecting Paperback - June 3, 2015 by Bonnie Valentine (Author) 29 ratings Kindle $0.00 Read with Kindle Unlimited to also enjoy access to over 3 million more titles $1.99 to buy Paperback $8.99 1 New from $8.99 Finally on Amazon a 50 page printed guide for those just getting started in the model horse hobby. Free delivery for many products! A model that is truly in mint condition will definitely bring more money than the same model that has marks or breaks from being played with. Valued as set. Clearware shaded pink with pink strawberry designs and finished with blue interference, Berries Series Web SR, 1/350, Glossy bay leopard appaloosa, lighter shaded muzzle; Collector Club Appreciation SR; about 200-250 made, Semigloss shaded blue, 4 socks, silver hooves and horn. Sign is in excellent shape. Both have gold horns and hooves, Limited Edition, Matte white with black appaloosa spots, black shading on muzzle, mane and tail, Dollar General release, Glossy "alabaster-inspired perlino with a metallic sheen," pinked ears and muzzle, Vintage Club Gamblers Choice SR, 1/750 evenly split between three colors, Matte dark chestnut, flaxen mane and tail, blaze, 4 socks, BreyerFest SR, 1/3000, Glossy bay pinto, 2 hind stockings, hand print on left hip, Glossy grey pinto, dapples, 1 blue eye, wide blaze, 4 stockings, braided mane, BreyerFest SR, 1/375 glossy, BreyerFest 2022 Auction Lot #4 Breyer Animal Collector's Guide 4th Edition. It is from the H & H personal collection. Similar to or the same as #6049, Glossy bay, blaze, 4 socks, on wood plinth with brass plate that reads "THOROUGHBRED CHAMPION" Vintage Club SR, 1/500, BreyerFest 2021 Auction Lot #13 . "Cardinal 2022" on belly, Birds of a Feather Series SR, 1/500, Glossy charcoal, white mane and tail, wide blaze, 2 hind socks, BreyerFest Event Stablemate SR, Glossy white with turquoise blue diamond pattern, shaded blue face and hooves, BreyerFest SR, 1/5000. I find it less cumbersome than trying to price them, take photos, and go through a lot of other time-consuming rigmarole. Each entry includes information on the model's dates of release, a description, photo, and an estimate of value for that model in average condition at the time of the book's publication. Design by Fast Dog Media LLC. Valued as set. Portrait model of a Friesian x Appaloosa cross, Glossy rainbow with gold tiger/zebra stripes, gold hooves, BreyerFest SR, 1/3500, Matte red run pinto, wide blaze over muzzle, white legs, striped hooves, Semigloss light blue and lavender, silver horn and hooves Breyer #483 Canidian Show Jumper Big Ben Retired Hose Bi Colored Eyes. Glossy bay roan, brown shading and points, fleabites, snip, Ardennes Draft Horse, Collector Club Appreciation SR, Glossy buckskin, low stripe, snip, chin spot, 2 hind stockings, BreyerFest Prize SR, 1/60, BreyerFest 2022 Auction Lot #10 Required fields are marked *. Mustang Foal Traditional Molds. Tools for Miniature Woodwork and Dollhouse Furniture. Never second guess yourself again when trying to decide if a model you find is worth the price the seller is asking. As with practically any collectible, condition is a huge factor in valuation. White with purple shading on points with purple interference over whole body, silver and purple stars, glows in the dark, Web SR, 1/750, Matte bay pinto; stenciled bald face; kissy spots; detailed pattern; 1 hind sock; long tail, Matte red dun pinto, large star, 4 socks, BreyerFest Single Day SR, Glossy translucent red and black, stamped "BreyerFest 2019 30th Anniversary", BreyerFest SR, 1/770, Matte black, star, 4 socks, BreyerFest Store SR, 1/1000, 2019 Oliver - Matte dark bay pinto, wide blaze, 4 stockings, BreyerFest Store SR, 1/2000, Semigloss silver bay, 4 low socks, green and gold holiday costume, 2019 Holiday Horse SR, Matte shaded, dappled bay, lighter muzzle, darker points, 1 hind sock, Premier Collection SR, Glossy Rose Gold Filigree, bald face, white mane and tail, 4 stockings, Winter Web Special, 1/175. Semigloss copper chestnut with purple interference, dapples, shaded points, Web SR Bongo, Wild Animal Series Web SR, 1/300 - with Welsh Foal, Glossy shaded bay, brand on left shoulder;Collector Club Appreciation SR; about 200-250 made, Semi-gloss golden shaded palomino, bald face, 4 socks, gold hooves and horn, Matte liver chestnut, solid face, 1 hind sock, Matte wedgewood blue, bald face, white mane and tail, 4 socks, blue ribbon sticker, Vintage Club SR, Glossy red chestnut; shaded points; blaze; 4 socks; striped hooves, BreyerFest Show Prize SR, COA, 1/50, Glossy bay, dapples, star and snip, 3 socks, braided mane and tail version, stamped "BreyerFest 2019 30th Anniversary" To start making miniatures, you'll need to gather the right supplies, learn about scale, and practice other basic techniques to help you master the craft. I can send pictures of them. Nestling Foal - glossy brown bay pinto, stripe-snip, bi-color mane and tail, white legs, hoof stripes Another key to selling your model horse collection is to know where to find the buyers. The more damage your model has, the less resale value it will bring. "Tamu" - Matte reddish brown with awhite basecoat, white stripes and markings Product details Publisher : Collector Books; 5th Revised edition (July 11, 2007) Language : English Thanks . Matte buckskin, basecoat chalky, small star, 4 white legs, Live Show Benefit Program SR Matte flea-bitten dark grey; black points; blaze-snip - with Rearing Stallion,American Quarter Horse Foal, Warmblood Foal Final Bid: $6500, BreyerFest 2022 Auction Lot #21 . What happened to the last horse at the Breyer auction? . Viaje - Matte chestnut pinto; bald face; 1 hind sock; BreyerFest SR;miniature "Viajero", Matte shaded chestnut with flaxen mane and tail; small star, Matte black and white pinto, solid face, whit4e front legs, 2 hind socks; Walmart release, "Mini Poltergeist" 2020 Halloween Blind Bag American Saddlebred But not all is lost, your childhood model horse toys still hold value! Get discount storewide breyer w/ coupon (activate). "Teton 2019" stamp on belly, America the Beautiful Series, 1/350, Matte amber champagne dun blanket appaloosa, solid face and legs, stamped "BreyerFest 2019 30th Anniversary," BreyerFest SR, 1/30, Matte champagne dun, dapples, no white, shaded points, stamped "BreyerFest 2019 30th Anniversary", BreyerFest SR, 1/650, 2012 Mariah's Boon - Matte bay pinto, BreyerFest Store SR, 1/2000, Clear green plastic with glitter - with Magnolia, Walking Thoroughbred, Warmblood Stallion, Matte black pinto, star, white mane and tail, white legs with natural hooves, includes "National Velvet" book, Matte buckskin pinto, wide blaze over muzzle, 4 stockings, painted on shoes, "Collector Club 2019" stamp on belly, black base, Collector Club SR. Matte bay, stripe, 1 hind sock, Tractor Supply release - with American Quarter Horse Stallion I have a collection of Breyer horses from 1957 1967 plus a Christmas 1999 horse still in the box. If model just has rubs or if there are breaks/repairs, chips? Ebay and other on-line classified sites are also a good place to advertise. Valued as set. Not affiliated with or endorsed by Reeves International or Breyer Animal Creations. There may be a rescue within driving distance that would be delighted to receive such a gift, and provide a tax deductible receipt in exchange. Hobo A Foal - Matte black, blaze, 4 socks, Matte strawberry roan, shaded points, 2 hind socks, long mane, BreyerFest SR, 1/2400, Glossy red dun pinto, wide blaze over muzzle, 2 stockings, 1 low sock, leg barring, Vintage Club SR, 1/750, Matte dappled black, pinked ears and muzzle, 4 socks, Test Run SR offered to Collectors Club members via lottery, 1 piece available, Glossy buckskin pinto, stenciled bald face, blue eyes, 1 hind stocking, long mane, BreyerFest SR, 1/375 glossy, BreyerFest 2022 Auction Lot #3 Breyer Value Guide is an online valuation resource for reselling and insuring Breyer model horses. OF BREYER BREED - TRADITIONAL AND CLASSIC ONLY DRAFT BREEDS & TYPES 1 Clydesdale/Shire 2 Solid Pure Draft 3 Patterend Pure Draft 4 All Other Mixed Draft Breeds 5 Donkeys and Mules; Zebras, Primitive Breeds 6 Draft Type Foals DRAFT CHAMP & RESERVE PONY BREEDS & TYPES 7 British Isles Pony 8 European Pony 9 North & South American Breeds Mesteno Pearlescent shaded lavender with silver highlights, glitter mane and tail, with matching Mini Whinnie, Fairytale Friends Club SR Free Shipping on all orders over $10. Valued as set. Read More Kit: A New Stablemates Sculpt for 2022! Matte grey appaloosa, extended blanket with stenciled black spots, dark points, green and purple tail ribbon, Stablemate Club SR, Matte light bay pinto, star and stripe, 4 stockings, grey hooveswith black coronet bands, Tractor Supply SR, Matte bay, large snip, 2 front socks, WalMart release, Glossy bright chestnut pinto, star; 4 stockings; Collector Club Appreciation SR, about 157 produced, Glossy black, brown eyes, 12 produced in the glossy black "coal" color. P Up-to-Date Values for Model Horse Collectors.

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