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And what happened shortly after that is, Admiral Bill McRaven, who was then the commander of the Joint Special Operations Command, had come in, and the complaints from the Afghan government about night raids and civilians, unarmed civilians, being killed had grownthe complaints about them had grown loud inside Afghanistan. That legacy involves Szymanski as well. The first investigation resulted from allegations that a SEAL had attempted to behead a Taliban fighter in southern Afghanistan after Slabinski told his men he wanted a head on a platter. As I reported in 2017, Slabinski told his superiors and later investigators that there had been no beheading, saying there was no foul play. A former investigator with direct knowledge of the case told me that it was clear from the beginning of the beheading investigation that SEAL Team 6 had brought in NCIS to conclude that no war crime had occurred. Please do your part today. And one of their teammates said to me that quote that you just read, which is, there was a cleverness to what ONeill and Bissonnette did to make it so that its justyou know, theyre not going to have people contradicting them in public. Whatever operators do is more than acceptable when dealing with the radicalized human pollution team 6 deals with. Any civilized society has to have good guys willing to do violent things (not war crimes but violent things nonetheless) to bad people who are only moved by physical force and violence. Well, they did. MATTHEW COLE: So, Congressman Zinke was a member of SEAL Team 6 as a mid-career officer and junior officer in the 1990s. What I don't understand is if O'neill and Bissonette had an actual shouting match about who would profit on the raid and people had to get involved, why would they let them continue on with the raid? It was just too gruesome to show. They put his name on after he went and spoke on the record and lied to the press.. The only people who can make these calls are the ones who were there. One of their teammates killed the other two targets in another room. errr I mean defended by US elite military units. Check the background of this firm on FINRA'sBrokerCheck. War is an adrenaline rush. Explain what happens to someone who wants to challenge the practices. And he issued new guidelines in terms of how they operated in country. AMY GOODMAN: Matthew Cole, I want to thank you for being with us, national security reporter for The Intercept. Consider what the world of media would look like without The Intercept. Theyre essentially trophies. And the officer of the unit, who was Slabinskis superior, happens to be on the mission, and he walks by a window of a compound and peers in and sees this young operator standing over this dead fighter and what he believes is the sawing action over this mans neck. This piece in The Intercept is headlined Trumps Pick for Interior Secretary Was Caught in 'Pattern of Fraud' at SEAL Team 6. In it, Matthew Cole writes, A Montana lawmaker tapped by President-elect Donald Trump to be secretary of the interior committed travel fraud when he was a member of the elite Navy SEAL Team 6, according to three former unit leaders and a military consultant. AMY GOODMAN: Forced to leave SEAL Team 6 but not the Navy. He was unarmed. And what we know is that despite the fact that. Please do your part today. Theres always some kind of solace sought in decorating someone with the award, said one of Slabinskis former leaders at SEAL Team 6, who spent more than 30 years in Special Operations. MATTHEW COLE: Yeah, so, in 2007, Britt Slabinski was the Blue Squadron master chief, which is one of the assault teams within SEAL Team 6. The canoeing photos are dramatic documentary evidence of the extreme and unnecessary violence that began to occur during multiple high-risk, exhausting, and traumatizing tours of duty in Iraq and Afghanistan. No lights. Ultimately, Roberts, Chapman,and five others were killed over the course of the battle, which became known as Roberts Ridge. Old Media Ninnies Alert: German Newscast Displays Star Trek Logo as Seal Team 6 Patch - Publius Forum, WAS THIS MAN MURDERED BY THE OBAMA ADMINISTRATION? But no one else is told, going forward, in any other assignment that you get, that thats what happened to you. Hes a nice guy. And so, they wrote his evaluation report in such a way that he wouldnt be allowed into SEAL Team 6, but he could leave the unit and continue on as ain his career as an officer in the Navy SEALs. Advisor services offered through BridgeLight Capital, LLC. And what was interesting, actually, is how much, I learned over the two yearshow much animosity was directed towards the two SEALs who spoke out and exaggerated or lied, whatever you want to say, falsehoods. They dont do war crime just because the Shady website that alway make things up, dont mean that that its is true if they were true you would have see it on Fox or CNN for months. In 2016, after the Pentagon began reassessing silver stars and service crosses awarded during the war on terror, the Air Force put together forensics and drone video that they claimed showed Chapman got up after Slabinski and the SEALs retreated and continued to fight, alone and outnumbered, before succumbing to his wounds. It happens in war. What say you now? These are people who haveand, by the way, we spent months, in some cases years, trying to get these people to answer questions, to talk to us. In December, The Intercept reported that Republican representative Ryan Zinke of Montana, President-elect Donald Trumps nominee to be secretary of the interior, committed travel fraud when he was an officer at SEAL Team 6, but received no formal punishment. And that was another case where the punishment, you know, the way the command tried to hold itself accountable, was considered insufficient. I know more than one development group operator and the scars remain forever. According to a Navy officer, the SEALs made several efforts to block an upgrade for Chapman, infuriating the Air Force. Guy D. McCardle Numerous hours of research in prep of a story I'm writing about Team members. The novel, which glorifies Nazi military practices, describes counterinsurgency tactics such as mass slaughter and desecration and other forms of wanton violence as a means of waging psychological warfare against the savage Vietnamese. NOT BANK GUARANTEED. Naval Special Warfare has consistently stated that the allegations against Slabinski and SEAL Team 6 are unfounded, and that each has been previously investigated and determined to be not substantiated. Despite months of my repeated inquires to SEAL Team 6 and Naval Special Warfare, no one would answer a simple question: If no crimes had been committed, why bar Slabinski from SEAL Team 6? AMY GOODMAN: Lets go back to that clip, which we played in Part 1 of the conversation. ago u/rentmypie. Top photo: A view of SEALTeam 6 headquarters at Dam Neck Naval Annex, Virginia Beach, Va. Matthew Cole[emailprotected] Age Press J to jump to the feed. How to change oil on inboard boat motor? He would fly out to Montana and claim that it was some kind of SEAL Team 6-related endeavor. One of my commanders told me point-blank: The bigger the fuck-up, the bigger the award., The retired SEAL leader, who studied the battle at Roberts Ridge extensively for the military and discussed the events with Slabinski, said the issue was not whether Chapman or Slabinski were deserving of a medal upgrade, but why the military was motivated to extend that honor so many years later. They kept it in the unit. And so, he got caught. And Wymanhes known as Wyman in the SEAL world. AMY GOODMAN: The title of your investigative expos in The Intercept is The Crimes of SEAL Team 6. The crimes. And Slabinski, Britt Slabinski, is reallyhis story, which is really a tragic one, and it starts in 2002 on Roberts Ridge, and it extends all the way out to being blackballed by SEAL Team 6, is really indicative of sort of the worst of what can happen at a unit like this. If I were doing those kinds of ops, would I roll with a stinger and depleted uranium exploding subsonic rounds and every other advantage I could give myself? We killed bad guys. Only the discussion of facts. And he says to histo the debrief and to the team later, he wasnt a threat, so he then wraps his arms around two of the women who are in the room, who are becoming hysterical. The Intercepts investigation was the result of interviews with 18 former and current members of SEAL Team 6, as well as other military and intelligence officials who served with or investigated the unit. And then he wouldhe would tell some of his men and others that he wanted them to go out and bloody their hatchet. Whatever thise parasites get pails in comparison to the atrocities they commit while alive. The book purported to be a true account of an S.S. officer who with dozens of other soldiers escaped Germany after World War II, joined the French Foreign Legion, and spent years in Vietnam brutalizing the insurgency. National security reporter Matthew Cole spent two years investigating accounts of ghastly atrocities committed by members of the unit, including mutilating corpses, skinnings and attempted beheadings. Im not vilifying them in any way. And she was unfortunately killed in the raid, unintentionally, by SEAL Team 6, as theas a firefight broke out when they arrived. This is viewer supported news. And it was considered this total insult that the admiral had to come to the command and conduct a proceeding that normally would be done by a captain. AMY GOODMAN: And so, what kind of responseyou wrote this in December, after, of course, Donald Trump chose him to be his nominee for secretary of interior. And that man is currently a two-star admiral, Rear Admiral Tim Szymanski. Is that one reason for your dislike of the group? Both current and former military members say the inter-service fight between the SEALs and the Air Force special operations command has been ugly and unbecoming. And politically, Karzai was hitting U.S. forces. Organize, control, distribute and measure all of your digital content. seal team 6 canoeing photos; what is canoeing in war; canoeing slang; navy seal team 6 reddit . Author: Eric Sof. Or on a boat. Create an account to follow your favorite communities and start taking part in conversations. We rely on contributions from our viewers and listeners to do our work. The order was to go in and kill all males on the compound, regardless of whether they were armed. But we never could prove anything. And, you know, I think thats probably largely true for a lot of people. As it happened, in that operation, the subsequent investigation found that all the people who were killed in that operation had been armed. And the initial story that the SEALs presented to their superiors and to the British government was that she had been killed by one of her captors, who had detonated a suicide vest that he was wearing, and it blew up, and she was nearby, and it killed her. And youre saying to people who made decisions when they were, you know, young officers, who are nowhave stars on their lapels, who are making serious decisions for the United States and making recommendations to the president about what theyre going to do on a mission or in general in a war zone, they are now in positions of great responsibility and authority, and there has been no accounting. They arethey have no bullets in them. Thats all it takes to support the journalism you rely on. And thats a key point, because he falls down on the floor, and then the man who says that he ended bin Ladens life, Robert ONeilland no one disputes that he put the bullets into bin Laden and effectively ended his life, but the way ONeill tells the story is that bin Laden was standing, had his wife in front of him, holding his wifes shoulders as a sort of shield, and has a weapon nearby, and so that hes scanning the scene and making the determination thatbased on his training, that this man is a threat, and he can be killed. Its in its own world. Your email address will not be published. They certainlyIve spoken to some officers from JSOC who said, We feared it. They should be ashamed but shame is a component of dignity, honesty and courage. He was on the ground bleeding out from histhe shot to his chest. Navy Special Warfare Operator Petty Officer 1st Class (SEAL) Jesse D. Pittman Died August 6, 2011 Serving During Operation Enduring Freedom 27, of Willits, Calif.; assigned to a West Coast-based Naval Special Warfare unit; died Aug. 6 in Wardak province, Afghanistan, of wounds suffered when the CH-47 Chinook helicopter in which he was riding was shot down. is boulder star coral a producer or consumer; mcdonald's distribution channels; four brothers food truck san angelo tx; e*thirteen trs plus wheel; ensuring that proper measures are taken to keep machinery We are normal people just like everyone else and not an enlisted mafia of criminals. And Captain Pete Vasely, Peter Vasely, who iswho may in fact behave already made promotion to admiral, who isalso has a senior position inside JSOC. And after hes down, at a very close range, ONeill fires a third round. Your support of that shit makes YOU a confirmed Baby Killer, punk. And what I tried to do was get past that, which was there was a lot there. And he stepped in and conducted a mast and punished, threw out, three members of SEAL Team 6. And so, there was ain a very subtle way, he made sure that there were no charges. Furthermore, the op tempo at the time was ridiculous and some DG dudes have killed more people than the electric chair. Thats their justice. If its worth saying then put your fucking name to it. And my story pieces together what really happened. Even worse, hed done so while speaking to the press. Coups that involve a lot of murders, robbery, and nothing at all about making Americans free. Well link to his new expos, just out, The Crimes of SEAL Team 6. This is Democracy Now! The Intercept is an independent nonprofit news outlet. Im Amy Goodman. Linda Norgrove worked for DAI, Development Alternatives Inc, an American NGO, a cover for being an agent for MI-6. The kind of reporting we do is essential to democracy, but it is not easy, cheap, or profitable. Well, it turned out that that was not what happened. You really do. The trauma from Roberts Ridge was clear and Slabinski has saidthat he still sees fighters moving in slow motion from that day. Itll hurt the war. We are just the ones who are willing to do what others won't. I mean, Ive got some indications that, simply from the lowering of theslowing down of the tempo of the wars, both in Afghanistan and then the pullout in Iraq, simply brought things tomostly to a halt. In the days after Takur Ghar, Slabinski and others in SEAL Team 6 sought payback for Roberts, Chapman, and the other casualties. There was no threat. And hes their congressman, so its a political issue. During the pre-dawn raid, a small team from Gold Squadron breached a compound that was home to an insurgent cell that had targeted a U.S. base. He was upset about civilians being killed, unarmed people being killed, excessive violence and an overall failure of leadership at SEAL Team 6 in not policing their men. The team split and Chapman was hit two minutes after engaging the militants. AMY GOODMAN: As they had released the photo, for example, of capturing Saddam Hussein. It was really good therapy for everybody that was there. You dumb fuck vote for biden and harris to destroy this country more. Say its any difference and Ill keep pointing out that you and your comrades are liars. AMY GOODMAN: They called you because you called them? And those guidelines were, in a lot of ways, done to protect SEALs. (Remember SEAL TEAM VI, CHINOOK 17, they were cremated without their Family's consent). We continue our conversation with reporter Matthew Cole about his stunning new expos published this week in The Intercept about the elite military unit SEAL Team 6 that reveals a darker side. We do not need investigations and outsiders meddling in our activities.

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