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Magpul RVG foregrip (FDE) Share photos & video with other members. In fact, this gun is so reliable the original was a demo gun for many years and chewed through over 150,000 rounds before needing restoration. Combining the accuracy and modularity of the AR15 with the reliability of the AK47, the MK47 AKM is a great all-around rifle. To say people come to the CMMG booth to beat up the Mk47 is an understatement. This extends almost to the muzzle and features a 1913 rail at 12 o'clock and Key Mod slots at three, six and nine o'clock for easy mounting of accessories. Buy, sell, and trade in the classified section. EOTech HHS-1 hybrid sight (Tan) The barrels are a medium profile configuration with a 1:10 twist rate. Both lineups have different tiers that provide an array of variations, including trigger, furniture, and stock options. Please Note: If you live in a magazine restricted stateand the magazine that comes with the firearm would be illegal, we will remove the magazine from the order and ship the firearm to yourFFLdealer without the magazine. A shorter versionarticle originally appeared in the AR Rifleman annual publication. All day, one can hear the beating this firearm endures, and a line piles up quickly to try it out. We cannot ship prohibited magazines to out of state addresses and we cannot alter or customize magazines at this time. Discuss all aspects of firearm ownership. An SV muzzle brake is fitted to reduce recoil and muzzle movement. There will be no substitutions or discounts for removal of magazinesor any other custom magazine options offered. Since the initial introduction of the Mk47, the platform has evolved to include pistol and short-barrel rifle (SBR) options. None of the rifles ship with sights, iron or otherwise. I found the Mutant as reliable as a grisly death scene in an 80s slasher flick when someone says Ill be right backWith all kinds of magazines and ammunition, the Mk47 feeds, cycles and puts rounds on target. This rifle has a 13 barrel with a pinned Krink-style muzzle device to meet the 16 requirement. Modern bullets really wake up this cartridge, and it works well on deer and hogs inside 200 yards. TROY M7A1 PDW stock (FDE), Hogue OverMolded Rubber Grip (FDE) The rifle should also work with any standard AK magazine. This review will evaluate whether the company hit the mark. [16] Shooting Illustrated mentioned that the only thing the rifle needs is something to hold the bolt open so that the shooter or someone can see that the weapon is not loaded.[6]. The carbine was pleasant to shoot, and the 123-gr. Due to the increased mass in critical areas, and an efficient AK-74-style muzzle brake, the rifles recoil was only slightly more significant than that of a 5.56 mm-chambered AR. Few debates have been waged more vigorously than that of the superiority of the AR vs. AK rifle platform. ERGO F93 PRO stock our work in continuing to provide you with unbiased gun and setup AR-15 Stark AR Rifle Grip (Black) [7], The Mk47 Mutant has an AR-10-sized bolt carrier,[8] which was enlarged, with a CMMG RKM KeyMod handguard[3][5] and an upper/lower receiver manufactured from 7075-T6 billet aluminum. Please note: We will remove the magazine before shipping your rifle. advice. Their customer service and product lineup continue to be second to none, and all of our rifles and firearms parts are made in the United States from the best materials available. Why not stick with, say, a standard AR-15 in .300 BLK? front heavy, but fun to shoot surprisingly accurate with quality ammo good finish but can be marred by steel mags 100% reliable in testing. The barrels are a medium profile configuration with a 1:10 twist rate. 638002130469186470. It is your responsibility to be familiar with your current local gun lawsBEFORE placing your order. CMMG Mk47 - 79911 [ ] CMMG Mk47 CMMG Mk47 Mk47 Mutant CMMG AR-15 7.6239mm AK-47/AKM [1] 1 2 3 4 5 5.1 5.2 5.3 6 7 8 [ ] Mk472014 [2] [3] Mk472015 [4] [5] [email protected]; REGISTER YOUR STORE . Bear in mind that all of the groups were fired with a 6X scope with fairly heavy crosshairs, hardly a benchrest scope. RifleShooter Magazine editor Scott Rupp breaks down all the features of the Mossberg Patriot Predator rifle chambered in 6.5 PRC. The CMMG booth is a staple at the IV8888 Range Day event. California Customers :Atlantic would be glad to ship this item to CA. 2023 Outdoor Sportsman Group. The Mk47 comes in several different variations: the Resolute, which is a carbine and rifle length, and the Banshee, which is a pistol/SBR length. Escaper!The available editors are still taking care of the remaining patch 0.13, and ongoing changes. The rifle will have a mag lock installed andwewill remove the magazine before shipping the firearm to yourFFLdealer. For the shortest non-NFA package possible, the company offers the AKS13. Minimum price for the offer must be greater than 0% of the Product. The Mk47 isnt simply a 7.62x39 mm upper receiver pinned onto an AR-15-style lower. Included were both economical imported steel case and high-end domestic loads. If you are someone who likes to keep your rifles in pristine condition stick to the plastic magazines. The length of 30-round AK magazines can interfere with bench rest shooting and can require some adjustment when shooting pronea 10-round magazine is a useful accessory. The unique MK47 lower receiver readily accepts all standard AK magazines. But if you try to drop the 7.62x39 into an AR-15, you run into problems with the standard AR-15 magazine well. Fortier thinks the Mk47 Mutant handles well, the stock is easy to adjust and the free-floating handguard is comfortable in the hand. Their demo guns are equipped with a giggle switch, meaning full-auto shooting is accessible with the flip of your thumb. Checkout Now gimme fonts With the Leupold turned up to 4x, I put several five shot strings into sub-1groups. For defense on a budget, the Wolf Military Classic is not a bad selection at all. The bolt carrier group from the Mk47 weighs 17.2 ozs., while a standard AR-15 unit weighs 11.6 ozs. The M-LOK compatible handguard provides plenty of space for mounting accessories. While my training and experience makes me faster with a standard AR-15, I was able to build proficiency and speed quickly with the Mutant. The CMMG MK47 is a mutant of two worlds, and I love it. Surrounding the barrel and Stoner gas tube is a CMMG RKM15 Key Mod handguard system. Colt Carbine buffer tube stroking. Disassembly of the Mk47 follows that of the AR. However, the CMMG tech support manager advised the rifles have since been updated to run these magazines without any problems. Manufacturers struggled for years, with limited success, to engineer a solution to feed the short, fat and inexpensive cartridge of the East into the carbine of the West. CMMG Inc. will repair, replace or substitute any product(s) if a defect in material or workmanship is found. It was specifically designed as a compromise, and no one has ever raved about its sterling accuracy or long-range capabilities. Strike Industries Advanced Receiver Extension buffer tube All three rifles have free-floating, 16.1-inch barrels and a CMMG RKM15 KeyMod handguard. Rock Island Armory's 5.0 pistol has been more than seven years in the making, but this all-metal, low-recoil pistol is designed to to be a comfortable shooter, thanks to an all-new patented recoil system. Please add the rifle to your cart and then go to the California Legal section and add the Mutant Cali Legal Bullet Button optionto your cart this is also listed at the bottom of this page. Both Winchester and Hornady rounds managed groups smaller than 1 and are loads I would consider for serious work. AK 7.62x39 Molot 40-round magazine (6P2.Sb-11) The CMMG Mk47 Mutant is an American-made semi-automatic rifle chambered in 7.6239mm caliber, made by CMMG Inc. The Browning Superposed is a classic shotgun that has a rich history and has been prized by hunters and shooters for decades. For the Mk47, CMMG designed a mid-size receiver that is based on the companys .308 Win Mk3 platform. Please feel free to email us with questions you mayhave. It also has incredible ergonomics and an easily adjustable stock. ", "5 New Models Released For CMMG's Mk47 Mutant", "Torn Down And Rebuilt: CMMG's Mk47 Mutant", "CMMG's MK47 Mutant: Excellence in Duality", "CMMG Mutant; California Compliant Version", "CMMG Mutant Krinkov MK47 AKS8 SHOT Show 2016", "Gun Test: CMMG Mk47 Mutant AKM in 7.62x39mm Rifle",, CMMG Mk47 K Pistol - Has a 10" medium taper profile. CMMG Mk47 AKS8 - Released in 2016, can be used in a pistol and in a. CMMG Mk47 AKS13 - Released in 2016, has a 13" medium taper profile barrel and Krink muzzle device. The Superposed was the first over and under shotgun ever produced, and it was designed by the legendary gun maker John Moses Browning. While AR-15 magazines are thin, light and made to be disposable, AK magazines are thick, durable and capable of being used as an improvised impact weapon. This rifle is in good condition and comes with one Magpul magazine, manual, and a Plano hard case. I have no financial interest in CMMG or any other firearms manufacturer. To do this properly, it required CMMG to build the rifle around the caliber. Savage Introduces MSR 15 Competition Rifle, Feeding The Ishy Low-Pressure 7.62 mm NATO For Indias Enfield | An NRA Shooting Sports Journal, First Look: Savage Arms A22 Takedown Rifle | An Official Journal Of The NRA, What Was The Olympic Running Target Event? They specialize in AR-15,.22LR Conversions, Parts And Accessories,Banshee and Pistols. The particular one at the booth this year has seen about 15,000 rounds after being demoed at only three events thus far. More than a year ago, I saw a report at ARFCOM thatthe Mutant had problems runningHungarian 20 round tanker magazines. While AR-style rifles are now well-establishedthose who initially rejected Stoners black rifle have not only lost the battle, theyve lost the warthere remains legitimate debate regarding the suitability of the 5.56x45 mm NATO chambering for certain roles. AR-15 Hera Arms HG-15 pistol grip Dropping half-a-foot from the overall length makes this rifle an even more attractive car and home defense gun. Next I tried my hand at hitting 11x20-inch LaRues placed from 200 out to 330 yards. Even the U.S. military took a great interest in the possibilities. However, when it comes to AR-pattern rifles, the 7.62x39 has a problem. 2015 SHOT Show CMMG 5.4539 mm . Handling differences between the Mk47 and most ARs were more a factor of the carbines increased mass than variation in caliber. Running drills here showed the Mk47 to handle well, but reloads are slower than a standard AR. There are certain things the Russians do well, and one of them is churning out economical ammunition by the shipping container. Magpul UBR GEN2 stock (Black) The test and evaluation (T&E) rifle was provided by CMMG specifically for the purposes of writing a review. Last I looked, they were about $90 through this affiliate link. Subscriber Services. 7.62x39 (ak47/sks) cmmg/commercial marketing cmmg banshee mutant mk47 ar15 ar 15 ak47 ak 47 8" pistol, caliber titanium sb tactical sba3 adj pistol brace, takes all standard mags, new in box titanium fort mohave, az: new: 12/18/2022: cmmg banshee mk47 pistol bronze 7.62x39 12.5" ak mags w/ brace mk-47 810046239612 76a0b33-mb With the emergence of the CMMG Mk47, we see an effective melding of the 7.62x39 mm Russian cartridge with Americas riflethe AR. The Mk47 AKM was designed to harness the power and reliability of the 7.62x39mm cartridge utilizing a robust bolt also based off our MK3. Loading and shooting the Mk47 is similar to that of a standard AR, with the noted exception of the AK-style magazines. Keefe Report: So Why Is My Gun Backordered? The Tavor 7 not only adds a harder-hitting, .30-cal. For sale is a CMMG MK47 Mutant semi-automatic rifle in 7.6239. The Mk47 Mutant does not have a bolt hold open. The Mutant sports a traditional AR-style safety lever, but the magazine release is a paddle forward of the trigger guard. The Mutant is distinguished by its mid-size bolt, paddle-style magazine release and, of course, the unmistakable AK-type magazine. The all new CMMG MK47 AKM offers the best balance of features and cost giving you the best value in the MUTANT lineup. With practice, AK magazines can be inserted and removed very rapidly, but it does take some getting used to for those unfamiliar with the process. I figured the higher magnification would be an aid. Next, I assembled six different 7.62x39 loads to see just how well CMMG's Mk47 Mutant performed. The new Sako Finnlight II sports an innovative stock and Cerakote metal paired with the terrific 85 action. Of the three shown here (from l.) the CMMG's 7.62x39 AK magazine, a 7.62x39 AR-15 and a 5.56mm AR-15 the AK is by far the more reliable design. The top optics rail is a MIL STD 1913. A larger CH is in order. Standard version of the CMMG Mk 47 "Mutant Weight: 2.32 kg Range: 500 m Recoil: 164 Ergo: 47 1. The obvious solution, then, is to simply use AK-pattern magazines in your AR-15, right? They even fill an ice chest with water for rapid cool downs. Since their introduction these rifles have taken the firearms industry by storm. Both are essentially the same Mk47 gun. The standard sized part really wasnt making it for me. AR-15 HK Ergo PSG-1 style pistol grip While all of the ammo left its mark, the steel cased Wolf was the worst offender. Get the best gun and ammo DEALS that are out there right now! This rifle features a 16" barrel and a 30-round magazine. CMMG Mk47 Mutant AKM CA - Has a 16" medium taper profile barrel with an SV brake with a CMMG single stage trigger. The adjustable Magpul MOE stock and pistol . AK 7.62x39 ProMag AK-A-16 73-round drum magazine Although the nature of theirbusiness continues to evolve, one thing does not their commitment to meet each and every morning to pray for Gods wisdom in managing the enormous responsibility that comes with this business. Fun fact: CMMG makes special edition shirts and patches for the IV8888 event, this year was Mutant Ninja Turtles.. The CMMG Mk47 Mutant 7.62x39 assault rifle (Mk47) is an assault rifle in Escape from Tarkov. This is a completely different firearm that is nearly as large as the AR-10 in certain dimensionsCMMG builds its 7.62x39 mm rifles on what it refers to as a mid-size receiver. Soyuz-TM buffer tube Soviet, Polish and Bulgarian pattern polymer mil-spec magazines were tighter but locked into place with some effort as did commercial I.O. Kiba Arms 25mm accessory ring mount AR-10 CMMG MK3 RML9 9 inch M-LOK handguard I was getting ready to call it a day when I decided to give this distant steel plate a go. Browning Arms, of Morgan, Utah, is celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2023 and extending that celebration to the consumer with the offering of a special-edition Citori shotgun. Required fields are marked *. Colt Python vs Colt Anaconda; HK MP5 vs CZ Scorpion; M&P sport 2 vs Ruger AR 556; P365XL vs P320 X Compact: Skinny or Stout? Every rifle comes with CMMG's lifetime quality guarantee. Manufacturer Part Number. UPC Code: 815835017402 Manufacturer: CMMG Manufacturer Part #: 76AFCD7 Like any great sci-fi movie, the real fun begins when the shooting starts. I checked 30 round Tapco magazines with the Mutant and did not have any problems. Quality AK mags both new and surplus are readily available. The Mk47 isnt simply a 7.6239 mm upper receiver pinned onto an AR-15-style lower. Ditto for Chevalier Advertising. Mk47 ambidextrous charging handle. This combination offers shooters the most accurate rifle of its kind. It is your responsibility to be familiar with your current local gun lawsBEFORE placing your order. When I was asked if I wanted to write up a CMMG MK47 K Mutant pistol review, I quickly told my editor "Hell yes!" CMMG 8-10'inch Galil Ace 8.3 inch. It dwarfs a standard AR-15 bolt when placed alongside. Stationed at an end booth, one can see years of spent AK casings embedded in the grass. This extends almost to the muzzle and features Key Mod slots at three, six and nine o'clock. P.S. CMMG Mk47 Mutant, American-made carbine chambered in 7.62x39mm, manufactured by CMMG Inc. Works with all types of AK magazines, including steel, polymer and drums. In fact, if Mike didnt show up with the Mk47 Mutant, people would most likely riot. While this is aesthetically displeasing, it had no effect on the reliability of the weapon. Matched with a suppressor, this would be the shortest quiet rifle package you could put together in the line. While the choices for good hunting and personal defense ammunition are more limited for the 7.6239 than they are for the 5.56 NATO, the Hornady SST and Winchester Defender both get top marks from me. CMMG INC Mutant CMMG 76AFC41FDE Mk47 Mutant Semi-Automatic 7.62x39mm 16.1" 30+1 Collapsible Black Stk Black The Mk47 Mutant is a platform, combining the accuracy and modularity of the AR-15 with the reliability of the AK47. The carbine has shown exceptional reliability, which, together with the classic ergonomics of the AR system, gives an excellent example of a firearm. No questions asked, 30 days return policy. J. Scott Rupp takes a first look at the Springfield M1A Loaded rifle chambered in the popular 6.5 Creedmoor. And so, the battle between the two tribes rages on. Sometimes bigger is better, and the 7.62x39 mm cartridge fires a wider and heavier bullet than the 5.56x45 mm. AR-15 HK Battle Grip Beavertail pistol grip Shooters who already have a high degree of skill with the AK platform will likely take to the Mk47 quickly. It's not built on a straight-up AR-15 platform but rather one larger than an AR-15 but smaller than an AR-10. Super quiet and knockin the hell out the the body sized targets. The fore-end is CMMG's RKM15 Key Mod handguard system. CMMG was established in 2002, when John, Jeff, Gretchen, and Stephanie Overstreet made the decision to create a quality AR rifle that can be afforded by everyone. My primary concern about any firearm is the same: is it reliable? Although a lot of additional information has been added to this version of the article, the pertinent facts, conclusions and opinions are the same. Enter This flattop design features a dust cover and brass deflector but no forward assist. Forward this article to your email lists. The CMMG Mk47 Mutant is an American-made semi-automatic rifle chambered in 7.6239mm caliber, made by CMMG Inc. And with good ammunition, that target can be quite small. Ultimately, to address these issues, CMMG took their .308 platform and shortened it, resulting in an overbuilt but reliable-as-hell AK-47 with all the AR perks. CMMG MK47 MUTANT T The MK47 T is our entry level MUTANT designed to be a budget friendly offering, giving you the opportunity to upgrade as you see fit. Rather than trying to cram an AK-47/AK-M magazine into an AR-15-size upper and lower, the company decided to give itself some room. Note to readers: Please click the share buttons above or below. The Mk47 Mutant AKM seen here is the middle model, which retails for $1,650. Engineered from 7075-T6 billet aluminum, the Mk47 MUTANT features a uniquely designed upper and lower receiver built to manage the dimensions and pressures of the 7.62x39mm tapered cartridge all while keeping the weight of the rifle at a minimum. This is a completely different firearm that is nearly as large as the AR-10 in certain dimensionsCMMG builds its 7.6239 mm rifles on what it refers to as a "mid-size" receiver. Sometimes bigger is better, and the 7.62x39 mm cartridge fires a wider and heavier bullet than the 5.56x45 mm. Unloaded and without an optic, the Mk47 weighs about 7.2 pounds. For more information go to, Enter your email and we will notify you when restocked. One of the standouts is the Bravo Company Gunfighter ambidextrous charging handle. This is not some patchwork assembly of parts to make a forlorn monster like in a 1930s Boris Karloff matinee. The company is constantly looking for new ways to improve products, processes, and the company. NO DIRECT SHIP TO WASHINGTON. This rifle is in good condition and comes with one Magpul magazine, manual, and a Plano hard case. The Mk47 isn't simply a 7.6239 mm upper receiver pinned onto an AR-15-style lower. Magpul M-LOK 2.5 inch rail The CMMG MK47 Resolute and Banshee series of Pistols and Rifles were designed from the ground up to merge the legendary AK47's cartridge to the familiarity and modularity of the M16. If anyone has either one for sale, let me know! Since the Mk47 ships without sights, the first order of business was to install some. cmmg mk47 mutant, 7.62x39, w/ 16" barrel, very nice!! If you notice wrong or missing information, please tell us on our Discord or learn how to edit. A while back Alex C. and I reviewed the CMMG Mutant rifle for TFB. The links do not change your purchase price. The CMMG MK47 Mutant Semi-Auto Rifle combines components of the AR-15 and the AK-47 to make a rifle that uses the hard-hitting, close-quarters AK round with the dependability of the AK, and the accuracy and modular ability of an AR. The Superposed was introduced in Belgium in 1923, and it [], Be the first to review CMMG MK47 Mutant 7.6239. Mk47 254mm barrel Upgrade your arsenal with a quality AR platform rifle from CMMG. TROY M7A1 PDW stock (Black) A redesigned magazine is at the heart of the new Mutant. Only steel AK-47/AK-M magazines work, and not all of them. Bear in mind that all of the groups were fired with a 6X scope with fairly heavy crosshairs, hardly a benchrest scope. Like the standard AR-15, the Mk47 is a direct-impingement gun. AR-15 Stark AR Rifle Grip (FDE) California Customers :Atlantic would be glad to ship this item to CA. There will be no substitutions or discounts for removal of magazinesor any other custom magazine options offered. Stay in the know. The fit and finish on my evaluation gun were top notch, both looking and feeling exceptional. Originally I was supposed to get the CMMG Mutant MK47 AKM in time to simultaneous publish with the other Mutant article we ran, but apparently there was a problem sourcing the component (i.e. The magwell is not the right shape for AK magazines, and the bolt is weaker than what is required. It has a 16.1 inch, free floated barrel with a 1:10 twist, and an RKM 15 KeyMod Rail. Required fields are marked *. groups as seen in the accompanying table. By signing up you agree to's The MK47 T was designed to harness the power and reliability of the 7.62x39mm cartridge utilizing a robust bolt also based off our MK3. According to the company, the only magazines that still offer any problems are Tapco, Bulgarian steel and BHO steel. Should you decide to purchase something from one of those companies, I make a small commission. The Mk47 MUTANT comes in three different configurations and has a MSRP between around $1,500 and $1,900. Currently, CMMG offers three models with retail prices starting at $1,500. Comparing the Mk47 to the SR-47, the most noticeable difference is in the shape of the lower receiver, more specifically the magazine well. AK 7.62x39 aluminium 10-round magazine The magazine well is too tight for polymer and Bakelite magazines. AK-47/AKM [1] . If you want to go even shorter, the company offers the AKS8 model. All Rights Reserved, Ultimate AK/AR Crossover: CMMG Mk47 Mutant. Paired with the new receiver design is a heavy duty bolt. AR-15 F1 Firearms Skeletonized Style 2 PC pistol grip AR-15 Tactical Dynamics Hexgrip pistol grip, AK 7.62x39 ribbed metal 10-round magazine Your email address will not be published. Firearm. Not cheap but a serious upgrade for any defensive rifle. Like an AK-style rifle, the magazine release is a lever located behind the rear of the magazine. The heart of any rifle is the receiver. V1-I2 Barrel Length: 16 Bore condition: Excellent, Your email address will not be published. Disassembly of the Mk47 follows that of the AR. CMMG Mk47 Mutant AKM 2 CA - Same specs with the AKM CA, but equipped with a Geissele SS trigger. Scott Rupp gets a chance to talk to Aaron Oelger about a few new products from Hodgdon and why reloading store shelves are empty. The MK47 uses a standard AR-15 style direct impingement, gas expansion system for cycling the action. The Mk47 ships with Magpul magazines, and these worked fine. Dead. The Mk47's heavy bolt carrier assembly works in conjunction with a specially marked buffer that weighs 3.9 ounces, about the same as an AR-15 H1 buffer. Remarkably, the Mk47 MUTANT (while unloaded) weighs just over seven pounds. groups as seen in the accompanying table. In my opinion, the 7.62x39 is at its best inside 300 yards. The release has been designed to allow manipulation conventionally or using your trigger finger. grapevine, tx 76051: used: 9/12/2022: resolute 300 mk47 cmmg 7.62x39mm rifle sniper grey 7.62x39 16.1" new 810046239568 76afcca-sg 16 inch " barrel needville, tx 77461: new: 8/8/2022: cmmg resolute mutant mk47 rifle titanium 7.62x39mm ultra rare 810046239575 The unique Mk47 lower receiver readily accepts all . Handling differences between the Mk47 and most ARs were more a factor of the carbines increased mass than variation in caliber. For comparisons sake, the bolt carrier group from an AR-10 weighs 19.4 ozs. All three rifles have free floated 16.1 barrels and a CMMG RKM15 KeyMod handguard. The grip is a Magpul MOE, and the rifle is shown with a Chinese drum mag. One thing that really needs to be swapped out on this rifle is the charging handle (CH). All in all, though, the Mk47 Mutant would make a great plinker and short-range deer or hog gun. CMMG Mk47 Mk47 Mutant CMMG AR-15 7.6239mm . The Mk47 was designed to harness the power and reliability of the 7.62x39mm cartridge utilizing a robust bolt also based off our Mk3. Like a great many AR rifles, the shell deflector also picked up noticeable finish damage. I did not have any of these on hand to check. Mated to the RPD, SKS-45 and AK-47, it redrew boundaries around the globe, toppling old empires and creating new ones. The gun was returned at the conclusion of the testing period. By submitting you agree with our, Copyright 2023 - Website Designed by FDI Creative, Barrel: 16.1" medium taper profile 4140 SBN, Trigger: CMMG single stage mil-spec style, Furniture: Magpul CTR Butt Stock, MOE Pistol Grip, This product can expose you to Lead, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. Take extra ammo with you cause everyone at the range will want to try it. At multiple lengths, colors and stock options, models like the MK4, Endeavor, Resolute and MKW-15, are ideal choices for any level of shooter. Until the M41A pulse rifle is available for dispatching some alien horde, Ill gladly take a Mutant with a case of milsurp mags. The new rifles will be available January 2015. These links take you to the products mentioned in the article. Cannot be listed for sale on the flea market. It uses components of the AR-15, AR-10, and AK-47 systems, resulting in an AR-like rifle, that runs 7.62x39 ammo reliably, and most importantly, it uses the cheap and plentiful AK magazines. The Mk47 T features all new mid-sized receivers based on our MK3 platform carved from billet 7075-T6 aluminum. AR-15 Colt A2 buffer tube . The unique MK47 lower receiver readily accepts all standard AK magazines. This is well beyond the distance one would normally use a 7.62x39, but I was having fun and had some ammunition left. The accuracy testing shows the Mutant is going to do what the shooter needs it to do for hunting, personal defense, or as a patrol rifle for law enforcement. The barrels have a medium-profile configuration with a 1-in-10-inch twist rate. So I was interested to see if the Mk47 would accept a variety of military and commercial magazines, as these vary in dimension. chambering to IWIs bullpup lineup, it builds on the experience gained with the original Tavor rifles, resulting in a highly refined and original design in its own right. Iraqveteran8888 2.66M subscribers Subscribe 45K 2.1M views 4 years ago AMAZON Store: PATREON: JOIN USCCA LEGAL SELF. Please discuss the purchase with your FFL transfer dealer before ordering. Therefore, CMMG would likely have needed to gowith a modified or proprietary magazine to make the system work. CMMG MK 47 Mutant hickok45 7.16M subscribers Subscribe 799K views 8 years ago Shooting and showing the new CMMG MK47, which attempts to give the user a lot of the benefits of both the AK and. While most 7.62x39mm AR's are mere conversion kits, the Resolute and Banshee are specifically designed to seamlessly work on standard AK47 magazines that rock in . The Mk47 uses a standard AR-style buffer tube and comes equipped with a Magpul MOE collapsible buttstock and grip, which can be easily changed based on the shooters preference. AK 7.62x39 US Palm "AK30" 30-round magazine (Black) Your email address will not be published. official name of the rifle is the CMMG Resolute Mk47, Leupold Mark AR MOD 1 1.5-4x 20 illuminated scope, From steel cased Wolf Military Classic rounds to the exceptional Winchester PDX Defender loads, Competition Electronics ProChrono Digital Chronograph, they were about $90 through this affiliate link, reliable as a grisly death scene in an 80s slasher flick when someone says Ill be right back. The handguard is CMMGs RKM15 keymod free float tube, which incorporates a Picatinny top rail for optics mounting with keymod slots along the 3-, 6- and 9-oclock positions. 810046239544. [10], For rifles/pistols being marketed to California, they are sold with Vepr 10-round magazines and with the mandated bullet button on the magazine release. At first glance it appears engineers simply built the Mk47 Mutant on an AR-10-size platform, but they did not. The CMMG MK47 Mutant is somewhat of a hybrid.

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