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The Knowledge of Nothing is all there is (to know), but 99.9% of us dont even know that. And of course, that was very useful when this actually happened, because we cleared the room, someone said in forty-five seconds. 'Miracles', I take it, require the direct intervention of a rational and benevolent deity in a situation about which he is fully informed. Despite all this information, Ron is reluctant to believe it. Do you go back to the Mormon handcart history in your family? The Cokeville hostage crisis began the afternoon of May 16, 1986, David and Doris Young took 154 children and adults hostage at the Cokeville Elementary School in tiny Cokeville, Wyo. Ron later tells Claudia that he found out every one of the hostages prayed some time during the crisis, and that some ran back into the room to help others. Their experience was honed over the next two weeks as an electrical short in the schools alarm kept setting it off initiating a series of unplanned, but beneficial, fire drills. Throughout both baskets were chain links, gunpowder, and boxes of ammunition acting as shrapnel. I dont remember seeing any angels, but I definitely felt guided, she says. Meanwhile, police and parents gathered out of sight of the school room where hostages were gathered. Kamron Wixom, a sixth grader, prayed with about a dozen of his fellow students. Paul Hunt and Channon Voyce as Doyle Mendenhall and Gerald Deppe, two of David Young's friends who also refuse to participate in holding helpless, little children hostage. Instead, the scars I would have to heal from would be those of forgiveness and trust.. Mark Junge: Yeah, we always pick on the outstanding events that are murders and rapes and molestations and wars, and people dying in accidents, and its kinda like, well, you know, you get to thinking after a while, maybe people like reading about this stuff. And I'm sure that that made him very nervous. I felt compression and heat like nothing I had ever experienced. A few days later, Jason and Cindy are recovering well from burns and other minor injuries. Inside the classroom, Doris Young attempted to twist thesituation to her advantage. Don't go past this square. As they waited, on their own, the children began to pray. I had this little ditzy-doodle roommate that said there was a beautiful lake up there and we ought to go see it in April. After a few minutes, Max Excell (Alan Peterson), the school principal who had been away, walks in and discovers the situation. His wife, Claudia (Sarah Kent), is worried for him. Below is the complete text of David Youngs rambling manifesto. It took me a few years to connect the priesthood blessing with the LDS Church, but I knew something special happened that day, she says. Janel Dayton: Well, I think everybody is, dont you? 4.I need to pray. . The events began unfoldingjust after lunch on May 16, 1986 when an unknown woman walkedfrom classroom to classroom, interrupting the teachers lessons, and announcing that there was an emergency in Room 2 and that the teachers should rush the children there right away. In another instance, young Jennie Johnsons story began to unfold: Jennie Johnson crawled to a hallway connecting her classroom to another. He also shoots a teacher, John Miller (Joshua Cooper), in the back as the man leaves the classroom to help children escape. Many of the extras in the film are children of those who were students at the time the bomb went off, Christensen explains. The film was subsequently released on DVD and Blu-ray for distribution by Excel Entertainment Group through Deseret Book and affiliated retailers. The Cokeville Elementary School hostage crisis occurred on Friday, May 16, 1986 in Cokeville, Wyoming, United States, when former town marshal David Young, 43, and his wife Doris Young, 47, took 96 children and 18 adults hostage at Cokeville Elementary School. "Hey, lady, is this your first time kidnapping helpless little children?" Absolutely. For some reason, we were all supposed to make it out of that classroom alive. He was the one that resurrected it. The Cokeville Miracle, a movie by T.C. Once the wooden piece was removed, the two metal connectors completed the circuit, detonating the bomb. Is that bomb a hoax or is it real? Wed taught for years together and one of em after the incidentI was over here preparing, and one of the men teachers came in and I said, Look across there. Because the teacherd had some papers up here, and you know, the smoke had seeped up underneath em and when she took the papers down it looked like a deaths head with its arms spread out. My husband and I just got home in January, we were on a mission at Temple Square. Cast: Jasen Wade, Nathan Stevens, Kymberly Mellen, Sarah Kent. Believing 2 plus 2 equals 4 hardly invalidates Knowing 0=[infinity]. I remember that same feeling I felt in the classroom when I prayed, she recalls. As I sat coloring, I looked up and saw a woman dressed in a long white dress. . Liz Christensen as Pat Bennion, Verlene's daughter-in-law and one of the teachers at Cokeville Elementary. Youngs homemade bomb was contained inside an old shopping cart. David Young entered the school with his wife transporting a large gasoline-filled device that appeared to be a bomb. Kneeling, we bowed our heads and folded ourarms. Kamron Wixom recognizes the courage of his fellow survivors for sharing their sacred experiences at the risk of ridicule and suffering emotionally by revisiting such traumatic experiences that took place the day of the Cokeville miracle. Mark Junge: Some of the people saw angels. But these little sisters sacrificed a lot to come. one hostage asks Doris. Janel Dayton: Oh, time was totally immaterial! When I find myself longing to feel comfortable in my own skin again, I have found a perhaps unusual source to be one of the best remedies: the Book of Mormon. This allowed gasoline to drip into the tuna fish cans, turning the aluminum-flour mixture into paste, unable to aerosolize. My husband had had an association with him, but Id never seen him before. And I think he was what we would call crazy. Years later, Jennie Johnson, the student who blacked out and was carried from the burning room, was looking through an old photo album with her grandmother. For more information about our sponsors and the people behind, visit our About Us page: Hostage crisis at the elementary school in Cokeville, Wyo. I went down the hall and was going to go in the other door and it was the same. I saw bodies all over the lawn, and I didnt know if they were dead or alive, recalls Conger. That bomb should have leveled the wing of this school, but it looks like the bomb blast went straight up. [The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, or Mormon Church.]. He found his wife engulfed in flames, staggering around the room. None of the children were hit, but Miller was shot in the back as he helped others out of the burning school. Were we to continue, however, the invextigation of knowledge, wed need to internalize Socrates; All I know is that I know nothing. Jason, however, seems traumatized and Ron takes him to see a psychologist. The Cokeville Town Hall is located at 110 Pine St. For more information, visit the website of the Cokeville Chamber of Commerce at or call (307) 459-4195. Philosophy, remote as ever, is slowly displaced by science (mathematics, medicine, astronomy, etc. Each year, I celebrate two birthdays, she says. 1986, in the small, ranching community of Cokeville, Wyoming, a deranged couple took an elementary school hostage for several hours before detonating a bomb inside a classroom that held every teacher and student in the school . History is the study of these combinations. As survivors would later attest, and against all rational explanations, a tragedy of immense proportions had not been set into motion. Ron and Claudia both talk to Jason, who then tells him "there were other people in the room." David went to the school office, handing out a manifesto titled "ZERO EQUALS INFINITY" and announcing "This is a revolution!" For instance, the town was full of emergency responders who happened to be in the area working a flood that had occurred the week before. What was your job? I was a boat on an ocean without a sailthere wasnt any anchor to tell me what life was about.. 2 Recreation Board, Indigenous People in Wyoming and the West, Emergency Management Coordinator Kathy Davison on the 1986 Bombing of Cokeville Elementary School, EMT Glenna Walker, Mother of Three Young Children, on the 1986 Bombing of Cokeville Elementary School, Lead Investigator Ron Hartley, Father of Four Student Survivors, on the 1986 Bombing of Cokeville Elementary School, Public Works Director and Fireman Kevin Walker, Father of Three Young Children, on the 1986 bombing of Cokeville Elementary School, Certified Bomb Technician Rich Haskell on the 1986 Bombing of Cokeville Elementary School, Secretary Tina Cook on the 1986 Bombing of Cokeville Elementary School, Second grade teacher Carol Petersen on the 1986 bombing of Cokeville Elementary School, Third grade student Rachel Walker Hollibaugh on the 1986 Bombing of Cokeville Elementary School, Third grade student Jamie Buckley King on the 1986 Bombing of Cokeville Elementary School, Fourth grade teacher Kliss Sparks on the 1986 bombing of Cokeville Elementary School, Fourth grade student LeaKae Roberts on the 1986 Bombing of Cokeville Elementary School, Green River Historic Preservation Commission, Natrona County Board of Cooperative Educational Services, Natrona County Recreation Joint Powers Board, Sublette County Historical Preservation Board, University of Wyoming School of Energy Resources, Casper Chapter, Wyoming Archaeological Society, June Frison chapter, Wyoming Archeological Society. We just have to look deep enough to see them, because they are there.. Standing in the middle of the room was a raggedy, scruffy-looking man with wild eyes, arms resting on a shopping cart threaded with dozens ofwires and filled with metal and other material that a witness recalled smelled like gasoline. How do you argue that? Then I ranafter the fireman told me that I needed to leaveI ran down toI ran out of the building and ran down to the corner where everyone was gathering, and then I started looking for the little first graders. She picked up the kids and they were gone. Mark Junge: What makes people do this? It is. Mark Junge: Did this whole incident, Janel, strengthen you, or do you think it kind of shookyour trust in people? A rope was attached from the cart to the mans wrist, held there with a clothespin. Janel Dayton: I think it was getting close to being bus time. The bomb was an improvised explosive device constructed in a small two-wheeled shopping cart with two baskets, one on top of the other. Williams, who was severely burned in the explosion, did not see angels that day either, but she experienced a different kind of miracle after being rushed to the hospital. (Laughing) Well, I dont mean to make light of it, but, I mean, I just wonder how you were affected? Motivated to attend for Jason, Ron tries to make it through the meetings. See, thats what everyone does around here. While he was gone, the unthinkable happenedDoris accidentally jerked the string and the bomb exploded. Did you see angels? Mark Junge: Do you get this feeling that youve been protected? It was like our part was completely done, and it was just a matter of time.. So she was really disturbed and she told me to get the h. . It was the spring of the year. He also allowed teachers to keep their classes together to help them stay calm. He instructed us to put up a barricade so that nobody could get through the other side. Journal entries also indicate that he saw opportunity in the close-knit community; he wrote, "Threaten one and all are at your mercy." The Cokeville Miracle. Katie Walker tells the story of what she saw that day, and why it's important to have pictures of your ancestors. He visits multiple families who inform him of similar stories from their children. Nathan Stevens as David Young, the film's antagonist, the ex-town marshal who holds Cokeville Elementary hostage. Did they go to court? Then, she blacked out. Mark Junge: Yeah, did time get stretched out? The Cokeville Miracle. After the doctor meets privately with Jason for a while, he simply tells Ron that, "You and Jason need to sit down and have a nice, long talk." 2.Not all men in beards are bad, but the eyes can tell you. Janel Dayton: My name is Janel Dayton. Another fifth grader, Lori Nate Conger, also prayed with some of her classmates. During the past few days at the school, the fire alarms have been going off without any smoke or any other trigger, baffling the staff. The way those witnesses all came out, each very independent of each other, is proof enough. Conger agrees. Do you have a strong faith in God? I dont know why I didnt think of it, cause I do about everything else, but I didnt. Jillette Dayton as Christina "Tina" Cook, the Secretary of Cokeville Elementary. Cause and effect didnt add up for him. Flipboard. Will I see my family again? I was really scared for the unknown. They knew that it was extremely hard for me to be on set, but it really helped my anxiety to process the events of the day more.. Well, this is obviouslywell, I shouldnt say obviouslybut it seems like it would be the most outstanding event in your life so fartraumatic event, is that right? About that time a lady that I didnt know came in, and she was applying for a job. So anyway, I cleared out the debris and tried to go back in to see if anybody needed help, and it was just as black in there as could be. That is probably the movie's biggest problem. But then they started loading kids in ambulances and busses to try to deal with it, and I think they dealt with it pretty fast. In what is called The Cokeville Miracle, the lives of the children and teachers were miraculously spared. Christensen Writing Credits (in alphabetical order) Cast (in credits order) Produced by Music by Christian Davis Rob Gardner Cinematography by T.C. Knowledge is again a way to conceive, but conception is enlarged through rules less combination specific. Students and teachers throughout the school were unknowingly drawn into the crisis when Doris Young went from room to room, instructing them to gather in classroom #4. The man pointedly told the hostages that he could, at a moments notice, simply twitchhis arm totrigger the bomb. Drama 2015 1 hr 33 min. The lady that was in there with me noticed that the window was open. But I just had a feeling, you know, what if somebody comes back and tries tothat bothered me. Returning, David Young shot his wife, then himself. You need to listen to your brother and remember that I will always love you. I rememberjust nodding my head. She told the children: Some day youll be famous for this. . But it gets brought up a lot. I dont know why, but I am grateful.. Wed decided inasmuch as it was in the spring, that wed better put the two groups together because they would be together in second grade. Ive commented to my husband, who was down at the City Hallbecause everybody had gotten word and had congregatedI said, I didnt hear any voices. He said, I could hear them down to the City Hall. So the concussioncause I was pretty close to the bombit had damaged my hearing. So we decided to have a fire drill in the lunchroom where all the children would be there. Trying to get in the U. S., granted, but they were innocent people and they just got wiped out. [5][10][8], When the bomb detonated, the majority of the explosive force was channeled through loose ceiling tiles into the roof, and open windows acting as vents. David wasit was just like he was dead. But he was the one that wanted the thing perpetuated. People of all faiths were blessed by the event, he explains. But some of the little children went over and prayed. Janel Dayton: I didnt really notice the smoke so much. As a matter of record, therefore, some 2400+ years ago, Socrates, and individual, addressed himself to an evolving concept called knowledge. We went on down the hall. Its not that we are better or more special than someone elseits not that God loved us more. Then I saw my momrunning down the street. He says that hatred will not be the answer but prayer will. When your feet hit the ground, run. Anxious parents waiting outside snatched the exiting children and rushed them to safety behind a gauntletof emergency vehicles. I dont know where to go. Everything feels pat and oversimplified, with no gray areas. Responsible, as ever (we die our own death, remember?) So they moved furniture out of the middle of the room and taped off an area that he had the bomb in so that the kids werent with him. Words emphasized by the speaker are italicized. Investigators discovered that wires to three of the bombs five blasting caps had been mysteriously cut, preventing detonation. ~ Transcriber Russ Sherwin, Oct. 28, 2010. David attached the bomb trigger to hi Immediately after the detonation, teachers began feeling their way around the room, groping for children, snuffing out the flames on their clothing when a burning child was found in the dark. Doris then manipulates the rest of the school to go into Room 4, telling them "a surprise" waits for them. Ultimately, no. I shut that off so fast, and Ive never watched one since, because I found out bad things do happen. Janel Dayton: We were missionaries. Some also gathered together in groups to pray. David, Doris and Penny (Caitlin EJ Meyer), one of David's two daughters from his previous marriage, bring the bomb into the school, with Doris and Penny carrying firearms. On May 16th, 1986, in the small town of Cokeville, Wyoming, David and Doris Young entered the local elementary school with a bomb and held the entire school hostage in one room. Therell be a contest between good and evil, and itll look like evils going to triumph, but it doesnt. Furthermore, the explosive powder that should have lit the air on fire had been miraculously hindered from its deadly purpose, thanks to the leaking gasoline. After a standoff lasting two and a half hours, the gasoline bomb the couple had brought into the school went off prematurely, badly burning Doris Young while David Young was out of the room. He visits the investigating certified bomb expert, Rich Haskell (Rick Macy), from Sherrif's office in Rock Springs, who tells him that three of the five wires in the bomb were mysteriously cut; not broken, but cut clean. And then another teacherId been over preparing a talk for church once, and he came in and I was talking to him a little bit about religion, and he said, Oh, Im waiting to see the burning bush. And so, after this happened, I said, Well, what did you think? He said, I dont know who saved us, but I sure like his style! (Laughs). Current students at Cokeville Elementary School aren't taught about the '86 bombing, but most know the general story. Many children showed signs of distress with sobs, complaining of headaches from the smell of gasoline from the bomb, or simply wanting to go home. Stevens, who may be recognized for starring in the 1986 Church film Our Heavenly Fathers Plan, explains that his character embodies numerous people and does not represent a specific denomination. They came across a picture that she had never seen before. Joshua Cooper as John Miller, a music teacher who is shot by David Young after the bomb goes off. Frantic parents, gathered behind police barricades, cried out for their children as police officers ran toward the school. Kimball Stinger as Jason Hartley, Ron and Claudia's son, who tells them about seeing an angel of a deceased ancestor. The wires to the other four caps were mysteriously cut. Janel Dayton: No, on the other side. He had just big rings of perspiration. Because economically, its probably very expensive to have a school here. Janel Dayton: It made no sense whatsoever! They didnt want their names attached. Thats when I saw the angels. But after the main meeting, Ron's doubts start to control him again and he tells Claudia that he can't do it. Visibly irritated, Young instructed the teachers to push the tables and chairs to the edges of the room and to tape a square on the floor around the bomb located in the middle. I looked down for a second, and when I looked back up, she was gone. I went in and got my mail and as I was approaching my mailbox, I had my back to them, the secretary introduced me to them. The film concludes with a title card that asks why other hostage situations didn't have divine intervention, then responds with: "We should recognize God's hand when we see it.". The couple corralled a large group of students and teachers into a single classroom. Janel Dayton: I dont know. The bomb exploded prematurely, sending her flying across the room like a flaming torch. For the first time, I remember thinking, Im safe. Its something I will never forget., Despite the explosion, all students and staff made it out alive; only David Young and his wife perished. $14.95 $13.46. She crawled for the door. 3.God does intervene when men use their freedom to ask for His help. He was puzzled by the fact that he had seldom heard the story mentioned. Some people said they thought the one on the grass was me, because we were about the same build, same height, same coloring. One of the very interesting things, I dont know if it was two weeks, a month before this happened, one of us, and I think I might have been the one who said, What would happen if we were all in the same room and had to get out? Because we had fire drills on a regular basis, but we had them from our own classrooms. Here we confront what we thought we pursued all these years, what we should have remembered from 2400 years ago. At first, authorities dismissed their claims as the panicked ramblings of frightened children but soon, as the childrens stories began to merge and meld and evidence began to stack up in their favor, they began to realize that indeed something miraculous had just occurred in Cokeville. He notices that almost all of the kids in the room have some injuries of some kind, and he becomes humble and asks God for forgiveness for doubting Him. The diabolical trick weve otherwise learned (internalizesd) is realitivity; when in Rome do as the Romans, when doing math do as the mathematicians, when fighting a thermonuclear war, discard spears and arrows for the thermonuclear devises, etc. Janel Dayton: Mm-hm. Windows were opened to rid the room of gasoline fumes, and prayers were offered in small groups among the children. Some children reported seeing an angel hovering over the heads of each child in the room while many of the children later told how their personal guardian had whispered in their ear, a disaster will happen but do not be afraid, your life will be spared. One child, named Nathan, explained what happened to him at that precise moment: I was sitting in the classroom playing with a toy when something made me look up. He announced, Cross this line of death and Ill start shooting the grown-ups. Ron then goes to the youth room where they are singing "A Child's Prayer". Janel Dayton: No, I learned how to deal with that. These various combinations of Man with teir various concepts of themselves invented war in order that any singular combination might achieve dominance over other combinations. They take her hostage, and when David starts harshly yelling at a student, Penny confronts him. But it was a very valuable experience. Experience the powerful true story of The Cokeville Miracle for yourself. In most cases I have deleted redundant ands, ers, uhs, buts, false starts, etc. EDITORS NOTE: This Cokeville Miracle article discusses a traumatic event where death andinjuries occurred. I am so grateful I had the chance to work with Director, TC Christensen on this Official Music Video for his film, "The Cokeville Miracle", a true story abou. I told her I didnt know how to pray, she shares. David comes out of the bathroom to see Doris body completely engulfed in flames; he shoots her to put her out of her misery. The room quickly filled with smoke so dark, occupants could not see the person sitting right next to them. SHARE Cokeville recollects 'miracle' of 1986. I dont remember much of what she said, but I remember suddenly feeling like I had a warm blanket around my shouldersthis incredible amount of comfort and joy that I cant explain. . we know that 2 plus 2 equals 4 or that a line perpendicular from the ground is up, or that Christ is good (bad or indifferent), or that our names or ages are such and such. One of the teachers convinces David to let them open the doors and windows. The children are quickly evacuated as firefighters and paramedics are stationed right outside the doors and windows. I turned around and the firemen told me to get out of the building. At best a probability, at worse nonsense, proof in any event is very distant from reality. Sue Castaneda: What did happen to the other two guys, because I dont know. Perhaps too conveniently, he is in the midst of a crisis of faith, so the town miracle comes along at a perfect time to spark a happy ending. The incident was detailed in the book When Angels Intervene to Save the Children by Hartt Wixom and his wife Judene, which formed the basis for a CBS made for TV movie titled To Save the Children. The children that were in the room for a little bit longer, they had black under their noses from breathing it. I just expected to see dead bodies every place, he said. She said, Dont be scared, Nathan. But for Williams, her healing was not the greatest miracle she experienced. He said that he and his wife had lost their home five times and he said, Neither of us have ever murmured. So thats faith! David Young had initially planned to involve longtime friends Gerald Deppe and Doyle Mendenhall, who had invested money with him in a get-rich-quick scheme that he had called "The Biggie. She dropped to the floor and started rolling to put out the flames. Whenever you happen to meet them, youre glad to see them. This significantly mitigated the explosive power of the bomb. David Young entered the school with his wife transporting a large gasoline-filled device that appeared to be a bomb. After being fired for misconduct, he moved to Tucson, Arizona, where he married Doris Young. Anyway, then he decided that he wanted the kids away from him. While 2 plus 2 equals 4 (and there would have been no men put on the moon if it hadnt) it might just as well equal 22 or many (primitive tribes frequently respond thus to any mathematical concept above 3) or various other concepts that are easier to ignore than to realize, know, and internalize. Etched into the wall, just behind the blast area, was the burnt outline of a large, human-shaped figure with what looked to be wings extending from the sides of its body. Experts still cannot explain how or why. Youll write about it in your journals and youll have a great story for your grandchildren.. Theres an energy that comes at you that you feel; maybe cant necessarily explain. cokeville miracle debunked. Because it was the only time weve ever done it from one room. It was. Im glad! As for the Cokeville not Coleville 'Miracle', the hostages were obviously extremely lucky, but that doesn't make it a miracle. He told us he had to tell his friends he was going to sit with us, and he would be right back. And others still, told of a circle of angels formed around the bomb device, flashing gentle smiles as they stood facing the children, linked together holding hands. He calmly raised the .45 and shot her. The subsequent police report states that David opened the door from the connecting bathroom, shot his injured wife in the head and killed her,[9] shot and wounded John Miller, a music teacher who was trying to flee, then closed the bathroom door and killed himself with a shot from a .45 pistol to the head. You can tell through physical reactions when someone is lying and when they are not, he continues. And if anything happens to one, everybody just clamors to do all he can to help. The film was written and directed by T. C. Christensen, (The Work and the Glory, Only a Stonecutter, 17 Miracles, Ephraim's Rescue) and produced by Ron Tanner and Christensen. I felt totally safe. So that really helped to get people out. But then he got up and took off, and then the next time I saw him was down at the corner and he was on the ground. Mark Junge: Do you stay in contact with the people who were in the room? It was a sophisticated bomb consisting of layers of wooden shelves with hundreds of rounds of ammunition on top, a layer of gasoline below, and tuna fish cans full of powder, resting on top of blasting caps. He has his two friends Gerald Deppe and Doyle Mendenhall (Channon Voyce and Paul Hunt) meet him in Cokeville. Because in the bus, everything was solid in the school bus. Our custodian, who was a very big man, was coming down the hall and I saw him and motioned to him to not come any further, and Doris said, Well have none of that! She was upset that I had indicated to him that he shouldnt come. If theres ever a bad situation, I always win! I thought he was just out of breath and so I just went on, I didnt know hed been shot.

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