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However, physical and circumstantial facts that would have corroborated Rader as the BTK killer include: Rader's grammar and writing style match letters and poems received from BTK, though none of his communications were handwritten, but typed, stenciled, stamped with a stamp set, or computer generated. From 1974 to 1991, serial killer Dennis Rader murdered 10 people under the moniker BTK Killer, standing for "Bind, Torture, Kill." Around his hometown of Wichita, Kansas, Rader was known as a family man and church leader, and no one suspected he was the man sending taunting letters to police and media detailing his brutal, twisted crimes. How could this man be both? Prior to this, it had not been definitively established that Wegerle was killed by BTK (Rader). He is now in solitary confinement for his protection (with one hour of exercise per day, and showers three times per week). The truth of what caused Rader to become the BTK killer may never be fully known. On March 5, news sources claimed to have verified by multiple sources that Rader had confessed to the 10 murders he was charged with, but no additional ones. According to a 2005 Lawrence World-Journal article, one of Raders brothers said he and their mother, Dorthea Mae Rader were struggling to believe the BTK killer was their own brother and son. He also intended to kill others, notably Anna Williams, 63, who in 1979 escaped death by returning home much later than he expected. Dubbed the "Night Stalker," Richard Ramirez was an American serial killer who broke into California homes, raping and torturing more than 25 victims and killing at least 13 over a two-year rampage. John Wayne Gacy, often called the "Killer Clown," was one of the worst serial killers in U.S. history, murdering at least 33 young male victims. Rader was a census field operations supervisor for the Wichita area in 1989, prior to the 1990 federal census. On August 18, 2005, he was sentenced to serve 10 consecutive life sentences, one life sentence per murder victim. Still, he continued to taunt authorities and appeared to be poised to strike again. Rader's story inspired the Stephen King novella A Good Marriage, which was published as part of the 2010 collection Full Dark, No Stars and later became a feature film. See FameChain's massive Trump family tree. He was convicted of ten murders and received ten consecutive life sentences. In December, he strangled Nancy Fox in her home, and then called the police to report the homicide. A poem in one of the killer's letters was similar to a folk song taught by a professor on that campus in that time period, though Rader himself dismissed any connection. Ex-husband of Private In 1977, Dennis Rader struck twice. writing letters to the media about his crimes. Officers were seen removing a computer from his City Hall office, but it is unclear if any evidence was found at these locations. Paula Rader said in her divorce petition that her mental and physical condition has been adversely affected by the marriage. Because Rader did not contest his guilt, most evidence was not tested in court. He had left ADT in the late 1980s and started working for the Wichita suburb of Park City as a compliance supervisor in 1991. It had many cards with images of terror and bondage of children pasted on them, a poem threatening the life of lead investigator Lt. Ken Landwehr, and a false autobiography with many details about Rader's life. He later admitted that he was pretending to be his victims as part of a sexual fantasy. He then became a dogcatcher and supervisor in the Compliance Department at Park City. See the Elon Musk family tree here at FameChain. They say he was the squeaky clean, oldest of four boys, very traditional parents, traditional family, went to school, did the right things etcetera, so there were no clues.. The murders spanned from 1974 to 1986, in which the majority of those years he was married and raising two children, leading a boy scout troop, and being deeply involved in his church. Son of William Elvin Rader and Dorothea Mae Cooke [34] Rader wrote a letter that had been stashed inside an engineering book in the Wichita Public Library in October1974, which described in detail the killing of the Otero family in January of that year. He also said he was bored, because his children had grown up and he had more time on his hands. On the Oxygen Networks, Snapped: Notorious, episode on the BTK killer, Rader biographer and forensic scientist Ramsland said that Raders father worked long hours and wasnt around a lot and his mom was often preoccupied reading and watching TV, leaving some of the raising of the boys to the grandparents. Even if later murders are linked to the BTK killer, it was originally unclear whether the death penalty would come into play, as the Kansas Supreme Court declared the state's capital punishment law unconstitutional on December 17, 2004. He was raised in Wichita. Rader told Dr. Katherine Ramsland, who spent six years getting to know Rader through jailhouse interviews and letters after he was convicted, that his sexual fantasies involving tying people up started at a young age. He then worked for a few months before entering the Kansas Wesleyan College in 1965. He installed alarms as a part of his job, and many of his clients had booked the company to stop BTK from ever entering their homes, unaware that BTK himself was installing them. "[46] Also enclosed was a chapter list for a proposed book titled The BTK Story, which mimicked a story written in 1999 by Court TV crime writer David Lohr. Donald asks the courts to let him tweet. In this position, neighbors recalled him as sometimes overzealous and extremely strict; one neighbor complained that he euthanized her dog for no reason. It had graphic descriptions of the Otero murders and a sketch labeled "The Sexual Thrill Is My Bill. Dennis Lynn Rader (BTK, BTK Killer, BTK Strangler, B.T.K.) Leary told Heavy: He was terribly to cruel to animals. His father was arrested in 2005 following 10 counts of crimes where he had killed more than ten people. She apparently was terrified and told him to go get help. The FBI, Civil Air Patrol, and local jurisdictions at Rader's former duty stations also checked into unsolved cases during Rader's time in the service. When investigators drove by Rader's house, they noticed the black Jeep Cherokee parked outside. Rader attended Butler County Community College in El Dorado, earning an associate degree in electronics in 1973.He then enrolled at Wichita State University and graduated in 1979 with a bachelor's degree in administration of justice. This includes one person who was saved when Rader called off his planned attack upon his arrival near the target's home owing to road construction, and the presence of road crews, near her home. The BTK killer's other victims were in and around central Wichita, except for his final victim, Dolores (Dee) Davis, who lived a half mile east of Park City. But he blew his own cover through an insatiable desire for attention.. [43] DNA collected from under Wegerle's fingernails provided police with previously unknown evidence. He, too, is a Christian, and his zodiac sign is Pisces. On July 12, 1957 Gloria was united in marriage with Dennis Arnold Rader at Bethlehem Lutheran Church in Frazee, Minnesota. The children were able to escape and provide police with a vague description of the killer. In particular they were focusing on cases after 1994 when the death penalty was reinstated in Kansas. Rader killed her on April27, and took her dead body to his church, Christ Lutheran Church, where he was the president of the church council. He attended Riverview Elementary School. There were four people present inside: Julie Otero, her husband Joseph Otero, and two of their children, Joseph Jr. and Josephine. It contained the driver's license of Nancy Fox, which was noted as stolen from the crime scene, as well as a doll that was symbolically bound at the hands and feet with a plastic bag tied over its head. He is confined to the cell 23 hours a day with the exception of voluntary solo one-hour exercise yard time and access to the shower three times a week. Asked about the reported confessions, Sedgwick County District Attorney Nola Foulston said, "Your information is patently false", but she refused to say whether Rader had made any confessions or whether investigators were looking into Rader's possible involvement in more unsolved killings. But I think I got Rader pretty well.. [23], In May 1991, Rader became a dogcatcher and compliance officer in Park City. with Paula Rader{ "@context": "", "@type": "Person", "name": "Paula Rader", "gender": "Female" }, View Dennis Rader's Family Tree and History, Ancestry and Genealogy, Dennis Rader's father is William Rader Dennis Rader's mother is Dorothea Rader, Dennis Rader's son is Brian Rader Dennis Rader's daughter is Kerri Rawson, Dennis Rader's former wife is Paula Rader, Dennis Rader's brother is Paul Rader Dennis Rader's brother is Bill Rader Dennis Rader's brother is Jeff Rader, Dennis Rader's son in law is Darian Rawson, Ted Bundy{ "@context": "", "@type": "Person", "name": "Ted Bundy", "gender": "Male" }, John Wayne Gacy{ "@context": "", "@type": "Person", "name": "John Wayne Gacy", "gender": "Male" }, Angelo Buono{ "@context": "", "@type": "Person", "name": "Angelo Buono", "gender": "Male" }. With time he grew bolder and began targeting human beings, killing his first known victimsthe Otero familyin early 1974. Also Known As: Dennis Lynn Rader, BTK Killer, BTK Strangler, Spouse/Ex-: Paula Dietz (m. 1971; div. But psychologist and professor Dr. Terence G. Leary, who helps lead the largest non-governmental serial killer database in the world, Radford/FGCU Serial Killer Research at Gulf Coast University, told Heavy he thinks there are even more secrets in Raders childhood that made him the serial killer he grew up to be. In 1979, he sent two identical packages, one to an intended victim who was not at home when he broke into her house and the other to KAKE. [69][70][71], At Rader's August 18 sentencing, victims' families made statements, after which Rader apologized in a rambling 30-minute monologue that the prosecutor likened to an Academy Awards acceptance speech. But Ill talk with you for a minute., Jeff said, I dont think my brother is BTK. He told Ramsland he would fantasize about tying women to train tracks. He is currently serving 10 consecutive life sentences at the El Dorado Correctional Facility. He changed his job in 1972 and joined Coleman Co., a manufacturer of camping supplies. [39], Marine Hedge, aged 53, was found on May5, 1985, at East 53rd Street North between North Webb Road and North Greenwich Road in Wichita. All relationship and family history information shown on FameChain has been compiled from data in the public domain. Rader spent hours waiting in her home but became impatient and left when she did not return home from visiting friends. Rader stated in his police interview that "there are a lot of lucky people", meaning that he had thought about and developed various levels of murder plans for other victims. Dennis Rader's Early Life. Rader was born on March 9, 1945, in Pittsburg, Kansas, and grew up in Wichita. Between 1974 and 1991 Rader murdered 10 people, including four members of the same family. Immediately after, law enforcement officials, including a Wichita Police bomb unit truck, two SWAT trucks, and KBI, FBI, and ATF agents, converged on Rader's residence near the intersection of I-135 and 61st Street North. Married with children by now, he now focused more on his career and rose to the position of installation supervisor. She is now 28 years old and has American nationality. He would serve two more years in the reserves. In the early 1970s he worked in a string of jobs, never staying at one place for long. Rader maintained the image of being a good husband and father, and his family had no inkling about his murderous streak. One of them also changed her address to avoid him. ", Rader's next known crimes occurred in 1977. Then, in one of his communications with police, Rader asked them if it was possible to trace information from floppy disks. In May 2004, a word puzzle was received by KAKE. 2005), education: Wichita State University, Butler County Community College, See the events in life of Dennis Rader (BTK Killer) in Chronological Order,, Armed with a gun and some tools, Rader broke into the Otero home one morning, and killed four members of the familyincluding two young children. Two of the victims (Julie Otero and Kathryn Bright) worked at the Coleman Company, though not during the same period that Rader worked there. Currently, he is serving ten consecutive life sentences at El Dorado Correctional Facility in Kansas. Brian Rader Family, Parents, Siblings. Rolling Stone also reported that according to the book, as a child Rader would get aroused when he was spanked, and when he would see chickens waiting to get slaughtered. Then he escaped in Wegerles family car. READ NEXT: How did Robert Hansens Wife & 2 Kids Have No Idea He Was a Serial Killer? On February16, 2005, Rader sent a purple 1.44-Megabyte Memorex floppy disk to Fox affiliate KSAS-TV in Wichita. The same year, he began his studies at Wichita State University. He did credit the killer with having done "admirable work". Leary told Heavy in a phone interview that Raders methods of torture and murder are a sign of someone who was regularly exposed to horrific abuse.. Shes still very much in denial. The police department replied that there was no way of knowing on what computer such a disk had been used, which was in fact not true. Dennis Rader was a family man and a leader in his community. With this promotion came more freedom, and once again he started killing. It was later retrieved from the trash after Rader himself asked what had become of it in a later message. He was also a family man, the president of the local Christ Lutheran Church and a boy scout troop leader. Dennis grew up with three siblings - Jeff, Paul and Bill. Dennis is also referred to as the BTK Strangler and the BTK Killer. [77], The videotape of Mendoza's interview ended up being used on NBC's Dateline. From a Freudian perspective: Dennis Rader is the result of suppression. The fact that he was able to murder small children without any remorse is truly chilling. On February 26, 2005, The Wichita Police Department announced in a press conference that they were holding Rader as the prime suspect in the BTK killings. Daniel's 5th outing as Bond gets bums back on seats in the cinema. Dennis Lynn Rader Gender Male Age 73 Date of birth Friday 09 Mar 1945 Birth place Pittsburg, Kansas, USA Occupations US Airforce (1966) Education Wichita Heights High School, Wichita, Kansas, United States Riverview School, Wichita, Kansas, United States Butler County Community College, El Dorado, Kansas, United States Brother of Private; Private and Private. With many news stories marking the 30th anniversary of the Otero murders, BTK resurfaced in 2004. This was the evidence the police needed to make an arrest. Dennis Lynn Rader is an American serial killer known as BTK, the BTK Strangler or the BTK Killer. Ramsfield told Rolling Stone that even after six years of conversations with him, I dont think he told me everything, and I dont think he always told me the truth. Rader dropped out of college and joined the U.S. Air Force in the mid-1960s. The Facts. American serial killer and rapist Ted Bundy was one of the most notorious criminals of the late 20th century, known to have killed at least 20 women in the 1970s. He has three siblings named Bill Rader, Paul Rader, and Jeff Rader. In 1966, Richard Speck committed one of the most horrifying mass murders in American history when he brutalized and killed eight student nurses living on Chicago's South Side. However, the police was unsuccessful in getting any meaningful clues about the killer. Confession of a Serial Killer: The Untold Story of Dennis Rader, the BTK Killer. (Photo Credit: Larry W. Smith / Getty Images) The poem expressed Rader's unhappiness about being caught, with one of the verses proclaiming, "The dark side of me has been exposed". The last known BTK killing was in 1991, making all known BTK murders ineligible for the death penalty. Kevin later described Rader as "an average-sized guy, bushy mustache, 'psychotic' eyes," according to a TIME magazine article. Rader mentioned the interview during his sentencing statement. Father of Private and Private He then worked at the Wichita-based office of ADT Security Services from 1974 to 1988, where he installed security alarms as part of his job, in many cases for homeowners concerned about the BTK killings. Dennis Rader was born on month day 1908, at birth place, West Virginia, to Howard Rader and Mary Ella Rader. Retired from his serial-killing days, he was living the life of a normal, respectable member of the society. In his new position, Rader was known to be a stickler for the rules. As part of his plea, he gave the horrifying details of his crimes in court. They filed restraining orders against him and one moved away. They then began DNA testing hundreds of men in an effort to find the serial killer. 35 min read. The BTK killer is now the subject of an episode in the second series of the Netflix documentary Catching Killers, airing on February 9, 2022. His chosen victim was a young mother, Vicki Wegerle. By 2004, the investigation of the BTK Killer was considered a cold case. The 10 known murders are now believed to be the only murders that Rader is actually responsible for, although Wichita police are fairly certain that Rader stalked and researched a number of other potential future victims. In July, a package dropped into the return slot at a public library contained more bizarre material, including the claim that he was responsible for the death of 19-year-old Jake Allen in Argonia, Kansas, earlier that month. It was January 1974 when he tied-up and killed four members of the Otero family, including two children, to fulfill a sexual fantasy. Investigators also noticed his Jeep on security tapes of some of the package drop-off areas, and cemented their case by obtaininga DNA sample from Rader's daughter. [47], In January 2005, Rader attempted to leave a cereal box in the bed of a pickup truck at a Home Depot in Wichita, but the box was discarded by the truck's owner. Rader's killing spree began in January 1974, when he targeted the Otero family, who had been living in Wichita for less than six months. He demanded media attention in this second letter, and it was finally announced that Wichita did indeed have a serial killer at large. On February 25, 2005, Rader was detained near his home in Park City and accused of the BTK killings. Dennis Rader has been an enigma to many of us in the field because I dont think the people who claim to be experts are, regarding Dennis, and Ill tell you why, Leary said. And he was upset that they didnt find him and recognized him and give him the credit in the press for what he did. ", The Raven that Refused to Sing Concert Review, B.T.K. An internet search determined that a "Dennis Rader" was president of the church council. He conducted an interview after Rader had pleaded guilty on June 27, 2005. In 1988, after the murders of three members of the Fager family in Wichita, a letter was received from someone claiming to be the BTK killer in which he denied being the perpetrator of this crime.

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