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West Athletics Director Marv Reiland said Found was returning home from a church youth meeting. document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); Create a website or blog at, St. Marys Finishes 3rd In SectionalsCole Koenig Shoots A76, 2021 All SAC Boys & Girls Soccer TeamsNamed, View statelinesportsnetworks profile on Facebook, View @StateSportsNets profile on Twitter, West High volleyball retires Caroline Founds number 9, Antwerp Mourns The Sudden Loss Of Rising Star, The CLICKS Page-Mercer County Outlook and The Stateline SportsNetwork, Michigan Boys Basketball Team Picks Up 90-0Win, Week-11 of the IBCA/Franciscan Health Player of the Week Program Highlighted by Strong SeniorPlay, How To Make The IHSAA Ping Pong Selection ShowProfitable, Ben Davis Remains #1 In IBCA Poll, Picks Up All 20 1st PlaceVotes, South Bend Washington #1 With The PerfectScore, Lima Loses Legendary Sports Reporter TomUsher, Another Week Of Buzzer Beaters and One BrokenBackboard, Meier Named To 2023 MaxPreps Small Town All-AmericaTeam, Badins Cosgrove Ties 3PT Fg State Record With14, Carrolls Girls Basketball Told To Forfeit Games Over TransferStudent, IHSAA Eliminates Semi-State Cross CountryMeets, From East to West and Everywhere In-Between, 700+ Hoopers Named 2023 McDonalds All AmericanNominees, County Tourney Winners Headline Week-10 of the IBCA/Franciscan Health Player of the WeekProgram, Two More High Profile QBs Transfer In SoutheastOhio, An Early Look At Martin RPI Seeding For 2023 Northwest District Boys BasketballTournament, Follow Stateline Sports Network on, 2023 McDonalds All American Team Nominations Open, Lima Loses Legendary Sports Reporter Tom Usher, Carter High'it simply doesn't matter that you can run the football', Week-11 of the IBCA/Franciscan Health Player of the Week Program Highlighted by Strong Senior Play, Two More High Profile QBs Transfer In Southeast Ohio, Barrow (Alaska) HS Football Is Something Very Special, 'Hoosiers' Deleted Scenes Complete The Story, Carroll's Girls Basketball Told To Forfeit Games Over Transfer Student, 'Remember The Titans', The Loss Of Two Coaches In 2019. Autopsies revealed that John Kennedy, his wife and sister-in-law died instantly when their plane plunged into the water off Marthas Vineyard but the cause of the crash may remain a mystery for months. 'We appreciate Bill's effort to chronicle our amazing journey in the fall of 2011. To request removal of your name from an arrest report, submit these required items to [email protected]. IOWA CITY -- Caroline Found was "the pulse of our team." Of course, the story didnt end there. The Gazette is Iowas independent, employee-owned source for local, state, and national news coverage. As for those who had the pleasure of knowing Line, creating the film was about capturing her exuberance and zest for life. Without their leader and star player, the team struggled mightily early in the season before rallying around the memory of their fallen teammate, ultimately triumphing unexpectedly and winning the state title again in 2011 just like Line said they would. And, though alterations and changes to their experiences had to be made for the sake of the film, everyone involved appears happy with the final story, with many teammates attending the film's Iowa City premiere. I couldn't even sit down at the computer anymore.'. All three were strapped to their seats. "[Line] made everyone feel like they were needed and loved. Caroline's death affected everyone in the community so deeply because of the shining and compassionate person she was. That would've been disrespectful to Caroline even to consider the notion of not having a season," Bresnahan says. and health teacher and former head volleyball coach, has signed with LD Entertainment to start the production of a movie based on her own novel, 'West on Nine,' which tells the story of the volleyball team's journey. Bill Hoeft, author of 'Live Like Line, Love Like Ellyn,' has been working on the book for four years. A Nineteen year old man was hit well driving a scooter on Liberty Dr and Carolina Ave. 'There were so many things that happened along the way that made it seem like God called me to write this book. Even then, the NTSB report is not expected for at least six months, Hall said. The pulse of our team, Coach Kathy Bresnahan called Found in an emotional interview with The Gazette the next morning. There's power in sisterhood. If a person is limping and has a partial cast, I suggest they hold off on flying until theyre essentially fully recovered, said Dr. Stanley Mohler, director of aerospace medicine at Wright State University in Dayton, Ohio, and former FAA medical examiner. As was the case at all home matches, Diamonds hit song Sweet Caroline is piped over the loudspeakers postmatch. I am a better person today because I knew Caroline. 'The morning after she passed away was the saddest thing I have ever experienced,' she said. "McNamara is a positive and encouraging friend who keeps a happy set," Hunt says. 2023 BDG Media, Inc. All rights reserved. "Everything we've been through it makes this mean so much more. Perhaps you've read the book. She set no timetable for a return to practice. Change), You are commenting using your Twitter account. Caroline lived well, laughed often and loved much. Her obituary also states that, in addition to her widely-known skills on the volleyball court, "Caroline had a bounty of amazing gifts, chief of which was her ability to make others smile. Maybe youve seen the movie. Less than two weeks later, her mother, Ellyn Found, lost her battle with pancreatic cancer. 9 uniform would never be worn again, national coach of the year by, Frank Deford is in town to record interviews, Bresnahans book, The Miracle Season, is set for launch, The Miracle Season, the movie based on Founds life and death. Add [email protected] your contacts. Besides the upcoming release of Hoeft's book, Kathy Bresnahan, P.E. Caroline Flack attending National Television Awards at the O2 in London on January 22, 2019. Nov. 3, 2011: The defending state champion, West returns to the state tournament with a sweep of Cedar Rapids Washington. After a week of practicing in near silence (Found had been in charge of the music), the boom box is turned back on. But before the 2011 school year began, Found was killed in a moped accident. Found was set to be a senior at West High School. More than seven years after the accident, Founds impact still resonates today. The Caroline County Sheriff's Office responded to a wooded area off of Wheeler Drive. Photos: Caroline Found and West High's historic 2011 championship Skip to main . And now that they've shared their story, they'll have audiences across the globe standing with them too. She'd say, What, a movie about me? (10-6-21) Last night Iowa City West High School retired the #9 uniform of Caroline Found. ", An ESPN profile of Found by Walter Villa sheds more light on the type of outgoing and fun-loving person Found was, stating that she "was a compassionate classmate who wouldnt let a shy kid eat lunch alone. Hunt agrees, adding, "circling up with other women is how I survived some of my most difficult times. Line, whose legacy is honored in the film, was known to be a fearless and magnetic leader. I wouldnt fly right after breaking my leg. A portion of her obituary read, Ellynimmersed herself in her community, school, church, sporting events, and volunteer activities, including most recently Hospice. 2023 "It's just one of those tragedies you hope you never have to deal with," Reiland said. 'I'm not sure I was the one to write the book. The movie opened nationwide about three weeks later. (The Gazette) IOWA CITY On Aug. 11, 2011, tragedy struck the West High community when Caroline Found died in a moped crash.. Ernie Found was the most help to Hoeft while he was writing the book, but finding trust and retelling events was not always easy. Former West student Laynie Whitehead was a friend and former teammate of Caroline. On the day of her death she tweeted just three times, her final tweet . She made you feel like you were the most important person in the world," recalls Bresnahan. Your California Privacy Rights / Privacy Policy. According to a report from Iowa City Press, Caroline's former teammates walked down the red carpet hand in hand. It has been 10 years since she passed away in a moped accident during the beginning of her Senior season. I think I was called to it,' he said. Caroline Kangogo's body underwent autopsy on July 27, 2021. "The Miracle Season," which arrives in theaters on Friday, is a refreshing deviation from the norm. Aug. 18, 2011: Bresnahan revealed that Founds No. GREENSBORO, Md. Everybody was her friend. know about the young woman who inspired it all. "I was in the mood for that." "She could almost make light of something despite of how serious it might be at the moment in order to make everybody feel better. Gay & Ciha Funeral Service is caring for Carolines family and her services. She taught me to love a little harder, laugh a little more, and not to fret the small stuff,' said Ally Disterhoft, a friend and former teammate. ", Found was born June 19, 1994 in Iowa City, and she passed away on Aug. 11, 2011. (David Scrivner/SourceMedia Group). Home / Sports / Iowa Prep Sports / Iowa High School Volleyball, Iowa City West volleyball player died in a moped accident Aug. 11, 2011, Aug. 11, 2021 9:36 am, Updated: Aug. 13, 2021 1:45 pm. In 2011 after her death West Head Coach Kathy Bresnahan and the team went on to win the state championship in honor of Caroline, that led to the movie The Miracle Season. big air 42 industrial drum fan parts; Blog ; 13 Dec, 2021 by ; truman scholarship reddit; fncmx vs qqq; Tags avid cnc 4848 pro. What I do is take five or six events or five or six people and incorporate them into one brand new event that didn't actually happen. Ridiculus sociosqu cursus neque cursus curae ante scelerisque vehicula. But this is really hard. Source: Facebook Kangogo died of a single bullet. "The girls' strength is with each other. But the tale of the real Caroline Found from The Miracle Season is somehow even more amazing than the film. It was more than a coincidence.'. His wife. The regional final was at Cedar Rapids Jefferson, a neutral site. His daughter, Caroline Found, died in a tragic moped accident when she was just 17. 'My mom woke me up very early to tell me the news, and I didn't believe her until I got to West. She humbly opened her home and her heart to any individual, family or group in need, and she enjoyed making a complete stranger feel good about themselves.. (LogOut/ 'She could almost make light of something despite of how serious it might be at the moment in order to make everybody feel better.'. "What I remember the most about Caroline was her smile her smile and her laugh," Caroline's father Ernie Found said, according to The Gazette of Cedar Rapids, IA. Change). document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); Thanks for contacting us. She was seen as the glue that held the team together, and she died just before the season began -- a season in which the team was to defend its state championship. With Line as the captain, the Trojans have been undefeated and everyone in the city has high hopes for them to win the championship against their long-time rival, City High. Dargan Southard covers preps, recruiting, Iowa and UNI athletics for the Iowa City Press-Citizen, The Des Moines Register and Found averaged 10.0 assists per game last season as the Women of Troy captured their first volleyball title. Some pilots said the NTSB should investigate whether Kennedy violated an FAA rule barring someone from flying when he is unfit to safely perform his duties as a pilot.. I wanted to highlight some of the nice coverage given to the funeral and memorial service by. ', Jeff Johnson High School Basketball Jan. 13, 2023 3:08 pm4d ago, Geoff Stellfox Jan. 9, 2023 11:25 am8d ago, Geoff Stellfox Jan. 9, 2023 11:26 am8d ago, Savannah Blake Jan. 18, 2023 12:27 am8h ago, High School Basketball Jan. 17, 2023 10:13 pm10h ago, AP Iowa State Basketball Jan. 17, 2023 11:06 pm9h ago, High School Basketball Jan. 17, 2023 9:31 pm11h ago, Iowa Basketball Jan. 17, 2023 3:07 pm17h ago, Jeff Linder Iowa High School Volleyball Dec. 2, 2022 9:44 am46d ago, Iowa High School Volleyball Nov. 23, 2022 9:43 am55d ago, Iowa High School Volleyball Nov. 15, 2022 6:21 pm63d ago. Nov. 12, 2011: Down two sets, West storms back, then erases a match point in Game 5 to outlast Iowa City High for the Class 4A state championship at the Cedar Rapids Ice Arena. Fliehler was one of Carolines best friends and fellow senior on the West volleyball team. A sad story, a real tragedy, Deford calls it to The Gazettes Mike Hlas. (The Gazette). Ernie Found holds up the Golden Spike as he gets hugs from Iowa City West's Shelly Stumpff (11) and Olivia Fairfield (18) following their victory over City High on Sept. 20, 2011 at City High in Iowa City. (Jim Slosiarek/The Gazette), A memorial for Caroline Found, at the site of her fatal accident Aug. 11, 2011. I talked to (West Athletics Director) Marv (Reiland) about it, and we're not going to have a formal retirement of it, but whenever we reorder new uniforms, we're just not going to get No. So now that you know the incredible real life story behind the film, what is there to know about the young woman who inspired it all? Youre talking about a serious condition. 'Simply, Caroline has inspired me to be a better person. Caroline will be deeply missed by her parents, Ernie and Ellyn, her brother Gregg and sister Catharine, her grandparents Ernest Sr. and Eleanor Found and her aunts, uncles and cousins: Mark, Trish, Jason and Callie Slocum; Mary, Tom, Mike and Steven Rittle; Joe, Emily and Ben Slocum; Bob, Mary, Jimmy, William and Molly Slocum, Matt and Melissa Slocum Caldwell; KC and Barry Wright; Susan, Cedric, Calvin and Lillian Alexander; Aileen, Steve, Maryellyn, Luke and Smith Musselman; Marilyn Found; Grace, Mark, Rachel and Anna Hedges; Sarah, Jason and Ella Horan, Emily and Joshua Workman. The victim in the missing person case was found dead on Monday afternoon near the Galivants Ferry area . All rights reserved. To know her was to love her, and I feel blessed to have had the opportunity to do both. Last night Bresnahan and Carolines dad Ernie both addressed the fans during the ceremony. She lit up the world with her enthusiasm, and her vibrant spirit made her a friend to everyone. 'I don't go to funerals unless I absolutely feel pressed to go,' he said. Given how friendly, loving, and caring Caroline Found was, it's no wonder that even after her death she was still able to inspire her old team to rise up against all odds and become champions in her memory. You will begin to receive our weekly Prep Sports updates. Whitehead's retelling of events, as well as many others, has affected Hoeft's emotions. I had to step away from writing the story for two months. Aug. 24, 2011: Practice has begun at West. "The girls and I said, 'If anybody is going to tell this story, it should be us,'" Bresnahan said in an interview with Volleyball Mag. Investigators spoke to. She was also instrumental in keeping the Trojans on track en route to the state title. The lights were off and all you could hear were sobs.'. She was killed upon impact, police said. He received a phone call around 2 a.m. Friday from Bresnahan. "The first thing I did was fly into Iowa City, Iowa, and met Ernie Found," McNamara said in an interview with Metro. Under Bresnahan, the team won the state title in 2010 behind the strong play of their team captain, Caroline "Line" Found, who stated before the 2011 season that the team would repeat as state champs, according to the Iowa City Press-Citizen. Its a book of love, she said. Following Line's death, friends and teammates adopted the motto, "Live like Line" to honor her abundant life. Reiland recalled a conversation with Found at volleyball practice earlier in the week. It's McNamara's commitment to uplifting women athletes as role models, that convinced Hunt, who portrayed Hamilton's mother in "Soul Surfer," to reunite with him and sign on to the project. Caroline was driving down Mormon Trek Boulevard on her way home from a church event when she lost control of her moped, hit a tree and died instantly. Eventually, I was able to (tell him) with lots of tears and breaking down, and lots of perseverance that Caroline and Ellyn's legacy would be continued,' Found said. Fans Cant Believe How Old The Parents Are In 'Father Of The Bride', 'The Menu' Was Inspired By A Thrilling Private Island Experience, Rihanna Shares Video Of 'Black Panther 2' Filmmakers' First Reaction To Lift Me Up, Youll Definitely Recognise The Stars Of Amy Winehouses Biopic, Get Even More From Bustle Sign Up For The Newsletter, By subscribing to this BDG newsletter, you agree to our. Aug. 12, 2011 10:15 am, Updated: Aug. 11, 2022 8:16 am. Writing this book has made Hoeft think about his responsibilities as the author. Online condolences may be sent for Carolines family through the web @ She was survived by her husband, Ernie . That could provide investigators with valuable information about the final instrument readings and the condition of landing gear at the time of the crash. Born June 19, 1994 in Iowa City, she is the daughter of Ernest and Ellyn Found. Bresnahan is optimistic the "The Miracle Season" will inspire young audiences to "Live Like Line" in their everyday lives. "There was no chance of forfeiting the season [after Line passed away]. An autopsy conducted on the body of police constable Caroline Kangogo suggests she died of a gunshot wound after a bullet went through . The Live Like Line phrase has taken off. Bresnahan, who said she had heard from "somebody from just about every school from the (Mississippi Valley) Conference,"planned to meet with the Women of Troy again Friday afternoon. U.S., Obituary Index, 1800s-current. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. That, and the fact that she obviously was such a terrific kid.. The movie stars Helen Hunt as Kathy Bresnahan, coach of the Iowa City West High women's volleyball team, and is based on the book of the same name by Bresnahan. She was found dead on February 15 In other developments at today's inquest - Flack's friends called. 27, 2018 4:38 pm. She was a gregarious girl who made friends even of opposing players everywhere she went.". Caroline Found (9) led Iowa City West to a state championship in 2010. (The Gazette), Iowa City West hitter Shelly Stumpff wears wrist bands honoring teammate Caroline Found during the team's practice in 2011. But before Neil Diamonds song was piped into area gymnasiums, and before the mantra Live Like Line was coined at Iowa City West, there was Caroline Found, the Trojans fun-loving volleyball setter. After Founds death, Bresnahan guided the Trojans to a state championship in 2011 and was named PrepVolleyball.coms national coach of the year that season. Police say that Found was not wearing a helmet at the time of the crash, and that the collision killed her on impact. "That's how we got through everything: we had each other," Bresnahan told the site. Her father Ernie Found, a doctor who never missed one of the team's. (The Gazette), Caroline Found sets the ball in a 2010 match at Iowa City. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it's not a big flop. "The team was strong, athletic and determined. The British TV presenter was found dead in her apartment last Saturday. Add [email protected] your contacts. While Iowa City West honors Line, her story, Coach Bresnahans book and the movie The Miracle Season have inspired many girls across the country. This will be the fifth consecutive missed game for Ducharme, who suffered the injury in practice on Jan. 2. With the help of Coach. Caroline had a bounty of amazing gifts, chief of which was her ability to make others smile. 'I wrote the book because it's a local story and with the deaths being so close, it made you think, 'Wow, I would not be able to handle that.'' Today, they are remembered through their respective slogans, 'Live Like Line' and 'Love Like Ellyn,' and last month, Ice Cube Press publishing shared their stories through a book. ", Found was also an inspiration to her peers, showing wisdom beyond her years. Autopsy findings show that Caroline Kangogo died of a single bullet that went through her brain. I think that's been her experience.". Add [email protected] your contacts. Hollywood rarely offers a sports film that celebrates the impenetrable strength of women. NTSB Chairman Jim Hill said after the bodies were retrieved Wednesday there would be no further comment from his agency on the crash until all memorial services and remembrances are completed.. But a new entry to the list, The Miracle Season, may be the most inspirational yet, as it tells the true story of a high school volleyball team moving on after the tragic death of their leader, Caroline Found. 'The hardest thing to tell Bill was how much my heart was broken. Heres a timeline of the next weeks, months and years after Founds tragic death. (LogOut/ HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- An investigation is underway after a man was found dead after an apparent shooting in the Museum Park area of Houston. Ernie lost both his daughter, Caroline,and wife, Ellyn, in a span of two weeks. caroline found autopsy. This story has been shared 102,155 times. Iowa City Area Pets Waiting To Be Adopted: Meet Bruno, Kasey, Teeter & More, City Of Iowa City: Video Update: Snow Ordinance, Bus Stop Bench Project, And Lunar New Year Gala, Whos Hiring In And Around Iowa City: This Weeks Newest Job Openings, Iowa City Police Respond To Shots Fired On Pedestrian Mall. An autopsy conducted by Odour on Tuesday, July 27, revealed that Kangogo died of a single gunshot wound caused by the bullet that went through her brain. "I just told him that I wanted to honor his wife, honor his daughter, and that there are families out there that are dealing with great loss and this could inspire them, the director said. The moped Found was riding crashed around 9:40 p.m. along Mormon Trek Boulevard between Hawkeye Park Road and First Street in Coralville. The actors were in touch with their characters' real-life counterparts throughout pre-production and filming, including Coach Bresnahan, who spoke often with both McNamara and Hunt. "What I do is I listen to a lot of the events, a lot of what happened, and learn who they were. The story of Caroline Founds tragic death and her lasting memory continue to permeate Iowa City and the nation, inspiring a film soon to be released nationwide on April 6, with a special Iowa City premiereat the Englert on March 18. Perhaps youve read the book. According to police, emergency responders received a. But what it does is it tells the story in a way that we can all conceive better as a movie going audience," he told Metro. Then, I got to the gym and all of the volleyball girls and their parents were there grieving together. Much like the volleyball team's surprising 2011 championship win, the accuracy of The Miracle Season is thanks to Bresnahan, Caroline's father Ernie Found, and all of Caroline's teammates who shared their stories with filmmakers. Funeral Directors are on call 24/7We'll be here when you need us. Caroline Ducharme and Ayanna Patterson also both remain out in concussion protocol. Caroline Slocum Found, beloved daughter, sister and friend, died Thursday, August 11th at age 17.. Born June 19, 1994 in Iowa City, she is the daughter of Ernest and Ellyn Found.She attended Weber Elementary, Northwest Junior High, and Iowa City West High, where she was to be a senior this year. Looking back on the beginning of their story, memories of sadness fill the book. Sports movies are almost always inspirational. She taught me to love a little harder, laugh a little more, and not to fret the small stuff," Found's former teammate and friend, Ally Disterhoft, told The Gazette. All Death, Burial, Cemetery & Obituaries results for Caroline Found. 'And with the volleyball team going on without her and winning state it was an amazing story.'. "Words can't describe it," Olivia Fairfield said. Funeral services will be held Tuesday, August 16 at 10am at St. Andrew Presbyterian Church in Iowa City. By the end of the year, we'll be better.'. 2023 NYP Holdings, Inc. All Rights Reserved, I went to McDonalds drive-thru for lunch but left with bags of cash instead, Biden, Harris photo-op with Warriors team takes awkward turn: 'I'm not doing that', Prince Harry roasted at Critics Choice Awards 2023, Lisa Marie Presleys grave prepped at Graceland across from Elvis, Tom Brady carries Louis Vuitton bag featured in ex-wife Giseles ad campaign, Pamela Anderson: Tommy Lee divorce crushed me during lowest point of life, Nick Sirianni's update on the status of Eagles' star QB Jalen Hurts, The Fabelmans Flops on Jeopardy After All 3 Contestants Fail to Name Spielbergs Film, Wife of 'Boy Meets World' star William Daniels details 'painful' 'open marriage'. February 2018: Bresnahans book, The Miracle Season, is set for launch. "She said, 'You wait. Found, the setter for West's Class 4A state-championship squad last year, was 17 and would have been a senior this year. Her 33-year-old helicopter pilot husband had claimed she was killed by burglars. (The Gazette) Kathy Bresnahan poses for. The book will not be released until the movie is finished in late 2016. 'I think that her story has inspired hundreds of other people as well, and that is truly amazing. "Simply, Caroline has inspired me to be a better person. Photo: Kenya Police service. Her greatest pleasures were the people she met and the relationships she grew. But before Neil Diamond's song was piped into area gymnasiums, and before the mantra Live Like Line was coined at Iowa City West, there was Caroline Found, the. According to her obituary from Gay & Ciha Funeral and Cremation Service, "her greatest pleasures were the people she met and the relationships she grew." She attended Weber Elementary, Northwest Junior High, and Iowa City West High, where she was to be a senior this year. How she led by example and took nothing or no one for granted. 9 uniform would never be worn again. But the radar data that helped locate the wreckage is also fueling speculation from aviation experts that pilot error was the most likely cause of the crash. At the end of the day, the real women who inspired The Miracle Season started the process with one goal: to tell their story in their own voice. Based on the story of Caroline Found and the Iowa City West High School volleyball team she led before her untimely death right before the team's 2011 season began. A simple way to leave a review or read what others have to say. Los Angeles, CA - Ernie Found faced more tragedy in two weeks than many people do in a lifetime. Oct. 2, 2015 9:00 am, Updated: Mar. You will begin to receive our weekly Prep Sports updates. These three words, which were printed on T-shirts, and bracelets provided the hope and motivation for those grieving Line's death. (The Gazette), The pulse of our team, Coach Kathy Bresnahan called Found in an emotional interview with The Gazette, Founds No. ", Jeff Linder Iowa High School Volleyball Nov. 1, 2021 8:56 pm442d ago, Jeff Linder Iowa High School Volleyball Aug. 13, 2021 1:45 pm522d ago, Adam Sullivan Staff Columnists Dec. 30, 2021 3:09 pm383d ago, Savannah Blake Jan. 18, 2023 12:27 am6h ago, High School Basketball Jan. 17, 2023 10:13 pm8h ago, Government & Politics Jan. 17, 2023 7:50 pm11h ago, John Otterbeck Guest Columnists Jan. 17, 2023 11:04 am19h ago, Guest Columnists Jan. 16, 2023 6:00 am4d ago. Based on the true story of Iowa City's West High School girls' volleyball team, the movie takes place in 2011, after Caroline "Line" Found (played by Danika Yarosh), the squad's 17-year-old star setter, is killed in a moped accident. But we realized that nobody was going to throw us a pity party, and nobody was going to take it easy on us.. Ellyn and Ernie, Caroline's father, are two of the most loving, genuine people I have ever met in my life. It's a book to showcase what Caroline means to us, and what these girls mean to me. - A death investigation is underway following the discovery of a body in Caroline County. March 18, 2018: Englert Theater is Iowa City is nearly full for a hometown screening of The Miracle Season, the movie based on Founds life and death, and Wests unlikely march to a state volleyball championship that followed. Ellyn Slocum Found, 55, devoted wife of Ernie Found and loving mother of Gregg, Catharine and Caroline Found ended her courageous battle with pancreatic cancer on Tuesday, August 23, 2011.. according to Iowa City West volleyball coach Kathy Bresnahan. This story has been shared 117,525 times. Caroline Line Founds number 9 will forever and always be a part of @ICWestAthletics history.Click the link for more on the unforgettable night inside the West High gymnasium:, Sweet Caroline Iowa City West Show Choir Tribute. She was not wearing a helmet. Under Bresnahan, the team won the state title in 2010 behind the strong play of their team captain, Caroline "Line" Found, who stated before the 2011 season that the team would repeat as state. The actor recently revealed that the former volleyball coach has given Hunt's performance her blessing, changes and all. It was not known whether the impact froze the instrument dials, as sometimes happens in crashes. Caroline "Line" Found is the star volleyball player on the Iowa City West High School volleyball team and well-loved by members of the community. Change), You are commenting using your Facebook account. Email him [email protected] follow him on Twitter at@Dargan_Southard. Just four days after her tragic passing, Caroline Flack 's cause of death has been confirmed.

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