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eddyline kayak durability

Browse the Delta lineup in our Paddling Buyers Guide, where you will find every Delta kayak on the market, along with specs, reviews, prices and where to buy. Yes, our old owners manual is here.Please note the contact details are now incorrect. Therefore, if you are considering purchasing one of these cool and fun recreational kayaks, we recommend you go on or for the best prices on the market. Eddyline is the first company to apply this new technology to the construction of kayaks and Carbonlite 2000 is an Eddyline exclusive. They are more expensive than entry-level polyethylene kayaks, but cost less than space-age, ultralight composite kayaks. Please Contact Us with your kayaks serial number, model, and a description of the problem to get things started. If the kayak has a skeg or rudder, check that it deploys smoothly. Handling - Tracks very well. It just takes an old guy a little longer, I guess. However, most automotive and marine waxes should be suitable as well.Check out our Care & Repair collection page. Features. The Caribbean is not, by any definition, a stand-to-fish kayak. Many Eddyline kayaks can be ordered with a rudder, but we do not currently offer a bolt-on kit to add a rudder to kayaks built without one. Recessed deck fittings and flush-mounted hatches add to Delta kayaks sleek aesthetic. At 6' and 32" inseam I had the footrests fully extended on the 12 but I have 6-8" more room on the 14. Overall, it is an excellent crossover kayak, which carries speed very well and can take your kayaking skills to the next level. If a product is deemed to be blemished, and is sold as a blemished quality product, the warranty is still in place with the exception of coverage of the blemish itself. The kayaks get outfitted with their foot braces, soft goods (seat pads and back pads), and hatch covers. However, they are not designed to withstand the same abuse as a rotomolded-polyethylene whitewater-kayak. The price on this kayak is quite hefty. I was a little concerned about secondary stability while trying leans in calm water; "fishing" SOTs often have a problem here. In addition to cleaning your kayak, it is a good idea to inspect your deck hardware and fittings to make sure they are still secure and not coming loose. - Turning. For accessories: Eddyline accessories come with a one-year limited warranty. Eddylines kayaks land in between these materials for durability, price and weight. None of our kayaks need a rudder for paddling in calm conditions. WebEfficient V-hull and hard chines track well and perform leaned turns with ease Co-extruded ABS laminate creates a hull that offers the look and performance of a composite kayak with the durability of plastic Co-extruded ABS material is lightweight, highly abrasion resistant and easily maintained It is reinforced by the 25 (65.5 cm) width of the cockpit. A five-year-old kayak will lose about half of its original value, putting a fair price at 50% of the MSRP, but will not lose much more if it is in good condition. The new textured reinforced seatpan is nice, high-dry and squeak free now and still has the drain so you will never get a wet bum. posts and video for more information. The kayak arrived in perfect condition. Light Touring kayaks have features found on longer sea kayaks, like decklines and thigh braces, delivered in a space-efficient package. Small amounts of water in the compartments can be a common occurrence due to condensation, an improperly sealed hatch cover, slight leakage through the bulkhead vent, or screws that have loosened over time. I just completed my first 5 day trip with the Eddyline, and I must say I was very happy with it. Thanks to its length it tracks very well for not having a rudder or slag and it allows you to handle a decent amount of rough water. A tight fit with good contact at the balls of your feet, knees/thighs, and hips means that your lower-body movements are quickly transferred to the kayak. The comfortable and retractable grip handles are connected to the front and rear bungees, which means that they are on the same level as the kayak and do not hit during transport. Unlike polyethylene and polypropylene, the ABS at the core of Eddylines Carbonlite material bonds well with a variety of adhesive materials. The seadog foot braces were replaced with squeeze and slide style which are quicker to adjust but are still straight up. How much are Delta kayaks? They come in a range of sizes and colors to suit everyone. Kayaks hold their value well, especially if they have been cared for. The kayak offers all the stability and comfort features of a recreational kayak, in addition to the durability and performance of a true sea kayak. Manifest Your Paddling Dreams for This Year Through Emotional Goal Setting, 13 Bucket List Paddling Destinations in the USA, Stand Up Paddling for Beginners: How to Get Started and Essential Gear. Renting a boat is also a great way to test how it fits and performs. A simple rinse with clean, fresh water after use is usually enough to keep your kayak clean. It's stable enough to stand up paddle in calm water and light chop/wind. It does exhibit slight weather cocking in wind. We offer a 3 year limited warranty covering defects in materials and workmanship. Please fill out our warranty form to register your kayak (s). Our independent dealers have the know how to fit you to your perfect Eddyline kayak. I'm considering cutting it down. Although Carbonlite is UV-resistant, the sun will eventually break down the material over prolonged exposure (many years). I love the position of the scuppers, just under the thigh area. Eddyline divides their kayak catalog into four categories: Sit-on-top, Fishing, Recreational and Touring. I was able to get the Carribean to 4.4 mph in a sprint and it cruises easily at 2.5 mph. Your email address will not be published. You will be required to pay any applicable duties/taxes when the products arrive. We review Inflatable Kayaks, Recreational Kayaks,Sit on Top Kayaks, Sea And Touring Kayaks, Fishing Kayaks and we also offer guides for beginners. For kayaks: Eddyline kayaks come with a three-year limited warranty. The watertight bulkheads and hatches have ample space for all the gear needed on overnight trips. If you are a beginner or experienced paddler looking for a lightweight recreational or touring kayak, Eddyline is the better fit. If you have any questions on these models please get in touch with us. Nothing is indestructible, however, and it is possible to damage an Eddyline kayak in extreme circumstances. I can only guess that such an accessory would be cheaper to manufacture and install over the current footbrace too. And Ive had zero problems physically, which was a pleasant surprise. We recommend using either 3M Marine Adhesive Sealant Fast Cure 5200 or Sikaflex-291. I thought lacking thigh strap attachment points was an oversight by Eddyline, but it didn't seem important in milder conditions or for normal surf launches. In areas with harsh winters, dry the kayak and protect it from snow loads. The feeling of stability is very relative to the paddler and the more time you spend The Eddyline Equinox Recreational Kayak has watertight walls, hatches, bungee cables behind and in front of the cabin, and recessed hardware. We have worked diligently to grow our production capacity while maintaining and improving our standard of quality. The Eddyline Caribbean is a beautiful kayak, and Ive had lots of compliments on the finish and appearance. Eddyline kayaks aren't cheap, but paddle one, and you'll instantly know that they aren't expensive, either. The Eddyline Sky 10 Kayak is a reliable, sturdy, and well made watercraft thats quite possibly the best single person kayak. The Eddyline Equinox is a medium-sized tourist canoe, equipped with all the accessories we would expect from a brand of leisure kayaks. All of Eddylines kayaks are built with lightweight materials and will be some of the lightest boats when compared to similar models from other brands. Eddyline sells a Carbonlite repair kit that can be used for all of their thermoform kayaks, and the repair process is relatively simple. Delta kayaks are priced mid-range: less expensive than fiberglass or composite kayaks, but more pricey than most polyethylene boats. Eddyline is the sole judge on warranty issues. For further comfort, additional padding can be purchased specifically for Deltas seating system to really make it yourown. See and review all Delta kayaks here. The carbonlite 2000 material used to build this recreational kayak is superb while it is a plastic-based material, the result is a harder glossy finish that offers superior durability and aesthetics compared to composite crafts. The kayak offers all Unfortunately, once it is out the door and on the way to you, we cannot cancel. Reading expert reviews will allow you to evaluate how each kayak handles and how it performs for the intended paddler and conditions. The bulkhead does have a small vent to prevent catastrophic failure from pressure differential in the sealed compartment. These boats balance nimble handling and good glide with no more length than is necessary. My wife owns a Caribbean 12 and loves it and will paddle it until it's unable to float. Recently one of my friends bought a Caribbean 14, Eddyline's newest SOT made of their proven Carbonlite 2000. By comparison, Eddylines kayaks have more premium features and their thermoform construction shaves weight. The hull seems to be slightly reshaped as well with tweaked tear drop scupper holes and a less pronounced keel in the middle to aid in turning I think. Freezing water expands and can put stress on glue joints and seams. The new changes made to the Caribbean make a big difference. They are at home in exposed coastal environments or choppy conditions. The coloring is manufactured into the sheet before it arrives at Eddyline. We use the same process to form and trim the seat bases, seat backs, bulkheads, and coamings of our sit-inside kayaks. For a SOT , the seat is high and dry. Then using vacuum suction, we form each sheet over a custom mold that shapes the sheet into the deck or hull of a kayak which is then cut and trimmed to size. A thorough cleaning and quality control inspecition is the last step before each kayak is packaged for delivery. I could see Eddyline offering a redesigned Angler version in the future. In addition to looking sharp, these features reduce the chances of damaging the kayak during transport and make it easier to re-enter the kayak from the water. If youre looking for a lightweight single or tandem touring kayak, theres likely a Delta thats a great match for you. Eddylines proprietary Carbonlite ABS material is applied in two layers for added strength, and then coated with an acrylic exterior to protect from abrasions and UV damage. Recreational kayaks bridge the performance of a touring kayak with the stability and responsiveness of a sit-on-top. Find a local dealer that carries our products. However, they can be beneficial on certain models in certain paddling conditions. Ive been very happy with my purchase. More so, potentially, the most important factor that makes this boat so popular is the extremely comfortable seat design that Eddyline has fitted. For example, a serial number ending in 14 would be a 2014 model.See our article for more info, Protecting your kayak from exposure to sunlight when stored will significantly lengthen its useful life. hatch is very large/watertight also and can fit paddles inside along with the seat/life vest ect. I was super happy with the interior room in this kayak for multi-day trip gear. they wont warp or oilcan). Their touring kayaks are up there among the best recreational tourers on the market, and some of their basic models offer you a In terms of design, Seaward offers a more extensive touring and tandem lineup, while Delta makes many more boats less than 16 feet, suitable for day touring and recreational paddling. Describe your paddling goals, and take the kayak out for a spin to make sure it fits and performs as expected. How much is a Delta kayak in comparison to other similar boats? .hide-if-no-js { Conditions: Eddyline will repair or replace all items returned under warranty at its own discretion. Just like any kayak you are considering, it is crucial to try before you buy. Head to your local paddling shop and chat with one of the staff therethey know boats. Get exclusive offers and discounts, find out about new products and learn the best kept secrets in paddling. I will preface this review by stating that I am very fickle especially with kayaks. Transporting your Eddyline kayak can be stressful. blog series for more information. Please note that while some spare parts may be available for these kayaks, we do not maintain a complete inventory of spare parts on Visit this page for our discontinued models. Superficial scratches are not an issue, but repairs may be needed for deeper gouges into the inner material. They are easily replaced if worn out. All of the reviews are created and written by paddlers like you, so be sure to submit your own review and be part of the community! Sit-on-top kayaks are a favorite for anglers, as they are stable, easy to enter and responsive to paddle. Lighter kayaks are easier to carry and load onto a vehicle/trailer. Easy on and off for swimming or snorkeling. Perception is part of the Confluence Outdoor family, the same group that owns Dagger and Wilderness Systems. My Vector 13 has a rather flat bottom, so it spins little easier than the Eddyline with it's pronounced keel. My Eddyline Caribbean 14 angler version was purchased in June of 2016. That being said, a used Eddyline listed at its original sticker price is too expensive. The Caribbean 14 shows surprising quickness in acceleration, easy to maintain speed and it tracks straight even without a rudder. with pole handles and wrists, but still low enough that it feels like a true paddler's boat, rather than one of the dedicated fishing craft with the seat high up above the deck. See the Eddyline Kayaks difference for yourself. That cockpit/leg area is generous, and this was an easy boat to enter & exit with a bad knee. Eddyline kayaks are made of their proprietary Carbonlite material, developed from ABS plastic. Our recreational kayaks are sized larger to accommodate a wider range of paddlers with a more relaxed fit for casual paddling. Great people to work with. Like all Delta kayaks, they use thermoform construction for a great blend of durability and light weight. At first glance, the glossy coat and two-tone colorway looks like fiberglass, but Delta kayaks are made with a patented blend of ABS and acrylic plastics. That said, we pay close attention to the properties that affect stability (center of buoyancy and center of gravity) so that most novice paddlers should feel comfortable with the stability of our Lightweight Touring series kayaks. After experiencing the C12 last year, the Caribbean really does feel like a boat with no compromises: The agility, efficiency and speed of a SIK, along with the convenience, comfort and stability of a SOT. The carbon side carry handles are no longer smooth like a paddle shaft but instead rougher/ribbed now for more grip when wet. Hull is durable - takes a day on the river and still looks great. Check the deck (top) and hull (bottom) for cracks and deformities (which will make the kayak paddle less efficiently). Serious damage can occur if the kayak is not secured properly. Our Infinity Seat System is outfitted with comfortable padding to suit the needs of most paddlers without additional customization. The fit and finish is way above any polyethylene boat at any price point. The sitting position is extremely comfortable. Although the hull is UV-resistant, it is best to keep your kayak out of direct sunlight, ideally in a garage. Features Highly efficient hull is fast and nearly effortless to accelerate to speed, yet carries a comfortable degree of initial stability The decks and hulls are fused together with a chemical weld and bulkheads are installed in our sit inside boats. Premium outfitting, bulkheads for safety and sealed hatches for watertight storage make the Delta AR a solid step up from other entry-level recreational kayaks. Eraser sponges can be very effective at removing marks, but they may dull the kayaks glossy finish. Compared to other kayak brands, Eddylines land in the mid-range. Eddylines range of kayaks include models suitable for everything from day trips on calm waters to weeklong expeditions on exposed coastlines. I was impressed. A hard chine means means that the bottom and side meet more at an angle, while a soft chine is more rounded. Try it for your fit. It is so paddler friendly, I find it boring. The slightly raised seat deck area provides a drier ride without unduly affecting center of gravity. I picked this kayak up at REI in Troy, MI, August 8, and have paddled it 30 days since then, over 130 miles in local lakes. Eddylines ABS Carbonlite plastic for lightweight durability Watertight bow and stern hatches Capable of handling an array of paddling itineraries Tracking system reliant on paddlers skill level Check Price at REI Best Value Sit-Inside: Wilderness Systems Pungo 120 Length: 122 | Width: 29 | Weight: 49 lbs | Capacity: 325 lbs This is a bigger job, but one that a professional can do. I don't find weathercocking - even in strong winds - to be a major problem. The best way to know if a Delta kayak is a good fit for you is to try it out. Delta is a Canadian, paddler-owned company that sets out to do one thing well: create quality touring kayaks. The challenging part is knowing where to look, what to look for, and what is a fair price. Founded in 1971, Eddyline was one of the first commercial kayak builders in North America, first with whitewater boats and then with high-volume sea kayaks for West Coast adventures. I love the rear cargo strap on my Vector and the overlapping bungies on the Eddyline work ok, but I'm working on a cargo net idea to secure gear better in the tank well. Award winning designs that make paddling in all water conditions a breeze. I had no problem fitting everything, including all my water for 5 days. The boat tracks extremely straight and true, and to me, paddles for all the world like a more-focused sit-inside touring craft. A lay down bottle holder/bungee was added in front of the bucket. Browse every Eddyline kayak and find prices in our Paddling Buyers Guide. Construction is top notch and great looking. I did not add an anchor trolley, and have been very pleased with the simplicity of carrying a couple of rods behind me in the integral holders, a few trays of tackle in the forward tray area, and a small tackle bag in the tank well. A HF bed extender took care of having to lift the kayak up onto the bed rack. Youll also want to check the bungee/shock cords, perimeter lines, and carry handles for wear and that they are still properly secured to their fittings. For cosmetic damage to the deck or hull of your kayak that does not penetrate the substrate of the material (scratches, cuts and gouges), repairs are straightforward and may only require plastic welding methacrylate, sandpaper, polish and pigment. Still wondering if Delta kayaks are right for you? While longer boats can go faster so long as sufficient power is available, longer boats also carry more wetted surface area, which equals drag. The bungee in front of the seat gives you space for sponges, pumps, and spare paddles that you may need to access on the water. At outdoor chains like REI, Eddyline kayaks and accessories may be available, although they are not listed on the site. The large front hatch, the center day hatch and rear hatch give easy access to most of the interior space.

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