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5K Views. For a time, Bob became involved with a local Cincinnati jazz band called The Cincy Brass. Just watched Raft and The Forest. To make the whole thing even better, Markiplier has stated that all money earned from the OnlyFans content will be donated to charity so we can all be perves AND feel good about it! Keep scrolling for photos of Markiplier house. Occasionally, Wade and Mark unintentionally switch roles, leading to some confusion. Wade is known to harbor an extreme disliking towards the sound of solid Styrofoam. I would say, on top of Uno, Monopoly, Raft and Phasmophobia, some of the best are Barotrauma, Heigh Ho, Pogostuck and Grounded. un Markiplier was born on June 28, 1989 making him currently 33 years of age. Privacy Policy. Posts that encourage raids on other subs or platforms is a bannable offense. According to a third video released by Mark himself on the topic, the popular Youtuber announced that fans had met his conditions and he was in the process of figuring out how to move forward with his OnlyFans account. Posts that encourage raids on other subs or platforms is a bannable offense. My Favorite Sports Team, and make it the number one sports podcast. Of the three, Bob seems to curse the most during any mood, to the point where he creates odd combinations of different expletives ("What the damn it", "Son of a dang it", "Ass-f*ck", "Sh*t-f*ck", sh*t-goddamn it, etc.). Distractible has merch now. ago. Of the three, Bob is the youngest, but also the most mature and assertive in personality. Yes! Mark claims title of King of The Squirrels. He wouldnt spill any tea about the project other than to say its very different from the first one, although still an interactive narrative.. . impression was that of the popular short story author Edgar Allen Poe, done during the August 2014 livestream. Now you can own it. So I stayed until the end of Mark's Farewell Charity Livestream and someone wanted to get a picture of them with their shirts so I took a screenshot for myself and anyone who wasn't at the stream! Mark and Wade often yell at each other whilst doing impersonations of Shane Walsh and Rick Grimes, respectively, from the hit TV drama. Mark, Bob, and Wade had a competition to see who could tell the funniest (I'm assuming true) story. Answer (1 of 3): I think Markiplier is the most remarkable human being out there, and really cares about his fans. My Webtoon Comic: https://www.w. Original video "ROFLEEMO MY BELOVED!! On June 9, 2014, Bob posted his first livestream. While they're all laughing, Bob asks if Wade actually believed him, to which Wade replies he did. The Youtuber paid $15k over asking for his new La Canada Flintridge residence. By. Please contact the moderators of this subreddit if you have any questions or concerns. Bob is married to Mandy Muyskens, and he does an .,, 1 in comedy podcasts but has since fallen to No. Bob is often indirectly mentioned in episodes of different Let's Plays by his name being used to give a character or object a form of identification. Gang Beasts is so much fun with your friends in the same room!Subscribe Today! Within 48 hours of his challenge, Distractible had reached the top slot on Spotify and climbed the charts on Apple Podcast. class="algoSlug_icon" data-priority="2">Web. Wade is often the subject of the group's jokes and degrading comments on-camera - they poke fun at him, don't pay him much attention, pin the blame on him for most of their problems (including those that Wade had no part in whatsoever, much to his shock) and, on occasion, accuse him of lying about certain details to make himself look better. Here it is again: Mark Fischbach, Bob Muyskens, and Wade Barnes. As time goes by, the three boys have become close mates, and Wade and Bob are always the greatest supporting acts for the majority of Markiplier's videos. [5][6] The podcast's merchandise is designed, manufactured, and shipped by Second City Prints.[7]. Markiplier will be the latest creator to join OnlyFans on one condition - fans boost his two podcasts to the top of the Spotify and Apple charts. On a few occasions, Wade is not present, and his absence often becomes a topic of concern for the other two members of the group, as well as the series' guest stars. . His latest "I'm [insert name]!" While Markiplier still posts regularly on YouTube, he has also moved over to Twitch for some of his content, including his ventures into the podcasting world with friends Bob and Wade. However, he often read written curse words in video games. It is produced by Wood Elf, a podcast label under QCODE, which also produced Mark's scripted podcast, The Edge of Sleep. Mark has made it no secret that he's a true blue Whose Line fan, he's all the moments he's mentioned or incorporated the show into his work. Maybe doing California things today will help it sink in more. Sunok, Marks mom, remains an active figure in Marks life and can often be seen showing support for her son in his home videos. Bob is widely recognized for participating in Mark's Drunk Minecraft series, where he joined Mark and Wade in the many shenanigans that they partook in, often berating the other two for causing mayhem and keeping them both in check. Its rumored the couple started dating back in late 2015 following their appearance together at a VidCon event in 2016. In addition to the skylight, the bathrooms shower also opens onto the private patio, allowing for indoor/outdoor showering (is that a thing? 0 Goes by his middle name Wade. Some time in mid-2014, Bob had taken on an updated Dexter-esque skin designed to look more like himself, with dark brown hair in place of the former ginger color and wearing a grin similar to Wade's avatar's, as well as bearing a large purple lowercase 'B' on the front and back of his lab coat (reversed on the back). [2] He proposed at the Markiplier and Friends Panel at PAX West in 2016. Mark also recently filmed a documentary titled Markiplier from North Korea (2022). I admit it, I'm actually 4'9" #Shortiplier..Actually I just wear 13-inch heels. Finally got this done, have wanted it since [REDACTED] Press J to jump to the feed. He stands at a height of 6'4" (193 cm), similarly to Wade. Thanks for posting. Uno, i even saved the videos in a playlist lol. [2] Each week, the trio would compete against one another while using arbitrary systems to determine the winner, with the victor being declared as the following week's main host. I am a bot, and this action was performed . "The Bob & Wade Compilation" is an episode of Markiplier Compilations presented by Markiplier, featuring Bob and Wade. The trio's topics are mainly comedy-oriented, ranging from interesting occurrences and everyday events, to exaggerated and unconventional scenarios. Also counts as a Heartwarming Moment when Bob shows up at the end. Following the loss of Marks first channel due to advertising issues, it was a long chat with Wade that convinced him to keep pursuing his Youtube dreams. Mark and Bob are aware of this and occasionally threaten to rub large pieces of Styrofoam together either for entertainment or to manipulate him to do their bidding, much to his chagrin. Golf With Your Friends is a game played by Markiplier, Ethan, Bob, Jack, and Wade. As the series progressed and Wade became more involved, he took on his own custom appearance - an alternate 'Markiplier' skin of sorts, with enlarged ears in place of a gaming headset, a tighter smile, a red long-sleeved shirt with a large black 'W' emblem (an upside-down 'M') printed on the front, dark gray pants and brown hair. In the Markiplier channel's early days, Wade cursed much more frequently, but not as often as Mark or Bob. Markiplier relocated from Cincinnati to Los Angeles, California in 2014. Out of the 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms this luxury abode features, the master suite and ensuite reign supreme. Here's a compilation of some funny moments with Bob and Wade. Occasionally, this would lead to Wade correcting Mark by singing the real lyrics under his breath. mine personally has to be either firewatch or presentable liberty by mark. Garry's Mod Map Pack #15. map list RP_SouthSide / RP_SouthSide_Day Autumn 2001 / Autumn 2001 Sandbox: TTT FRG Vhoxel's Motel n' Diner. I would say the only reason why alot of questioning about Mark and Jack's relationship is because they have two very different channels atm, Jack's channel is more geared towards singleplayer series or one-offs, whereas Mark streams nearly everything he uploads . [1][2] The podcast's artwork is commissioned by Ryan Smallman,[3] while the intro narrations are done by Baldermort.[4]. By Wednesday, it had captured the No. "Penises! 34. For the latest news, follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Markiplier also joined forces with YouTubers Wade Barnes (LordMinion777) and Bob Muyskens (Muyskerm) to co-host the podcast Distractible, and Tyler Scheid for Go! The series launched simultaneously on Apple Podcasts and Spotify on May 17, 2021, and has since expanded to other platforms, such as Deezer, Stitcher, YouTube, and Google Podcasts. The couple met while Cliffton was stationed in Korea. Preview. My Favorite Sports Team to #1 on Apple Podcast charts and Spotify and the fans got to work! All three men continue to be close friends, with both Bob and Wade continuing to . The words that Mark sings vary, the most common lyrics being ", In many videos, whenever Wade is being annoying to Mark, or possibly just says something idiotic, Mark usually shouts at him, ". Up Oh, well nice to meet you Wayne! One year.Unus Annus's motto Unus Annus was a YouTube channel created by CrankGameplays and Markiplier. . who can win Lori (played by Bob)'s favor; who is better suited to lead the "group" and look after Carl). As of late, Wade has seemingly given up on holding back on swearing in his videos, frequently shouting expletives in times of stress, often during competitive gameplay. Bob and Wade belittle Mark by making fun of his height (5'10"), often drawing comparisons to their own heights (both 6'4"). George Wade Barnes (born: April 3, 1989 (1989-04-03) [age 33]), better known online as LordMinion777, is an American gaming YouTuber. in disney cream cheese pretzel recipe. Listen to Distractible on Spotify! A Date With Markiplier is an interactive video that tells a story and allows you, the viewer, to pick which way the story goes. Both Bob and Wade poke fun at Mark and his unique pronunciation of the word "room" (. Make sure the post is appropriate and not to delegate or go against Reddit policy or r/Markiplier Rules. On May 19, 2021, the podcast peaked at number-one on Apple Podcasts and Spotify's charts, beating out the likes of The Joe Rogan Experienceone of the world's most popular podcasts at the timewhich was considered to be an impressive margin by Mark's representatives, given that about 58% of his general audience at the time used Spotify. Thanks for posting. You can follow Sarah on Twitter at: But the strong initial showing bodes well for its staying power. Robert Martin "Bob" Muyskens,[1][2] known by his online alias muyskerm, is an online entertainer and content creator. Phasmophobia is a game where you try to identify ghosts while they hunt you. An Animation Vid,For The First Time In Awhile Of 2022??Whoa!!. Gang Beasts is so much fun with your friends in the same room!Subscribe Today! A close friend of Mark Fischbach and Wade Barnes, Bob is often seen with them in various playthroughs and livestreams. "We need to go deeper" and "Grounded" are my comfort videos. It is often Bob that reprimands and pins the blame on the other two members of the group whenever they cause trouble. The friends dubbed the livestream The Bonercast, a joke about what they thought would be the dumbest idea ever for a podcast (dudes swapping stories about boner issues). Due to his commitment to devoting time to studies and work at law school, Bob was, for a time, unable to find time to upload videos, and as such did not express too much enthusiasm at the thought of starting a Let's Play channel, though he did consider the idea. Like most gamers, Bob plays video games that are popular or what he finds on the internet, such as Steam or Gamejolt. Markplier and Wade have known each . He donated the proceeds from his calendar sales to the Cancer Research Institute. Also, we stream most of this stuff on Tuesdays. Sign up for Varietys Newsletter. Sometime during his channel's run, Wade made a video thanking Mark for everything he'd done for him, noting that his inspiration to start his channel was in part due to witnessing Mark's own drive and dedication to continue making content for his fanbase - Mark would go to great lengths to do the best he could for his audience, even if only one person was watching his videos. The space also features double sinks as well as a soaking tub, large glass shower, and beautiful black honeycomb tiles. This, however, did not stop Mark from building a house in. Last November, he hosted the finale of his channel Unus Annus which only existed for 365 days and racked up over 22 million views. Fishing has never been so much \"FUN\" especially with friends!MY CLOTHING BRAND THE CHANNEL Out My WEBSITE!! Some of his go-to styles are: Him yelling out different inappropriate words or remarks with bravado (e.g. Being good friends with Mark, Bob is seen to get along with him on several occasions. During the September 2014 livestream, this enabled him to sing the high notes in, Bob's screen name (muyskerm) was formed from the basic school login format (surname (. The ceremony was attended by many of his friends, including Mark. Distractible is produced by QCodes Wood Elf label. These games have often held mixed chances of either player taking the lead in the number of points earned. On December 3, 2021, Mark, Bob, and Wade launched an online merchandise store themed around Distractible's various topics. Published: Feb 22, 2014. Bob won this round hands down with a tale of mounting anger and probably the most inept . As pointed out and shown by Mark on several live streams and videos, Wade bore an afro and a goatee during his high school and early college years. Okay, so the ensuite bathroom is super coolif youre not concerned with nosey neighbors or other prying eyes. Initially, only the top half of the skin was complete, while the bottom half was depicted to be wearing a pair of boxers as a placeholder while the pants were developed; the skin was made for Wade by Zombiemold for the Drunk Minecraft livestream in mid-2012. So, will we be getting a peek at the man behind the clothes? Hello! Markiplier's Magic Touch, which starts out with Mark reuniting with his friends Cyndago and Wade, but quickly turns into what can only be described as somatosensory porn. And throw it. Mark Edward Fischbach, aka Markiplier, is an actor and massively popular Youtuber with over 33.6 million subscribers. Also an opportunity for three friends to remind each other they are not as smart as they think. Bob met Mark when they roomed together as freshmen in school and the two often played games together. Clifton was a German American that served in the United States Army, while Sunok worked as a nurse in Korea. Subverted if you watch Wade's videos, where his girlfriend Molly is a presence in several of his LPs, most prominently 7 Days to Die and his own Minecraft videos. Ironically, Wade would slowly lose much of thehair on his head and grow a full beard several years later. While it is, for the most part, never shown or mentioned onscreen, Wade's surname can be seen on rare occasions, such as during the, Wade has German, British and Irish ancestry, as mentioned while answering viewers' questions during the. In addition to Mark, the couple also shared an older son, Jason Thomas Fischbach, who is the author and artist of Webcomic series Twokinds. The show is created by Jake Emanuel and Willie Block (FXs Chozen) and produced by New Regency. Bob currently hosts his own channel, muyskerm, which he had been running since April 6, 2010 as a primarily inactive account. We didnt think that would fly as the name of the podcast, Markiplier notes. Markiplier announced via Youtube in 2022 that he will be launching an OnlyFans for charity. ", WADE PROPOSES?! >7< You're so awesome guys lol and we love you Mark! Featured videos in order of appearance Definitely worth all the hours. This is literally a description of what the video contains. This is one of the first videos of its kind on YouTube and people absolutely loved it when he posted it online. Bob and Wade are Terrible People. At the time, the channel was mostly inactive. Wade and Mark have also collaborated in several different competitive games, a well-known example being the various single-screen multiplayer games (eg. Apart from YouTube work, Bob formerly worked as a truancy officer at a school in Cincinnati, Ohio and at a sushi bar as a bartender alongside Mark before opting to study law at law school, as part of becoming a future lawyer. Of the three, Bob is the youngest, but also the most mature and assertive in personality. During his Pax East 2017 Panel, Mark publicly announced what may be his biggest project yet: he, Bob, Wade, Tyler, and Ethan will be going on tour! Wade is currently uploading Let's Plays of several different games of the indie and horror genre, often collaborating with Mark, Bob and several others, most notably the group commonly called "Dem Salty Bois" consisting of himself, PatrckStatic, Jpw03 and Garuku Bluemoon. Markiplier (real name: Mark Fischbach) hosts "Distractible" with two of his longtime friends: Wade Barnes (whom "I think I've known since the sixth grade," Fischbach says) and Bob . By picking hair as the talking point for the first segment, Markiplier says, we wanted a topic that showed that it doesnt what the topic is; it matters where we go with it.. He is a friend with Markiplier, LordMinion777 and jacksepticeye. Wade noted that this was a minor annoyance for him, as he would often return home to find bits of garbage thrown into his hair by other students. Though theres not much on his past real estate available publicly, he did just purchase a gorgeous mansion from actor and singer, Donald Glover (aka Childish Gambino), for $4 million $15k over asking! More about Wade and his past is shown in his "Draw My Life" video. Markiplier is dating animator and graphic designer, Amy Nelson (Aka Peebles). favourite game mark bob or wade played? That said, hes pleased and surprised that his new podcast Distractible has taken the podcast world by storm. Bob and Wade join in the fun!LIMITED EDITION CLOAK//MINECRAFT COLLAB BY LIXIAN Games Playlist Games Playlist my Instagram me on Twitter me on Facebook us on Reddit! George Wade Barnes, commonly referred to as Wade and known under his alias as LordMinion777, is an online entertainer, content creator and a close friend of Mark Fischbach and Bob Muyskens, often seen in many of their videos and collaborations. Not far from the dining room, youll find a spacious living room that also shares an equally gorgeous view of the nearby San Gabriel Mountains. Robert Martin "Bob" Muyskens, known by his online alias muyskerm, is an online entertainer and content creator. The voices they use are often over-exaggerated, resulting in almost incomprehensible "conversations". After their son was born, Cliffton and Sunok relocated to Cincinnati, Ohio. Located in La Canada Flintridge, CA this stunning 3,279 square foot home was purchased by Markiplier from musical artist, Donald Glover, in 2021 for $4 million, $15,000 over asking! Up my Instagram me on Twitter me on Facebook Outro Outro While born in Honolulu, Hawaii, Marks family relocated to Cincinnati, Ohio shortly after his birth and raised him there. It's time to get swongin' in Minecraft's latest Dungeon Crawler, Minecraft Dungeons! Wade occasionally shows extreme ignorance when playing games that involve some form of puzzle-solving, usually missing vital clues that are shown to him directly or not learning from previous mistakes and continuing to perform the incorrect action(s) in an attempt to progress.

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