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That was on the CHANGE OF ADDRESS album. Glen Sobel: Well, they were doing Crue Fest on that summer, which Im sure was a blast, but as I said cant clone myself, so. And then, chuckling, he says, "Every musician has to start somewhere. Wolfgang Haffner I have seen many different Alice Cooper lineups, and this one seems to work great, especially that three-guitar thing is sounding just amazing. You worked with him in the early 90s, right? Jack Bruno Alice Cooper's drum superstar recalls onstage highs and lows, Over the course of his career, Alice Cooper drummer Glen Sobel has developed a set of skills and strategies that have served him well in a variety of different playing situations. Lars Ulrich Manu Katch But it went so well that a year later, Bob Ezrin was asked to produce the show and rehearse the band, and he had an idea of bringing in some new people, being me and Tommy Henriksen and Steve Hunter at the time, which was great to play with him. Abe Laboriel, jr. Mick Avory My bigger problem with the title is the implication that if you have a high IQ, then you're somehow more deserving of help than others. Yeah, it wasnt anything like the first one. Han Bennink And I took that tour, and it was a lot of fun. Glen Sobel: Swedenrock, that was in 2009. There is at least one or two videos out on YouTube, and I think all the tracks are available somehow. "Our friends were 17, 18, and they couldn't get in. Yeah, it two of us and Bullet for My Valentine, Heavens Basement. And it was like, That guy is scary! Tre Cool The tour saw crowds in excess of 40,000 people and Sobel filled in for five weeks. Tris Imboden Al Jackson And that was a lot of fun, but that was it. Shawn Pelton Jim Black Cindy Blackman Pete Ray Biggin Actually, it took a long time to get that out, that record. Kenny Washington Send any friend a story. Everything was riding on me. No, I havent seen the press release, but I have the album, and its booklet says drums by Brandon Wild, additional percussion by Glen Sobel. Web. If I was able to, sure. Its all me; there is no such person. Milford Graves And actually, when I was a kid, the first time I ever heard him was for the Marvel comic book where he was on the cover. The Dead" show, which also features his musical tribute to his fallen friends John Lennon, Keith Moon, Jim Morrison and Jimi Hendrix. We had a good run, we did like the Ozzfest, and it worked. Cindy Blackman Santana Christoph Schneider Glen Sobel: Hes a great guy. Greg Clark Mike Clark Probably. Aaron Sterling Todd Sucherman "The Rev" Sullivan Jason Sutter Drum Fest. Bath When did you actually first hear about Alice Cooper? Ronald Bruner Jr. Bobby Rocks been doing it; hes a guy Ive known forever. ", In all, Sobel played 13 shows with Rossi before Laug returned to the fold. You played some parts of the album, right? So, it was almost more about the book, in the beginning, it seemed, but we did this big press conference cool thing in L.A with the multi-media video synched up to us playing. Nasheet Waits Kane Campbell has three sisters and four brothers. Stanton Moore So, hes just a ghost? Cliff Almond I interviewed Jimmy like four years ago, and he said, in fact, that he and Eric share the record of being in Alices band for the longest time. Giovanni Hidalgo Mike Mitchell I played in his solo band, Vivian Campbells solo band in L.A. Tell me something more about that project? Cozy Cole Karl Perazzo Bill Cobham Robby Ameen Donny Gruendler Ari Hoenig Web. Kenwood Dennard John Densmore Gus Johnson Jim Gordon He and I were in a band together in the mid to late 90s. D.J. Sandy Nelson Joel Rosenblatt Max Roach Gene Jackson Levon Helm ", The next night, before an overflow crowd at an open-air show on the Island Of Sardinia, and with a drum tech clipping cheat sheet pages to a music stand with clothespins, Sobel tried to keep everything in perspective. Felix M. Lehrmann Rick Dior Marko Djordjevic Ringo Chris "Daddy" Dave It was a good line-up. Matt Chamberlain Jimmy Chamberlin [11], When not on the road, Sobel plays around Los Angeles with various artists[12] including Def Leppard guitarist Vivian Campbell's band, Sir Sodoff and the Trainwrecks. It costs us money to keep up and running. Jeff Hamilton Ed Shaughnessy edu faculty sobel-glen faculty position ] in the drum department at Musician's Institute in Hollywood, CA. Glen is the father of eight children named, Ashley Campbell (1986) Cal Campbell (1983), Kane Campbell, Debbie Campbell (1956), Kelli Campbell, Shannon Campbell (1985), Travis Campbell, Dylan Campbell. Glen Sobel: Sure. Gavin Harrison It fit in on a tour that also had Slipknot and Hatebreed in there and all these different bands because we sounded like we did. And I knew a lot of bands who are re-making them. ", Sobel sighs at the memory: "It was so important for us to play a kickass rock show. Glen Sobel: Yeah. Jimmy Vincent Andr Ceccarelli Sammy Figueroa Bun E. Carlos Glen is the father of eight children named, Ashley Campbell (1986) Cal Campbell (1983 . So, its a constant 95-minute garage of just rock without a break. We all know each other more or less. Phil Rudd The Rev. Mike Johnston Before doing those re-recording sessions, how familiar you were with old Alice Cooper material? The couple seems to be very happty with each other so no signs of separation. Paul Douglas But if thats going to happen, would you like to be a part of that? Airto Handsome Glenn Beck is a television and radio host, conservative political commentator, author, television network producer, filmmaker, and entrepreneur who hails from America. Level II Tech Support at Motorola Mobile Devices. When you lose a major label deal that can oftentimes make the band seem like its damaged goods. The bride, a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Stuart Sobel of Glen Cove, L.I., is a vice president of Ted Colangelo Associates, a sales promotion . What a nightmare that must be? Joe Ascione Morgan Agren I mean, now you have to think more about how to share the parts and stuff like that, right? Glen Sobel: I dont remember, sometime in the early 80s maybe, but the comic book might have been from the late 70s, I think? Brad Wilk Jim Chapin Chad Sexton Carter Beauford Thats amazing. But overall, why are there are so many changes in the line-up? They performed five songs from the album, with former Beautiful Creatures drummer Glen Sobel filling in on drums. Glen Sobel: I wasnt buying the records, but I liked what I heard. He performed on the group's early albums Pretties for You and Easy Action, their breakout album Love It to Death and the subsequent successful albums Killer, School's Out, and Billion Dollar Babies.The last new studio album with the five original Alice . But getting through the initial performance was the biggest worry, so it was also the biggest thrill. Big Sid Catlett Terri Lyne Carrington Tony Coleman Phil Collins Heres the final version of Behringers AKS Mini, a tiny version of the classic VCS3 synth, "I genuinely like that kind of music": Margot Robbie stands firm on Slipknot and heavy metal, Universal Audios new Sphere DLX and LX can emulate classic mics from Neumann, Telefunken and AKG. He communicates something, and then you better remember it because hes not going to say it twice. Teddy Campbell Daru Jones Glen Sobel: Just that happens with any band, I think. Sobel recorded one record with MacAlpine in 1993, entitled Madness, which featured jazz saxophone luminary Branford Marsalis. Find Glen Sobel stock photos and editorial news pictures from Getty Images. Neil Peart I listen to it today, and it still holds up, although it was released 12 years ago. For his snare, John and Michael set Glen up with a Collector's Series 6.5 x 14 knurled steel snare drum. Currently, he is married to Kimberly Woolen since 1982. It was a good thing; I felt to do something in a different world as pop/R&B. Kendrick ScottRobert Sput Searight In your opinion, how is he to work with? Official FB page of Glen! Ian Paice Pete Zeldman Marko Syrjala Glenn Sobel Found 8 people in California, Florida and 8 other states. Shannon Forrest Jeff "Tain" Watts Of course, its something that was worked out, a lot of rehearsals, and everybody has their time to do their thing. to help them improve their Reputation, Court, Arrest or Its just scheduling like and everything, people being busy. Sobel did his recording debut MADNESS with MacAlpine in 1993, and later on, he has performed and recorded with several artists from many different genres. Paco Sry He became more of a writer/producer, and I would get on his recording sessions, usually for whatever he was doing. Ronnie Vannucci Yeah, the covers album. Fredy Studer Horacio Hernandez Charlie Watts I have been a fan of his since his Blackjack days. Glen Sobel: When I was a kid. Now we all know. There is no room to really stretch or improvise, but thats not what its about. And its the same more than its every night; its a production. Jimmy Cobb Sobel's professional career got started after he won a large drum-off competition in Los Angeles at the age of 19, and it led him to join guitar virtuoso Tony MacAlpine's band. Glen is currently on tour w/ Alice Cooper. Brian Tichy Anton Fig Rayford Griffin Sobel played drums in both Alice Cooper and Mtley Cre for five consecutive shows while Lee was recovering from his injury. Shannon Campbell was born in the year 1985. Pete Lockett Dom Famularo Glen Sobel: I get along with the guy. He spent years searching and learning before coming face to face with the Lord and discovering his true calling as a Jewish disciple of Jesus (Yeshua). Buddy Miles Top Secret Drum Corps Steve Gadd ", Don't miss the latest deals, news, reviews, features and tutorials. Cozy Powell Sheila E. Gerry Brown I talked to Chris maybe 2-3 months ago. So, as a drummer, I have to start the next song right away, with no break. Legendary Bob Ezrin once again produces the album? For me, it was a very slow up-hill climb.". I definitely had to be in the right frame of mind to make it work.". When was the first time you saw Alice Cooper perform live? But DJ Ashba, that Sixx AM thing a little ago, and Kenny Kweens, hes got a band called Villains of Vaudeville, and he did recordings which I played on. Personal Details View All Lets start with that point of view. Graham Bonnet returned to Impellitteri briefly in 2000, and he sang on the album SYSTEM X. Jeff Porcaro Currently, Alice's touring band features the three guitar attack of Orianthi, Tommy Henriksen and Ryan Roxie, backed by bassist Chuck Garric and drummer Glen Sobel. And thats definitely a rock thing. Glen Sobel is an American drummer and a native of Los Angeles. Steve Ferrone Heres how it works. Tal Bergman Ginger Baker Jeff Ballard But its all the other stuff, just being someone that you can get along with, you know, people who can live with you on tour. Bertram Engel Jake Hanna Glenn is now married. Glen Sobel: Yeah. Clyde Stubblefield Carlos Vega But then the Sixx A.M started to activate, and all I know, I guess I cant be in two places at once, but it is okay. Glen Sobel: Well, not under that name though, might have been Bang Tango or something like that. history, high school and college, may be available. [10], On January 21, 2017, Sobel performed with the Hollywood Vampires at the TEC Awards that honored Joe Perry with the Les Paul Award. Vadrum Glen Sobel @alicecooper @hollywoodvampires-LA studio, lessons, clinics, etc. It has a lot of those dramatic fills.". May he rest in peace. Mel Gaynor Andy Gillmann And then when we go on tour with some other modern rock bands that made it more than heavy, also we were the heavy act just tearing it up, and they dont want to go after us, some of these acts because we were a hard act to follow. Luis Conte Duduka Da Fonseca Will Kennedy Glen Sobel: Yeah. Albert Tootie Heath She has two sisters and five brothers. Glen Sobel. . Kenny Wollesen Toss Panos Vinnie Paul Jeff Queen 30. Its blues-rock, we do a lot of old school Fleetwood Mac, pre-Stevie Nicks, like the Peter Green era stuff, and we play some old ZZ Top, which is a lot of fun. Rod Morgenstein Teaching jobs also followed with a [ http: www. As you mentioned earlier, you also worked with the Sixx AM. Would you tell mesomething more about that project? The Hollywood Vampires are coming to Germany in 2022! Papa Jo Jones Philly Joe Jones Criminal Records. I was talking about my first gig and how he was an influence on me making that record and so on. Hes doing engineering and ProTools and mixing for Marti Frederiksen. Which a lot of people are doing now. 2 records for Glen Sobel. But the album is going to include some original songs as well? Glen Sobel: Well, were proud of it. Jamie Oldaker Jonathan Mover It might have been like that? I did the whole record. Previously cities included Sandy UT and Salt Lake City UT. Joe La BarberaDanny BarcelonaTravis Barker You know, Anthony has mixed a lot of stuff that youve heard and mastered it.. Everybody sings lead, I dont sing, but they all have other bands. But I would have wanted to do more things, but nothing was coming up. Okay, that thing is now clear. Eric Moore Beautiful Creatures was another interesting band in your career. Louie Bellson Frank Bellucci Dave Langguth

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