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The little countries should have dots on the map big enough to see. 3) Read Jetpunk standards, and read about the Big 5. Could there be an Asia 2 map as a JetPunk SVG? It's Jerusalem. If you're trying to be as accurate as possible in using the corrected sri lankan capital then you also have to call burma myanmar, despite the political implications. I hypothesize that the author of this quiz took the ambiguity of listing the Russian Federation as either a European or Asian country in order to allow a higher order of magnification on the rest of the Asian continent. Seriously kids, the younger you are the better you should remember stuff like this. The correct opinion, which would be the one I expressed above, always carries the most weight. There have been talks about Scottish independence from the UK and if/when that happens, Sporcle will probably accept Scotland as an official independent country. Czech government want us to call them Czechia but who does? Norilsk, Russia, is one of the coldest cities on earth. Keep scrolling down for answers and more stats Egypt is in Africa, right next to Palestine, whoops nvm it says Russia is not included. The delineation between Asia and Europe is fuzzy at best. Doesn't it bother anyone else that Sri Lanka is commonly mispronounced as "Sree Lawn-kuh" instead of "Shri Luhn-kuh"? (of course it was USSR when I was a kid). You're all noobs, flexing with your ages. Comments . I know Masqat is probably the Arabic-English translation of it, but I don't know if any other nations spell it differently. Even Asians love traveling within their region because it is indeed such a dynamic place that offers varieties of experiences for all of your senses. It's also a picturesque metropolitan area that's cool to visit. Rim shot. Otherwise I don't really know what you could have possibly done in that proximity. 3. Western Sahara. Here's a hint: For Sri Lanka, just type Kotte. I have seen the capital of Oman (Mascat) spelt three different ways. How do you make those maps, It has been so hard for me to make the map. its so addictive there are a bunch of doctor who quizzes and how i met your mother and supernatural and a WHOLE BUNCH OF SHOWS AND MOVIES AND MUSIC, i just took this quiz that gave me 5 minutes to name as many Doctor Who episodes as i could. This South Korean capital's main attraction is its K-Pop culture hub. Jerusalem has always been the official capital of Israel, but most other countries recognize Tel Aviv as the capital and have embassies there because they don't want to upset Muslims. Correct me if I am wrong. Oh, and by the way, "Congo" does both Congo countries! I'm sure there are more examples, isn't there a canal through Scotland? This is an overseas department of France and as such it is an integral part of the country (not a territory). Heck, there are all sorts of debates over just the number and names of continents. The traditional geograaphic boundary between europe and asia is Istanbul and the Ural Mountains. They still have more area and population in Asia so they're considered Asian countries. It was a 'cheat' of sorts to make the map quiz more practical. Why do you list it being in Asia?? I got 100% on a PS4 lmao. Yaiks! Armenia doesn't even touch the Europe-Asia border like it's previously mentioned neighbors to the north, and it's in Asia, therefore, Armenia is also Asian. I memorized it as Rangoon and had just learned to type Yangon instead. I will bring more quizzes of different c. Sporcle began offering live pub quizzes in 2018 and has since expanded to host over 450 weekly game nights.The Sporcle website was started in response to website founder Matt Ramme's desire to learn trivia and his accompanying frustration that there was no existing website suitable for his needs. Hawaii. I've seen it spelt Muscat, Mascat, and Masqat. Well, you said as if Pennsylvania lies in both Canada and the USA and its capital lies in its Canadian territory. Sri Jayawardenepura Kotte doesn't really have much going for it other than a cabal of politicians and a crocodile infested lake, and neither are good incentives for human habitation. If people cannot move their mouse as quick or the platform is glitchy, they would be being deprived if the time was reduced. switzerland is obviously part of antarctica then, Sri Jayawardenepura Kotte is the capital of Sri lanka update ur self guys Google it. The sovereignty of the Western Sahara is disputed and therefore it is not an independent nation. As someone who travels to Colombo daily, I have to say I agree. This game in English was played 24,624 times yesterday. So it overlaps two continents. Exactly! Find out how many countries recognize Palestine. Instead of studying for my Environmental Science test, I learned the countries of Asia. It's just one answer more. This alternative name for Taiwan is used by FIFA but since it is not an official name, it is not accepted by Sporcle. Yes, but it does not redefine continents. This map quiz is controversial. Therefore, Holland isn't an officially correct alternative for the Netherlands and as such it is not an accepted alternative by Sporcle. Cyprus is in Europe - period. Locate 12 famous tourist attractions in Asia on a map. And I used to walk to school backwards 9 days a week 398 days a year up hill both ways and I didn't even have all my toes. please correct "Israel" capital to Tel Aviv, and add Palestine. Would have been 4:13 if I hadn't forgotten that I had to include the little islands too and took my hands off the keyboard when I typed in the last mainland country. Open the quiz to test your travel knowledge! Zoom out and the two dots merge in to one, and Kotte disappears so that all that remains is Colombo. Shouldnt people be learing to spell their names right? they don't function like a country and most services are payed by Israelites. I got Bahrain wrong because I chose Qatar. Hanoi is characterized as a charming old-world type of capital located in the former communist area of Vietnam. Lets dive into our guide to the best Sporcle countries of the world and similar quizzes. It's way easier to just type it out. I have 2:17 seconds to spare. Although it has its own FIFA football team, it is just a part of French polynesia. Mirrored Asia (Ultimate Minefield) And if you get surprised to see the name of a country you thought was on another continent, well, prepare yourself! I'll let him tell it as I don't want to take credit for itbut it's good. Just like you can call Panama City Panama. At least QM is consistent for this site. except palestine has no working government and their territory is mostly controlled by Israel. Which is all well and good, but I still manage to forget the same ones as I do on Countries of the World. How many can you name? I'm 11- 48/48 with 3;07 to spare! And something being on a map doesn't make it correct. I'm 11 years old and finished the test. I choked on Singapore but I still got 100%. 50 States Quiz Countries of the World Quiz Name the US States Logos Quiz 151 Pokemon Quiz. In order to create a playlist on Sporcle, you need to verify the email address you used during registration. Besides, Colombo still has the PM's house and office, President's house and office, and the Supreme Court which gives a considerable legitimacy for Colombo to be called 'a' political capital of Sri Lanka out of their two capitals. Baku IS actually in Europe, so Azerbaijan should be in the Europe capitals quiz (since these quizzes are about capitals, not about the country itself). Due to the nature of the two countries/collectivities, the French-Dutch border is not recognised by Sporcle as official. Generally, the area known to westerners as "the Middle East" is technically West Asia in geographical terms. Might you consider reducing the time available? I know all of these but my scores sit around in the area where those who score under 100 on IQ tests are roped off (it's such fun in this section--we discuss whether the moon is a sun or a planet like the hosts on QVC, and what about Pluto?how scientists fooled us unto believing global warming was real when it was really cold last nightall sorts of fun topics are reserved for us in the brain dead section). simply because I cannot type faster. Switzerland is in the Caribbean, for tax purposes. Had a friend who did it and was confused when he couldn't find 'Asia' as an answer. And, last but not least, I spelled Sri J. .. right on the first try. I thought there'd be a war over Myanmar VS Burma, but it's Russia and Cyprus in Asia or Europe. Its capital used to be Yangon. Dear pie31415926535, welcome to the world of Jetpunk! By SporcleEXP Plays - /5 - RATE QUIZ MORE INFO Map Best Score? The Sri Lankan government seem to disagree with you. kAzAkhSTAN. none of the big 5 recognize Taiwan so why is it on this list? And Cyprus in Europe? Istanbul and an unclear line through western Russia is the border. Japan. Financing conferences as well as climate change conferences have been held here. As such, the Faroe Islands are not an independent country. however taiwan is completely independent of china and has its own government and china would have to invase taiwan in order to control it. As a special administrative region of China, it differs much from China economically and culturally. This is just my opinion, not saying this is fact or anything. I call that a good use of time. Due to the nature of the two countries/collectivities, the French-Dutch border is not recognised by Sporcle as official. Countries that have territories aren't included in this quiz, being the UK and Australia. The little small northern country Djibout gets me every time. I can correctly spell Sri Jayawardenepura Kotte, but it always tooks me dozens of tries before remembering the correct spelling of Naypyidaw. After taking this quiz again due to the update, got them all again with 2:30 remaining at 6:49:38 PM on February 5, 2019. not counting Russia count it. Sint Maarten/St. because Cyprus is wholly in Asia and Turkey is mostly in Asia, it just has a tiny part of it's land in Europe. Although it is not contiguous, it is a US state and as such not an independent country. For me, anyway. Welcome to one of the most diverse, most eclectic, and most dynamic continents in the world: Asia. Same! Aruba. The dusty city of Kathmandu is a charming laid back city. markthoma +2. Which it is. This alternative name for the Netherlands is often used in spoken language. They're just in the same economic region as Europe along with Azerbaijan and Georgia. hide this ad PLAY QUIZ Score 0/49 09:00 Recently Published I think the situation with The Hague is a little bit different. 3:32 or so and this was done by a 10yr old so boom. Hopefully that cleared everything up for everyone as it did for me. Countries of Asia Quiz|Sporcle|Geography - YouTube Hello, hope you are having a great day.Quiz Source: Reminder: You are forgetting something my friend. This is a self-declared independent country but is still officially considered part of Somalia. 100% Finally! Ah no, Cyprus is in the EU and everything they stand for is guarded and presented by European values. People in Japan live long lives. Cyprus is much further east as its directly south of Ankara and you wouldn't consider ankara europe. And props to Jetpunk for not trying to be politically correct. After taking this quiz again following the update, got them all again with 3:19 remaining at 6:40:10 PM on February 5, 2019. Now that we have all come of age in the digital age, we are more familiar with places that are not that far to begin with. 44 countries. Beijing is the capital of China. Today's Top Quizzes in Asia. This South Asian region is largely Buddhist. Moscow appears more European, though. Colombo/Sri Kotte are the same city and Colombo should be accepted. As a special administrative region of China, it differs much from China economically and culturally. Get a Seterra membership on! It's just 1USD per month. The same goes for Turkey. This West Asian country has long been subjected to various invasions and conflict situations. Tokyo is a busy cosmopolitan hub in Japan. Geographically, it belongs to Asia, although culturally it is a mixture of European and Asian elements, with Europeans predominating, given its Greek past and the current two thirds of the population of Greek origin. Been a while since I did one of these on the channel. Also, all my Sri Lankan friends (I live in India so I have a lot of them) says that Colombo is their capital because it really is for them. Agreed. Colombo by de facto is but its not official so here its a no no, It is some research and stop being an &*#*@, its better than, sri jayewardenepura kotte. Me too! So if you got full marks in this very difficult test then you are smarter than Albert Einstein , Nice, I finished all of it first try in exactly 2 min 30 sec. . Nov 19th, 2018. I mean Africa was basically new land for me before Jetpunk. This is an overseas country belonging to France. @Yeeee123 demonstrating Muphry's Law by misspelling "received". UAE is considered as such, therefore Abu Dhabi is considered an Asian city. . Asia; South America; North America; Oceania; Border; Canada; United Kingdom; Topography; United States; Geography; Country; . 15 in 15: Countries of Asia Quiz. OK, rant over. Can you name every country that is generally considered to be part of Africa? WHEW! and that includes the U.S. i got 100% in 2 mins and im 200 years old man from somalia with brazilian vpn. Most of its population is in Europe, most of its area is in Asia. This beats or equals 26.5% of test takers, Contact Us (Same for Georgia, Turkiye and Cyprus), Contact Us Go Orange. Phnom Penh is located near the Mekong River, the waterway that touches Cambodia and other Southeast Asian nations within this region. Various skilled workers from neighboring Asian countries also flock here in search of better opportunities -- and they find it, since it's a country deemed as a "high income economy.". You'd be surprised how many times I have done that. Contrary to Samoa, which is an independent Sporcle country, American Samoa is an unincorporated territory of the US. Completely Hidden Countries of Asia Quiz. Otherwise, I think Israel has got 2 capitals: Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. The majority of the population of Russia is in Europe (the European side of the Ural mountains), About 75% of the population is in Europe, as well as the capital. Melilla. I know the capital is on the European continent, but to me that is just wrong. Sporcle on Tumblr 15 in 15: Countries of Asia Quiz. oh really? :), Spent too much time on Cameroon, but i still got 54/54 so i dont mind. I'm having a test about African countries and this helped me to learn them all!. On the controversial topic of the capital of Sri Lanka: The administrative capital of Sri Lanka is Sri Jayawardenepura Kotte, whereas Colombo is the executive and judicial capital. 100% with 4 mins left. This is an English language quiz. It shares its island with the Dutch Sint Maarten which is also not an independent nation. 8 Reversed Countries of Asia 9 Hint-Free Unique Starting Asia 10 As a european I do not consider them an european country.. PSTSCCH: no, I said it as if Pennsylvania is a US state. 2) See Wikipedia. Aug 2, 2017. Yes indeed. uhhh i got brunei and singapore wrong even though i know exactly where they are so why, Not a country according to jetpunk's standards. Would you like your scores to be saved so that you can track your progress? Might not be a blind/paralyzed/ toddler without internet connection, but I'm still kinda proud of myself! Those are not always easy to define and can change. So test yourself if you're up to it. French Guiana (also: French Guyana). Sporcle on Tumblr Hidden Countries of Asia Quiz. this means that africa (even though it has the most countries) takes me well bellow a 6th of the time to do the whole quiz hhmmm im terrible at europe though. I was just thinking of it and I thought I would ask. I've been there in 2014 and many natives prefer the name of Myanmar (and pronounce it just the way we do), because the Burmese are only one of the tribes/people that live in Myanmar. Although it considers itself independent, most countries consider it a part of Moldova. The point is, it's easier to just use the administrative capitals of these countries, so, though yes Colombo is a capital of Sri Lanka, I don't think it should be accepted. This is an example when everybody goes crazy on a typo =). Ugh!!! . YES i finally did it after my 30th time serious. LOL, excuse me i typed the whole thing out damn, it is COLOMBO not Sri Jayawardenepura Kotte, official government says its sri jayawardenapura kotte. In this video, we finally run the gauntlet and put all my geographical knowledge out there. Taiwan is not a country. I understand having the style of putting the answers in like this for smaller quizzes, but when it is with a big continent like Asia, it becomes really annoying and time-consuming to find a country in the alphabetical order thingy on the side. Many countries are waiting to see what happens with a two state solution so they're keeping embassies in Tel Aviv, but Jerusalem will still be Israel's capital even if there are two states so it seems odd to have embassies there confusing people! So, question, if Delhi can be accepted for New Delhi as the capital of India, then why can't Colombo be accepted for Sri Jayawardenepura Kotte as the capital of Sri Lanka? Most of the times it works. My right hand is a mess from carpal tunnel anyway..too numb to type. Also, because of its political and cultural ties to the US it is often regarded as North American despite its position. Hong Kong. Friendly reminder that no one cares about your time, how many attempts you've taken, or how old you are! Kek! 4:50 left. Finished in 0.0000000000000000001 seconds and i'm a blind chimpanzee without arms. One capital will give you 14 other answers, but we wont say which one. I had 3:15 left on the clock, the only thing i choked on was the backspace button. Omg guys i am a fetus and got 55/54: 55 for extra credit because im american. Countries of Asia Without Outlines Quiz Geography Asia Random Geography or Asia Quiz Countries of Asia Without Outlines Can you pick the countries of Asia without outlines? More Sporcle.TV Playing the Countries of the World Quiz By minshkins Watch Holly travel the globe with her brain as she tries to name all the countries! Beirut, Lebanon, is located in West Asia. England. Guessing the countries of AsiaWebsite link: in video:Rhodesia by Twin Musicom is licensed under a Creative Commons . This was way harder than the flags. Therefore even though mountain ranges and such are used to draw a line, I do not think people will ever all agree on where the boundaries actually lie. Countries by First Two Letters in 90 Seconds, Countries of the World - One Minute Sprint. Meaning that countries like Egypt, Greece and Russia are not considered transcontinental, as well as Turkey, Indonesia and Yemen, that's why all of the country pops up in green. Countries of the World - No Outlines Minefield 2 Erkenne das Land am Emoji 3 Erase the USA by Capital (No Outlines or Skips) 4 Mirrored Asia (Ultimate Minefield) 5 4 Blitz: Geography 6 Find the US States - No Outlines 7 15 in 15: Capitals of Europe II 8 Reversed Countries of Asia 9 Hint-Free Unique Starting Asia 10 What's the country IV ? Kal has a great way to remember the order of the -stan countries. I like the definition of GEEK "One who is perceived to be overly unfashionable, or socially awkward". I'm pretty sure the middle east and Europe have harder names to spell, Apart from Democratic Republic of the Congo and Madagascar, youre mistaken. doesnt matter how old u are i could have gotten them within two minutes when i was three. French polynesia. It shares its island with the French Saint Martin which is also not an independent nation. 45 / 48 . Out of all continents, I find this one the hardest. He wasted a bit of time raising his hands into the air, and then typed all the answers in. The Sultanate of Brunei hails Bandar Seri Begawan as its capital. I grew up in Pennsylvania, and I'm all for kicking them out of the US. According to Wikipedia, the most up-to-date name is "Republic of the Union of Myanmar", which was changed from the "Union of Myanmar". why is at least half of Russia not included in this? This South Asian city boasts a great arts and culture heritage. Please enable JavaScript to play this game! Sometimes Sporcle regards it as Moroccan, but mostly it is just disregarded. About This Quiz. I can ace the entire dang world but never remember which one is Bahrain and which is Qatar. Use Abbreviations or Paths That's How You make a map quiz. Although England is a constituent country of the United Kingdom, this is not the same as being an independent country. This is an overseas region of France and not independent. I scored 45 out of 54 as an FRICKIN AMERICAN. 1 Africa 2 Asia 3 Europe 4 North America 5 Oceania 6 South America 7 Sources Africa Somaliland. Western Sahara. Sporcle quiz geography of Asia. the causacus countries are not Europe. And I got 100%. How come you include Turkey and Cyprus but not Russia? Just imagine, almost 60% of all worlds population is living in Asia. Since we already decided that Turkey is in Asia, Cyprus is in Asia too. Fun Fact: If you type Srijrufirbviufvigdifbdwjfbwidfhpura it will accept it for the capital of Sri Lanka. Man! Taipei has great eateries worthy of sampling. Couldn't tell you a single thing about any of the people or their culture but damned if I didn't MEMORISE ALL THE NAMES OF THE COUNTRIES IN AFRICA!!!!! 4:16 to spare, first quiz I can comment on, 54/54, finally didn't forget Burkina Faso, Great quiz! I think Colombo ought to be accepted in the same way that Delhi is accepted for New Delhi. "Never" is a strong wordthis quiz alone proves you wrong, sooooo. There is a clock timing your results, so you can race yourself if you like. I could physically not click on Jordan (I'm pretty sure anyway), Thats not Jordan you were trying to click. Countries of the World - No Outlines Minefield 2 Erkenne das Land am Emoji 3 Mirrored Asia (Ultimate Minefield) 4 Erase the USA by Capital (No Outlines or Skips) 5 15 in 15: Capitals of Europe II 6 Find the US States - No Outlines 7 What's the country IV ? Keywords: Geography games, quiz game, blank maps, geogames, educational games, outline map, exercise, classroom activity, teaching ideas, classroom games, middle school, interactive world map for kids, geography quizzes for adults, sporcle, human geography, social studies, memorize, memorization, remote learning, homeschooling, edtech, K12. Oceania is next, and I'm saving Asia for last. Baku is a small peninsula coming eastwards out of azerbaijan into the caspian sea. Then we go to the flags and try unsuccessfully to name them all.Check Out My Geoguesser Content: Out My Sporcle Playlist:, Like and Comment!00:00 Intro0:30 The 49 Countries of Asia6:30 The Flags of Asia (I know Egypt is not here - I am dumb)17:00 Subscribe, Like and Comment!This quiz is naming the countries of africa, countries of africa quiz, where me a british person tries to name them and identify all the flags.Sporcle is a trivia website and pub quiz business. by | Nov 9, 2022 | lentil soup with chard cooking light |, Designed by china interest rate chart | Powered by, what are the similarities between christianity and islam, Tajikistan? Is Muscat the correct spelling of it, or are all of them correct answers? There are spelling quizzes on the site if you're interested in taking those, but most quizzes are seeking to test knowledge, not spelling. Pft, I was hoping for some Russian colonization out there, My new best is 4:19 left to spare, and I'm only __ years old, Thanks a lot for this quiz! This is a nice quiz. Sounds perfect Wahhhh, I don't wanna . If not geographical, then the division has to be by politics, population, and culture. Think you can tell us what the capital cities of these countries are? However, its commercial capital is Colombo, which is also the largest city, and the one more familiar to visitors. (Plus, Kotte is in the metro area of Colombo so it really makes Kotte seem much more insignificant than Colombo for them) It's not important what the government is saying: do you type Czechia or Czech Republic? Also, sorry for the link copy and paste that baby, as you said the border is istanbul. For example Belgium can't just randomly decide that DC shouldn't be the capital of USA and that they should change it to New York. Iraq has been controversial in the last 10-15 years in world history. Got them all with some time to spare and I'm only 49!! But shops close early here, which is a characteristic in all of Nepal, so better do it early. Nicosia is in asia (All of cyprus is anyway) so its Asian, same goes for Ankara, Baku, Nur sultan, yerevan and tbilisi. ADVERTISEMENT. It is neither a state nor a country. Fill in the map of Asia by correctly guessing each highlighted country. Well Colombo should well be accepted and on the world capitals, Sri jayawardenepura kotte is the administertive capital of sri lanka. A) Can you un-accept 'Phnom Pen' for 'Phnom Penh'? That's why you see the Asian part of Egypt also in green when you guess it. Geographically however it's much closer from Asia (Anatolia), and I guess it would match if looking at underwater geography, That description sounds like Russia got kicked from Asia due to recent events. In your mind: every new quiz is just another opportunity to beat a time record :D. 4:17 left! Isint the capital of turkey Istanbul, or is that just the European capital? Jan 28th, 2018. Seoul is the newest hot destination in Asia. Jetpunk has taught me all I know about geography. Just keep saying often enough that Israel's capital is Jerusalem, and hope that your guys Trump and Bannon (imagine the irony) somehow make it happen. This is an administrative region of China. Czechia in written text, Czech Republic when spoken. So Portugal (Madeira) and Italy (Lampedusa, Pantelllaria and Linosa) should be acceptable answers. I remembered with seconds to go but couldnt type fast enough. Open in app; Facebook . Naypyidaw is now the capital of Myanmar, or Burma if you remember. (And, neither does the Eurosongfestival!). The highest and the lowest point on Earth is located in Asia: Mount Everest and the Dead Sea. It is really hard to find those kinds of quizzes in my opinion. Maarten. Its funny cause both memorizing the names of the Stans and its capitals, were really tough for me to learn them, yet once you learn them, they're super easy to remember. . YES!! It is also culturally more European. Children born in South Korea are considered 1 year old when they are born, and will turn two on the next Lunar New Year. Add Russia. yay 100% and 3:11 remaining in my first go. So if there is a bridge over the canal, is it connected again? Sporcle Dork 1K subscribers Subscribe 971 views 1 year ago UNITED KINGDOM I attempt to locate every country. Learnt all i know of the countries of the world and i now know them allthanks Jetpunk :D. Learning Africa was always last for me, along with Oceania and the Caribbean Islands. So why isn't Russia in Asia by that logic?? Follow along and see if you can name them all! noun. No one knows I can't type, unless I come here to play the speed typing tests disguised as Name the Countries and Name the Capitals--and they just make me feel dumb--no one else is looking. Same here. For JetPunk purposes, Cyprus and Turkey are in Asia and Russia is in Europe. cant we just base ourselves where the capital city is and done. Astana is in Kazakhstan. I got 100% in first try then I forgot 1 country at the third time i even got lesser than 50% That's called a true idiot I am from India which is in Asia. Jos olet suomalainen, kokeile tt tietokilpailua. 1. Remembering that there is a warden lurking in the Sri Lankan capital helps.

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