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Fitz tells Sophie how he sat next to her, giving her a dose of, Fitz offers Sophie his hand, and Sophie takes it, Fitz apologizes for his behavior, saying he was being stupid and that he was angry, but not angry at. This has resulted in various nicknames, the most infamous being "Wonderboy," christened by Dex. Because his voice filled Sophie's head, his consciousness slipping past all of her barriers so he could tell her. They have a pair of matching rings that snap together when their minds connect. Sophie forgets to let go of Fitz's hand when they finish light leaping, and she realizes how hard she's been squeezing it. Sometimes I wish you saw yourself a, Fitz brushes tears out of her face, and Sophie "pretty much melted against his hand. WhenAlden'smind broke, Fitz shut Sophie out, thinking she was to blame and that he should have been with his dad instead of her when Alden was injured. Fitz gets seriously injured in Exile by being thrown back onto an arthropleura's antennae. They admitted their romantic feelings for each other in Book 7: Flashback, and began to date in Book 8: Legacy. They have a pair of matching rings that snap together when their minds connect. Fitz and Sophie's friendship breaks until Sophie comes back to fix Alden's mind. He struggles with this at first, but he quickly learns when he jumps off a cliff after Sophie. The one who'd let her cry on his shoulder when she had to leave her family, and who'd gone out searching for her in the middle of nowhere, just because he'd heard her voice in his head. Sophie tells Fitz that she trusts him too. We could all use a little more weird in our lives.Fitzroy Avery Vacker, Youve almost died enough times, its my turn now.Fitzroy Avery Vacker, I'll always be here when you need me.Fitzroy Avery Vacker, Book 6: Nightfall , Book 7: Flashback, Book 8: LegacyFitzroy Avery Vacker, Yeah, but Sophitz is going to be unstoppable.Fitzroy Avery Vacker, Im so tired of trying to hide the fact that the only name I want to see on my lists is . Together they develop code words to keep what they are doing during the mind-healing a secret from Fintan. During Alvar's examination in Flashback, Fitz treated Alvar with great contempt. Sophie Foster: The main protagonist of the Keeper of the Lost Cities series. The two hold hands often, mostly during Cognate training, for moral support, and to express affection. Fitz is good at his studies, and is favored by his parents, and he is nicknamed 'Wonderboy' byDexbecause of this. Fitz chuckles when Sophie shrieks upon seeing Della appear, and Sophie blushes. Sophie and Fitz Sophie no longer denies it when people call her his girlfriend or her boyfriend. When they try to recreate the moment of trust on the beach (when they were bottling quintessence), and Sophie blushes because of how close Fitz is. "They are pretty cute," Fitz noted. Booklover365. He promised that even if Sophie couldn't heal Alden, he wouldn't blame her. When the Vackers find out, they are distraught that their son/brother was lying for so long, and the family goes through a time of anger as well as grief. In Book 8: Legacy, he tries to force Sophie to investigate her biological parents, unable to accept her unmatchable status. He was originally created to look for Sophie and quickly find out she's an elf. She grabbed Biana's teeth and back flipped onto her parents bed. Manage all your favorite fandoms in one place! His parents areAlden Vacker, aTelepath, andDella Vacker, aVanisher. Basic Information Orem Vacker is a talented Flasher and performs light shows called the Celestial Festival during a total eclipse. She reaches out to Fitz right after the episode with, Sophie blushes as she remembers he brought her. You set the pace and I'll justfollow your lead. Sophie andFitzhave developed a bond so strong they are capable oftransmittingthoughts to one another from great distances. Fitz tells Sophie to lean on him when she tried to lean on a frozen wall. Biana confirms that Fitz has had a crush on Sophie ever since he was stabbed by the, Fitz gave her (Biana) a look that hopefully said. Calla Barth the Reaper Brier Lur Mitya Sior Gora Gerda Yuri Amisi, Dwarves (Category) However, they are caught by surprise when Lady Gisela and Tam ambush them. This is a skill that many other elves can perform. Fitz can change the temperature of his body, which is a skill that can be learned at Exillium. ", "I'll always remember that you found me and brought me to the Lost Cities and showed me where I really belong. And sometimes I still want to be that guy that everyone looks to-even though I know it's silly. Mr. Sweeney Bethany Lopez Eleanor Wright Ethan Benedict Wright II Garwin Chang, Goblins (Category) He also demonstrates this skill throughout the series. In Flashback, Fitz and Sophie admit that they like each other and Sophie decides to register for matchmaking. The best part was she actually believed him. Contents 1 Physical Description 2 Personality and Traits 3 Strengths & Weaknesses 3.1 Strengths 3.2 Weaknesses But hearts could be foolish things. Shannon Messenger, Flashback. Becoming evil. Fallon Vacker is Fitz's ancestor. It seems Fitz is very close to his father and respects him, and cares about him a lot. But he didn't say anything. A few days later, Fitz makes up with Sophie, and apologizes for how he was hurt her, but they agree to remain just friends for the time being. The gesture felt protective this time, and his voice was all sharp edges as he told Livvy, "If you let, "They stretched out their minds, and Fitz's consciousness seemed to merge with Sophie's as they moved almost like a dance, sweeping around barriers and sidestepping defenses. Stuffed Animals Fitz goes with Sophie to save a gnome that is infected by the plague. Fitz transmits to Sophie via telepathy that he thinks that her talents are awesome. Fitz Vacker(Pronounced Fits Vack-er[1]) is a secondary character in Kotlc. Fitz was still angry he had missed the small yet huge clue. I will if you will, he made her promise. Sophie Foster & Fitz Vacker - The Story of Us (Lyrics) - YouTube 0:00 / 4:28 Sophie Foster & Fitz Vacker - The Story of Us (Lyrics) 9,764 views Mar 23, 2021 271 Dislike Share Save. Fitz teasingly says that he hopes Keefe isn't getting into Sophie's head too much. They haven't interacted much, although Tam was worried about Fitz in Flashback. For example, when his father's mind broke, he lashed out at Sophie for being partially at fault. Fitz is one of the two people whom Sophie trusts enough to let into her mind (the other one being the elf that created her. "She tried to convince me to get you crush cuffs for a finals gift when you finished Level Three, but I didn't want to pressure you like that." The Vacker Legacy The Great Vacker Hurlfest, Residences Sophie and Fitz drawn by Shannon Messenger, Her face tried its best to burst into flames. He was also the second youngest ever tomanifestan ability, behindSophie. Keeper of the Lost Cities | Sophie Foster Keefe Sencen | Adventure Fantasy Sophitz Sokeefe Sophie Foster wasn't taken to the Lost Cities when she was twelve. yours. Fitzroy Avery Vacker to Sophie Elizabeth Foster, Book 7: Flashback, Sophie fought off her smile as Fitz kicked the sand, stirring up a coppery cloud. Eventually, Fitz realizes what he did was wrong, and apologizes to everyone, and soon Alden's mind gets healed. "I do." A pair of beautiful eyes. Sophie Foster (Keeper of the Lost Cities) Keefe Sencen Fitz Vacker Aftermath of Violence Alden Vacker Bashing Mentions of Myth & Folklore Implied/Referenced Drug Use Polyamory Other Additional Tags to Be Added Tags Are Hard Tags May Change Other Ships Not Mentioned in Tags Post-Time Skip Swearing Keefe left to keep Sophie safe. Character - (Fitz to Sophie) Shannon Messenger, Keeper of the Lost Cities: I dont mind having you know what Im thinking, Sophie. Fitz admits that he likes Sophie several times. She had gotten him something that was to thank him for her first day in the Elvin cities. He is also very devoted and loyal to his friends. Fitz backs away from Alvar when he finds out that he was with the Neverseen. InFlashback, Sophie andFitz]became extremely close. In Nightfall, when Biana goes missing after attacking two Neverseen leaders, he yells out in distress and begs Sophie to track her. What happens to Keefe in unlocked? When Fitz is angry, he does not think straight and can shut others out. When Biana asks Fitz why he hasn't told Sophie yet, he says he's waiting for the right time. Benesh Vacker Kesler Dizznee Brisa Caprise Redek Ceri Cyrah Endal Harlin Vacker Juji Jurek Marella's Dad Luzia Vacker Mai Song Norene Vacker Ollie Heks Orem Vacker Quan Song Quinlin Sonden Silla Heks Lady Pemberley, Humans (Category) Fitz tries to tell Sophie something, and Keefe interrupts. before she opens her minds to all the prisoners in, Sophie screams in terror and sorrow when Fitz is skewered by the, Sophie does her best to help Fitz heal after he is injured, by spending time with him after, Fitz insisted on helping Sophie down from the arch she was hanging from saying that he "would not leave her up there" when the, Fitz boosted Sophie's concentration and left Exillium to find the sick. Because I can.". For example, whenDextosses him a gadget in Neverseen, Fitz catches it with his mind, spinning it in the air a few times. Sophie and Fitz decide to visit Alvar together. Sophie's face flashes through Fitz's mind when he says he likes. Fitz and Sophie note how they both saved each other in the tower. Sophie does not think she could have gotten through leaving her parents without Fitz. If a character has anger issues and takes it out on other characters, that character isn't being incorrectly perceived as a jerk. Alvar Soren Vacker/The Boy Who Disappeared Brant Fintan Pyren Gethen Lady Gisela Minette Sencen Ruy Tonio Ignis Trix Umber Vespera Neci Folend, Important Bodyguards In Exile, Fitz accuses Sophie of being the reason why his father, Alden, ends up with a broken mind. The girls won, and Fitz noted that he owed Sophie a favor. Despite these traits, he can get angry and upset, especially when someone he cares about is in danger. He brushes custard off the corner of her mouth, and Sophie's face turns nuclear. Fitz is shown to be very protective of her. He and Keefe drifted apart when Keefe joined the Neverseen, but their relationship slowly mended itself afterward. There he and Sophie work on becoming Cognates. While he is capable of trusting people (trust is an important factor in his Cognate relationship with Sophie Foster), his trust is confined to a few select individuals. [Fitz's] eyes locked onto hers, refusing to let her look away. Sophie says "I do." Shhhh, Fitz whispered. Now he wants revenge on Sophie and her family. She has blonde hair that reaches just past her shoulders. Fitz is very good at telekinesis. Biana is Fitz's little sister. When Fitz and Sophie are splotching he cheers for Sophie. During the period of Alden's mind break, Keefe tells Fitz about how his harsh words and actions towards Sophie had affected her, and he humbly apologizes. Fitz comforts her, and tells her that nothing would hurt. We could all use a little more weird in our lives Fitz Vacker. He said if Sophie didn't use the favor in a month it became his. Close Friends/Cognates/Formerly Dating Fitz and the others walk in on Sophie and Keefe hugging and Fitz asks if , Fitz hugs her and promises everything will be alright after. In Legacy, Fitz works with Lord Cassius in an attempt to recovered shattered memories that Lady Gisela had washed from her husband's mind, and is also dating Sophie. . The next day, Fitz and Sophie have a fight, as she and Keefe took over Fitz's project with Lord Cassius, and also ended up having a run in with Alvar, in which Keefe and Sophie let Alvar go in exchange for information. He is a member of the prestigious Vacker Family, a fact he takes pride in. ", When they agree to be there for each other, Fitz says, "just trust me, Sophie. Fitz is also capable of levitating. ". Fitz becomes angry toward everyone except immediate family when Alden's mind breaks and blames everyone for it. Status Sophie and Keefe, Sokeefe, or Team Foster-Keefe (the latter being dubbed by Keefe Sencen) is the romantic and/or platonic pairing of Sophie Foster and Keefe Sencen. Councillor Alina Councillor Bronte Councillor Clarette Councillor Darek Councillor Emery Councillor Liora Councillor Noland Councillor Oralie Councillor Ramira Councillor Terik Councillor Velia Councillor Zarina Councillor Kenric Elgar Fathdon Fintan Pyren Fallon Vacker, Teenagers Near the end of Lodestar, Fitz reminded Sophie of the favor she owed him, but recommend that they "skip the talking". In the Flashback Barnes and Noble Exclusive version, Fitz has a short story in his point of view. Fitz beams when. It has been shown that Sophie has had a crush onFitzsince they first met. They have trust exercises that consist of sharing secrets about themselves that they haven't told anyone else. Alvar was also Fitz's former role model. Sophie blushes and she says that she trusts Fitz as well. Lost Cities Keeper Wiki is a FANDOM Books Community. Sophie and Fitz both note that they've trusted each other from the first day they met. Sophie and Fitz clearly find one another attractive as shown by frequent compliments. Biana Vacker Dex Dizznee Fitz Vacker Keefe Sencen Linh Song Ruy Ignis Sophie Foster Tam Song Timkin Heks. These feelings cause her to blush and her heart to flutter when she is around him. Fitz also demonstrates levitation in Flashback when he levitates Sophie and himself high enough so Sophie can teleport multiple times. As Sophie briefly meets up with Fitz's group before heading to the Healing Center with an unconscious Keefe, Fitz comforts Sophie telepathically. In Legacy, Sophie is nervous about her 'unmatchable' status and avoids Fitz. Biana confirms that Fitz has had a crush on Sophie since he was stabbed by the anthropleura in Neverseen in book 4. Throughout Nightfall, Fitz gives Sophie small gifts and visits her a lot. Fitz is described to be skeptical and suspicious multiple times throughout the series. As of book 2: Exile, she has a star-shaped scar on the back of her right hand. Fitz confesses that he only wants to see Sophie's name on his matchmaking list. Sophies stomach wrenched as she sat beside him. (pg. Sophie Foster, Keeper of the Lost Cities, Flashback "I want it to be you." - Fitz Vacker, Keeper of the Lost Cities, Flashback "Fitz pulled her forward, and the warm tingling in her hand shot through her body--like a million feathers swelling underneath her skin, tickling her from the inside out." "/> arrow-left arrow-right chevron-down Fitzphie Fitz brings Mr. Snuggles to cheer Sophie up. They greatly trust each other and understand each other's minds completely. They are then sent to Exillium. Fitzphie is the het ship between Sophie Foster and Fitz Vacker from the Keeper of the Lost Cities fandom. Sophie is only about to be seventeen and finds out the reason she can hear people's thoughts is that she's an elf. Fitz has teal eyes, brown hair, and a pale complexion. Sophie andFitzare on friendly terms (though Sophie seemed to have hoped for more, despite stating she clearly wasn't ready for a boyfriend). Then Fitz's feet moved closer, and Sophie noticed that Grizel's feet stayed where they were and all the other feet around her quietly snuggled away, leaving her feet and Fitz's feet alone. Sophie has also shown some signs of liking Keefe, especially in Neverseen, Lodestar, Nightfall, and Unlocked - though it has not been confirmed. He was only beat once, by Sophie. kotlc sophieandfitz sophitz # 3 No More Secrets by eleanor 101K 1K 11 sophie and fitz have finally confessed their feelings to each other. Shannon Messenger, "Her heart did that stupid fluttery thing again and her skin tingled everywhere he touched. Fitz and Sophie try to pry a few more things out of Prentice's mind. When Sophie apologizes for slipping into Fitz's mind all the time so easily, he insists she stop apologizing and that she has an amazing talent. Fitz comforts Sophie after Keefe yelled at her. Youre safe.. However, Fitz's determined nature also is incredibly helpful to him, as it always gives him a cause and a goal to accomplish, and leaves him very dedicated to movements he agrees with, such as the Black Swan. Fitz puts a protective arm around Sophie and says sharply, "If you let. Sophie blushes when Fitz asks her if she misses him. Fitz won't give up trying to make up for being mad at Sophie while Alden's mind was broken. She cheers him on when he is splotching against. In order to complete their training, the two share almost all their secrets with each other. Or that part of her didn't still wish" This implies that, They both have a stuffed animal (Sophie has. And when she swallowed, it was so loud, she was sure the entire world heard it. " Fitz is shown to be unaffected by these names. He remains one of the only two individuals capable of transmitting to animals (even across vast distances), along with Sophie Foster. When Fitz is struggling with what to do about. Coach Rohana Coach Wilda Coach Bora The Boobrie Dude, Previous Attendees (Waywards) The relationship between Sophie and Fitz is popular between Keeper of the Lost Cities fans due to the rivalry between Keefe Sencen and Fitz over Sophie. This is also when Fitz realized he had developed feelings for Sophie. Fitz sits next to Sophie, leaning towards her and saying, "Or, we could skip the talking." Contents 1 Pairing Names 2 Moments 2.1 Keeper of the Lost Cities 2.2 Keeper of the Lost Cities: Exile 2.3 Keeper of the Lost Cities: Everblaze 2.4 Keeper of the Lost Cities: Neverseen. The ship nameSophitz is composed of the Soph of Sophie and the itz of Fitz;Sofitz is composed of the So of Sophie and the fitz of Fiztroy; Fitzphie is composed of the Fitz of Fitzroy and the phie of Sophie. Book 6: Nightfall , Book 7: Flashback, Book 8: Legacy,,,, Fitz is the second-youngest elf to get his, He starts wearing a strong-scented cologne in. Fitz is very good at telekinesis. Fitz tells Sophie how hard it was to be trapped in a force field, watching them hurt Sophie. Appetite Suppression Blinking Body Temperature Regulation Breath Control Darkness Vision Levitating Outward Channeling Telekinesis, Staff DuringCognatetraining one day, Sophie almost toldFitzthat she likes him, butKeefeinterrupted. Fitz can also be firmly determined in his beliefs, sometimes to the point of refusing to consider other points of view. They eventually decided to hold things off until Sophie was ready to start "dating." He sent a tidal wave of heat, launching everything up, up, upthrough softness and sludginess and pain and relief until she was back in her body, shivering in a pair of warm arms that held her close and careful and wouldnt let her fall. In Neverseen, his hair turned green and spiky, like a cactus. They try to go save Prentice in Exile. Fitz sometimes refuses to consider other points of view. Fitzcould get into Sophie's head, but his voice was very loud and gave her painful migraines. *cough* note the word S A V O R Y *cough* Many try to hide "Fitz's" true name, but we will not let them keep the truth from us any longer. Later, they fought and broke up, deciding to just be friends. This was not the final product, seeing as it was a short story with the ending beingSophiefinding out she is an elf, and now there is an entire series. Sophie laughs and tells Fitz that Mr. Snuggles is the best. Fitz waits at the Healing Center with a comatose Keefe while Sophie leaves to visit her home for a bit. So this video is really adorable I had a ton of fun making it!! She immediately accepted. Fitz is also caring towards his friends and those he likes, especially Sophie. Evidently, also because Dex is well aware that Sophie could possibly have feelings for Fitz, and most likely does. Sophie, being genetically modified, has five abilities, while Fitz has one. The name "Fitzroy" is the Anglo-Norman[1] name meaning "son of the king," derived from "fi(t)z," meaning "son," and "roy," meaning "king. Fitz's eyes.". Fitz said. But right as her mind started to drift, he added, "But he was also the boy who'd shown up on her class field trip and shown her where she really belonged. Fitz is also the one Sophie transmits to when she and Dex are kidnapped by the Neverseen. He is a member of the prestigious Vacker Family, a fact he takes pride in. Who is Sophie Foster's father? You know that, right?" 1 quote have been tagged as fitz-vacker-and-sophie-foster: Shannon Messenger: 'Fitz offered Sophie his arm, and she tried to ignore the way her insides f. Fitz's trust is seen to be irreparable whenever betrayed. When they are first in a situation together, although they seem to have met before, Dex says he knows Fitz, but Fitz says he doesn't know Dex, making the conversation extremely awkward. 'If you want to stop hanging out with me' (Sophie says this to Fitz and then he responds with) 'I told you, Im in. Fitztold Sophie that wanted only her to be on hismatch list,causing Sophie to tell him about her own crush on him. He has a lot of potential and is proud of his talent. Linh possibly has a crush on Fitz, maybe because he was good-looking or because of other reasons. Sophie tells him that she's had a crush on him from the moment they met. CANON kotlc kenric sofitz +10 more # 5 The Winnowing Galas by CoordinatedChaos 80.9K 621 11 When Fitz has his Winnowing Galas, Sophie's invited. "Yeah, Fitz can pull off anything," Sophie said (then blushed) after Fitz's hair had been dyed green by Keefe and, Fitz and Sophie are compatible as cognates. Basic Information "I'm kidding. Answer: In all honesty, they both caused the break up, so Sophie's forgiveness also came with the knowledge that she helped cause it. His parents are Alden Vacker, a Telepath, and Della Vacker, a Vanisher. When Sophie's heart changes pace after sharing secrets with Fitz, she feels like ". Slowly, in Lodestar and Nightfall, it seems that their relationship might be falling apart. Fitz rants to Sophie about Alvar and his family's reputation problems. In fact, theres something I have to tell you'. Fitz never forgave his brother, Alvar, and acted hateful towards him during Flashback. Lost Cities Keeper Wiki is a FANDOM Books Community. When he is recaptured by Sophie, she lets him escape, which Fitz does not support. He is sometimes called 'perfect' and a 'golden child', partially due to these traits. Ambi Hemisphere Left Hemisphere Right Hemisphere, Skills Taught They also both entered a Telepathy class withTiergan duringEverblaze. Known Black Swan Members Sophie and Fitz have developed a bond so strong they are capable of transmitting thoughts to one another from great distances. He eventually apologized and she realized that he was mad at himself and not at her, and she forgives him. However they later broke up, when Sophie and Fitz said they each just wanted their friend back. Canonical? While hiking to catch up with Keefe, Fitz stays behind Sophie so he can catch her if she falls. Fitz is unable to accept this, and the two mutually agree that "it leaves them nowhere". After Fitz begs Sophie to try once more to search Alvar's mind to be sure his memories are gone, Sophie agrees to train more as Cognates and check Alvar's mind with him. Sophie says that she does trust him, then he says, "then trust this" and they are about to kiss when, Fitz comforts Sophie when they learn the baby, Fitz spins Sophie around after Silveny successfully gives birth and the twins are transported. Fitz says he'll keep trying anyway. In Exile, he became a Level Five prodigy. He and Biana have multiple conversations, and Biana appears to know about his crush. He is described to be strong-featured with prominent cheekbones, similar to his father, Alden Vacker. "MMMM Sophie thooose are some STIIICKY sheeets." Sophie SCREAAAAAAMED. Fitz Vacker is a ritz cracker. -, "We do," Fitz agreed, and Sophie was so relieved that he still thought of them as a couple that it took her brain a second to register that he'd also called her pretty - and she would've melted into a puddle of mush right then if Fitz hadn't put his arms around her again. yours.Fitzroy Avery Vacker, Dude, she is seriously going to stab you.Fitzroy Avery Vacker, Fitz is the golden boy from the famously important family who spent years secretly helping his dad search for Sophie in the human world. I didnt realize that was a lot to ask.. They perform the healing, but the whole process is a disaster because Fintan sparks Everblaze, killing Councillor Kenric and faking his own death. ", Sophie is the only person Fitz told about, Fitz smiles at Sophie and thinks while Sophie is reading his mind "Sometimes, I forget how nice it is to talk to you.". Elwinis Sophie's biological father. 282 hardcover), "Well, you should a little," Livvy argued. Sophie puts her hair into a sleek twisty ponytail (courtesy of. InLodestar, they grew closer. ", "She'd gotten used to their 'breakup'--if that was even the right term for what had happened between her and Fitz. Completed fitz Sophie feels sweaty and fidgety from Fitz's attention. Alden Vacker Della Vacker Alvar Soren Vacker Fitzroy Avery Vacker Biana Vacker Fallon Vacker Luzia Vacker Orem Vacker Norene Vacker Benesh Vacker Harlin Vacker, History By the way, he murmured, pressing Mr. Snuggles against his heart. Despite this, Sophie thinks that he had every right to be mad at her because he may have lost his father forever. Fitz insists that Sophie should not thank him, as he knew what was going to happen. Fitz wouldn't leave Sophie until Elwin let him see her and assured Fitz that she was okay after she had an allergic reaction to.

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