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evt : window.event; return charCode > 31 && (charCode < 48 || charCode > 57) ? Cork City and airport are less than a 30 minute drive. if (! I googled Fermoy and see it is on the river Blackwater, we have a river Blackwater in Tyrone too, this could be coincidence ! successful_upgrade_redirect_url = ''; return null; } } A Ileclash House, Fermoy: listed in Apr 2016: Country House: 5 : Land size: Agent: Cohalan Downing: . showPremiumBadge(node); Cloakroom with timber panelled walls, black and white tiled flooring. }; ['gallery', 'lightbox'].forEach(function (namespace) { template_metered_message_top: '

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', eventAction: priceholder.dataset.sku_code + '|' + priceholder.dataset.price_to_display_billed + '|' + contract, COTTAGE 1 The new area included open plan Fermoy, Co Cork subscribeButton.classList.remove('-ghost'); impressions: (price) { Ileclash House, Fermoy, County Cork, P61 F512 An important Georgian country house set atop a dramatic limestone outcrop and enjoying a commanding position overlooking the river Blackwater Floor Area (sq. By having them on IrelandXO it may even help you to find connected relatives as it will bring your ancestors to the attention of our wonderful team of volunteers. const tweetUrl = socialEmbed.dataset.social_url; let bundles = []; Published: 10:16 GMT, 1 May 2020 | Updated: 11:14 GMT, 1 May 2020. } else { Some of the best bits from direct to your inbox every Monday. window.showSubscriberElements = true; There are fishing rights adjoining this part of the property, part double bank including the Island, but mainly single bank over the prized Blackwater River. var contract = 'contract_bundle'; document.body.addEventListener('fp_gigya_ready', function () { Welcome! Shower } } } The second walk way leads up from the river through a sheltered glade of the mature woodland back to the main avenue, passing FERMOY, a market and post-town, and a parish, in the barony of CONDONS and CLONGIBBONS, county of CORK, and province of MUNSTER, 17 miles (N. by E.) from Cork, and 108 (S. W.) from Dublin, on the river Blackwater, and on the mail coach road from Cork to Dublin; containing 8690 inhabitants, of which number, 6976 are in the town. return price; Minimum 1 years in a similar role. if (! Sold closer to Fermoy too, just downriver of the town, was Rathhealy House on 40 acres and needing renovations, with a 795,000 AMV prior to its sale. const ecommerceTransactionEvent = { mantel piece, with cast iron inset and grate. Not only the house, but also the grounds and taking full advantage of its elevated position over a stretch of the River Blackwater.'. They eloped to Spain during the civil war causing the British government to send a war ship to the country to try and bring them home. } else { let bundle_info = bundles.filter(function (bundle) { enable_showcase: false, return; template_redeem_coupon_code: '

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Need help? if (subscriberCookieStatus === "undefined") { A figure of 4.25million was quoted when the home was on sale in 2008. // if we are here, we are not granted by purchase but we do not have missing info and not reached the limit yet Ileclash House Fermoy, Co Cork. {"gigya.api.key":"3_h8gLDNO7j_m29pS-Ujq7BDTC8DSlhAGeyeShAlnlCE3FAllvaeib2zkDFZlv6FD3","gigya.screenset":"Default-RegistrationLogin","":"Default-RegistrationLogin","gigya.authFlow.redirect":"true","gigya.check.enabled":"true","":"","competitions.submit.endpoint":"","competitions.api.key":"0b15feaa-62b2-45a2-8244-723a9e80748e","subscriptionwall.cookie-domain":"","subscriptionwall.metered.missing.fields":"data.occupation,,data.salutation,data.yearofbirth,profile.firstName,profile.lastName","subscriptionwall.welcome_url.home-delivery":"","subscriptionwall.welcome_url.premium-plus":"","subscriptionwall.welcome_url.premium":"","kaching.enabled":"true","outbrain.kaching.enabled":"true","quantcast.enabled":"false","didomi.enabled":"true","newsletter.subscribe_url":"","social-embed-consent-wall.enabled":"true","homepage.regional.sections.mapping":"Cork:regionals/corkman/:corkman,Dublin:regionals/dublin/:dublin,Kerry:regionals/kerryman/:kerryman,Louth:regionals/louth/:louth,Sligo:regionals/sligochampion/:sligochampion,Wexford:regionals/wexford/:wexford,Wicklow:regionals/wicklow/:wicklow","active_cmp":"didomi"} {"url":"","adunit":"","targeting":{"art_id":"27084408","article_id":"27084408","kw":["Fascist","Oswald","Mosleys","house","in","Fermoy","up","for","sale"],"gs_channels":["gs_notprocessed"],"article_type":"standard"},"platform":"MOB","pageType":"Article","lazyload":true} {"@context":"","@type":"NewsArticle","headline":"Fascist Oswald Mosley\u0026#039;s house in Fermoy up for sale","inLanguage":"en","publisher":{"@type":"Organization","name":"","logo":{"@type":"ImageObject","url":""},"@id":""},"image":{"@type":"ImageObject","url":"","height":"700","width":"1240"},"mainEntityOfPage":{"@type":"WebPage","@id":""},"dateCreated":"2011-05-05T11:12:24.000Z","dateModified":"2012-11-30T17:53:48.000Z","datePublished":"2011-05-05T11:12:24.000Z","keywords":"","thumbnailUrl":"","author":{"@type":"Person","name":"Bill Browne","image":"","url":""},"description":"THE stately Fermoy mansion once owned by the controversial UK politician and founder of the British Union of Fascists, Sir Oswald Mosley, is set to go under the hammer. fireAddToCartEvent(); } } else { show_pincode: false, childList: true, snack_bar_success_message: 'Welcome! THE GUEST COTTAGES ecommerce: { window.IMP = window.IMP || {}; About 30 minutes from Cork city and airport.SERVICES Main electricity Water from private well and mains Gas fired central heating Security system with CCTV Water treatment system. template_summary_card: "

", const setActiveTab = function (tabPrefix) { if (urlParams.has('gaa_at') && urlParams.has('gaa_n') && urlParams.has('gaa_ts') && urlParams.has('gaa_sig')) { } } setDataLayerMeterStats(event.detail.object); Kilworth is situated 4 km north of Bellevue House. try { vars.user.userID = subscriberCookie.userID || ''; products: selectedPrice.placeholder_prices.length > 0 The dining area, which is connected to the sitting room, featuring fine cornicing and ceiling rose, a fireplace with a grey columned mantelpiece with a Georgian inset and grate, alongside French doors leading out to the garden, The outdoor area - the sprawling property has over 12 acres. selectedPrice = getBundleById(subscribeLink.dataset['price_id']); return { const grantedBy = Object.keys(purchase).filter(function (key) { }; Agent: Colliers. Ristoranti vicino a Ballyvolane House su Tripadvisor: vedi 742 recensioni e 711 foto autentiche di ristoranti vicino a Ballyvolane House a Fermoy, Provincia di Munster. if (userWall && userWall !== 'none') {

', if (Object.keys(window.dataLayer[0]).indexOf('article') > -1) { const setBundleToFullWidth = function (el) { .map(function (price, index) { The more palatable news for Munster home hunters still seeking a bit of distinction along the chi-chi River Blackwater is that Templenoe House can be had for a fraction of what Castleyde had its high price hopes for: in fact, its pitched at under the 1 million mark, listed at 975,000 by auctioneer Michael ODonovan of Sherry FitzGerald ODonovan. IrelandXO membership is completely free of charge and open to anyone interested in discovering more about their Irish heritage. Ileclash House Ireland / Cork / Fermoy / World / Ireland / Cork / Fermoy World / Republic of Ireland mansion / manor house / villa Add category Upload a photo Private Georgian mansion, formerly owned by Oswald Mosley. //if the item doesn't exist, return null premium_content_by_id: "flip-pay", }); vars.article.userWall = 'none'; } params[pair[0]] = pair[1]; When war broke out, she was in Germany and shot herself in the head with a silver pistol. if (window.Didomi && window.Didomi.getUserConsentStatusForPurpose('cookies') === true) { }; THE GROUNDS } else if ((node.classList && node.classList.contains('n-tabbed1')) || (node['querySelector'] && node.querySelector('.n-tabbed1'))) { let userHasLoggedIn = false; There are a number of rareIrish Red Squirrels resident in the garden along with various native Irish song birds.THE RIVER, FISHING, ISLAND AND THE CAVESA series of stone steps flanked by flowering plants and shrubs lead from the terraced lawns down to the tranquillity of the riverbank garden. Country House: Yes. const getEcommerceEventCategory = function () { event: 'ee-checkout', }); return { meteredPaywall = accessObject.metered_paywall_items_used === accessObject.metered_paywall_items_limit The FermoyWorkhouse was built to accomodate people from the areas of Ahern, Ardnageehy, Ballyhooly, Ballynoe, Castlelyons, Castletownroche, Derryvillane, Fermoy, Glanworth, Kilcummer, Kildorrery, Kilgullane, Killatty, Kilworth, Knockmourne, Macrooney, Marshalstown, Mitchelstown, Mogeely, Pharihy, Rathcormack, and Templemologga. Gas fired central heating Past Seat / Home of: Benson family, 1950s. document.getElementById('flip-pay').classList.remove('fp-prevent-html-replace'); if (activeTabId === 'shop-front-annual-prices-tab-trigger') { Fascist Oswald Mosley's house in Fermoy up for sale. const observer = new MutationObserver(onMutation); userID: purchase.granted_by_purchase.user_id, Viewing by private appointment with Nearby cities: Coordinates: . ","isAccessibleForFree":"True","isPartOf":{"@type":["CreativeWork","Product"],"name":"","productID":""}} {"@context":"","@type":"BreadcrumbList","itemListElement":[{"@type":"ListItem","position":1,"name":"","item":""},{"@type":"ListItem","position":2,"name":"Regionals","item":""},{"@type":"ListItem","position":3,"name":"Corkman","item":""},{"@type":"ListItem","position":4,"name":"News","item":""}]} const cookieExpiryInSeconds = 60 * 60 * 24 * 365; window.dataLayer[0].user.premiumArticleViews = premiumArticleViews; The property was purchased by Michael and Diane Fraser in 2006 and since purchasing the Fraser's have . userWall = 'paywall'; return hash.substr(1) } window.dataLayer[0].user.subscriptionStatus = 'gs_true'; Key Contact Profile (scripts[i].innerHTML.indexOf("shopfront_url") !== -1)) { (12 Acres)History Ileclash house which at times was also known as Licklash and Rockville, was built c. 1800 and is situated about 200m from the ruin of the historically interesting Licklash Castle. document.head.append(leafletScript); Pamela, the second eldest daughter, led the quietest life and was described as 'the most rural of the Mitfords' as she was more content on a farm than at at cocktail parties and balls. The first run is scheduled for 6:00 pm with the second following at 2:00 am tomorrow morning. subscriptionStartDate: cookieData.subscriptionStartDate, To view the property, which is being offered for sale freehold by private treaty visit if (eventType === 'content_displayed') { First appeared on 2014-08-27 and last updated on 2022-04-28. In his memoir, My Life, published in 1968, Mosley recalled that the war in Ireland had 'evoked intense moral feeling'. if (accessObject.access === true && accessObject.hasOwnProperty('granted_by_purchase')) { if (addToCartFiredAfterRegistration === false) { Inside the front door turn left into the Drawing Room with the bow window, columned white marble mantelpiece and ornate ceiling plaster work and window seating. The room has an adjoining door connecting to the sitting area, Sir Oswald Pirow, left, of South Africa's New Order Movement shakes hands with Sir Oswald Mosley, right, leader of the Union Movement, with Lady Diana Mosley, one of the Mitford sisters, seen smiling behind at London Airport. virtualPageViewData.eventData.article.wallVisible = 'true'; const snackbar = document.getElementById('fp-snackbar'); 'shopfront_header_subscribe' : 'shopfront_subscribe'; selectedPrice = getBundleById(priceIdFromUrl); function getPriceSelected(priceID) { Discover your full benefits as a Premium subscriber. const subscriberCookieName = 'subscriber'; actionField: { SHERLOCK, petitioner- Lands of Ballyquane and Ensinrosty, Barony of Fermoy & Blarney Lane (Cork)- 16 November 1854 (no maps). 'false' : 'true'; const cookieData = updateSubscriberCookie(event.detail.object); Cork's essential reads in local news and sport, straight to your inbox every week. leafletScript.innerText = leafletTag.innerText; const thresholdInHours = Number('0' || '0'); template_confirmation: "




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", Earlier Houses: Nearby are the ruins of Licklash Castle. COTTAGE 2 } vars.user.subscriptionStatus = subscriberCookie.subscriptionStatus || ''; var nowTimeStamp =; Set amid 12-acres of land overlooking the River Blackwater, Ileclash House is a stunning property once famously described as "One of the jewels of the Blackwater Valley". const isCoupons = false; var label = "shopfront"; if (returnURL) { if (event.detail.object.hasOwnProperty('granted_by_google_showcase')) { From the spacious first floor central landing, in a clockwise direction is Bedroom 1 with en suite Shower Room and fitted matching pair of wardrobes.Bedroom 2, presently used as the Master Bedrooms dressing room, grey marble fireplace with cast iron inset and grate and en suite bathroom with antique claw and ball bath with hand shower, separate corner shower, WC,wash basin.Bedroom 3, Master Bedroom, delightful bow window overlooking the river and the surrounding country side, marble mantelpiece and en suite bathroom, timber panelled walls and antique claw and ball bath with handshower, heated towel rail and separate waterfall shower, matching pair of wash basins, bidet and WC.Bedroom 4, bow window, grey marble mantelpiece with cast iron inset and grate and en suite bathroom , bath with shower, WC, washbasin. }); " Fast Food " 17/05/2016. homeDeliveryButtonCheck = true; }) } But there's more: discover your full benefits now. let upgradesAvailable = false; Re Joseph Sullivan window.dataLayer[0].article.wallType = 'meter'; } } else if (Object.keys(p.badge || {}).indexOf('print_annual') > -1) { const onMutation = function (mutations) { shopfront_url: '', } }); selectedPrice.placeholder_prices socialEmbed.innerHTML = ''; Fascist Oswald Mosley's house in Fermoy up for sale, Laoch Chorca Noel Laoire faoi spotsholas TG4, Cill na Martra faoi bhrn ach dchasach tar is na Nollag, Cork anti-dereliction activist asks what lies behind boardings after grim discovery, Cork historic chalice could be made available on loan, British museum says, Cork is the prime location for well-heeled home buyers, North Cork dog breeder issued with closure order, John Connolly crowned the 2022 Blarney and District Person of the Year, Cork County Council set to seek planning permission for Mallow Relief Road before the end of the summer, Ball run held on new bypass in Cork raises over 11,000 for life-saving Air Ambulance, Evan Niland fires 1-11 as University of Galway open Fitzgibbon Cup campaign with victory, Brexit is doomed, says Boris Johnsons favourite newspaper, Businessman is tied up in bathroom by armed burglary gang who ransacked his home, Johnny has widened the gap by the way hes playing and in the way hes leading, which is always a worry, Six Nations will pit stability against chaos as Andy Farrell fine-tunes his Ireland squad, Brighton to add to Irish contingent as deal for former Cork City striker Mark OMahony nears completion, Celtic Tiger restaurateur Marcus Sweeney 'up to his oxters' in organised crime, High Court judge says, Evening headlines: Paschal Donohoe personally sold Superdraw' tickets to Michael Stone; RT admits Toy Show Musical flopped at box office, Gary Lineker distracted by sex noise prank on Match of the Day, YouTuber claims responsibility as loud sex noises interrupt BBCs Match of the Day, Stunning snowfall captured with drone in Killarney National Park, Unruly Dil scenes on the first day back bring a rebuke from the Ceann Comhairle. var fpblock = document.getElementById("flip-pay"); })(); Premium subscribers enjoy unlimited access to all articles. let premiumArticleViews, meteredResetDate; window.location.hash = '#' + badgeToFilterBy; if (! Services> Mains electricity > Water from private well and mains> Gas fired central heating> Security System with CCTV> Water treatment systemViewings:Strictly by appointment with joint agents:Cohalan Downing Ph) 021 427 7717Contact:Maurice Cohalan E) [email protected] Or Malcolm Tyrrell E) [email protected] International Ph) 01 633 3700Contact:Marcus Magnier E) [email protected] Callum Bain E) [email protected]. Welcome! Back in 2016 it was put back on the market with a price tag of 3.5 million. Late in 1920, as a twenty-four-year-old Conservative MP, he was a believer in the League of Nations and condemned the Amritsar massacre in India as 'Prussian frightfulness inspired by racism'. } }, = 'inline-flex'; eventData: { if (! Ileclash Joinery Limited has 2 shareholders. But there's more: discover your full benefits now. Off the Kitchen is the Utility Room with extensive fitted wall and floor cupboards, sink unit and plumbed for washing machine and dryer. Also bought was Waterfords Salterbridge estate, a 15,500 sq ft 18th century home on 140 acres, acquired by Irish property per and investor Stephen Vernon: on 140 acres, that period home had had a 3.25m guide. Licklash Castle, a one-time Roche stronghold, is to the east whilst a further Norman castle lies to the east. brand: 'INM', }); } else { ? Blue House, Ballinard, Baltimore Whitehall, Lisheen, Skibbereen Ileclash House (Off Market) } if (!selectedPrice) { var badgeToUse = ''; } const showPremiumBadge = function (el) { premium_content_redirect_url: premium_content_redirect_url, Ileclash House near Fermoy, Cork, was bought by Sir Oswald Mosley and his Mitford sister wife Diana as a summer residence in the 1950s. A series of stone steps flanked by flowering plants and shrubs lead from the terraced lawns down to the tranquillity of the riverbank garden. The house had many Victorian additions , including a large castellated porch which under restoration has been removed to return the house to its Georgian elegance. const selectedTabId = selectTab[flipPayConfig.filter_prices_by_badge]; monthly: tabPrefix + '-monthly-prices-tab-trigger', } When acquired by the current owners, the property and grounds needed 'substantial modernisation' and were transformed over a period of four years. setTimeout(function () { category:, onboarding_article = '' }); products: (product) { (12 Acres) History Ileclash house which at times was also known as Licklash and Rockville, was built c. 1800 and is situated about 200m from the ruin of the historically interesting Licklash . Frank Murphy & Partners Architects, Cork, Ireland - Top . eventLabel: label quantity: 1, Ileclash House, Rathealy Road, Fermoy, Co. Cork, P61F512, Ireland Sold for 2,200,000 on 2022-03-11. SERVICES document.head.append(script); } } return; return 'home-delivery'; wallVisible: 'true' The comments below have been moderated in advance. The owners told MailOnline: 'We acquired the property in 2006 with the project of full restoration which we have now completed, and are looking to return to the United Kingdom, having had a wonderful and enjoyable experience of living in Ireland.'. return -1; template_summary_other_paymet_options_android_pay: "

", } meteredResetDate = accessObject.metered_paywall_reset_date; window.dataLayer.push({ A Georgian country house which is the former home to fascist leader Sir Oswald Mosley and his Mitford sister wife Diana is on sale for 2.4million (2.75m). To the right of the reception hall is the Morning Room with white pillared marble mantel piece. eventAction: 'auth', return; The couple were married in 1936 in Berlin at the home of Joseph Goebbels, the former head of Nazi propaganda, in the presence of Adolf Hitler. Ileclash House in Fermoy was bought by a Cork businessman On the market for over five years, with price drops from 4m to 2.75m, the expensively restored 7,000 sq ft home was bought. if (accessObject.access === true) { } Your best bet to get some help with this would be to post directly in the Fermoy or even County Cork Message Boards as more people will see it there. selectedPrice = getBundleById(priceIdFromUrl); // Push initial dataLayer values into object. if (!isShopFront) { meteredAccess: purchase.metered_paywall, window.showNonSubscriberElements(); Ghillie Cottage, Kilbarry, Fermoy, Co. Cork, Ireland.

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