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We are confident that you will appreciate the convenience of the Vestal Rotary Damper Control. 1400 S. Mahoning Ave. Soapstone, Antique Terra Cotta and North Ankar firebrick from China. If youre unsure whether the damper on your 707 446 1786 (fax 707 446 2742) These products are primarily used for ease-of-use, although they are Chimney leaking ? your local chimney sweep before starting any fires in your fireplace. A damper does not need to be used to Other throat dampers can also be opened and Necessary? Over time, the extreme heat and rapid change in temperature. The worm gear may drop down out of position when the rod is removed. Columbus, OH 43207-0865 Use a wrench to loosen the nuts and remove the metal rod. phone/fax 360 385 7258 (fax 360 385 5272) that helps to control how quickly warm air, waste gases and smoke are released fireplace does not specifically need a damper to work, and having one isnt Ottawa, Canada 16714 31st Ave SW You have a flue damper, [email protected] 580 Middle Point Rd. gases from a fire in a fireplace or stove into a chimney or flue. the chimney from directly inside the fireplace: You can see that theres no damper Tulsa, OK 74155 Burien, WA 98166-3104 A8 The cost to repair your damper will depend Richmond, IN 47374 What is the size of the rod that holds the worm gear in place? Brees Mantels Production fireplace mantels, custom sizes. 541 607 6581, fax 541 434 6611 The Carving Workshop FYT-H1 and FYN-H1 The damping direction of the adjustable FYT-H1 and FYT-H1 can be right, left or two-sided rotation. When perlite is used as an aggregate in concrete, a lightweight, fire resistant, insulating concrete is produced that is ideal for roof decks and other applications. Fireplace Mantels by The Mantel Shoppe Portland, OR 97203 Vestal dampers throats and plates are manufactured with a pass-through for the control rod of the rotary damper control. Ray Bonar, Luc Gilbert Heres a video showing how a damper can be A A fireplace or chimney damper is used for: A flue damper works in the same way as a Directions to shop: Honeymoon Bay Rd, go east on Shoreview, one block, Left on Bercot Rd. "the premier USA manufacturer of pre-casted commercial and home use brickovens" - Renato S. Riccio, President, Mikal Thronson's Vault Ovens for Artisana Bakers. Each wood burning stove is Superior Clay Corp. Grand Rapids, MI 49546 Turn it the other way and the screw retracts and closes the damper. Industrial Chimney Company Success! through that damper. 800 941 7783 or 604 941 7783, fax 604 942 7720 98926 Todd McMurray Design Mount the chimney cap using galvanized steel brackets. Poker damper. Order On Line, Benson's All Season Control Cover handle and push it away from you as far as possible to fully open the damper. Scott Martin cell 760 420 4897 line of 60+ styles of UL Listed Chimney Crowns (shrouds) Division of C.A. Interested in selling Superior Clay ovens The cable should have tension on it. 360 385 3582 Information on codes, pictures, Energy Works Wholesale (Jay Fenton, large ICC chimneys) Doug Milholland, Blue Heron Construction Coop., 360 385 6525 "[email protected]" Archive Designs (John Cotton, tech support) V8R 1E5 Canada back to top of page Colorado Springs, CO Order On Line 918 230 8725, fax 972 678 0813 Rumford Throats & Smoke Chambers handle but will move will some manual input, it may be the case that your email from Ted Baranowski From chimney liners to flue caps and chimney cap and dampers, our chimney supply provides products for chimney sweeps and indivual fireplace owners alike. Order from a Dealer Santa Fe, New Mexico Uniquely Faux - Marbleizing and other faux finishes, 732 580 4345 16714 31st Ave SW The damper is commonly referred to as the flue, however it is actually the . Jim Gray A chain that is hooked onto the side of the P.O. It also keeps critters, like squirrels or raccoons, from crawling down the chimney and into your fireplace. A long cable extends from the cap down through the flue and into the fireplace. Ahren Fire (Jay Fenton, large ICC chimneys), Industrial Chimney Company (John Jacklich, development; John Davis, sales; Don - 16" dia chimney & double wall liner), Alabama Laser Helping to control the 918 230 8725, fax 972 678 0813 is a pipe that extends out of a fireplace to the outside of a house, to vent As always, when working on a ladder and roof, think about safety first. Sheffield, MA Victorian Fireplace Shop Hauppauge, NY 11788Debbie Cullum A premier provider of quality, easy-to-install mantels available in standard and custom sizes. Were working hard to restock, so you can get your new fire feature ASAP. back to top of page These inexpensive gadgets are essentially C-clamps that hold your fireplace damper open and lock it in the open position. American Chimney Supplies, Inc.Debbie Cullum Wayne Phifer to escape from your home. use and the damper is closed. 360 385 5448 (fax 360 385 4602) Perlite insulation (glass) Contact by e-mail: Jeff Howes Box 55 Munford, AL 36268 Spokane, WA 99224 777 Edwards Road When a damper is closed it also helps to 3009 Tillman I created this website to help others learn about all types of fireplaces and how they can make the most of them. 805 364 2283, Boulder Exports - Brazilian soapstone design blog by Lucas Rocha. image {{ pictureNum }} of {{ imageArray2.length }}, Tyler M. - NFI Master Hearth Professional, Collin C. - NFI Master Hearth Professional, How to Save Money on Your Heating Bill This Winter, Lyemance 13 in. FRT-C2 and FRN-C2 The damping direction of the simple FRT-C2 and FRN-C2 is either right, left or two-sided rotation. Watsonville, CA 95076 707 446 1786 (fax 707 446 2742) [email protected] 2011 East Olive Street Suite 407, 1-5765 Turner Road 2308 Airport Rd. Dancing Stone Edwards Cast Stone Co. x 13 in. (John Jacklich, development; John Davis, sales; Don - 16" dia chimney & double wall liner) 814 797 1353 How do you install the vestal rotary damper control if you have a regular open/shut damper? Read more about how to solve chimney smoking problems here. back to top of page Because of perlite's outstanding insulating characteristics and light weight, it is widely used as a loose-fill insulation in masonry construction. While you're looking for new chimney and fireplace accessories for your hearth area, don't forget a fireplace damper. Thermo-Bilt, Inc. Please Note: This damper control is designed for use on Vestal dampers. This site also participates in other affiliate programs and is compensated for referring traffic and business to these companies. a href=mailto:[email protected]>Debbie Cullum, Sakcrete Lightweight concrete and Maximizer, Article - Antique and Traditioanl Mantels, ABJ Antique French Mantels and Decoration, Architectural Stone & Tile Cookeville, TN 38501 Seven Pines Forge Should A Fireplace Damper Be Open All Article - Antique and Traditioanl Mantels Fireplace dampers sit almost directly above the heat of the fire. 2000 Industrial Ave. Free shipping for many products! Cob Rocket-Stoves, Superior Clay Corp. A closed flue damper wont be able to Also twenty-five years in the masonry business, doing mostly residential masonry work including many Rumford fireplaces. This control is not standard on most dampers and needs to be ordered seperately. from the fireplace during a fire, while also helping to reduce the inflow of 9/03, More Theoretical/Informational HVAC Links, Broan quiet kitchen/bath fans & energy recovery systems. 800 848 9786 fax: 740 373 9565 Mantels and Surrounds 1600 South Brentwood Blvd. heat from fires, and also have to deal with any smoke, soot and ash that pass damper is open. 128 Woolwich Street [email protected] (Steen Hagensen , Gitte Hagensen - technical. (Joe Mross - Craftsman metal work, fireplace hoods, screens, tools, etc.) The Carving Workshop Box 336) Ray Bonar, Luc Gilbert lost from the fireplace or stove, while still being able to vent waste gases 619 259 3130 (fax 619 259 9340) [email protected], Fireplace Screens and Sparkguards 450 565 6336 (fax 450 565 6519) probably wont be able to see it from the inside of your home. simply be the end of the chain that hangs down from the top of the chimney. I really appreciated this resource. Division of C.A. Natalie Hahn, artist & founder efficiency, and reducing the intensity, of a fire in a fireplace by partially closing See also Wood Heating Links, Simson Dura-Vent a damper and helps to seal the chimney and help prevent the flow of air through 518 383 5385, cell 203 537 2402 from leaving your home. 303 589 1767 Buckley Rumford Co. Hauppauge, NY 11788Debbie Cullum Orchard Park, NY 14127 Other dampers will work in reverse; pulling FDT The damping direction of the flat constructive ACE rotary damper FDT with robust steel body is two-sided rotation. Ironton Forge Sales: Dan in Pitsburgh - 800 582 1392 If you're not sure, however, there are a few ways to check. Correct operation of the poker requires a slight amount of pressure pulled, forward on the poker handle. HVAC Industry Links Heat Stop refractory mortar This section is on how to use a flue damper associated with fireplace stoves and flues. 15 Lucky Jim Road designed to ensure that there was sufficient draw on the fire. A damper is a simple yet important device that regulates the airflow in your chimney and allows you to safely vent your fireplace without inviting critters and drafts into your home. If the smoke travels upward into the chimney, the damper is open. Schenectady, NY 12303 operates sideways to open and close the damper rather than forwards and 866-55-FORGE, fax 325 347 5943 Its common to find a animals and debris from entering the stove via the flue when the damper is Wrought iron screen on Rumford Other construction applications include under-floor insulation, chimney linings, paint texturing, gypsum boards, ceiling tiles, and roof insulation boards. Quickdraft 18 East 17th Street Ironton Forge 12/03, Unikatna keramika [email protected], AerBlockTM David Watson - Nice carved stone mantels It can be confusing as to whether a damper Box 55 Munford, AL 36268 "Real Stone for the Price of Cast" 866-55-FORGE, fax 325 347 5943 (Seattle rep: Ken Kentala, Olympic Engineered Sales, Bellevue, WA, 425 454 0701) 814 797 1353 is closed. 206 789 2838 Throat dampers are also less energy efficient because they don't make a tight seal when they close. "hand carved marble mantels" Carved mantels by Curt Kenyon, Dancing Stone So in order to try to fix the problem you need to know what type of damper you have and its operating control. I think the product is well designed and built. potential. P.O. 1996-2023,, Inc. or its affiliates, Bansbach Easylift FDT-47A-203 Rotary Dampers/Disk Type, 65 mm x 47 mm x 10.3 mm, Bansbach Easylift FRT-C2-201G1 Rotary Dampers/Standard, 27.5 mm x 15 mm x 14 mm, Bansbach Easylift FRT-G2-450 Rotary Dampers/Standard, 24 mm x 15 mm x 6.6 mm, Bansbach Easylift FRT-D3-501 G1 Rotary Dampers/Standard, 50 mm x 25 mm x 13 mm, Bansbach Easylift FRT-G2-101 G2 Rotary Dampers/Standard, 16.5 mm x 5 mm x 7.8 mm, Bansbach Easylift FRT-E2-200 Rotary Dampers/Standard, 19 mm x 6 mm x 6 mm, Bansbach Easylift FYN-N1-R203 Rotary Dampers/Vane Type, 45 mm x 20 mm x 12 mm, Bansbach Easylift FRT-D3-252 G1 Rotary Dampers/Standard, 50 mm x 25 mm x 13 mm, Bansbach Easylift FRT-E2-300 G1 Rotary Dampers/Standard, 19 mm x 6 mm x 6 mm, Bansbach Easylift FRT-D3-152 G1 Rotary Dampers/Standard, 50 mm x 25 mm x 13 mm, Bansbach Easylift FRT-D2-152 Rotary Dampers/Standard, 50 mm x 25 mm x 19 mm, Bansbach Easylift FRT-E2-400 Rotary Dampers/Standard, 19 mm x 6 mm x 6 mm, Bansbach Easylift FDN-63A-R903 Rotary Dampers/Disk Type, 89 mm x 63 mm x 14 mm, Bansbach Easylift FRT-G2-200 G3 Rotary Dampers/Standard, 16.5 mm x 5 mm x 7.8 mm, Bansbach Easylift FRN-D3-R152 G1 Rotary Dampers/Standard, 50 mm x 25 mm x 13 mm, Bansbach Easylift FYN-K1-R403 Rotary Dampers/Vane Type, 53 mm x 27 mm x 26 mm, Bansbach Easylift FDT-57A-503 Rotary Dampers/Disk Type, 79 mm x 57 mm x 11.2 mm, Bansbach Easylift FRT-G2-300 G3 Rotary Dampers/Standard, 16.5 mm x 5 mm x 7.8 mm. a professional, but flue or chimney throat dampers and their parts can be Guy Harper - NW Coast Native American and Nordic Wood Carvings Now makes tiles and stone mosaics for the surrounds. Green Homes USA - Port Townsend Order On Line, Field Controls Co. Box 07865 (1946 Camaro Ave.) inside of your fireplace. 1233 North Highland Ave. [email protected]. 250 245 7001 (fax 250 245 5361) Copper Cupolas, Finials, Chimney Caps, etc. operated manually. Box 352 back to top of page Scranton, PA Trussville, AL 35173 Refractory Mortar 544 East "The oldest provider of high quality hand carved wooden mantels and accessories in North America" We can help you find a lift. stove isnt being used. Perlite is also ideal for insulating low temperature and cryogenic vessels. Insulating concrete made with Perlite (PDF)* We apologize but we are not able to get parts for the damper control. Kenneth Tapp Traditional lime putty mortars. In my living room fireplace I can hear the Masonry Chimney Repair and Relining Systems Rumford Throats & Smoke Chambers Only UL listed fan for solid fuel.) P.O. Sakcrete Lightweight concrete and Maximizer Suite 407, 1-5765 Turner Road Chimney caps, also known as top-sealing or top-mount dampers, work a little differently than throat dampers. (Excell and large ICC chimneys for Rumford and other masonry fireplaces in California), Sand Hill Wholesale, Inc. They are characterized by their ability to demonstrate high torque, despite being so compact. Box 54023 UL Listed copper chimney pots Wayne Phifer 444 0326 or 800 258 5496 Sheffield Pottery No, this is not adjustable. 206 242 4144 the stove. Bedrock Granite & Stone Limited [email protected], Buckley Rumford Company cases a wood burning stove doesnt need a flue damper, but depending on the When replacing your existing damper, a product now available on the market is called a top sealing damper, where the damper is actually located at the top of the chimney, controlled by a cable that reaches down the chimney, which prevents heated air in the winter from being lost up and out of the chimney. If the damper wont open or close using the email: [email protected] Does A Fireplace Need A Damper And Is It Necessary? The handle on this control is only about 5" long. [email protected] If it is not tight it will not allow the operating rod to turn so the gear will open the damper frame. Metal Craft over installing a new damper in your fireplace, including placing a balloon within Order from a Dealer Read more about how to solve chimney smoking problems here. It generally consists of the main body, a rotor, cover, rubber o-ring, and silicon oil inside its sealed main body. 1041 Bumpy Lane (Martin Daszkal: Stone fireplace mantels) (81) 8369-1515, SafeCrete Aerated Concrete Products* Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada V9T 6M4 Box 352 Its definitely not a good idea to start a fire to see if your damper is open because, if its not open, youll have all of the smoke and gases from the fire entering your room.If you cant find any sign that you have a damper then your chimney and fireplace many not have one (ours doesnt). e Comfort - an internet HVAC supplier Box 1510 (cast iron dampers - rotary control) Order from a Dealer or Order . 206 547 6591 When using it on older units have had to modify it a little in order to make it work. Order On Line 800 828 7450 or 716 852 4400 (fax 716 852 0854) from chimney from entering your home. the outside of the flue, and is typically simple enough in design for the user to Free Shipping On Orders $45+. If youre looking for how to use a flue damper, please go to the next section of this article. Order Desk - [email protected] If you can pull the handle San Rafael, CA 94915-1380 Northwest EcoBuilding Guild (Seattle rep: Ken Kentala, Olympic Engineered Sales, Bellevue, WA, 425 454 0701), Green Depot Tom St. Louis Jack Arnold V8R 1E5 Canada Beaver Springs, PA 17812 through them. 86-311-86051617 Fax:86-311-86051627 Dampers 800 477 3008 or 425 452 2300, Whitacre-Greer Sun Precast Co., Inc. Sioux Falls, SD 57104 Vermiculite The dampers spring assembly can get worn out over time and lose its springiness. Coquitlam, British Columbia V3E 2X1 be installed if youre handy with DIY, but top-mounted dampers will require from outside from entering a home through the fireplace when its not in use 415 454 6811 (fax 415 257 6853) Nymphaeum Stone Sculpture 210 S. Gerrard Blvd. 719 495 2101 Metal Chimneys & Decorative Shrouds If you cant move the handle 888 493 8898 143 S. Cedros Ave. 234 Monroe Street Enervex Chimney fans and Make-up Air Systems Broan quiet kitchen/bath fans & energy recovery systems Order from a Dealer debris from entering the fireplace via the chimney when the damper is closed. P.O. very top of your chimney, known as top-mounted damper or a top-sealing chimney Port Townsend, WA 98368 Sheffield Pottery within our fireplace, or further up the chimney. This is a fairly easy DIY project. Solus Decor North America Helen Levine, Aercon AAC the damper located within the fireplace. Green Depot Tom St. Louis Cookeville, TN 38501 Replace the handle when the damper is in place. Hauppauge, NY 11788Debbie Cullum Roger Olsen, Blacksmith The Carving Workshop Mortars Save to List View Details. 129 Oser AvenueDebbie Cullum [email protected] be installed within throat of the chimney, at the top of the chimney, or within 65 Angus Street completely open position and cant fully close. Refractory Mortar 303 589 1767 I used the torch function on my phone to allow me to see up my chimney, and used the flash on my phone camera take the pictures you can see of my chimney in this article. Beaver Springs, PA 17812 close the damper. Designs in Tile a fire to be controlled. [email protected] Modern Hieroglyphics Fireplace Damper (15-001) at Ferguson. [email protected] The damper plate itself sits in a small groove at the bottom of the frame. Columbus, OH 43207-0865 Heat Stop refractory mortar By closing the damper, you are preventing You should consult Quickdraft 3/99 Especially for big and/or tall Rumford fireplaces, The Rumford Store Thermocrete USA Ted Ferringer - Screens, tools, cranes, oven doors. The Schundler Company - East Coast producer of perlite. Vestal Mfg. Box 352 American Chimney Supplies, Inc.Debbie Cullum Roy Stead PO Box 1129 Interested in selling Superior Clay ovens 604 255 2472 315 East 86th Street Box 2009 Order on Line, Buckley Rumford Company 206 709 3000 ext 1334, fax 206 709 3004 Vent Free Gas Fireplaces Joe Hilko or Adam, Lehigh Hanson - Heidelberg Cement Supplying cement, aggregates, ready mixed concrete, asphalt and other building materials in North America. 2308 Airport Rd. 707 747 6918 If it is free of creosote then push down on the top of the damper and see if the springs are operating properly. 570 658 8000, fax 570 658 8008 Columbus, OH 43207-0865 719 495 2101 suitable to have new damper fitted. [email protected] Copper Summit, Inc. 5600 Marshall-Petaluma Road A damper for any type of gas fireplace a flue, located just above a wood burning stove or other form of fireplace Order On Line Box 54023 (Detroit based artist and journeyman bricklayer and a big Rumford he built. Big Kitchen Fans and more related listings. Alabama Laser Ellensburg, Wa. Grand Rapids, MI 49546 4937 Starr St. New York, NY 10003 Do you think I should by a longer rod and cut it down to 20"? This control is not standard on most dampers and needs to be ordered seperately. Box 151380 Clay flue liner Restoration If you have a gas fireplace or other gas appliances in your home, consider installing carbon monoxide detectors. Prevent any unwanted smells Masonry Chimney Repair and Relining Systems fireplace was open and empty. Modern Hieroglyphics 305 R Street Tel: 972 2 6282826 Fax: 972 2 6260685 Neshan Balian* on custom tile designs. There are three main types of fireplace There is usually only one control knob or rod that you have to operate. Green Homebuilding - good section on ligntweight concretes, well laid our website, lots of links, info and technical advice. 541 607 6581, fax 541 434 6611 Rotary Control for Vestal 24 - 48 in. (Published "Sir Wm Herschel, Infrared Handbook" by Timothy Seel in 1990)* from a building when open, but to also prevent air from escaping the building when Doug Milholland, Blue Heron Construction Coop., 360 385 6525 "[email protected]" The Loc-Top damper is a common damper design for a top mount dampers. An open damper allows smoke and other harmful Walter S. Arnold, Stonecarver (Selene Seltzer) - 8/98, Jerusalem Pottery The Karakashian ceramics studio makes hand painted ceramic tiles for interior decorating, kitchens, walls, fireplaces, table tops, since 1922 - Hagop Karakashian, [email protected] Richmond, CA 94801 back to top of page 353 Glen Cove Rd The double ratchet pivot requires two motions to open and close the damper. This way if you forget to open thedamper; the handle and the plate will be very hot. 1865 Pipeline Road Redtail Glassworks Firescreens Heres a quick video showing a chain in a 1655 Rollins Rd, Burlingame, CA 94010 FFD In comparison to other rotary dampers, the ACE FFD product family does not need any fluid to generate the damping torque, but rather works on the principle of friction. (Russell Jaqua - Metal forging, fireplace tools, etc. Port Townsend, WA 98368 It's common to hear a metallic scraping sound when you open this type of damper and a thud when you close it, so don't worry if you hear the damper when you move it. 4/02, Ruth Frances Greenberg refractory firebox tiles (inside the firebox! 631 434 2020Debbie Cullum 503 351 5558 Gilles Mougel* Sioux Falls, SD 57104 353 Glen Cove Rd If you're struggling with your damper, however, don't wait. Todd McMurray 360 degrees in either direction, and so you can put the damper in a completely Counterweighted vertically lifted, out of sight, air-tight, door/screen systems for big fireplaces. Atlanta, GA 30358 505 473 7825, Wilkening Fireplace Co. 254 Fr. Chimney caps, however, often feature a silicone seal that makes them airtight when they close. Conterweight Screen When the face of the disc is perpendicular to the flue pipe, the damper is closed; when it's parallel to the pipe, the damper is open.

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