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I think the developers are aware that performance needs to improve. MuseScore is one of the world's leading free music composition software, featuring an easy-to-use interface and many powerful features. In reply to Yep, the Inspector panel is by mchiapparini. I see in the console log that it wants to reach out to In reply to Hello. I don't know Pop! It might be safer to save a copy of MS3 scores into the MS4 "Scores" folder, then open these copies in MS4 while leaving the originals untouched. I get asked to help non tech savvy friends and relatives all the time, whose computer has gotten unbearably slow, only because so many programs have registered themselves to run on startup. One question still I'd be grateful if someone would answer. Typically, it just says it cannot connect to the internet. This announcement is available in other languages. In reply to Yeah, I have two Chromebooks by Marc Sabatella. I am incredibly thrilled that MuseScore 4 has been officially released! Learn (118) Sightreading (3) Theory and Improv (74) Technique (21) Ear Training (4) . After I downloaded version 4.0, I kept running into a playback issue. First mov. A simple manual update by alextone. In reply to Where did "swing" go? I've been trying to get the musescore app to download from the hub and it is not working at all. That's the place to go to keep up on the news. Now nothing happens when I try to open Muse Hub and I don't see any MuseScore 4 added to my apps, In reply to After downloading Muse Hub, by md4peace, Interesting sequence: I uninstalled Muse Hub although it kept telling me I couldn't delete it because it was open. Regarding Midi Timecode, Musescore had always had the ability to connect to xjadeo without Jack using AlsaMTC. Now I can save to the cloud, that works. Most likely it's something about the specific score you are working on. Is there going to be support for the iPad for this update? OK, I just reinstalled MuseScore 4 and Hub from this site, went to the system tray, clicked on MuseScore Hub and Apps and MuseScore, and it said it was installing MuseScore 4 and started MuseScore 4, so it worked, though I don't know why, since I did the installation exactly as before. Then I went to the EDIT - PREFERENCES - SHORTCUTS tab and set FLAT for the "-" key, SHARP for the "+" key, NATURAL for the "*" key and TIE for the "/" key. 2. Many thanks ! This is a very basic feature on the proprietary software options and would exclude me from using the new version. linux, but it could be similar. The specific measure using the Ab is attached. In reply to Does one simply move all by ubuntourist. Thank you so much for this! Help. A day after I installed MuseHub an announcement suddenly popped up that cleared up the issues and I was able to sample MuseScore 4. MS3/MS4 audio comparison. The figures work on the main keyboard, however, but this is rather tedious, especially with an Azerty keyboard (figures are in uppercase), so this is a blocking issue for me to switch to Musescore 4. Because of the demands of the new sounds, they have to open in separate windows. (And I'll include my usual refrain of: the Windows Store / Mac App Store could provide zero disruption OS managed automatic updates to MuseScore without any helper app. I'm using Google Translator. . To me, both of these are unnecessarily lengthy processes when I could just as easily have had the Muse Hub window sitting on the taskbar, ready for reactivation. 1. In reply to After I downloaded version 4 by Grey K. Could be the notes are just outside the range that was sampled. At the very least it should be documented in a clear and obvious way that the instlall will only put the link in the system tray. Very excited to try the braille export, so convenient now from within MuseScore. - The Properties panel (formerly the inspector) is now much more responsive, easier to understand and filled with lots of useful options MuseScore 4.0 has been released today. Where is the tuning function that used to be under Inspector? Any attempt to implement a backward-compatible save would suffer imperfections as well, too much changes from major release to major release (which is part of which these get designated as major releases). I'm starting to notice that scores I arrange with the VST sounds in musescore 4 sound horrifically distorted when I upload because it's still using the musescore 3 sounds. Very impresive improvements. In reply to (I thought I posted this by jcorelis. Still a long way to go no doubt, but the notation is universal, and can be read by all, even if the format, layout, and chord reading direction etc. Thank you so much! I generally find myself turning the brass and vocals up, saxophones and piano down to achieve a balance similar to what I had in MuseScore 3. On Windows 11, opening the "Styles" menu causes MuseScore to crash. The icon in my system tray is for the Hub. It supports a wide variety of file formats and . callay! The more I think about this and describe it, the more astonishingly it seems that this version has been released with this really, really, really bad problem. If we're in the middle of a project, we don't want the sounds updating automatically as we work. FWIW. when I open the untitled option as template it opens with all the selected instruments but it keeps showing me underneath the mixer loading audio samples, and it never shows any of the instruments on the mixer but the master bus, In reply to awesome software, good job by Joseph.Zayoun. Anyhow, the idea of adding features to make it easier to do film scoring is a pretty high priority actually. It's very fine! It is worth noting that the expected size of the MuseSampler is 10GB. I have checked several files and there seems to be no simple way of changing the tempo. I have now reported also the discrepancy in github as follows: That's even if I need up to date playback at that point. Also +1 on the concern noted above about not being able to go back to MS3 once you open a score in MS4: the engraving conversion is not perfect, MS4 threw off the page breaks I had in MS3 on part, and with the instrument balance so different between versions, that is an unpleasant surprise to not be able to go back to safety until we can rebalance for MS4. I am loving the release, the only thing thats really bugging me is how- well- buggy the release is. This is mainly apparent in the higher and lower range of the instrument. Have I missed something, or are multi-measure repeats still not added? Thank you so much! . In reply to Is it necessary to uninstall by ricobasso. As I said, if you can post the link to the GitHub issue for this, then investigation can begin. In reply to wonderful! Sounds were garbled and did not line up rhythmically. I don't find a way to save offline to prevent accidents and save online when is ready. I'm getting the same exact problems. Otherwise, an incredibly beautiful and usable application so far. I still have a file Muse_Hub.exe in my default download library, which I use as a temp library. @Jonarnold I now do have a MuseScore 4 icon on my desktop, though how it got there this time is a mystery. Awesome update! Change my mind. When can we have the function that make the announcement translatable? This release was very much about getting the internal structure ready to allow these types of features to be added during the 4.x release cycle. So where is the exe file I can use to open it now? Can I delete that, or should I move it elsewhere? In reply to Thanks a lot! Also it will lag like crazy when using playback while highlighting a note in any measure. Switching page views (Single page, continuous) is also removed in its normal position. Sound FM Electric Piano (my favorite sound) is nowhere, not even in Muse Hub. The expectancy is that the .org tracker will at some point undergo some changes to facilitate it linking to github issues. In reply to I don't have enough space on by john.sandlin.351. I am hoping this is a bug, not a feature. Immediately encountering this behavior, I would just say forget it. When I dragged that file to desktop it made an icon which if I click on it, MuseScore hub opens, but only after a message which confusingly tells me that MuseScore hub will be installed. As a result, the only way for the user to fix the problem is to export and edit the shortcuts xml file. I have not explored much beyond that, because some of my PCs run Windows 7 so I'm stuck with v3 for the forseeable future. In reply to Yes, there should be a by PatrickBruno. I have tried redownloading, uninstalling and reinstalling and even repairing the application to no avail. 4 comments cunningar0807 on Dec 2, 2022 Tantacrul completed on Dec 6, 2022 Sign up for free to join this conversation on GitHub . - New, heavily revised version of Leland and Leland text (I thought I posted this additional reply before, but it seems to have disappeared.). No problem in MS 3. But I reinstalled and tried again, no problem. I downloaded MuseScore 4 and Muse Hub this morning. Everything works great and the sound playback is integrated amazingly well to the notation. It moved to live together with all other view controls (such as zoom level) to the bottom right of the main window. 3. UPDATE - January 13, 2023: MuseScore 4.0.1 has now been released (see changelog). I'm suprise when you by Polop30, See #339496: Download for V 4 Windows (32-bit) not working. I had one issue of the close dialog box popping up transparent so there was no way to see any of the buttons. Then I copied the file to the folders found in AppData- local - Musescore . Some of them are also waiting for some aspects fo the plugin API to be completed. MTC output allowed Musescore versions in the past to utilize scoring to picture through a slave video player. But here exactly the same behaviour. Click the setting icon at top right of the hub and you'll see a setting to change the folder, and it shows the default. 2020 M1 Mac mini (OS 12.4), 2014 Mac mini (OS 10.12), Dual monitors, Finale 27 & 25.5, GPO 4, InDesign CS4, SmartScore X Pro, JW Plug-ins, TG . If you can offer concrete help or point me to text indicating the priorities that you mentioned, I would be delighted. Also dynamics seem to be inconsistent (e.g. You are saying those don't work on your system either? Musescore 3 > Mixer > Click on the 'per part' volume slider or Solo/Mute options (idk what's that called) > Sound > You should see the sound 'FM Electric Piano'. Hi, thanks for your answer. Not for me, sorry. In reply to Hello, I'm an user of by Y.W.Alex. Concerning the keypad, after some investigation, I found a workaround by exporting the key shortcuts to an xml file and adding specific definitions (e.g. Playback seems to be very scratchy in the live tool (not in exported audio), does MuseScore 4 have that much higher performance demands than MS 3? Try exporting the concert band piece to .wav and see if it is clean. - The experience of setting up a new score has been simplified to be more welcoming to new users Copying all from Musescore 3 is easy, but there is a risk in case Musescore 4 introduces new (or different) shortcuts for new features. I cannot change tempo, fixed to 120 and clicking on right corner where it is given does not do anything.

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