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What? You dont care about me, and youre never there when I need you. The ocean is a scary place and a childs imagination is even scarier. To drive the boat and to make new memories. Dear Lord. By: Yoselyn H., Edinburg, Tx, USA; Age 13 Gender: Female Genre: Comedic Description: She is a dreamer that has wishes. The people, the lunches, the drama. Only the sticky part's left. Mr. Rupert sits at that table for his lunch break, and trust me, you dont want to sit there. Unless ya whip it outta em. First Place Winner! VSCO girls? Look, I really have to tell you this. I thought to myself, how can this morning get any worse? Mr. Milne was a successful author and playwright who used the friendship between Christopher Robin and Pooh as his inspiration for the bedtime stories he told his son. Secondly, youve met Kathys mom, and you guys totally hit it off! Alright, now youll want to take a step forward, then dart out like a majestic scorpion of the Sahara! Ive never heard someone say sorry more than you have. Oh my god youre not Fabio I am so sorry, maam I thought you were my ex, um I guess I could tell you if you want me to No. Hes so strong! Gender: Any Genre: Dramatic. Oh, who am I kidding? Then the light starts to flicker again and the man crawls back into his box. Well, anyhow, we send By: Masha, Age 14, Switzerland Description: Inspired by the Drama Notebook My Name lesson. Genre: Dramatic. Theres another one! No, I dont really want to be like my parents. When I hear you talking about how bored you are, I remember the hours I spent playing with the mercury from a shattered glass thermometer; rolling it around my bare hands and thinking to myself how lucky I was to have found such a fascinating toy. I really need to get some sleep, its so late. at the back. The law office. And I was the girl, who ignored her cries. It concerns a distant cousin of mine who became so frightened during a flood that he [Piglet] I beg your pardon Owl, but I t-t-think we're coming to a very big waterfall. Blah blah blah blah I love to learn something, something, something I spend my summers attending contemporary art conferences in Europe okay okay, okay wheres the important stuff? Hes getting water or Its his turn, that was definitely not right either. Last month, I had to fire four slackers right after another because they were not what I was looking for. Theres a small gas leak in the spaceships cooling system, which makes a high-pitched squeaking noise. They saw how it ended, how it ends for all of us, whats beautiful about that? Symposium? I remember my father looking in every nook and cranny of our straw roofed house for every single cent that he could spare to give me. You cannot convict me or my linguini. Oh ,well, glad to meet you! (pause) Well, I had four pancakes. Whoosh! He screamed Where is it? Please staunch your profuse bleeding and proceed directly there. Third Place Winner! Are you joking? Remember, Im the boss around here! Do you hear that? Bears love honey and I'm a Pooh bear Now everyone is laughing at me. Grrrr! But on the most recent of these excursions, something took his mind off of nothing. Choose a monologue that can showcase your acting and storytelling skills best. It just asked me to write a three-page paper about the civil war. Oh, oh, hello Pooh Bear. Or at least until hes buried beneath a snow drift. Well have a good life, me and Trout. All Im asking is that you try to live a life without her. By: Annika G., Calgary, Alberta, Canada, Age 14 Gender:Male Genre:Dramatic Description: A character talks to a younger version of herself (or himself). I tried to fight fire with fire, but there are too many. A machine. I was his daughter. [Christopher Robin] That's a very good idea Eeyore. I thought he would surely change in the end. Weve known each other a long time and weve seen each other through lifes ups and downs. Isnt that just the bees knees! OK. You're lashing out, Pooh, and that's normal, part of the healing process. That place was crazy; it was like a 24/7 dogfight. No one sees me. And cake! While the other half are looking for a word stronger than very.. I should be over that Prince Royce-wanna-be by now. I got rid of them all, every last one! It was a normal day at the club, or what we call normal. Well, I just married Charlies brother after that, he was the richer one anywayAre you married, dear? This is outrageous. Alone. Love is like that. Thats why I have a special connection to this house. By: Tessa Lassinger, Age 15, Washington, USA Description: An overachieving teen boasts about her involvements and dreams. great body like this from just stocking the shelves. Choosing my outfit got harder in Middle School, and to be honest so did everything else. Its come in very useful with the lie detector tests Ive been through. He knows Im here. THAT took forever. [Narrator] So the Hundred Acre Wood got floodier and floodier, but the water couldn't come up to Christopher Robin's house, so that's where everyone was gathering. Coronavirus? This is a joke, right? I dont know what I ever found in that guy. What can I do to get back to #1? Stab the metal box, girl, or begone from this class! This is the first day Ive been clean in four years. Rabbit: Tigger is so thoughtless with his bouncing! His impression of Daniel Day Lewis doing Abraham Lincoln sounded more like Al Pacino. Shes getting water Or Its her turn never sat right with me. Lets just cut this short okay. And hows your father? He has a beard and scratches on his face, bruises too. I have terrible vision. (Jumps off stool and moves off camera. 1 0 obj I mean, what you dont know cant hurt you, right? By: Josie C., Albuquerque, NM, Age 14 Gender: Any Genre: Dramatic Description: Cupid aims his arrow at the wrong person. So Christopher Robin pulled Winnie the Pooh to the very muddy place. I never assaulted or harassed anyone at any time. I'm so rumblee in my tumblee, But the most wonderful thing about Tiggers But I asked this time?!?!? Adios! Genre: Comedic. I could only focus on the skin on my belly rolling into layers one on top of the other, like a thick and heavy blanket that draped down to my ankles. Its like I was made for you. By: Iris Barrera, California, USA, age 13 Description: A chatty receptionist scares off a person who comes to interview for a job. God, I know! Gender: Female Genre: Comedic. I know you said to stay strong and to take care of the family for you, but it is hard. Shes always supported my love of theater and to be honest I wouldnt be where I am without her. It seemed like she took care of me more than I did her. I dont think you get it, one day I can feel like I have the world but the next everything can change, its as if you have had everything one day but then have nothing. At first, its like heaven opened up and sent you this thing, this incredible, furry, loveable thing. In fact, Id be better than fine, Ill be amazing. Because I have a list of perfect matches for you if you ever need to take a gander. You were the light of my life, the reason I would wake up in the morning. You know I DIYd my costume, and it took me HOURS, but its nowhere near as good as yours. Todays date is April 5th, 2040. No, I dont want anything at all. Naturally, I went to investigate and saw a sight so horrific I might never recover. People can take one look at you, and make a judgement that lasts a lifetime. Still, Middle School should be written off as neutral. You know, the kind of monster that records a fight rather than breaking it up? But, Rickys not as sand paper rough as he comes off. Im here, if you need meand I need you. You arent his medication, so stop acting like some prized jewel that cant shatter to the ground. Do you know? Oh no! I am? Gender: Any Genre: Dramatic, (Actor is holding a bouquet and standing as if facing a groom in a wedding ceremony. Shi-Schnitzel with gravy! Were gonna play a lot of games again, like we used to. Ill be there. (Pause) I refuse because I would rather the reflection in my mirror remain a blur. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. This is our first, of many weekly meetings. The monsters who hide curled up in a beautiful skin. (Surprised, she gasps.) Hum dum de dum, hum dum de dum, Whatcha got there? It didnt matter in the end, I knew it wouldnt, paper cranes cant cure cancer, I know that. I catch you so much as sniffing around it, youll be sorry. Wait, Max heard me talking on the phone before I left. The shirt is too tight, or too loose, or not the right colour, and the pants are too rigid, or too short, or too everything. I havent heard that in so long. The light turns off. Ill say it. Pooh, thank goodness you're safe. I deviate from the line of questioning. How sweetly she beckons. She literally loved it to death. Especially when the characters are so interesting that want to be them. I never saw my sister again. Yes, the breakup was fine. I did not master the sword by ignoring my elders! Just, talking to people. Hey, what are you trying to do back there? Well, I wasnt supposed to be washing dishes for a living. I mean, I have goals and ambitions and I know what its gonna take to get where I wanna go in life. Gopher's the name. People fear of drowning or being attacked by creatures from below. I hope its been good. Im awake. Is that what you see? (Realizing.) By: Thalia O., Lakewood, CA, USA, Age 16 Gender: Male or Female Genre: Comedy Description: A teen shows off an ability to read minds. I mostly stick with brown, that seems to suit him. Yum, yum. Its time to grow up and live a life we dreamed about. Life was good and easy, like nothing in the world could hurt me. Or even worse, when they do come back, theyre a little less themselves. I never got any letter. Remembering how much they enjoyed these Everyone thinks about it at one time or another. Ooh, maybe I could write about a character who cant come up with a monologue and they are trying to brainstorm ideas on what to write about. OH YES! You might want to get a snack. (pause) Anyway, what are you doing tonight? Another time, I hacked his phone and looked through his mail and messages. I feel our connection has been lost and I have fallen for someone else. It all started when I left for work, you know where I work right? Narrator: So Pooh had a little something. Narrator: Ahem. Perhaps some cookie dough ice cream could help me think? Lets get started. Everyone get out your pencils. Moment #3 New York / Kennedys birthday. 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T I double Ga eR. I dont know where she is. I mean look at me! Gender: Female Genre: Dramatic. As in goofball. He constantly runs away from you, scratches up everything you own, and attacks your face if you get too close. After I fell, I was in a coma for two weeks. Chorus:Deep in the hundred acre wood where Christopher Robin plays. Shes no hero, none of us are, were all just dying in our own ways. Third Place Winner! Eeyore refers to a character from the Winnie the Pooh books that are authored by A. At first, I didnt know what to do. And finally, girls need to get the hint that guys dont get their hints. They wont be back for a long time, if ever. (gets up and exits), Second Place Winner! Because, well, actually, no one cared enough to tell me Im ugly. Wait. There are stories in your songs. What about a nice LONG walk? Faith shouldnt get the lead because she did nothing special for her audition when I worked my butt off. I wish that every girl like me could easily start to love themselves. Until one day last summer. It was everywhere. She pounded and tried to get out, but she couldnt. I saw her on the edge of her balcony. Yes, and it went something like this: I wasnt gonna say anything before, because Im no marine biologist, but if she (gestures across) is gonna order that, Im gonna have to speak up. Quarantine? Whats it gonna be? Just look at all that goody goodness. Trust me, Im doing you a solid here. The Perks Of Being A Wallflower Quotes, Up, down, up When I up, down, touch the ground It puts me in the mood, Up, down touch the ground In the mood (smack, smack) for food, I am stout, round and I have found, Speaking poundage wise, I improve my appetite When I exercise. This is the worse day of my life, for real this time. <> Go to a park and have normal experiences but I cant. Why are you watching Youtube? Now, I think I know the cure. And Im gonna be okay. (pause) No, mom. All I wanted was to be open with you and become who I really am. Why dont you go ahead and take a seat hon. When I confronted him, he said it was his mom. Those guys down there? Dont you look at me like that, I do not want to have another shrimp incident. Loving, Miss. How could he do this to me? Okay What do you want most in the world? I decided that was it, that was the last straw. I refuse to wear my glasses, even though it makes my mom mad, and I probably need them. Oh, it, it, it just doesn't have that rustic and proper look. You don't eat them--- you smell them. I told them that they couldnt take my stuff, but Emile said, We dont care, and Rose ignored me. you think I am obsessed too? Again. Eeyore is a pessimistic and gloomy old stuffed donkey belonging to Christopher Robin. Rabbit: (yawns) I think we should all be going. Whats that? Drama Notebook holds a Monologue Contest every month for students ages 6-18. Genre: Comedy. By: Kallie Carter, Age 17, Georgia, USA Description: A young woman tells a co-worker about her lifetime of cheating. I would start screaming too, until I saw the can of spaghetti sauce on the counter and realize it was a joke, and she would laugh so hard that she would fall down. The only thing worse than yelling is silence. He says it was a cat. Can you imagine walking into the kitchen to see an army of little crustaceans manning the grill? At least, you think Im sick. I cant stand the sound of you complaining how hard school is for you, and how not getting an A is fine. Amber is a young woman living in Los Angeles. Jacoby Jones Net Worth, Dont worry, Linda. I remember that she seemed to always be awake. Whooops. (Pause.) I know better than to trust my instincts. Alex looks at me and is all, what ya scared?? 2005 Super League Grand Final, I covered my ears and ran inside and closed the door. Oh well, no matter. The port is closed,too? We'll get you out. It was the day before Valentines Day, and we were making chocolate dipped strawberries when we invited your family over. I thought I started with fur cones. Im sorry. Now that you know how I got into my dream college, its time to tell you how I got kicked out. After a while, me and my stepdad started arguing. I can see everything in the universe. (LogOut/ Shes mean. Ive always had a terrible vision. Wanna hear my story? One gloomy day, my dad came to visit. Its not even the most boring part of my class yet! Nothing on his face, like it was incapable of emotion. My hypothesis was proven correct. (Tearing up. You did what? Matter fact nah, I dont wanna hear it. It was a disaster, but so was Pompeii. Wooo everyone goes insane. Then, he said the next time that I do something like that, hell break up with me. I figure I can deal with my sister when she gets home from school. Tired of trying to get something that feels. No more death. Genre: Dramatic, Woman: (Starts to cry a little bit) I just dont get it. It was a torch passed down on the back of the bus, along with dirty songs and the secrets to youth. According to my parents and all the teachers, my sister, the class president, the popular kid, the star student, is excellent and never does anything wrong. My evil stepmother hates me because every time she talks to that stupid mirror, it always tells her that Im the fairest in the land and goes on and on about my fair skin thats white like snow and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. There is no single pattern of rhyme that unites them although there are many instances of rhyme, both half and full rhyme. I know the right thing and I have to do it. Piglet: Yes, Eeyore, and I brought you a present. By: Tristin Fuller, Washington, USA, Age 13 Description: A job interview goes awry when its revealed that the company is a cult. She likes this one band, Nirvana, and I swear you cannot understand a single word they are singing. I also took up a part time job to help pay for rent and food. Im constantly blowing my money on repairs for my house, because its always rotting away. Frankly, I dont know how YOU arent scared of the ocean. document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); document.getElementById( "ak_js_2" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); Our work is created by a team of talented poetry experts, to provide an in-depth look into poetry, like no other. What? Then there was the time I was sitting in a classroom facing the chalkboard. Hello Officer (Holds up wallet and reads name. Windsday? What will they do when I tell them Im done? What did I do today? You cant? Do you ever think about how being alive, and actually living, are two completely different things? The other men took far longer. John? I learned to be more independent and even learned about money management. Everyone, look here! There are 175 calories in one pancake, times four. Well, Im here now, Allison. Do you REALLY want those back? I saw her walk into the showroom, just as sad as the rest. The savagery that took place there was unbearable. But his best friend is a bear named Winnie the Pooh or Pooh for short. Theres a girl that doesnt live too far from me, and shes pretty nice. The mall. The powers back! You see its been in the family a long time, a it belonged to my grandfather. (Walks off-stage.). Tut-tut, it looks like rain, Tut-tut, it looks like rain. So, tomorrow, Ill be boarding the blimp and getting ready to collect a cloud sample with possible bacterial life, but not before saying goodbye to my cat. Sometimes I take out this picture and talk to her. That was a pretty good dance routine, but its nowhere as good as the one I did when I auditioned for the squad. Ive tried to flee, but Im stuck.

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