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The entire story becomes even more complicated with different leading figures thrown into the mix such as Tian Meng Hui, a group that seeks to reform the society by eliminating martial rule, General Li Chong Nian, and the Murong family. Premiere Jan 15 on Wetv! In fact, the day after the BRICS summit ended, the Chinese foreign ministry made very clear it was not going to jettison its all-weather friend Pakistan. A ragtag team of misfits form an undercover operation in this latest series thats creating quite the buzz. Disappointing? Yi Lian Kai furiously insults Yi Lian Kai because Lian Kai is drunk and asks Fu Rong Cai to leave. Lol well, that means there was never intended to be a happy ending and so the potential happy ending might just be someones wishing or marketing ploy! And the tian meng hui's leader liang xing bei, I'm thinking he is the 6th uncle of the yi's family. Young General of Chengdu. So everything that was told in the drama is just a what if lol, a bad what if. History 2018. Siege - How do u counter Khmun Orion Savannah / Seara Three-Body new poster released! In the novel Lv Jia Rong was Yi Lian Kai's mistress, but he does not love her so they never were soulmates! I heard the novel has an open ending so I might wait until all the episodes are out before I continue to watch it to see which ending the drama is going to follow. I knew this drama was a tragedy going in based on all the comments, but I couldnt resist because of the OTP and the fashion/clothes and hairstyle. but is still sad knowing they are in separated though thru dead and life. He swore that one day, those who shunned him would kneel before him and beg for mercy, eventually! Pakistan has always had India on the edge., Sakra Starring Donnie Yen, Yukee Chen, This sister-in-laws crying scenes were much more on point and emotional, Seeing her brother for the first time in n years, Smiled because he heard a girl came with his sister, Difficult to see in this screenshot, the back of his head shows an almond-shaped hairstyle^, The entire Yi family sitting together for dinner I also quite like the design sets. I cant say I did the same for SWAK. When the General shot one of the fighters, most heroines would reason with the General to spare that persons life. Fan. And that was the ending we didnt get even though it was scripted and filmedit was cut out. Mad? 2nd Bro takes over the army and begings a partnership with Murong Fong with their fathers having given up their positions to the younger generation. There are 2 endings but one was cut out. Although Rome said nothing, his blood was boiling with rage and thirst for revenge. | Trailer EP13 | Siege in Fog | Fresh Drama - YouTube Welcome to follow our Facebook to subscribe our Channel. He already holds power to an army but he is rather rash and direct. I know of the leaked ending to this drama already but just to double check, QS doesnt get with anyone else after what happens at the end? But with it ends with their first meeting and it seems they remember, it will be a happy one? I think what she meant is that she would not choose him knowing how her love for him turns out unhappy. Lu, you mentioned wanting to get married earlier, so I was wondering if I fit the bill?Tang Ruochu decided to form a marriage partnership with a complete stranger after she was betrayed by her fianc. Yanyun's father. She's a slave. 18 April 2018. I actually really like the 'time jump' because it allowed us to see them as they are now skillfully navigating politics while maintaining a respectful relationship. , If Time Could Stop the Moment We Met, If Time Could Stop at the Moment When We First Meet, Color of Night, Mi Wo Wei Cheng. I did enjoy watching it but the characters keep repeating their mistakes. Governor of Fuzhou Province. Pan Jian Qi has a secret plan and needs to get Yi Lian Kai's trust. Going back on the plot though, I truly skimmed this drama just to watch the OTP, so Im missing a lot as I post thisBUT okay, at the end when the second brother has YLK and QS drink the poison wine, and then eventually he changes his mind when he has vision of his wife, and then the opposite army has invaded, it felt so weird that YLK was able to part ways with QS. I am on episode 30. These two married couples work together to trap Fu Rong Cai. from reading, i dont think i'll like the novel anyway. It ended like the spoiler weve got. After British forces were sighted near Lake Borgne, Jackson declared martial law in New Orleans and ordered that every available weapon and able-bodied man be brought to bear in the city's defense.. It wasnt until the rich playboy, the other lead, also a third son/third young master of a wealthy, powerful military family took notice of her. The little moments between the main pair are really romantic. Thoughts on the maps? My heartI had to go back and find the clips of the what ifs just to feel a bit better, and then watched some happy moments with the couple and called those my ending. She is considered his in the drama so probably "female confidant" might be a better translation. QS returns and sees him, they talk and she admits to choosing to forget DLK so she could live on but she would always keep his name in her heart. This is the first time a drama actually has 2 smart main leads who have yet to act foolishly and needlessly frustrate viewers? The article also provide stills of both ending. A knowledgeable and humble man who does not yearn for fame nor power. On her seventeenth birthday, her wolf wakes up and insists the Moon Goddess is her mother. I LOVE the main leads, they match in every way from their looks to their acting to their clothes. She loves Yi Liankai and lets herself willingly be used by him. Heart breaking ending, yi liankai death, in the end Qin sang reunion with her first love Li wangping. Once he put his mind to it, there was nothing in the world he could not do!She had thought that they would go their completely separate ways after she delivered the children. Yi Lian Kai and Qin Sang are couples in name only and I love watching their interactions I find their chemistry sizzling every time they come onto the screen. This is a space for all fans of cdramas, TV shows, web series, as well as actors and actresses. ~~ Adapted from the novel "Siege in Fog" () by Fei Wo Si Cun (). A division commander loyal to Li Chongnian, and helps keep an eye on Liankai. He was Qin Sang's first love, but they separated when he was sent overseas to study at Japan's top military academy. But the OTP is simply so matching in every way, and I couldnt believe even in skimming, I was still so invested in the OTPs romance. The article mentioned they were done for viewers reactions, however, it did not mentioned why the sad one was selected. Something I noticed in episode 6 you can obviously tell the fighting scenes were filmed by a stuntman if you look at the hairstyle. Siege in Fog 1-50 - I am not one for angst, but I liked how these two interact. So, He decides to save Lian Kai. I'm on ep17 and I hope there is more romance soon. Sabi naman ng kanyang hipag, Bayaw, akoy nagkamali. EP 10 End April 7, 2018 45 min Father Cheng send Yi Lian Kai to kill Min Hong Yu, but Qin Sang begs him not to kill Min Hong Yu. After 5 years, Yoon Eun-Hye returns to the small screen with a webtoon adaption. And promotional videos have all shown it to be a SE. No one knew what lay aheadwould she suffer a painful heartbreak, or would he dote on her lovingly, or would he become her partner for life? I really like the two main leads!! 1991 - Iraq fired at least eight missiles at Israel in an attempt to get the Jewish state involved in the Gulf War. Even though I do find him very attractive. An arrogant third master of a powerful family falls in love at first sight with a pretty young maiden and uses every means possible to force her hand in marriage, despite her harboring a crush on another man. The second brother, Yi Lian Shen seems to be the one most likely to inherit their fathers title as general. . Gatherer is the Magic Card Database. Yi Lian Kai is upset because Qin Sang seems not to care about him. Qin Sang's friend. He is seen as playful and unbridled, but is actually brave and astute. when Yi Lian Kai is out of town, Qin Sang plans to leave this house and asks Pan Jian Qi to go with her. Fan was being assassinated, Qin Sang went to inform and rescue her husband Yi Lian Kai. Aww my poor heart!!! why there is no english subs for this drama ?? I dont know if the ending I watched went all the way up to the very end. Siege in Fog (2018) - MyDramaList Details Drama: Siege in Fog Country: China Episodes: 50 Aired: Mar 2, 2018 - Apr 18, 2018 Aired On: Wednesday Original Network: Tencent Video Duration: 45 min. Siege in Fog is a 2018 Chinese drama series directed by Hou Shu Pui. The Siege of Calcutta was a battle between the Nawab of Bengal and the British East India Company on 20 June 1756. Yi Lian Kai (Elvis Han) is a flirtatious playboy from a wealthy family. I must be because the author of the books giving the production a hard time so they have to edit this and that to make is seem like is not related to her novel. He is loyal to Yi Lianshen. Fu Rong Cai is trapped and leaves the Cheng family. Sputnik. When he falls in love at first sight with Qin Sang, the daughter of a high ranking official, he will do anything to marry her. Here we have discussions and reviews of our favourite shows, provide recommendations for other viewers, and talk about all aspects of Chinese dramas from pre to post production. I wish I had more time to do an edit, and just gather all the scenes between our leads and then edit so it was a happy ending. Even though their marriage wasnt founded on love, they mutually respect one another and it seems like they are partners working together, helping each other out of their respective dilemmas. Statements. The article I linked, you can see the 4 stills related to the happy ending, one with the lead actress wears purple laying on top of the male lead whos laying in bed, followed by a boy stand between 2 guys, followed by the lead holding a little girl, followed by Im assuming the lead actress with her son next to someone who is in wheelchair. Ex ask QS if he had chosen differently, had he followed the flute back then would they have been different. Sad? Lets Shake It 2 They each had their own reasons for getting married, but to her surprise, this marriage would turn out to be the turning point of her life. QS tells Ex that she was the flute in his life, ie something of no consequence just a path he didnt take. Honestly though, 50 episodesholy smokes it could have been more concise. Three brothers have different opinions and thoughts in Yi family. I'm also currently watching this and I'm enjoying it lots!!!! Kinda like sliding door, but without the happy side lol. I had the same issue with Elvis Han in this as I did i in CP5, his character lacks growth, I initially put this down to the script but the more I watched the more I realised he just simply didnt know how to minutely change his character without losing his earlier traiths. She is lively and innocent, and is doted on by Yi Jipei. However, I have to thank for it for pairing up Elvis and Sun Yi because oh boy, they so perfect for each other in term of compatibility. Karakomik Filmler Cem Ylmaz'n iki film birden film projesi; Oscar'a Rekor Sayda Animasyon Filmi Bavurusu 18 Ekim 2019 ubat aynda dzenlenecek olan 92. To sum it up, a majority of the drama is about power struggle during this chaotic warring period and who will be the last one standing in the end. Hindi siya karapat dapat para sa isang basurang katulad mo!Makalipas ang tatlong araw, bumalik ang manugang nito sakay ng isang mamahaling sasakyan.Biyenan:Parang awa mo na iho, huwag mong iwan ang anak ko.. Li Chongnian's aide. Ex had been writting to QS for 7 years but she refused to see him or to answer. By clicking "Reject All", you will reject all cookies except for strictly necessary cookies. At first I was mmmm nice hanfu as a joke. Yi Lian Kai is a flirtatious playboy from a wealthy family. Browse through cards from Magic's entire history. partyon I also enjoyed how in episode 6 during the scene where Qin Sang and Yi Lian Kai traveled with their sister-in-law to retrieve the body of Mr. Bhopal: The Karni Sena volunteers have laid siege to the Gandhi Statue Piplani-Awadhpuri road in protest of their 12-point demands for the third day in succession causing great hardship to over 2. . He is scheming and power-hungry, and plans to usurp the family's inheritance. This hits the right spots because they aren't really fighting due to misunderstandings they hit each other with the truth and that's why it is so satisfying. Siege in Fog Season 1 (8) 2018 ALL Love can drive a man to great accomplishments. @Alila Nguyen: Can you provide the link to the article? Will Kas be able to overcome years of abuse and learn to love the menacing Alpha that is her mate or is she too far gone to be able to accept him and become the Luna her wolf believes she should be? I'm so into this drama now. Qin Sang is begging for Pan Jian Qi to rescue Yi Lian Kai. English Siege in Fog || E26~E50(END) Shinigami01 Viki English Siege in Fog || E01~E25 Shinigami01 Viki Farsi/Persian . They promised to be together, and I know out of brotherly love as well, YLK stayed behind with his brother, but the way he sent QS off was not believable to me. hehehe. Shop our complete selection of Snowmobile parts and accessories including the Castle X Matte Black/Red EXO-CX950 Siege Snow Helmet - 45-19712. Qin Sang discovered more of the truth about how did Yi Lian Kai's mother die. Im too sad but about the ending but Im more hurting know an awesome series like this got edit and cut and it destroy the living light out of it. It is adapted from the novel Mi Wu Wei Cheng by Fei Wo Si Cun. During the police vs student fight it was DLK who saved QS and took her away. I hate sad ending. Yi Ji Pei sends Yi Lian Kai to deal with some complicated things. I'm getting so annoyed by Zhang Xi Kun (2nd bro's uncle). I'm also wondering why it's ranked so low. Read siege in fog novel ending novels online: find the list of siege in fog novel ending stories on Goodnovel, with a vast collection of popular web novels a. Im so glad that she didnt end up with her ex but then I know she will never because I dont think her heart can have a place for anybody else. It wrapped everything up. She claims that the producers continued to work on the project without payment. Fu Rong Cai who is Mr. He was removed from his government position after being framed by Furong Cai, and falls into a dire situation. 213. Even though it is sad, it is much more meaning with a what if scenario. * Kas Latmus isn't even an omega with the Silver Moon pack. It may seem boring to some if you dont like this particular genre. He sees through everything and everyone and I believe he will play a more predominant role later in the series. Siege in Fog Siege in Fog (2018) Ep.1-50 () 10 2564 1 Siege in Fog (2018) Qin Sang and Qian'er went to see Murong Qian trying to get Mr.Fan's body back. Read siege in fog novel ending novel stories novels online: find the list of siege in fog novel ending novel stories stories on Goodnovel, with a vast collec. The happy one he (the main dude) survived the bullet, woke up with her, they then have a son. Can someone explain to me why they film two endings? Pardon my lateness to shows as usual. Fan's student keeps trouncing their relationship. Otherwise, the war will grind on "for decades", Podolyak said, pointing out that the "bloodiest . As they go through obstacles in times of war and chaos, Qin Sang slowly falls for Yi Liankai. Tian Meng group is invading Yong Nan to cause a chaos. Yi Jipeis aide and confidant. After she was released by capture, she changes her name and becomes a lawyer. In actuality, the brothers are plotting against each other to reap power. Siege rules: How should I inform the players? Liankai and Hongyu make it out of Zhenhan Pass where she tells him to go back to Fuyuan. Young master of Cheng household. I'm not sure if she's considered his mistress in the drama since it's not explicitly mentioned. HAHAHA. My mother went from Episode 1 to Episode 8, saying this drama is boring. She is our only child, we can not hand her over to a nobody, especially at such a cruiser time. Catherines mother cried out to her husband. This page was last edited on 3 October 2022, at 11:01. Chef Hua, Siege in Fog Drama Discussion Post Week 7: Episodes 45 50 FINALE, How to Write Essays The Three Most Crucial Steps Anyone Ought to Take, The Art of Essay Writing How to Write a Good Essay. So, an underdog for a husband. . Episode 50. Why the sad one got selected, not sure, but the . I did enjoy watching it but the characters keep repeating their mistakes. One can always keep those in her heart right? He just have to knock and push the door. Yi Liankai, a flirtatious playboy from a wealthy family, falls in love at first sight with a pretty young maiden named Qin Sang. Siege in Fog Drama Discussion Post Week 7: Episodes 45 - 50 FINALE Alrighty guys, the finale is here and it's a case of counting fallen bodies. If only they have met under a different start, their path would be completely different. Since the trailer was released, the film has quickly got the attention and anticipation of the audiences. Love can drive a man to great accomplishments. Available on Viki Love can drive a man to great accomplishments. Like, how many blood bags did they use to film this set of episodes? Does Yi Lian Kai know the drill to solve? Fanart and memes are always welcome, so come join us to figure out what drama you should be picking up next! instance of. He replaced Zhang Xikun in the post after Li Chongnians siege of Fuyuan. The low rating is prolly bec they don't like the ending? 1943 - After seven days of heavy fighting, Soviet troops relieved Leningrad after a 16-month German siege. Due to his resemblance with Yi Shoucheng, he was mistaken to be his son. Tyn123, thank you so very much for this much more hopeful ending, even if its only a what if. I'm loving the chemistry between the two leads. She is forward-thinking and independent. One broke up, the other is going mad. She also defends herself successfully against the male lead and doesn't take it lying down. Dropped it at ep 35 then went straight to the ending. Vizyondaki Filmlerde Bu Hafta (18 Ekim 2019) 18 Ekim 2019 18 Ekim 2019 haftasnda 4' Trk yapm toplam 7 film vizyona giriyor. Plz! Find the Castle X Matte Black/Red EXO-CX950 Siege Snow Helmet - 45-19712 at Dennis Kirk. (Source: Wikipedia) Kappy knows I am quite the turtlehahaha. Head of Cheng household. The sad one is however selected for the drama and I won't say it, unless you want me to. This is a very good directed drama, and the clothes and scenes are well captured. I think anyone who watched this shouldnt read the story or know about the characters because they changed it so much its basically a different story. Posted March 22, 2018. Despite her marriage, she is in love with Yi Liankai, her childhood friend, and silently make sacrifices for him. i think you summarize it pretty well! The trailer also revealed many tragic scenes. I remember Min Hong Yu told DLK about a girls heart and that QS have DLK in her heart. imported from Wikimedia project. And I completely agree with how you mentioned that Qin Sang isn't your typical female lead. Crawford was cold and emotionless in front of everyone else, but in front of her Naging masalimuot ang kanyang buhay matapos siyang i-kasal. She is unbothered by Yi Liankai's flirtatious ways, and is focused on her goal to make use of the Yi family to help her father. Yi Lian Kai described both of them as knives who clash and emit sparks/passion, and if one of them is softer than the other, he/she will definitely get hurt. The oldest brother, Yi Lian Yi is crippled from falling from a horse but I believe he is the wisest. Yi Liankai and Furong Cai's teacher. @Alila Nguyen:I don't know if the happyending is true or not. All bad things come up at the same time. How the relationship between the main leads is set up, 4. The problem was Master Luke Crawford, the heir to the Crawford empire, mature and composed, cold and domineering. I hope theyll be able to reunite for a happier drama. Siege in Fog is from an author well known for her novels involving politics, military intrigue and intense romance with a solid serving of tragedy, which are not everyone's cup of tea. They get married and live happily ever after. All the relationships slowly surfaced. Not looking to watch another power struggle drama and this time between the male characters. Clever characters plotting to reap power. Siege in Fog 1-50 [ ] : 3.0 / : : : 2018 : : (End) (Drama) (Romance) You noticed that too, huh? Siege in Fog [ENG SUB] Siege in Fog Extended Trailer: Elvis Han, Sun Yi Trailer Siege in Fog Siege in Fog is a drama based on the novel Mi Lu Wei Cheng by Fei Wo Si Cun. Did all the episodes came out already? Sad? He enters the armed forces and becomes the commander of the coalition troops just to protect Qin Sang. Yao Jingren's daughter. It was a sad ending as expected. Started December 29, 2022, By BUT really, this drama have so much potential to be a HIT . It stars Elvis Han, Sun Yi and Jeremy Jones Xu in the leading roles. But i dont Wang Yibo and Zhang Jingyi are in the same frame for the Just Finished Love O2O and Now Better Understand Why Hey Unchained Love fans, I know the show is kind of rough Upcoming! I love Sunyi in every show she acted in 15 years waiting for migratory birds, Because of Meeting You and now this. This includes providing, analysing and enhancing site functionality and usage, enabling social features, and personalising advertisements, content and our services. Besides the war politics, the relationship between the two main leads is another story to watch. Sunyi is fast becoming one of my favourite actress. But, then again, with all the legal problems the author and drama production had, I doubt the author would want the ending changed since they like their sad endings. He, by all means possible, tries to force her hand in marriage, despite her harboring a crush on another man. The character introductions are very helpful. I love your analysis! Murong Chen's son. Yi Lian Kai is a flirtatious playboy from a wealthy family. Biyenan:Layuan mo na ang anak ko! So my long journey of waiting and watching this drama has ended. However, there . they only left together but not reunited in the sense of long lost lovers. omg I'm on ep 40 and my heart is breaking!!!!

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