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Speaker Recone Kits EV Electro Voice 15 DL15ST DIY Recone Kit F.01U.110.734. Why not contact them (, Too late now to edit my earlier post, but I've discovered that that link doesn't work. Watch this gear and we'll notify you if it becomes available again. . Last update February 2022. Fane Acoustics Limited, Batley, West Yorkshire, England, was officially registered as a Company on 11th June 1958. The control panel included a fake "ground" switch, to match the look of the original Bassmans. Description. Established in England, 1958. -David Gilmour, Guitar Player, Nov 1984. Fane is a wholly British owned company with its headquarters located in West Yorkshire, England. FANE Towards Perfection was a phrase used to reflect the pedigree and mission statement that the company was striving so successfully to achieve. By the mid-1980s FANE was probably the most significant professional audio component loudspeaker manufacturer in Europe. I can't in good conscience sell it as a working Fane Crescendo now anyway. 2015 Fane International Limited. Free Shipping. This speaker I have restored from very poor condition. Fane Crescendo Type A speaker with Green Russian Big Muff - On the Turning Away solo, Fane Crescendo Type A speaker with a Green Russian Big Muff - In Any Tongue solo - no modulation, Fane Crescendo Type A speaker with a Green Russian Big Muff - In Any Tongue solo with modulation, Fane Crescendo Type A speaker with EHX Ram's Head Big Muff - Mother solo, Fane Crescendo Type A speaker with Green Russian Big Muff - Money solo, Fane Crescendo Type A speaker with B.K. Pigtails, shims and instructions are included. They were built for Watkins by Rawson Sparfield Ltd, in Haverhill, Suffolk, England, the same builder who made cabs for Selmer and others. BLENDING CRESCENDOS WITH CELESTIONS - David nearly always runs at least two amplifiers at once in his live rigs, each going to its own speaker cabinet with its own type of speakers. Little is known about the speakers in David's combo amplifiers, but Phil Taylor revealed in an interview (Feb 2015 Guitarist Magzine) that David also uses Fane Crescendos in his Hiwatt SA212 combo studio amp. Fane A60 8 ohm or 16 ohm Ascension Guitar amp Alnico speaker $265 Brand New Fane Ascension F30 8 or 16 ohm $165 Brand New Fane Ascension F25 8 or 16 ohm $125 Brand New Orange Silver Series Voice of the World 12" Speaker Pair $299 $99 price drop $200 Used - Mint Celestion Cream Alnico 12" guitar speaker 8 ohm $279.99 Brand New Free Shipping All rights Reserved. Items must be returned in original, as-shipped condition with all original packaging.Learn More. Pink Floyd backline tech Phil Taylor, Guitarist Magazine Jan 1995, Shown above - David Gilmour's WEM Starfinder 4x12 speaker cabinets loaded with Fane Crescendo 100w speakers, from Pink Floyd's, Shown above - David Gilmour's WEM Starfinder 4x12 speaker cabinets from his 2006 tour with barely visible. Oops, looks like you forgot something. All rights Reserved. 27 subscribers In this video we compare the classic FANE Crescendo A with two of the best options in the market right now. The sound is very detailed and cuts straight through in a band mix. Those can be identified by the ink stamped date code on the frame spoke. FANE continues to dynamically engage with a continually changing global audio industry, evolving to the demands of the present time while being faithful to our original maxims of being at the forefront of audio design and engineering and innovative in our approach to predicting future market trends and requirements. Those look great. He had WEM 4x12 cabinets with Fane Crescendo speakers in, identical to the ones he uses now" - Pink Floyd backline tech Phil Taylor, Guitarist Magazine Jan 1995, "I have two new 100-watt Fender Twin Reverb heads running to two 4xl2 cabinets each-two WEM cabinets with Fane Crescendo speakers and two Marshall cabinets with Celestions." A few years later these were changed to Jensen P10R speakers with kapton voice coils, which held up better to high volume than the paper coils in the Eminence speakers. Would the Starfinder sound good in a small combo? T-75s were first made in 1984 and are the most common type of Celestion speaker, so they are very easy to find. During the early years of FANEs existence and rapid growth, the company supplied small round and elliptical speakers to manufacturers during the boom period of radio and television set production in the UK. Closed-back cabinets sound more focused and project the sound in one direction. LEGENDARY BRITISH LOUDSPEAKER MANUFACTURER FANE ACOUSTICS HAS A RICH HISTORY AND HERITAGE DATING BACK TO THE LATE 50'S Hiwatt, Jennings, Sound City, WEM, VOX and Laney were just some of the well known brands that equipped their cabs with Fane and with them the signature to iconic British tone. The pedals he used in that rig were often a Rat, Boss CE-2 chorus and Boss CS-3 compressor. DR-Fs, which stand for "Dave Reeves Fanes", are based on the Fane 125161 purple backed speakers used in vintage Hiwatt cabs from the late 1970s. If you just want one speaker that blends both the bright mid range Crescendo tone and the darker, mid-scooped Celestion tone through a Hiwatt, try the Weber British Series ceramic FC12F speakers. FANE became the first manufacturer to produce a speaker capable of handling 100 W and generate sound pressure levels in excess of 100 dB. Shown above - Examples of frame spoke labels used on Fane Crescendos from the 1970s. - David Gilmour has used a wide variety of small combo amps (amplifier + speakers in one cabinet), Kits Secret Guitar, Gear, and Music Page. The unit used a high frequency electrical discharge to produce sound waves by ionising the air in a small quartz tube coupled to a flared horn. I also have 4 x 12 original Pulsonic cone, 1972 G12Hs but 75hz cones, 25 watt. As FANE continued to further develop speaker technologies for high-power professional audio sound reinforcement, the FANE product range and OEM capability significantly expanded to cover a catalogue range of fifty products. The 12 A was the type often used by Gilmour. A photo from the Evidence Audio website of David Gilmour's 59 Bassman being serviced with new speaker wire confirmed the original blue frame alnicos are still in his. This driver has been thoroughly researched in every detail possible and every component recreated to exacting standards, they are even magnetised on the machine that the original Fane company used back in the 60s and 70s. This Bassman/Hiwatt setup was used for most of the 1993 Pink Floyd sessions which resulted in the Division Bell album, where David first started using the B.K. All Crescendos do not sound identical, but compared to my originals, the Starfinder is slightly darker with less upper mid range. Parts specifications: Cone: 12 outside diameter, 2.95 deep, 2 voice coil opening, ribbed cone. They sound harsh for the first few weeks when new, as is the case with most new speakers. The FANE Sovereign Series was created with both heavy duty pressed steel and cast aluminium frame options to provide a new range of product options optimised for the requirements of the current professional audio industry and subject to a programme of continuous improvement in which specifications undergo constant analysis to ensure that they represent the best they can be. Hiwatt, Jennings, Sound City, WEM, VOX and Laney were just some of the well known brands that equipped their cabs with Fane and with them the signature to iconic British tone. The massive magnet and ribbed foil tape make them easy to identify. Whittier Speaker's. 15215 Janine Dr East Whittier, California Call Now. Based on your location, we've changed your settings: Shipping Region: Ted Weber FC12 100w ceramic speakers with aluminum dust covers are described as having the "Classic British Fane Crescendo tone". It was in 1967 that FANE made the significant breakthrough that would seal its reputation as a market-leading innovator. It may not display this or other websites correctly. The Starfinder 200 cabinet size was 30" x 30" x 14 1/2". Shown above - David Gilmour's WEM Starfinder 4x12 speaker cabinets loaded with Fane Crescendo 100w speakers, from Pink Floyd's Producing high-quality pro audio loudspeakers. Each performance was recorded on a Boss RC-3 looper and played back through my rig with identical effects and settings, so each performance is identical. I also think the low frequencies sound less flabby with closed backs, especially from a Big Muff. Drivers for household or reinforcement use were advertised in 1959. One was loaded with Fane Crescendos and another was loaded with Celestion 75s, according to Analogman. Fane label that was also used on some speakers with the exact same specs as the Crescendo 12 A. WOT'S, UH THE DEAL WITH THE FENDER 59 BASSMAN REISSUES DAVID GILMOUR USED? East Whittier, California Call Now. 30-Day Return Policy. The opening of our offshore manufacturing plant enabled FANE greater competitiveness to meet the challenges of a market in which the number of rival brands had increased exponentially at the same time of vastly increasing production output. These are are sometimes Fane-made Sound City and Hiwatt speakers that use the exact same frame as the Crescendo with fake Crescendo and ID labels applied to them. Shown above - David Gilmour's WEM Starfinder 4x12 speaker cabinets loaded with Fane Crescendo 100w speakers, from his 2015 tour. shown above - 59 Fender Bassman LTD (laquered tweed) from 1995 with Jensen PR10 speakers. Crescendos are characterized by their massive ceramic speaker magnets with beveled edges around the back plate. One is the Hi-Tone Eclipse 4x12 speaker cabinet. Different tubes offer different sound characteristics, which can affect the cleanness and EQ of the tone. The microphone was placed on each speaker to get something that sounded like what I hear in the studio. Like the Hi-Tone DR-F speakers, these are also based on one of the many Fane purple-backed speakers that were included in 1970s Hiwatt cabs. In 1966 a young man by the name of Arthur Barnes joined Fane Acoustics as the press-shop manager. Watkins no longer make WEM cabs and they are extremely very rare to find in good condition these days, and even those in poor condition are very expensive. Fane Crescendo speakers for bass guitar cabinets. The Black Label had all black printing so the text was in silver on black. Note the aluminum dust caps indicate these are Crescendo 12 'A' type speakers. VISIT THE WEBSITE Fane Pro Audio - PA Loudspeaker Systems Here is a clip using my Twin Reverb RI. I doubt he has used the China made version that satrted production around 2002-2003. Similar tone family, but more of a distant relative, and more balanced for a wider variety of music. So a 16ohm amplifier should be matched with a 16ohm cab running 16ohm speakers. It sounds very similar to the original amps, but speaker types make a big difference with the sound. Hey! Premiered Jun 23, 2020 17 Dislike Share Save Grooved Cranial Highway 25 subscribers This is a demo video of Rawson Sparfield Starfinder (Fane Crescendo) Speaker Drivers. Also note the words "FANE MADE IN ENGLAND" cast into the spokes of early Crescendo frames. They have a great Gilmour sound to them when paired with a Hiwatt amp and blend very well with mid 1990s Celestion G12T-75 speakers. Our story begins when founding partners Arthur E. Falkus and Dennis A. Newbold established the FANE brand by combining the first two letters of their respective surnames (FA and NE) to create the name that would form the identity of their new company. The old Marshall JTM45 is also nearly an exact copy of the Bassman circuit, but substitues a 12AY7 preamp tube with a 12AX7 tube for more gain, which makes it a bit too dirty for most Gilmour tones. Your purchases also help protect forests, including trees traditionally used to make instruments.

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