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12:31 pm. I agree completely with Trigs assessment. Rolling Stone, as an institution, has itself become somewhat of an anachronism. Jim Bob Its just a weird site. January 26, 2017 @ Disgusted with the current state of the world, he views himself as another Holden Caulfield trying to save the innocent like his own children from tumbling off the metaphorical cliff into adulthoods brutal realities. Do you by chance have pictures of Karl Marx and Joseph Stalin on your walls. I dont think Rolling Stone Country has fully thought through what theyre advocating for here. 8 on Heatseekers Mountain. 9:57 am. I think almost everyone (including Obama) agrees that we need reforms, but repeal only is where we are right now. I dont so much mind entertainers being political but when their entertainment becomes an avenue for their politics, Im out. Thunderheads 5. It is why left-leaning people tend to make better artists; a wider, more empathetic and more inclusive worldview. There must be an overhaul, or otherwise Obamacare fails under its own weight. I tell kids that all the time. You literally comment daily about how things are too P.C. Cody Jinks' age. Cody Jinks LLC is a U.S. company and your personal information will be transferred to, processed, stored and accessed by us, our Service Providers, Affiliates and Business Partners in the United States and in other jurisdictions where we or they operate, which may not provide you with the same level of privacy protection as you are entitled to . The 42-year-old country singer was born in Fort Worth, Texas, USA. January 27, 2017 @ The election of President Trump has brought out a lot of ugliness in both sides of the political aisle. 1:22 pm. Cody jinks politics. Country singer Cody Jinks was born in Texas where he currently resides. Though the tension between popular and traditional expressions of country music has long been a vital part of discourse about the genre, an insurgent group of more rough-hewn performers has risen to prominence in recent years. Meredith Cody Jinks[1] (born August 18, 1980) is an American outlaw country music singer and songwriter. I dont particularly care for all the politics in everything. On the one hand white rural residents are more likely to vote Republican than the country as a whole. Its the latest incident in the awkward dance that has been going on between Taylor and the feminist movement for years. It would be career suicide for any mainstream artist to speak out against him personally. Other uncategorized cookies are those that are being analyzed and have not been classified into a category as yet. hahhahahaha.. theyre still here and still crying, and no Im not a Republican or Bush supporter and my vote is still out on Trump, but, hell not be any worse than the artist Hillary (piss poor actress) who finds those who disagree with her views as deplorable. January 26, 2017 @ January 26, 2017 @ Photo: Rick Diamond Source: Getty Images. For some reason, the country music artist that jumped into my mind when hearing about this article is Marty Stuart. What Rolling Stone Country is attempting to do by this call to political action is to politicize the institution of country music. . No thanks. seak05 Cody Jinks More Info. The cookie is set by GDPR cookie consent to record the user consent for the cookies in the category "Functional". Cody Jinks Louisville Palace Louisville, Kentucky. Including the purveyor of this site. Always corruption no matter the ideal. (This is not a Hillary Clinton endorsement either. ACL Review: Cody Jinks Ft. Worth outlaw contends for Southern rock mantle By Doug Freeman, 11:00AM, Sun. 2 on the same chart. Their Rolling Stone Country sub-site was/has been a real missed opportunity. 10:46 am. 2023 Copyright Cody Jinks. But thats exactly what Rolling Stone Country is hoping for, and says so multiple times in the piece. Perhaps Joseph Hudak knows some closet liberals in Nashville and wishes they would speak out. January 27, 2017 @ You write one thing that makes me think you might lean one direction, then, in the next paragraph, I wonder if you lean the other direction. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. January 26, 2017 @ 10:47 am. We dont let no bad news hang around I believe in treating people equally and fairly and I currently enjoy the religious freedoms we have here, although they are on life support and will eventually go away. Of course the song he is talking about is Sam Hunts Hard To Forget, which is currently sitting at #5 on the Country Airplay Chart. [22] Jinks supported I'm Not the Devil with a co-headlining tour with Whitey Morgan and the 78's in August, September, and October. They care about more than just their kind of people. Some people may find this nitpicky and silly but I feel that it is important to support what you believe in and to not support what you feel is wrong. But he was fine with those who supported Trumps policies staying silent. He's always done it his way - and will always do it his way. This is why I want to know what politics the artists espouse. The Texas singer-songwriter has skillfully made the most of these market conditions, galvanizing fervent support with traditional country arrangements and disgruntled anthems on his new album Im Not the Devil. Theyve lost their jobs, seen their communities get ravaged, been forgotten in time, and marginalized. Country music doesnt have the same agenda-driven history as rock. And you accept that sexual assault is wrong or you do not. [15][7], The album was recorded at the Sonic Ranch in Tornillo, Texas, and the album title was named after a small adobe room they recorded the album in. Thats a bunch of bs. Im all for artists focusing on making entertaining, thought-provoking music. To name just one never mind all those who claimed theyd leave if Bush was elected. By clicking Submit, I agree that I am above the age of 18, and agree to receive automated texts and email messages from or on behalf of Cody Jinks Music, LLC and its affiliates about its promotions and offers. Who told who to take the dreams out back to die? he snarls in his robust baritone, firing volleys of questions at the titular vampires politicians, news media, basically anyone he sees as obfuscating rather than trying to help. Description. and the monoculture and yet you publish this I have to laugh. 2:03 pm, Id say that the division of performers between liberal and conservative in country is roughly half, with maybe a bit more conservative, but its not the overwhelming majority as it may seem, Jonah (And elsewhere, for that matter.) Duration. The worry is that employers would then choose policies that dont cover BC, making it prohibitively expensive (this has already happened with abortion). Both parties, the elites, the multinationals, and the media that they control will go to war against any populist they perceive as getting too close to the Presidency. I was honored to meet a 90 year old vet named Ed who remembers freeing a concentration camp in Germany and seeing horrors that give him nightmares. Theyre afraid of their insurance premiums. There was backlash against Southern Family? Shes anti-Trump as RS seems to want. Rolling Stone ceased being a rock/music magazine decades ago. It follows Tuesday's reveal of Christian pop singer Lauren Daigle, who will perform March 2. 10:31 am. Currently, He is living in Haltom City, and working as Songwriter. So Im happy to delve into the complexities of this or any other policy you want any day. Look, if its good music, then I like it. In fact Ive been both surprised and somewhat impressed that the vast majority of country music artists have chosen to remain on the sidelines throughout this political shit storm out of respect for their fans, the political process, and their place in it. Out of these, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. [18], I'm Not the Devil was released on August 12, 2016. seak05 ShadeGrown The reason it may look worse and more dire for people on the left at the moment is because they are out of power. Check your inbox/junk folder after registering and follow the instructions. The snake oil was purchased. 1 for Top Albums on iTunes and Apple Music. Just as I do their music, LOL. Those mass murders were Socialist leaders. Deepening that view, Jinks invokes the name of an embattled literary figure on Vampires, which arrives near the end of Im Not the Devil. Cody Jinks is an American country music singer-songwriter from Denton, Texas. Not much. Thats what keeps it apolitical , A. Marie It illustrates the confused state of mind of many of todays young American females, largely created by progressives pushing political correctness. Chris Stapleton, Cody Jinks, Dierks Bentley, Jamey Johnson, Kacey Musgraves, Keith Urban, Kenny Chesney, Kip Moore, Little Big Town, Luke Bryan, Miranda Lambert, Tim McGraw, Wheeler Walker Jr. @ 2:16 pm The majority of Americans voted for an openly racist man for president. People are complex and dont all fit into neat little boxes. Its pretty divisive sounding. Elizabeth Rolling Stone wants to McCarthy anyone and anything that doesnt bow down to their cop-killing, flag-burning, store-looting, Soros- funded, hate-mob ideology. January 27, 2017 @ January 26, 2017 @ This cuts both sides of the political aisle, but the way that Tim McGraw and Billy Currington were treated by far-right leaning Country fans was disgraceful (regarding them playing a Sandy Hook benefit). He is best known as a Texas-based outlaw country singer, best known for hits such as Must Be The Whiskey. He also worships all the Gods and goddesses and also celebrates all the festivals. January 27, 2017 @ ( I kid ! The politicization of everything is one of the most corrosive developments in American society over that last fifteen years or so and any attempt to stop it can only be a positive. I dont view most mainstream country acts as artists though. Ron Jeremy Found Not Competent to Stand Trial in Serial Rape Case Radical activist anyone??? January 26, 2017 @ My premiums have skyrocketed, and doctors refuse to take many of the silver-level plans by saying, Were not accepting any new patients. The idea that a vote for Trump is a vote against musicians having insurance is not entirely true. January 26, 2017 @ A friend, who happens to be gay said to me Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, if Ive gotta baptize a couple brown loaves, Ill take whatever bathroom Im told I can go into, not make it a big @ss deal. New song "Nothing's News" Feat. Cody Jinks Cancels Texas Concert Over 'Threat of Violence'. 3 of 3. The vast, vast majority of people dont care what celebrities think and if anything this type of commentary gets the opposite result than what they intend. 2:42 pm. Open Menu Ticketmaster logo . Whatever way you lean, its written in a way that leads me to think youve got a good grasp on different issues from both/all sides. That doesnt mean we dont live in important times, and that people shouldnt act upon whatever their heart is telling them. Its a lifestyle. And for artists that do support Trump but havent spoken out probably dont see the point. That outlook is a pillar of Im Not the Devil, which though not explicitly political, nonetheless gives a glimpse of the unrest swirling in the heart of America. They came out guns blazing against George Wallace, Ross Perot, Pat Buchanan, Ralph Nader, Dennis Kucinich, Jim Trafficant, Ron Paul, etc. But everybody who voted for Trump is a monolith, is a racist. Country singer Cody Jinks will perform for the first time at the 2023 RodeoHouston. I cant imagine a Whitey Morgan fan being interested in Luke Bryans new song, the same way I cant imagine a Luke Bryan fan caring about Whitey Morgan. January 26, 2017 @ While early albums like Less Wise and 30 feel closer to standard Texas country singer-songwriter fare, seeds of his current sound were starting to appear on Blacksheep. When Saving Country Music interviewed the Senior Editor Beville Dunkerley before the launch of the site, she assured, As far as government politics, hell no! January 27, 2017 @ It can build understanding and empathy in a way that I think is necessary (& desperately needed today) without anyone feeling like they are being attacked or preached to. Raising hell with the hippies and the cowboys. Related City Speaking of celebrities speaking out on political matters, John Stewart, the former host of the politically-charged and left-leaning The Daily Show, said recently in an interview. One of the biggest problems with the current political climate is that everybody has retreated into like-minded reality bubbles where they think the rest of the world agree with them, and only people in the fringes could be the ones to disagree. Theyre just trying to shield themselves from the constant bickering. I understand the point, but I think this wasnt done to exclude anyone. 10:09 am. Adults make there choices on real issues, The reason it may look worse and more dire for people on the left at the moment is because they are out of power.. If you think the policies of the Camacho Presidency are ridiculous, wait until Florida Georgia Line starts sharing their political stances. Theres no market for it. And equating someone who is left leaning with perhaps the greatest murderer of the 20th century is despicable. Music has been my respite and salve from all of the politics and acrimony and bullying musicians into expressing a political opinion seems dangerous, misguided and hypocritical. Rock music is inherently rebellious and has a political slant. The biggest independent country artist on the planet. From his work and some statements hes made, it seems to me that he has compassion for all disenfranchised Americans and not just the white ones. That remains to be seen. 1:43 pm. If they do, they should be prepared to take the risk of alienating fans. He just said, Well I think we can agree that politics and religion arent going to solve anything. I could live with that. Turn on the commercial country radio station for five minutes, and then tell me your opinion of the mainstream country fans concern for authenticity. I think many mainstream country stars probably support Trump, but many are conflicted from some of the things Trump has said or done. Donald Trump does not deserve or declare, nor require a monopoly on celebrity political views, not back then, and certainly not now as president. And heres a little something to cleanse the palate. The Democrats loved Trump when he was raising millions for the Clintons. If an artist wishes to express their opinions through their art, I am all for it. I suppose my sarcastic dig did make me sound flippant, but his comment that the left have the best songwriters was outrageous to my ear. 12:09 pm. 12:15 pm. There is a tug of war in the country music world right now, and in many ways, it is a microcosm of the U.S. political climate. I understand that certain aspects of folk music has been used a a vehicle for protest for years, and I love some of that music. Well leave that to the magazine and Cats already out of the bag on this one. I dont care whats right or left, yall 9:19 pm. Adrian Two different things. There are guys that I love, that I respect, that I think have incredible qualities, who are not afraid of Mexicans and who are not afraid of Muslims, and not afraid of blacks. A Cody Jinks show offers solidarity. Donald Trump did, and now theyre listening to him. The world around them is what drives their work. In other words, its country populism. The 200 Greatest Singers of All Time Its hard to judge the size of their ranks, but undoubtedly some longtime country fans feel like strangers when they switch on todays country radio. This cookie is set by GDPR Cookie Consent plugin. But that doesnt mean those listeners will be receptive to the message Rolling Stone Country wants them to heed, even if country artists were willing to deliver it, which they arent. I personally met a concentration camp survivor named Anna who lost both parents in the camps because of a deranged Socialist leader. 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