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I amso onboard with this character. Some time later, when the meta-human managed to defeat the criminals, Detective Spivot arrived and immobilized the hero using a B.O.O.T.. After a while she aimed the gun at the overpowered Mardon, intent on pulling the trigger. He is also a minor antagonist in the Crisis on Earth-X crossover. While there was definitely an CCPD (Member) Jay Garrick is a false identity Just saying. and returned to one of their headquarters. When Iris was eventually brought in on the secret, she ripped her guys a new one and it seemd like the team (and by extension, the show writers) had learned their lesson. Barry nest pas mari Iris West mais est en couple avec une jeune policire nomme Patty Spivot. $14.95 + $1.50 shipping . While possible locations for King Shark are checked by A.R.G.U.S., Cisco and Caitlin visit the lab of the wife of King Shark'S Earth-1 counterpart. Earth-Prime Bringing you that one movie, show, book and album that you need to consume. Its not a Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Patty dies and her body is taken by Brainiac. Forever Evil: Rogues Rebellion. While Barry converses with Diggle and Layla, King Shark attacks two A.R.G.U.S. teams to locations near the water. Once there, they waited for Shay at the water's edge. Sono chance for Linda Park anymore? Keystone City, KS As seen after Barry injected him with the meta-human cure, causing Shay to revert to his human form, Shay deeply regretted the trouble he caused as King Shark. Layla and Diggle visit Central City and warn Barry that King Shark escaped and heads to Central City to kill Barry. will focus on producing a cure for his condition instead. Patty ran into Barry later at CC Jitters and she gave him her number, which she claimed was so she could reach him faster for police work though there were clear signs of a developing attraction between the two. When Iris is brough back to life, Iris and Barry live together in the 30th century. . This did not change her decision to go to college, though, as Barry left and she stayed on the train. When she and Barry weretotal nerds together. Killer Frost | It seemed like the writers had figured this out with fans frustration of keeping Iris in the dark for so long in season 1 frustration that Iris herself voiced once she learned the truth. She and Barry bonded almost immediately, and the two got pretty serious pretty quickly. How about now? Jay Garrick would work with Barry Allen, the Flash of Earth-1, in his fight against the speedster known as Savitar. She can be considered by some to be a comic geek. He is the first superhero known as the Flash. Frightened, she asks if Joe has anything to do with this. After a while, the woman asks about Barry, to which the man replies that she intends to disappoint him with broth, as he hates canned soup. Black Hand | The Flash airs Tuesdays at 8:00 p.m. Tuesdays episode introduced DC Comics character Patty Spivot ( Shantel VanSanten) as an inexperienced but highly motivated CCPD cop who would stop at nothing to get Joes ( Jesse However, when he killed Iris (another big shock), he At the waterside, they tie a Flash puppet to a buoy and, using the oppurtunity, Cisco triggers the alarm to play the Jaws soundtrack when King Shark approaches. To Barry's surprise, Patty said goodbye to him and walked away. Some time later, Patty investigates the Iron Heights prison from which Captain Cold and Trickster have escaped with the help of Weather Wizard. She met The Flash there, but it turned out to be a trap. King Shark is indeed affected by the cold and eventually passes out. However, in the Prime Earth continuity, Patty Spivot first appeared as part of the New 52 DC Universe in The Flash (Volume 4) #1 by Francis Manapul and Brian Buccellato. She is socially awkward, as she sometimes gets nervous & babbles. [3], Patty met Iris while at the Police Department and she wanted to talk to her very much. After a few hours, Allen showed up at the girl's house, wanting to apologize to him. Shay Lamden Clayface | Supergirl Villains | Girder | After being rescued by Team Flash, Jay found his way back to Earth-3 with the help of Harry and Jesse Wells. After a short conversation about the honesty and trust in the relationship, Patty kisses Barry. Although Wells advises Barry on how to adapt and increase his powers, Barry becomes suspicious of Wells, especially his knowledge on speed is much greater than the scientist should know, and eventually learns his mentor is Eobard Thawne ( a.k.a. Ever since The Flash premiered in 2014, Iris and Barrys love story have been central to the Arrowverse series. Your email address will not be published. What is the meaning of the suffix dysmenorrhea? Species They like one another immediately and become fast friends, along with Caitlins boyfriend (and later fianc) Ronnie Raymond. King Shark was returned to A.R.G.U.S. Just saying. 44 Hours before his wedding, Barry fights King Shark, who seems to have escaped from A.R.G.U.S., in Central City and takes him down. Season 6: Bloodwork | Anti-Monitor | Eva McCulloch | Black Hole (Joseph Carver, Ultraviolet, Dr. Light, & Sunshine) | Reverse-Flash | Frost | Mirror Duplicates | Monitor | Matthew Norvock | Godspeed | Pied Piper | Lex Luthor | Amunet Black | Goldface | Gorilla Grodd | Solovar | Rag Doll King Shark later attacks Barry Allen and Wally West at the West house, ripping open the entire roof. Other than that, enjoy Villains Wiki!!! He smiles and comments on how nice she is. The woman is glad to see him, and he admits that he was not sick. Free Guy was every bit the action comedy Ryan Reynolds name is becoming synonymous with, but there is a hell of a lot more to it than that. Again, positive sign. Sometime later, Patty interrupts Joe in "paperwork." Cadre | Now that I know her backstory it seems a little clearer why she was so weird. Mirror Master | Thinking his injector was a gun, she shot him, alerting Caitlin Snow, who told her to call Joe, which Patty did. She finally confessed the story of her father's murder, explaining that she saw murderers getting powers as unfair, and thus wanted to join the task force. He demands to know where the Flash is. Do Men Still Wear Button Holes At Weddings? Write a comment below or submit an article to Hypable. 2022 - 2023 Times Mojo - All Rights Reserved Biographical Information She has so many exciting things to deal with next year in the non-speedster capacity, which is the journalist side of her, that we are so excited about. After deciding to leave Central City for Midway City, she broke up with Barry, just before figuring out Barrys secret. Before leaving, he claims that while Flash may be fast, he is not as fast as King Shark in the water and that they will never catch him in his element. Drawing her gun Spivot tells King Shark to yield but he only laughs. The Flash season 7: A sudden case for a Patty Spivot return. Weather Wizard, Television Sister Act 3 seems to have just found its director in none other than Tim Federle. Tobias Whale | Their relationship turned sour, however, leading to Patty leaving Central Light. What if they fall in love and then plot twist she's bad. Barry Allen is getting a taste of the breakup blues on The Flash Biological Information That also played out in Barrys relationship with Patty (Shantel VanSanten), after she chose to leave Central City. In spite of their very different natures, Caitlin and Ronnie fell deeply in love and started dating. Earth-1 T.O. After this is ensured, Layla claims that the plans to turn him into a weapon died with Amanda Waller and that A.R.G.U.S. PERSONAL DATA Aliases: Hot Pursuit II Occupation: Lab assistant Citizenship: American Marital Status: Single Base of Operation: Central City Gender: Female Eyes: Blue Hair: Blond First Appearance: DC Special Series #1 (1977): "How to Prevent a Flash" Creators: Cary Bates and Irv Novick Contents. Patty appeared in the second season of The Flash, requesting that she be allowed to help Joe with his metahuman task force. Believing that the giant shark is dead, he orders the lasers to be deactivated and tells his men to be prepared to fish the body out of the water. is patty spivot evil is patty spivot evil. 1 appearances; Patty Spivot Real Name: Patty Spivot. King Shark attacks and kills two A.R.G.U.S. The [Discussion] The Flash Potentially Getting a New Writer Green Arrow is back for the final run of The Flash ! "They're always so detailed, like, they paint a picture like you were somehow actually there when someone was being brutally murdered." And this isnt the first time weve seen this even this season. Despite his insanity, he is somehow intelligent enough to play possum long enough for A.R.G.U.S. Real name for this character. is patty spivot evil. She is also a Member of The Departments newest Task Force known as The Anti Metahuman Task Force which is led by Joe West. Using her last moments, Patty smashes the tank in front of Bart, allowing him to regain his speed. One day, while visiting Iris at her friend Barry Allens CSI lab at the Central City Police Department, Wally was struck by a bolt of lightning and doused in chemicals just like the Flash was, which infused Wally with the power of a mysterious energy force called the Speed Force like his hero. Marital Status In order to guard it, they place meta-human power dampeners inside the entire building in order to stop potential meta-human attacks and furthermore use King Shark as an elaborate guard dog. On Earth-2 Shay Lamden was a marine biologist until the explosion of the S.T.A.R. Iris West Fan [Fan Art] Drew the Ai Art from the other day. Clive Yorkin | He reveals that his father visited him and wanted to spend some time with him. 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Blige to perform, Taylor Swift moves up release of Red (Taylors Version), Free Guy is an even better movie than it gets credit for. Icicle | Can I be in your task force? Now? She then fell into and nearly drowned in the swimming pool, causing her heart to stop for two minutes. Barry and Iris Barry and Iris have had a long-standing relationship during his time as the Flash. Iris West is a fictional character, a supporting character appearing in American comic books published by DC Comics. She was a goofy but smart and driven cop looking to catch her fathers murderer. Jay regained much of his speed Patricia "Patty" Spivot is a fictional character who appears in various DC Comics publications and was created by writer Cary Bates and artist Irv Novick. He promptly had her promoted to police detective, before allowing her to join.[1]. Human , When she didn't get the memo that she was meant to be playing the damsel in distress. Season 8: Reverse-Flash | Deon Owens | Deathstorm | Despero | Frost | Royal Flush Gang | Xotar | Top | Chillblaine | Damien Darhk | Psych | Blockbuster | Sunshine | Dr. Light, Video Games Instead, she was unceremoniously written off. Despite this, she does not hate meta-humans in general, as she knows full well that Mark was an ordinary human before he was affected by the particle accelerator. After the Turtle kidnapped Patty, Patty decided to leave Central City and go to college at Midway City University to become a CSI. Family Human However, before he can kill Barry he is scared away by the sounds of A.R.G.U.S. Although Barry manages to get out in time, Snart is locked in the room with King Shark who is already getting back up. Cisco then hit Shay with a vibe-blast, causing him to return to his humanoid shark form. Wally West is the Fastest Flash and is arguably the fastest being that has ever existed, as said by Max Mercuryand it has been remarked that Wally and Barry are the only two speedsters that were fast enough to even outrun death itself. Grodd was then taken back into A.R.G.U.S. that convince Barry to hold off from telling Patty hes The Flash. However, King Shark is shown to be real when he attacks the Flash, who had been watching Spivot sitting in a caf. [1] At one point, she went on a dinner date with her boyfriend at the time, who got drunk and insulted the waitress. This is mine! They were forced to let Slick go, however, and she attempted to interrogate Joe, before they were interrupted by Earth-2 Slick, who had returned and used his meta-human powers to take Patty. Due to DeVoe's actions the night of the Enlightenment, the meta-dampeners in Grodd's cell at A.R.G.U.S. Pied Piper | [1] The Flash finally lets Caitlin and Frost get the long-overdue chance they should have had all along. Fallout | She and Barry bonded almost immediately, and the two Type of Villain He first appeared in Flash Comics #1 (1940). He is then taken by A.R.G.U.S. Barry truly cared for her, and she would have been a valuable asset to the team. Black Lightning Villains | 16 Jan 2023 05:14:30 Detective Giganta | Age. While Team Flash seemed tohavesuccessfully turned Shay back into a normal human, after running further tests, they found that they'd need to inject Shay a second time in order for the cure's effects to be permanent. He reveals to King Shark that he closed all breaches leading to Earth-2 and that there is no way for King Shark to return. spanish middle names for isaiah; who does tim fleming marry on heartland; difference between achalasia and dysphagia During feeding time, one of the soldiers guarding the tank realises that King Shark is not moving. It tells Joe about the whole incident, as well as about a previous similar murder. to deactivate his laser grid, and was somehow able to distinguishBarry Allen's scent and bio-electricity among other people. When he arrived, he ordered her to go, not giving her any explanation. leader Layla Diggle and her husband John to the aquarium and both arrive just in time to see King Shark devour a guard before escaping. Toyman | The latter was reluctant, as his old partner, Eddie, had only recently died and he didnt want to put anyone else in danger unless it was strictly necessary. Despite assurances that Barry won't get out of bed, Patty senses that he is hiding something. [2], Patty meets Joe at the Police Department and tells him some interesting facts about Doctor Light. King Shark is drawn in by the swirl and held at bay and, when Barry creates another lightning bolt and lunges it at King Shark, is affected by the electricity in the water and knocked out. Merlyn | And Barry agrees. After the Dominator invasion is stopped, A.R.G.U.S. . Home universe He speeds onto the street and gains the attention of King Shark. Doctor Alchemy | When someone stupidly brings up religion. As Harry got Velocity 6 ready, a concerned Caitlin was willing to heed Jay's warning, to which Harry dismissed Jay as a coward. He throws Barry aside and advances onto Spivot. So, she may become a target whether or not she knows the truth. Female However, Shay opted to be transformed again, due to the fact that he wanted to attempt to make up for the trouble he'd caused as King Shark. She could have provided another female voice in a room that added yet another male presence in Jay Garrick this season. Vandal Savage | Green Arrow | Deadshot | Amanda Waller | Nyssa al Ghul | Bronze Tiger | Ragman | Vigilante | Stanley Dover | Captain Cold | Gorilla Grodd | Killer Frost (Earth-1) | Heat Wave | King Shark | Time Wraiths | Black Siren | Solovar | Music Meister | Cassandra Savage | Nora Darhk | Astra Logue | Kayla | Maxwell Lord | Livewire | Master Jailer | Lena Luthor | Purity | Mxyzptlk | Psi | Malefic J'onzz | Mary Hamilton | Two-Bits | Painkiller | John Henry Irons | Lucifer Morningstar, Groups She is a big fan of the Flash, as she has read all newspaper articles about him all the time. Hearing that, Barry smiled and Patty gifted him a Christmas sweater. No, Iris is not a speedster. agents, killing both of them in one bite. Goals And can we blame her for being done with everything shed been put through? Ticker Tape by TradingView. Season 2: Zoom | Reverse-Flash | Captain Cold | Killer Frost (Earth-2) | Caitlin Snow | King Shark | Dr. Light (Earth-2) | Geomancer | The Turtle | Time Wraiths | Tokamak | Heat Wave | Atom-Smasher | Anthony Bellows | Sand Demon | Lewis Snart | Gorilla Grodd | Vandal Savage | Dark Archer | Damien Darhk | Weather Wizard | The Trickster | Tar Pit | Deathstorm (Earth-2) | Reverb | Trajectory | Pied Piper | James Zolomon | Griffin Grey | Rupture | Girder | Black Siren Things are looking up. 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