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how to build submarine azur lane

This page was last modified on 3 May 2022, at 02:25. Among the top ten Group A+ ships are the light cruiser Helena (Light cruiser) and the aircraft carrier Essex. Each, like in CVs, perform the same role with differing aspects. Most of these quests are different to missions as they ask you to upgrade ships, which will help you increase the power of your fleet. Wiki. She has some of the best offensive statistics in the Heavy Cruiser class and has been added to the top tier. Cons: Below average AA and their barrage skill requires leveling to be effective. Weve put together an entire guide on the subject of building your fleet as well as actual examples of top tier fleets built by the best players of Azur Lane. In battle, you control three of the ships in your fleet, the so-called vanguard, which are the three ships on the frontline. The top tier usually consists of powerful submarines that are able to dish out a lot of damage, while the lower tiers are typically populated by weaker submarines that are best used for support roles. When equipped with Hellcat fighters, her fighter efficiency increases to 155%, which is very high. However, some tips on how to acquire submarines in Azur Lane include participating in events and challenges, purchasing them from the in-game store, or trading with other players. SOS Rescue Missions are unique stages where you will battle enemy submarines and earn exclusive rewards related to submarines. Signal Range starts at chapter 3, and increases when you meet two conditions: For example, if your Signal Range is chapter 4, and you wish to increase the range to chapter 5, you must both clear and S-rank the boss node on the chapter 4 SOS Rescue Mission, as well as complete stage 5-4 in chapter 5. However, Pennsylvania edges out compared to California due to her skill, which is much more consistent than that of Californias. Between C and D which are easier for a beginner to create? The higher the aviation stat, the more damage a ship deals with aerial attacks. Her only weakness is her low survivability, which limits her abilities in end-game maps. Construction time is dependent upon ship type and rarity and may be used to narrow down which ship is under construction. They are, literally, the same in every stat and skill. Submarines have a certain amount of oxygen supply, which once runs out they'll resurface and become vulnerable to attacks. Azur Lane Building the perfect fleet in Azur Lane is an everlasting process with new ships being released occasionally and tweaks happening every so often. 1 Pawprint; 2 Nations; 3 Marriage; Explore Wikis Universal Conquest Wiki. They have very high stats. Material, oil, and medal exchange is available here. Note that signals gained this way cannot exceed your maximum dictated by the Signal Sensitivity. Destroyers and Light Cruisers are equipped with sonar. Good anti-air, which means they take reduced damage from aircraft and can shoot down more aircraft. Among these is the only documented instance of a submarine sinking another submarine while both were submerged. ASW, also known asanti-submarine warfare, determines the amount of damage a ship deals with anti-submarine attacks. document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); Tim, also known as Timzer online, is the founder & owner of Drawbacks is that the rate this procs is low, especially at lvl 1. Pros: Second highest HP after Hood, second best FP, best AA, best reload, and fourth best evasion for a BB (not including monitors). Airstrike will clear all projectiles on the screen. (Note: CV = Carrier, CVL = Light Carrier, DD = Destroyer, CL = Light Cruiser, BM = Monitor, CA = Heavy Cruiser, CC = Battle Cruiser, BB = Battleship, AR = Repair Ship). It is highly recommended you pair the two on a fleet. Sonar diameter is the sum of three components: sonar diameter The Distress Signal is coming from merchant ships in this region! Damage varies by your submarine's overall strength. Retreating will not cause the mission to disappear, only completing it or allowing the timer to run out. You must complete stage x-4 of the chapter following your current Signal Range. Low AA values means that they take more damage than usual. Bosses enjoy buffing their ships more when they have a lot of damage done in one burst. There is no official confirmation either way, but there are no visible submarine presence in Azur Lane. Each pull costs 6 and will generate a ship from the below pool. In addition their first skill reduces the cool-down time of their first airstrikes and thus allows for quick and deadly attacks within the first moments of a battle. Finally, you have a battleship in the middle to tank suicide boats as well as provide cover fire against them. Submarine Combat Mechanics 2:003. Her barrage is the best of any battleship and is capable of covering the battlefield with deadly fire. The equipment drops available on a SOS Mission is based on the Signal Sensitivity from when it was activated. The Building tab is where you can construct new ships, check on the status of ships under construction, trade medals for ships, and retire ships. They move 2 spaces for everytime you move your fleet regardless the distance your fleet does. You can view the Sonar diameter for your fleets on the formation screen or the top of the Hard Mode ship selection screen. Yukikaze is a floating light tank with excellent defense abilities that can be used to her advantage in a variety of roles. This activates when they are paired together. The stat isnt a percentage, so a ship with 55 evasion doesnt have a 55% chance to evade an enemy attack. Submarines can also be used to lay mines, which can damage or sink enemy ships that come into contact with them. In Submarines, the SS stands for Submarine. Early on, her return in health is only a meager 20% and even when boosted, gains half of her lost health back at the end of the skills duration. The navy best known to use submarines during the 2nd world war is Germany, although other navies had submarines relatively in high amount such as the IJN whom possess midget submarines, medium-range submarines, purpose-built supply submarines and long-range fleet submarines. Their automatic movement can be disabled on the formation menu. I only recommend leveling submarines after youve fully leveled up all the previous ships listed above. You trade any protection against secondary fire for the ability to call in rapid hard-hitting attacks against any enemy that is running around. Azur Lane Equipment and Gear Guide azur lane Search Minecraft Maps. They can support your fleet during combat should you battle within their hunting range, and can be summoned in battle with the submarine attack button. However, this means that you should avoid using non-HMS ships to bring out her advantage and thus makes her a gimmick support ship. = All three function as damage dealers with focused strikes called "salvos.". This means one can use her ability, when she calls in the airstrike, to allow the frontline to tank significant damage for 8s. Build up your Azur Lane ship fleet with this ultimate Azur Lane Tier list. This stat covers both the automatic main gun and the reload-based attack, so the cooldown of a special attack decreases as the reload stat of a ship rises. Note that the rescue mission expires in 12 hours from the time it was opened. The classification of a ship impacts the weapons they can carry, their playstyle, as well as their overall stat distribution. Unicorn: Unicorn is one of the best support carriers that any fleet can have within their employment. To give you a better idea of which ships are great for your fleet and are thereby worth investing resources into, weve created abest ships tier list. Pros: Above average firepower and one of the deadliest support skills possible for a BB/CV if used correctly. If she procs 100% of the time, her theoretical healing is better than that of Unicorn/Shouhou. Pros: Above average health and best firepower outside of SR ships. Come hang out with other Azur Lane players, ask any questions you may have, or just chat about random stuff with like-minded people. Sandy can be used as an absorbent to help reduce the damage done to aircraft. Note, however, this second wave of torpedoes depend on the skills level. SOS Signals replenish over time, even while the player is offline. They dont have great damage skills and thus must rely on other BBs or CVs to provide the DPS needed. Renown: Renown isnt particularly great in any fashion besides her above average stats in reload and evasion. Current EN worlds do not have significant air threats that a properly equipped fleet with decent AA equipment cannot deal with. The ships available for trading change every 24 hours as indicated by a timer above the ships available. Her second skill buffs the reload of the frontline and thus allowing them to achieve a higher DPS than normal. The Retire menu is where you can retire unloved unneeded ships in exchange for some materials, oil, and possibly medals. Observe. In addition to passive sonars ability to detect submarines, it is also extremely effective. NOTICE: Saratoga and Lexington fit both roles and will be included at the end with an explanation. After you have finished a battle with a boss, you can progress to the next stage. No, that just means you are trading damage potential for tanking and anti-suicide boat fire. The main part of the game is to progress through the campaign by completing stages that contain several battles each. If you do not complete the retrofit by that date, you will be unable to do so. Her second skill is one of her charms, Raid Carrier, which provides a 15% (25%) chance of dealing double damage from her airstrikes and thus allows her to mimic Enterprises first half of her skill. There are a variety of azur lane submarine tier lists available online, each created by different players and organizations. Seven more event limited ships are available this time. The naval warhead has earned Azur Lanes player base high praise. To search a specific ship, hit Ctrl + F in your browser. Therefore, weve put together this guide going over the main features of the game, as well as important tasks we believe you should know. From Team FTO, we wish you a very Happy New Year! The advantage of this mechanic as it allows for the player to avoid potentially deadly situations by clearing the screen of enemy attacks. Skill: Her skill, known as Lucky E, allows her to have a 40% (70%) of dealing double damage and grants her temporary invulnerability. Having started several online ventures, including other websites, its only natural that Tim started a gaming site as well. In terms of damage output, Yuubari is not as potent as the other SR Submarines, but it is still quite effective. Arknights. At the beginning of the game, it doesnt really matter which ships you bring to battle, and youll probably be able to beat most stages anyway. The reasoning behind this is to maximize her buffs for HMS ships and thus allows good to excellent HMS ships to perform above their original standings. If youre wondering how to get further in the game, just check the Main tab for missions that take you further in the game. How to Get: Drops in 3-4, 7-2, and can be constructed from Special Construction. A great way to make sure you do crucial tasks in the game, which helps you progress through the game and get useful items and rewards, is by completing missions and quests. Signal Range dictates the range of SOS Rescue Missions you are able to find. Arizona: Arizona is critical for a fleet dedicated towards supporting its frontline if focused on a heavy BB comp or a CV comp. They also increase your ammo count for the fleet they are in. The official announcement on the English Azur Lane account for the EN server for HMS Sussex came on the same day as Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex, gave birth. Her second skill, which is also simple to proc, allows battleships to hit last-hit enemy ships, giving her the ability to reach her max buff as quickly as possible. Her auxiliary gun is more effective than the main gun she carries. Her second skill provides a 5% (15%) boost in escort damage for 8 seconds and thus is great in temporarily increasing DPS of the frontline to finish off survivors of an airstrike(s). Extra movement in events, using 1 DD will generally give you +1 tile movement per turn. The Build tab is where you can construct new ships, check on the status of ships under construction, trade medals for ships, and retire ships. As stated before, A is best for deleting while B provides tanking and some safeguard against suicide boats. You can adjust the position of subs, this will cost oil depending on the number of tiles and number of subs on the fleet. In early gameplay, the battleship salvos may seem to be inferior to CV airstrikes, but with the right equipment and LBing them they can easily provide enough damage to one-shot a boss or clear a screen of concentrated enemies. In Azur Lane, you can modify and destroy unwanted gear. Cons: Her healing skill, in practice, is worse than that of Unicorn/Shouhou and her stats are purely mediocre with nothing unique. Well generally so the BB can provide cover fire for both CVs rather than just one. However, there are a few exceptions to this rule. This list includes minor tiering, but its main goal is to recommend backlines rather than define a meta. The captain of the submarine must be rescued as soon as possible on the surface. These two BBs or monitors (BM) as they are actually known are special for one thing: cheap with a good barrage. The amount of oil and materials gained depends on the type and level of the ship retired; however the medals given is determined by the rarity of the ship. Subs will use the new tile as the center of their hunting range. BBs are also able to equip secondary guns (DD/CL, depends on the battleship). Even though the main fleets primary source of damage is cooldown based attacks, they often do way more damage than your vanguard in battle. Cost, also known asoil cost, is the amount of oil a ship costs to bring to battle. Cons: Mediocre compared to others and worse than California/Pennsylvania. Were always looking to hire new talent that can bring additional filters to our lens. The most common method of detecting a submarine is through the use of sonar. There are four kinds of construction available: Light Ship Construction . Your captain will issue you with instructions to follow, and you must adhere to them at all times. Pros: Best HP pools of CVs along with their covering fire skill. Air superiority system, which will be implemented with chapter 13. Each, like in CVs, perform the same role with differing aspects. These ships are what I consider to be the best in combat, so youll be able to gain an advantage. We will begin with damage battleships or DB as they will be referred to in this guide. Manually killing bosses, torpedoes from DD can do an insane amount of damage if you hit every single torpedo. Suitable for filling the evasion stat checks. They are good Cleveland class ships are very similar, but the best is Montpelier. Her flaw compared to Unicorn is that she does not have a skill that aids the frontline nor backline (kai provides one, but is not available in EN). Yes of course! The requisition menu is where you can exchange Medals of Honor for ships. How to Get: 2-4 (Rodney), 2-3 (Nelson), and Heavy Construction (Check wiki for more info). Combating enemy submarines is referred to as Anti-Submarine Warfare in Azur Lane. When you start your journey in Azur Lane, things can be overwhelming. This is entirely passive and thus is an incredibly strong skill when in the right team lineup. How to Get: 4-4, 5-4, Special Gacha, and late world maps (Check wiki). In this article, I will explain how to build a well-rounded functional fleet. {\displaystyle {\text{sonar diameter}}={\text{vanguard}}+{\text{main fleet}}+{\text{equipment}}}. This special construction tab only appears during special events, which allows you to build ships at higher drop rates than normal, as defined by the event. Centaur, on the other hand, is classified as a Light Carrier, so she cannot be used as a Carrier in hard mode maps. I looked at different weapons and auxiliary tierlists and old videos to find the best . There is an added bonus to submarine play in Azur Lane. Fortune retrofit is also a good evasion filler with a defensive bonus. Allows you to run solo vanguard for low-cost farming. Cons: Mediocre to below average in every other stat, especially reload. After the submarine has been built, players can then equip it with torpedoes and other weaponry before taking it out into battle. Focus on the ship you like the most first, but there are many other ships needed so your fleet can handle different situations. Add the new ship girls to your vanguard and main lineups, also known as the front and back rows, of your fleet. Because sound travels through water faster than any other medium, a submarine can detect a surface ship much sooner than the surface ship. Provides a free airstrike which damage increases with level. The damage output of a ships weapons increases and the rate at which it reloads its weapons increases as a result of adding enhanced gear. they can cover both themselves and the CV in the center. After queuing ships up for construction, they will take time to be built; this can be checked in the Under Construction menu. Like in carriers, there is support and damage dealing battleships, but this distinction is much less important than that of carriers.

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