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list of countries in antarctica

Go Kayaking. The seven continents which comprise of 195 countries are Asia, Australia, Europe, Africa, North America, South America, and Antarctica. How many countries are in Antarctica? Military personnel or equipment are permitted only for scientific research or other peaceful purposes. The Antarctica Treaty of 1959 was signed by twelve countries: the United Kingdom was the first to sign the treat followed by Argentine, Australia, Belgium, Chile, France, Japan, New Zealand, Norway, South Africa, United States of America and The Soviet Union/ Russia. [101], Scientists have studied the ozone layer in the atmosphere above Antarctica since the 1970s. This inlet of the Antarctic Peninsula is also a great place to enjoy whale sighting, from humpback and killer whales to the orcas. Some nature conservation groups have expressed concern over the potential adverse effects caused by the influx of visitors and have called for limits on the size of visiting cruise ships and a tourism quota. Here we can find all countries list in the world and they have been categorized as per their continents. [194], Tourists have been visiting Antarctica since 1957. Antarctica is the continent around the South Pole of the Earth. After a strong campaign from environmental organisations, first Australia and then France decided not to ratify the treaty. This blank map of the 50 US states is a great resource for teaching, both for use in the classroom and for homework. Devoid of trees, the wonderland of mountains . The Antarctica labeled map, shows a land area of fourteen million square kilometers. Technically, zero. [80], Precipitation in Antarctica occurs in the form of snow, which accumulates and forms the giant ice sheet that covers the continent. If you are in need of U.S. consular services while in Antarctica, contact the U.S. embassy or consulate in the country next on your itinerary or nearest to you for assistance. If you're looking to escape the crowds, why not visit some hidden gems in the sunny Caribbean? [125] A combination of freezing temperatures, poor soil quality, and a lack of moisture and sunlight inhibit plant growth, causing low species diversity and limited distribution. [22] The most prominent exceptions to this are the islands of the Kerguelen Plateau, the earliest of which formed around 40 Ma. So, what countries are in Antarctica if any? Antarctic sea life includes penguins, blue whales, orcas, colossal squids and fur seals. [11], Positioned asymmetrically around the South Pole and largely south of the Antarctic Circle (one of the five major circles of latitude that mark maps of the world), Antarctica is surrounded by the Southern Ocean. OGD. [81] Under the force of gravity, the ice flows towards the coast. Antarctica is about 5.5 million square miles (14.2 million square km) in size . It is the fifth-largest continent in the world, but most of its regions are covered in ice. [100] A tipping point for the West Antarctic ice sheet is estimated to be between 1.5 and 2.0C (2.7 and 3.6F) of global warming. This full collapse would lead to 2 to 5 meters (6.6 to 16.4 feet) of sea level rise. However, as can be expected of any place on Earth where interests of various countries collide, waters get muddied rather abruptly. Antarctica contains all four of Earth's South Poles: the Geographic South Pole, the Geomagnetic South Pole, the Magnetic South Pole, and the South Pole of Rotation. 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Flight delays are less painful inside a gorgeous, well-designed airport. Although Antarctica is a continent, there is no official country within the landmass. The peripheral areas of Antarctica, especially the Antarctic Peninsula, are then subjected to higher temperatures, which accelerate the melting of the ice. East Antarctica is largely covered by the East Antarctic Ice Sheet. Heavy snowfalls are common on the coastal portion of Antarctica, where snowfalls of up to 1.22m (48in) in 48 hours have been recorded. The continent is surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean, the Indian Ocean and the Pacific Ocean. [1] However meltwater from the continent's ice features produce a number of rivers and streams. It has no countries. [193] The Protocol on Environmental Protection to the Antarctic Treaty, which came into effect in 1998 and is due to be reviewed in 2048, restricts the exploitation of Antarctic resources, including minerals. [210] Most meteorites come from asteroids, but a few meteorites found in Antarctica came from the Moon and Mars. Its hard to predict what may happen in the future, but if oil were to be found underneath all the ice, the sovereigns will hold on to their claims much stronger. Multicoloured snow algae are especially abundant in the coastal regions during the summer. Any nuclear explosions in Antarctica and the disposal there of radioactive waste material shall be prohibited. 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Seven countries claim Antarctic territory: Argentina, Australia, Chile, France, New Zealand, Norway and the United Kingdom. During the Cambrian period, Gondwana had a mild climate. [127] Bacteria have been found as deep as 800m (0.50mi) under the ice. Antarctica treaty was been signed by 48 nations, designating it as a "natural resource" that primarily stands for peace and scientific experiments. Antarctica. [61] On top of the base are coal and sandstones, limestones, and shales that were laid down during the Devonian and Jurassic periods to form the Transantarctic Mountains. Antarctica (/ntrktk/ (listen))[note 1] is Earth's southernmost and least-populated continent. It covers 50millionkm2 (19millionsqmi) and completely surrounds the Antarctic continent. [20], East Antarctica comprises Coats Land, Queen Maud Land, Enderby Land, Mac. Even though it is not a country, it is the coldest region on Earth and is covered in snow all year round. [82], Sea ice extent expands annually during the Antarctic winter, but most of it melts in the summer. [161] Between December 1908 and February 1909: Shackleton and three members of his expedition became the first humans to traverse the Ross Ice Shelf, the first to cross the Transantarctic Mountains (via the Beardmore Glacier), and the first to set foot on the south Polar Plateau. This area lies south of the Pacific Ocean and East of the Ross Sea. Some of the most common permanent stations are led by countries such as Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Chile, France, Germany, and Italy among others. Melanesia, Polynesia, and Micronesia. Tipping points have been identified in some regions; when a certain threshold warming is reached, these regions may start melting at a significantly faster rate. Download as PDF. [207] Astrophysicists at the AmundsenScott South Pole Station study cosmic microwave background radiation and neutrinos from space. About 70% of the world's freshwater reserves are frozen in Antarctica, which, if melted, would raise global sea levels by almost 60 metres (200ft). The name given to the continent originates from the word antarctic, which comes from Middle French antartique or antarctique ('opposite to the Arctic') and, in turn, the Latin antarcticus ('opposite to the north'). The clouds act as catalysts for chemical reactions, which eventually lead to the destruction of ozone. The 10 Best Romantic Getaways in Tennessee Mountains, What is the Best Time to Visit Shillong and Cherrapunji, Nicaragua in October: Weather, Places to Visit & Things to Do, The Top 9 Budget Hacks for Long-Term Travelers, 7 Things That You Should Do When You Are in Tucson, Best Places to Visit in Europe when you are on a Budget. [122], The simplified morphology of such fungi, along with their similar biological structures, metabolism systems capable of remaining active at very low temperatures, and reduced life cycles, make them well suited to such environments. 3. This has led to speculation that life on Mars might have been similar to Antarctic fungi, such as Cryomyces antarcticus and Cryomyces minteri. It was once believed that the lake had been sealed off for millions of years, but scientists now estimate its water is replaced by the slow melting and freezing of ice caps every 13,000 years. COUNTRY: BASE NAME (Bold type . The flora largely consists of bryophytes (25 species of liverworts and 100 species of mosses). 359. In 2012, after the British Foreign & Commonwealth Office designated a previously unnamed area Queen Elizabeth Land in tribute to Queen Elizabeth II's Diamond Jubilee,[188] the Argentinean government formally protested against the claim. Biologists, in addition to researching wildlife, are interested in how low temperatures and the presence of humans affect adaptation and survival strategies in organisms. Antarctica is governed by about 30 countries, all of which are parties of the 1959 Antarctic Treaty System. Emperor penguin. The treaty went into effect in 1961 and had been signed by 54 nations as of 2021. Since then, the coverage of Antarctic sea ice has decreased rapidly. If all of this ice were melted, global sea levels would rise about 58m (190ft). After this greedy division of the Antarctic region came some better days. The Russian Orthodox Holy Trinity Church at the Bellingshausen Station on King George Island opened in 2004; it is manned year-round by one or two priests, who are similarly rotated every year. There are currently (as at May, 2020) 31 countries operating in Antarctica and running 73 bases (36 summer seasonal and 37 permanent year-round). It is virtually uninhabited. Instead, Antarctica is made up of territories that were claimed by different existing countries. The belief of such a land lasted until the discovery of Australia. There have been few scientific studies conducted in the area. Cross the Drake Passage. [48][49] Marsupials are thought to have dispersed into Australia via Antarctica by the early Eocene. Antarctica, including all territorial claims by sovereign states, is regulated by the Antarctic Treaty System, which defines it as all land and ice shelves south of 60S. Others are either turning a blind eye to such activities in order to maintain the status quo or performing some illicit activities themselves. Some of the research stations are staffed year-round, the winter-over personnel typically arriving from their home countries for a one-year assignment. Antarctica is the southernmost continent on Earth. It is also inclusive of three island regions i.e. This area within Antarctica extends from Edward VIII Bay in the east to Queen Maud Land in the west. One of the lichen species found in the area is the Buellia Frigida. In 1555 the claim was incorporated to Chile. Antarctica is the southernmost continent on Earth. [163], The American explorer Richard E. Byrd led four expeditions to Antarctica during the 1920s, 1930s, and 1940s, using the first mechanised tractors. To truly grasp the ridiculousness of these claims, just consider the fact that Argentina, Chile, and the United Kingdoms proposed territories overlap, which can be seen on any map of Antarctica that features borders. The treaty went into effect in 1961 and had been signed by 54 nations as of 2021. Two others - the United States and the Russian Federation - have. [201], In 2017, there were more than 4,400 scientists undertaking research in Antarctica, a number that fell to just over 1,100 in the winter. List of countries Albania Andorra Armenia Austria Azerbaijan Belarus Belgium Bosnia and Herzegovina Bulgaria Croatia Cyprus Czechia Denmark Estonia Finland France Georgia Germany Greece Hungary Iceland Ireland Italy Kazakhstan Kosovo Latvia Liechtenstein Lithuania Luxembourg Malta Moldova Monaco Montenegro Netherlands North Macedonia If youre looking for a weekend getaway in the desert, you cant go wrong with the jewel of Arizona. [189] The UK passed some of the areas it claimed to Australia and New Zealand after they achieved independence. This is a sub-region in Antarctica that lies between the Bellingshausen Sea and the Ronne Ice Shelf. [167] Six women were flown to the South Pole as a publicity stunt in 1969. The system features a set of treaties that were later added to the steady foundation that is the Antarctic Treaty. A large number of islands surround Antarctica. [108], The ozone depletion can cause a cooling of around 6C (11F) in the stratosphere. This model adopts the criteria of both the six-continent models, resulting in the following 5 continents: Africa, Eurasia, America, Oceania (or Australia), and Antarctica. [38] Ginkgo trees, conifers, Bennettitales, horsetails, ferns and cycads were plentiful during the time. The treaty set aside Antarctica as a scientific preserve and established freedom of scientific investigation and environmental protection. Kassandra, Greece. Most of the content is covered with ice that averages about 1.5 miles thick across the surface. Ethiopia (Abyssinia) - Addis Ababa Gabon - Libreville The Gambia - Banjul Ghana - Accra Guinea - Conakry Guinea-Bissau - Bissau Kenya - Nairobi Lesotho - Maseru Liberia - Monrovia Libya - Tripoli Madagascar - Antananarivo Malawi - Lilongwe Mali - Bamako Mauritania - Nouakchott Mauritius - Port Louis Morocco (Al Maghrib) - Rabat Mozambique - Maputo The coastal regions can reach temperatures over 10C (50F) in summer. This organism is known for its tolerance to extreme conditions and is mainly used in experiments that simulate space conditions. Sand and silts were laid down in what is now the Ellsworth, Horlick and Pensacola Mountains. Skiing on Snowy Mountains. [36] Tetrapods first appeared in Antarctica during the early Triassic, with the earliest known fossils found in the Fremouw Formation of the Transantarctic Mountains. Antarctica means "in front of the north". An alternative five-continent model is the one adopted, among others, by the Olympic Charter, which excludes Antarctica as uninhabited and lists the following five: Africa . The Antarctica Treaty of 1959 was signed by twelve countries: the United Kingdom was the first to sign the treat followed by Argentine, Australia, Belgium, Chile, France, Japan, New Zealand, Norway, South Africa, United States of America and The Soviet Union/ Russia. From outside the United States: 1-202-501-4444. The land is almost completely covered in layers of ice and snow. A little-known fact about Antarctica is that it is the largest desert on Earth. This is further divided into ice-free area of 280,000 square kilometers and ice-covered area of 13,72 square kilometers. No, no one owns Antarctica, at least not officially, but the number of countries in Antarctica doing research at the moment is quite high, with more than 50 of them signing the Antarctica Treaty. Subregion Currency; Australia: 25,088,636: 7.692 million km: $63,052: Canberra Its formation began during the Archean Eon (4,000Ma2,500Ma), and stopped during the Cambrian Period. The breathtaking scenery is nothing less than an awe-inspiring glance to look at. They even put a meteorological station in the region. Antarctica holds the record for the lowest measured temperature on Earth, 89.2C (128.6F). These shelves can melt or form icebergs that eventually disintegrate when they reach warmer ocean waters. This is a group of islands situated in the Southern Ocean 604 kilometers north of the Antarctic Peninsula. These were Belgium, South Africa, Japan, the United States, and the Soviet Union. This is the largest unclaimed area in Antarctica and covers over 1,600,000 square kilometers. Being so important for the stability and cooperation of countries of Antarctica, the treaty deserves a special mention here: No acts or activities taking place while the present treaty is in force shall constitute a basis for asserting, supporting or denying a claim to territorial sovereignty in Antarctica or create any rights of sovereignty in Antarctica. For thousands of years, the continent's terrain was inaccessible and mysterious, earning it the moniker "Dark Continent.". NA. Fauna from the La Meseta Formation in the Antarctic Peninsula, dating to the Eocene, is very similar to equivalent South American faunas; with marsupials, xenarthrans, litoptern, and astrapotherian ungulates, as well as gondwanatheres and meridiolestidans. By the start of the Devonian period (416Ma), Gondwana was in more southern latitudes, and the climate was cooler, though fossils of land plants are known from then.

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