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csea salary schedule 2023

This Agreement does not require all employees of State agencies to telecommute, but does allow any agency to begin or continue a telecommuting program without individual negotiation with the Union. We were scheduled to meet with UCS on October 27th, but the day prior to the scheduled meeting, management cancelled, saying they were not yet prepared to proceed with their proposals. All increments, longevity payments, uniform and equipment allowance payments, health insurance and dental and vision benefits will continue to be paid per the Triborough Amendment until a successor Agreement is agreed to and ratified by the membership. endstream endobj 635 0 obj <>stream We hope UCS shares our goal. It was a productive session and both sides agreed to go back and work on some language to be discussed at the next round. 2017-2020 CSEA-UCS TENTATIVE AGREEMENT HIGHLIGHTS. (December 12, 2008, Donald Lynskey, Local 334 President)The new Court Reporter Page Rate Agreement and Minute Agreement Form have been deemed to be effective as of November 18, 2008, the date upon which the Administrative Board of the Courts approved the change and Part 108 of the Rules of the Chief Administrator was amended. They stated that there will be more proposals coming from them. Additional details about the agreement will be posted on the CSEA website shortly. The CSEA Negotiating Team has additional dates scheduled to meet with UCS on March 26th and 27th. Get the FACTS yourself! At one point, UCS suggested that CSEA was not willing to discuss management proposals. (James Hennerty, Dep. Associate Superintendent 2022-23. @T09! Management had indicated earlier in talks that it intended to suggest cutbacks in benefits. Director of Contract Administration)CSEA believes that the Office of the State Comptroller has given a preliminary indication that pay raises (including retroactive pay) for employees of the Unified Court System will be issued in a paycheck in October of this year. Director of State Operations, July 29, 2019). CSEA-UCS 2008 Court Reporter Page Rate Agreement. CSEA members are receiving ballots for a ratification vote now. (James Hennerty, CSEA Dep. (James Hennerty, CSEA Dep. CSEA will move quickly in the next few weeks to seek approval of the tentative agreement by the unions rank and file court employees. "The same increase will be applied to the salary schedules for all management and confidential employees." If approved, the measures would result in an estimated budget impact of $449,340 for the agreement with Tier IV management and confidential employees for the current fiscal year, along with $115,866 in ongoing costs and a one-time cost of $13,361 for Malloy and his cabinet. On Wednesday, November 16, CSEA leadership posted the side-by-side analysis of the current 2020-2021 contract and the new Tentative Agreement that you will be voting on. The Team is working hard to find common areas in order to move the negotiations forward and progress was made on some minor issues. It is important that each member applying for this benefit print and keep a confirmation sheet after completing the on-line application. CSEA Salary Schedule 2022-2023.xlsx Author: vcastano Created Date: If a reporter feels the reason for the request is inappropriate, please contact your union representative as there is a committee in place to review requests, if necessary. Lets hope the August session takes place and is productive. We discussed our proposals with UCS, and during that dialogue, UCS indicated that they are looking to cut back in many areas beneficial to our members. 2016 2021 New York State Employee Salary Schedules, CSEA Employee Benefit Fund The State has agreed to provide a carryover and extension to utilize funds; Participants can discuss these updates or check their 2021 balances under the HCSA or DCAA by calling WageWorks/Health Equity at 800-358-7202 e-mailing [email protected]. MDEA Teacher Salary Schedule 2022-2023. This program allows employees Grade 23 and below the opportunity to exchange six annual leave days for up to $1,000 to be applied to the employees share of their health insurance premiums during 2012. CSEA - Classified Bargaining Unit (PDF) Classified Confidential (PDF) SCCDAA - Classified Administrators (PDF) SCCDAA - Administrators (PDF) SCEA - Academic Contract - 10-Month (PDF) SCEA - Academic Contract - 11-Month (PDF) Therefore, UCSs position is that an agreement should provide a cost of living pay increase, but also save money by modifying or eliminating a number of benefits in the expired agreement. Remember, these are the self-serving people who wouldnt join in solidarity with CSEA members to avoid layoffs! Since 2010, UCS has had a negative growth operating budget, meaning their costs are greater than the money coming in. The contract extension runs from April 1, 2020 through March 31, 2021. Teamsters 2022-23. Both sides reviewed and clarified CSEAs proposals on grievance procedure, discipline and discharge, overtime pay, Employee Benefit Fund, educational benefits, productivity enhancement program, child care and elder care, flexible spending benefits, uniform and equipment allowance, personal history folders, performance evaluations and QtP funding. CSEA Judiciary falls under the health insurance benefits as negotiated by CSEA Executive Branch. CSEA has been working with state leaders to sort out the staffing issues that resulted from the influx of new applicants for drivers licenses as a result of the new Federal REAL ID standards as well as New Yorks Green Light Law. ALBANY CSEA-represented employees of the Unified Court System have voted 2-to-1 in favor of a new contract amid strong member turnout. Classified Salary Schedule (Effective 01.01. Director of Contract Admin., March 15, 2018). The CSEA Negotiating Team had another tension filled, frustrated negotiations session with the UCS. The current Collective Bargaining Agreement expires on March 31, 2017. UCS painted a bleak picture of their financial health over the last four years. We hope to make some progress, even in light of the employers seeming lack of interest in coming to an agreement. (September 3, 2008, James Hennerty, Dep. Unused vacation credits that would otherwise expire on April 1, 2021 may be carried by employees through 12/31/21, Any vacation credits earned after 4/1/21 are not impacted. Additionally, State Operations handles improper practice charges with PERB on agency-wide issues, oversees the Joint Committee on Education and Training (The Partnership), Work Life Services (EAP and Family Benefits), Career Mobility Office, Safety and Health (along with CSEAs OSH Department), Workers Compensation, Article 46 Committee and Temporary/ Seasonal Employees. Teamsters 2020-21. Your CSEA Contract Negotiations team met with UCS on August 10th and September 28th, 2011. CSEA informed UCS that, if it did not agree to a date to submit final new proposals, we will take whatever legal action is necessary to force it to do so. And the expired agreement stays in effect until a new contract is completed. Benefits and Salary Schedules - Lodi Unified School District. A pilot project will be established to consider giving compensatory time off to employees who must continue working when a court is closed. ZBP%vZ;P9e&q/j8B%;QkSG q/j8B PNpRM$*5)wZhsv\=;k9.wr CUUNp*b#U-*VF*wCU6^q]mPUv!CUpZJPMyX%/-&5%W%)_c\:!wCg{;G The Office of Employee Relations for NYS has provided the following revised guidance as of April 25, 2022. CSEA is fully prepared, if necessary, to take appropriate legal action to force UCS to cease its dilly-dallying and get down to work on a new contract. HO@{ S]vv'QO GOER has issued notice that due to inclement weather conditions, non-essential State employees whose work is in Albany, Schenectady, Rensselaer, Saratoga, Washington, Tioga, Broome, Chenango, Otsego, Schoharie, Delaware, Ulster, Greene, Columbia, Dutchess, Orange and Sullivan counties, do not have to report to work today, December 17, 2020. We wanted to remind you during this busy time of year to take a few minutes to complete the online UCS contract survey so that your Negotiating Team understands what issues are most important to you as they prepare to meet with Management. The links below have both a highlight sheet and a more detailed listing of changes. The new amounts of $600 and $1,200 will begin in 2019. CSEA and UCS have made a tentative agreement on a new contract for 2007-2011. We hope to meet again at the end of May. (Kathy Guild, CSEA Dep. Our proposed contract adds a sixth year with an additional 2% wage increase for all CSEA workers for 2016 (Executive Branch workers only had a five year contract); Step increments were preserved, and longevity increments were converted to longevity payments; Our proposed contract includes much higher longevity payments than what Executive Branch workers get; No furloughs are contained in this tentative agreement; Improved Seniority language, and many other enhancements! p: (707) 890-3800. f: Agency shop fee payers are not eligible. Up to $350 for employee property damage pursuant to State Finance Law. It may be a long time before significant progress is made. MDEA President 212 days 2022-2023. UCS gave us yet another set of proposals, which would reduce many additional benefits we now have. We anticipate that the portal that members will use to apply for the negotiated Welfare Fund should be up and running by mid-December. &1Q$p Ce; !Y(VP^8 (UdGBRc G Managers should not substitute their judgment for that of the employee regarding the gravity of the emergency requiring use of this leave. Once we have these details, we will be able to argue that our members need a fair agreement that meets the needs of both sides, not just those of management. endstream endobj 639 0 obj <>stream Please go to the CSEA Judiciary website at read it! We have no intention of rushing or stalling-we want to do what is needed to achieve a good result.It is more likely that this will be a lengthy process than a short one, but we want a contract that is fair and reasonable. Well know soon enough if they are interested in our offer. A separate Article on seniority, containing the same provisions previously scattered throughout the contract. But the prospects for reaching an agreement now are bleak, unless UCS takes another zag toward a realistic attitude. UPDATED NYS COVID Testing Guidance for Unvaccinated Employees, NYS COVID Testing Guidance for Unvaccinated Employees, Website for NYS Employees to submit proof of vaccination, Website for NYS Employees to submit COVID test results, Website for NYS Employees to register for COVID testing (Quest or at-home kits), State Employees who Park in Downtown Albany, Read GOERs memo on increased office presence, Read GOERs revised state agency guidance. (Kathy Guild, CSEA Dep. 2020-21 Classified Salary Schedule. What the CSEA Team hopes is that both sides will work out an agreement that satisfies both parties. The 2018 negotiated 2% pay increases will be paid out beginning in the May 2nd, 2018 paycheck. Sick Leave Donation Program, sick leave at half-pay and advancement of sick leave are eliminated as of January 1, 2005. The parties are tentatively scheduled to meet again on May 6 and 7. The Agreement originally signed in March of 2020 has been extended by agreement of CSEA and New York State during 2020 to address the COVID 19 pandemic. Tentative dates are scheduled for mid June. HA1{CC&TUX(,(xOIA^M CSEA and the Unified Court System have reached a fair and responsible agreement that recognizes the value and importance of the court employees who make the system work every day. Court Officers will be credited with pre-tour prep time on a quarterly basis (8 hours per quarter). Unfortunately, the pay bill was not sent to the Governor until the week before last and was not signed into law by the Governor until last Wednesday. This is a Civil Service Program that UCS participates in and the amounts are set by them, per the negotiations with the CSEA Executive Branch. The agreement will be presented to the CSEA rank and file members for review and ratification in the weeks ahead. The CSEA Negotiating Team took some time to digest this proposal. o A one-time $3,000 signing bonus will be paid to all employees in the CSEA bargaining units. (Kathy Guild, Dep. Let me assure you. If you are a CSEA member and have not received a ballot by June 28, please call CSEA at 1-800-342-4146, ext. 75 80 85 90 95 100 SCCCD PERSONNEL SYSTEM CSEA SALARY SCHEDULE: R (Yearly Amounts) EffectiveJuly 1, 2022 We plan to meet next in early May and hope to be meeting more often following those dates for some meaningful negotiations. Additional negotiation dates have been set for the end of February and early March. Extension highlights include annual salary schedule increase for all employees in the unit, increases to longevity payments, location pay increases, Security and Law Enforcement Differential (SLED) payment increases and an increase in Family Sick Leave, line of duty leave, bereavement leave, increased contribution to the Employee Benefit Fund and more. First, UCS management proposed insufficient funding for the benefits provided by the CSEA Employee Benefit Fund. There were 2,122 yes votes (88%) and 285 no votes (12%). Please check with your HR department in those settings. Contract Negotiations November 14 and 15: CSEAs Negotiating Team met on Wednesday to review progress so far, to discuss the settlement of the Improper Employer Practice charge we filed last year (when UCS refused to negotiate several CSEA proposals), and to work on possible additional ideas.

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