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Student Privacy Pledge Find out how this powerful integration can save you and your staff time. Both work with the Synergy SIF agent. whereas a POST will either create new data or update existing data. Sign in with your SFUSD Google account to view employee content. Synergy Student Information System (SIS) is the foundation of the enterprise-level Synergy Education Platform (Synergy EP), providing all the data and process management functionality you expect from a world-class SIS, while extending beyond traditional SIS boundaries to deliver greater value. Synergy SIS features graphical dashboards that provide at-a-glance views of key performance indicators for quick insights. Webinar Registration Region 1 is also the software hosting entity for the North Star Library Consortium, using the Destiny Library Manager application. Or Visit MCPS Help Desk Portal, then search Synergy or ask a specific question. The Skyward API must be installed. CPSI provides superior products, development, and consulting services for implementing and managing Longitudinal Data Systems and Data Integration/Management Systems, serving both state and district educational organizations. Roles are also used to grant or restrict access to specific areas and information within Synergy. Districts can also create their own pop-up boxes to point out specific features and customizations to their users. Hover functionality accelerates navigation and simplifies access to information. ST Development Toolkit Print to Mail is a proven solution with Edupoint customers and is in use with over 5,000 schools and institutions across the US. Product Consulting Services, Our Story STEP 1: Launch Roster Server from My Apps, click Imports, and click the edit icon. If the providers profile shows demographics, contacts or user demographic flags as unavailable and you would like them to support that feature, contact your provider and request adding support to enable SDS to ingest the data and allow you to enable the scenarios and experiences the data supports., Optional user student contact relationships. Synergy Assessment Likewise, GET is used for requesting data and For assignments that require students to show their work, such as math or art, students can capture a photo and upload it to Digital Dropbox for grading, eliminating the need to submit work on paper. Dashboards are role-based and can be personalized by users, so administrator and principal dashboards can show up-to-the-minute insights into enrollment changes, absence counts, and more, while teacher dashboards keep tabs on grade trends, weather, education chats on Twitter, or favorite teaching blogs. It also allows you to enhance experiences of the Microsoft 365 products and features. The TeacherVUE portal fully integrates with Synergy SIS, so attendance is automatically sent from the classroom to the front office, discipline referrals go straight to the responsible staff member, and teachers have access to the tools and information they need to set up parent conferences, communicate with parents and students, collaborate with fellow teachers, and more. Careers, Support:877.899.9111 My Payment Network, Inc., is the oldest and leading eCommerce provider to K12. Teachers can make course recommendations for individual students that enable them request courses when they haven't met the specified pre-requisites. Contacts are more users that are supplied with the /users and association to a student are found in the students user record under agents. ParentVUE / StudentVUE A full health history is maintained for every student for all years spent within the district. Your request will be reviewed and vetted through MCPSs Synergy Change Control Board. MS Office integration allows simplified mail-merge processes including the support of multi-language merge documents. For batch processing or internal applications built by customers or while doing development, use a static key to call APIs. Transcripts can include a variety of supplemental information, including comments, class rank, test history, service learning hours and extracurricular achievements. OneRoster 1.1 allows for the following functionality: Teachers can easily schedule parent-teacher conferences for individual students or for all students. The single, centralized database underlying Synergy simplifies data restoration in the event of hardware failure. Data insights are only as good as the data from which they are derived, so Synergy includes safeguards to preserve data integrity and eliminate redundancies platformwide. ST Development Toolkit User-defined fields and screens may be added throughout Synergy, and existing fields can be repurposed or removed to improve the user experience. When selecting your mapping settings for your Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) users, be sure your settings to include/exclude the domain suffix matches your Azure AD usernames. The optional Synergy Online Registration module simplifies school registration for parents and saves time for staff while helping to ensure data accuracy and integrity. TeacherVUE enables teachers to print reports for an individual student or for all students in a class or group. Edupoint has certified its Synergy Student Information System platform on the Ed-Fi Data Standard. action you wish to perform. Synergy Student Information System (SIS) provides all the data and process management functionality you expect from a world-class SIS, while extending beyond traditional SIS boundaries to deliver greater value. A live version of the sample web app is here Live sample web application. OneRoster is the standard for securely sharing class rosters and related data between a student information system (SIS) and a learning information system (LMS). The ParentVUE and StudentVUE web portals and mobile apps work seamlessly with Synergy SIS and the entire Synergy Education Platform, strengthening the home-school connection and facilitating communication with the school office and teachers. Computer Management Technologies, Inc. (CMT) is an IT services group providing clients with the tools to integrate today's technological advances with their business management and operations. ClassBoard provides visual drag-and-drop scheduling for those used to the more traditional whiteboard schedule, highlighting conflicts for quick identification and resolution. Step 1: Check if you have software that supports OneRoster. }); Office of Human Resources and Development, Office of the Chief Technology Officer (OCTO). Synergy LMS Client must have a license for LIBRUS Synergia, To enable an API integration with SDS, you must be logged in as an administrator or school principal. Is there information to share with them to participate as a OneRoster provider with SDS? Similar to ParentVue, TeacherVue is a vendor-owned app, so changes may be limited by the vendor. Notifications let users know when they have a task to complete, and help them stay on track through multi-step workflows. Detailed instructions are available in the help section. Users can bookmark frequently visited screens and launch any screen, report or process by typing just a few characters into the Quick Launch box. Synergy Online Registration Upgrade to Microsoft Edge to take advantage of the latest features, security updates, and technical support. Separate calendars can be created to support various organizations within the district or school such as summer school, night school, and regular school programs. Contact your account manager at Arbor to make sure it's enabled via [email protected]. You will see the code under the response parameter 'code'. Synergy reserves POST and PUT for certain CRUD operations. Student Privacy Pledge Event & Trade Shows In addition, any third-party tool that works with Microsoft SQL Server can be leveraged to extract and use Synergy data. For e-mail support, go to [email protected], for Phone support, +45 42 40 88 15, and web support, You should email helpdesk requesting OneRoster API credentials at [email protected]. Sign in and find latest product documentation for the oAuth configuration screen can be found at. Report cards can be tailored to match board-approved formats, whether traditional or standards-based, and delivered to parents in any language. Contact Trivium - Microsoft Partner for configuration. If reverse data is provided, from a contact relationship guardian record to student in the contact users agents field, these records will be filtered out. Synergy Learning Management System (LMS) analytics provide teachers with significant breadth and depth in analyzing real-time student performance on day-to-day assignments and assessments, helping to inform instruction. Find support articles at Arbor's Help Centre. popupwin.resizeTo(screen.availWidth, screen.availHeight); } else { Over 88,000 standards-based items are available with Navigate, as well as pre-built assessments, called Mastery Progress Checks, which allow educators to quickly measure students understanding of concepts. Its easy to update the eligibility of whole groups or single students, add health screenings, track coaches and advisors, update the events calendar and create reports. demonstrate a typical API request : All responses are encapsulated as JSON. Synergy SIS makes it easy to record and view all key parent/guardian details, including whom to contact first, relation to the student, custody and educational rights, and financial responsibility. Conference times may be auto-filled for an entire class based on the time entered for the first student. You will see the code under the response parameter 'code'. Once you have logged in, you will receive a token request code in the redirect URI you provided. The steps are: 1. Inspect Item Bank Courses can be mass assigned to students based on a variety of criteria, reducing staff workload. Admin users can instantly configure tabs and fields directly from the screen they are on, making it easy to modify security settings and property overrides at any time. Digital Dropbox enables students to submit completed assignments from the StudentVUE web portal or mobile app. Synergy SIS is designed to support every district's unique needs, and that includes the ability to define, capture, and report on user-defined data. Comprehensive address validation, powered by Google maps, helps districts verify student addresses and provides flexibility in enforcing attendance boundaries. STUDENT INFORMATION Streamline and simplify processes, administrative tasks, and reporting. return popupwin; Synergy SIS provides unmatched flexibility to meet your districts specific needs and match processes already in place. All of the standards and resources associated with an element automatically populate an assignment created from the element. This will install the app on the left side of your homepage to configure final exam options and maintain the API credentials. Queries can be created from anywhere in the system and used to generate reports to save, print, or share. Custom reports can be nominated for public view and auto-shared with user groups by administrators. As the leading provider of secure payment solutions and nutrition software, Heartland School Solutions supports over 34,000 schools across all 50 states. Seamless by design, the Synergy blend of student information system, learning management, assessment, MTSS, special education, and analytics empowers you to personalize learning, advance equity, and promote student achievement. Like the 325+ pre-built reports included with Synergy SIS, ad hoc reports can be scheduled and saved to the server for later viewing or shared via email with mail merge and multi-language merge documents. and [email protected], Instructions on how to create and locate the Client ID, Client Secret, and URL can be located on PowerSchool's, Prior to syncing, the admin user would need to, Reach out to your normal PowerSchool support channels at [https://help.powerschoolcom] or by calling +1 (866) 434-6276. Customers can contact SmartSchool by known support channels. Report cards are auto-populated from TeacherVUE gradebook entries with a single click for significant time savings. Once the test is successful, the OneRoster Provider status will be updated (from test mode to public) and available on list of publicly accessible providers for all tenants. Districts can also create their own pop-up boxes to point out specific features and customizations to their users. On the record insert row, enter, Title: Microsoft Version 1.0 > Dialect: OneRoster. Let PTM Document Systems automate and simplify the distribution of your grade reports, progress reports, truant letters and more with Print to Mail. ParentVUE / StudentVUE You will first need to generate a user OAuth token. My provider is not listed above. Synergy Student Information System (SIS) is the foundation of the enterprise-level Synergy Education Platform (Synergy EP), providing all the data and process management functionality you expect from a world-class SIS, while extending beyond traditional SIS boundaries to deliver greater value. Creation: The first step in the reporting process is the creation of the transactions that are to be sent to the state. The single, centralized database makes data restoration easy in the event of hardware failure, while product evolution protects your data and application software from loss due to generational changes. New Synergy features are introduced with a series of pop-up boxes that explain how to use them. CMT has provided successful business solutions for clients since 1984, ranging from large metropolitan school districts to manufacturers and even home office professionals. In the Users and groups dialog, select B.Simon from the Users list, then click the Select button at the bottom of the screen. Share following information when raising the request: Once your tenant is flighted, work with your OneRoster provider, and SDS POC to run tests and ensure that the integration is successful. To install the system-level configuration app, check All Users and System Admin. Limited-access logins enable substitutes to take attendance from the seating chart and see detailed instructions from the teacher. We have been extremely happy with Synergy. The Google Cloud Platform suite of cloud computing services includes tools that simplify technology use for school districts and expand the possibilities for teaching and learning. Not applicable. Upon saving, the URL, Client ID and client secret will be generated. all embed standard REST based characteristics: Successful responses return with a HTTP 200 status code, Unsuccessful responses return with a status code reflecting the error. REST API Use Case Scenarios Sandbox Environments AzEDS SIS Vendor Certification SIS Certification Involving Vendors SIS Vendors Certified on AzEDS REST API IT Home Arizona Education Learning and Accountability (AELAS) AzEDS Developers AzEDS News Reference ADEConnect Contact Sign Up for AzEDS Alerts From the Information Technology Blog Synergy is a SIF 2 Enabled Application. Call: 240-740-3000 | Spanish Hotline: 240-740-2845 Privacy Policy | Terms & Conditions. 1EdTech is a nonprofit member organization committed to furthering the impact of educational technology on teaching and learning. LEARN MORE > The server will respond with your OAuth token and the given expiry date for the token. Synergy SIS automates communication and record transfer between districts to streamline the student transfer process. Synergy SIS enables districts to import, analyze, and report on student results for any type of test, from school-created tests to state-mandated tests and college entrance exams. Enable Synchronization with Office 365. Synergy SIS makes it simple to manage student groups, including groups with eligibility requirements such as sports teams. Synergy SIS features a fresh new interface that's more than just good-looking. Synergy architecture is highly scalable to support districts with any number of users, from the smallest districts to the largest. This API key is valid for one or three years, depending which one you choose. $(function () { Ask about our FREE ZIS. Synergy SIS satisfies all requirements, you will receive an email notifying you that your application is approved. Staff demographics may be entered directly into Synergy SIS or loaded from a districts human resources database, including role, credentials, hire and review dates and more. Synergy SIS provides the flexibility to capture any student demographic data, from key information such as address and phone number to custom fields such as parking permit number or make and model of the students car. Use this environment for testing. With Synergy SIS, positive or negative attendance is easily tracked by day, period or half day, with support for custom bell schedules, custom calendars and concurrent enrollment. Synergy fully supports the entire SSRS feature set, so districts can run existing SSRS reports without modification. Sales:888.338.7646, Copyright 2020 by Edupoint $("[id$='btnCreate']").focus(); Students, families, and school staff can email requests to [email protected], call 415-340-1716 (M-F, 9 a.m. to noon and 1 to 3 p.m., closed from 12 to 1 p.m. every day), or complete an online request form. Simplification and integration are the main focus for student information systems (SIS). After activating this integration, districts can securely import user, course, and roster data into Incident IQ. Register for training at The built-in TeacherVUE gradebook offers highly flexible grading options and built-in data analysis that help teachers track student progress, differentiate instruction, and provide effective, timely interventions to students who require extra support. The TeacherVUE gradebook is fully integrated with Google Classroom to provide a multitude of benefits for teachers using both systems, such as: Technical staff also save time by setting up Google Classroom classes and student rosters based on data from the TeacherVUE gradebook. Inspect is developed by Key Data Systems, an industry leader in educational psychometric services and standards-based assessment. Once you are logged into the Synergy App open your user profile page. More than 170 million students and educators worldwide rely on Google for Education productivity applications. News You must have an Office 365 education tenant, global administrator permissions, and School Data Sync (Plan 1) enabled. Copy the complete API key and use it as as an access-token. Teachers may enable the automatic creation of an Assignment Discussion Page for any assignment, generating a page with all assignment details, associated curriculum resources, and a secure discussion Stream, providing students with a convenient forum to discuss ideas and get their questions answered. For customers wanting to build batch applications, internal applications or for testing before deployment, limited duration hard coded keys can be used. Available reports, such as Class Roster or Parent/Student Portal Activity, are based on district settings. Flags are specified as a metadata extension for the user, in a metadata field, following a Key|Value pair. In order to set up a OneRoster connection, you will need an SIS or other software system component that allows access to rosters using OneRoster 1.1 API or CSV files. When you partner with Edupoint, you partner with an industry leader that has been setting the standard in K-12 student information management for 30+ years. if(nWidth == '9999' && nHeight == '9999'){ Click Organization Apps at the top of the page. Any field can be searched from any Synergy screen for speedy and accurate results. The reporting tool runs reports quickly and seamlessly, without impacting system performance. View SFUSD's most recent athletics participation dataor past years' reports. The Student Career Plan specifies the courses needed to complete the plan successfully and the related Career and Technical Education (CTE) career cluster, if applicable. Select Add user, then select Users and groups in the Add Assignment dialog. Synergy training documents are proprietary and must only be used and distributed by APS Synergy users. If your team has a suggestion for improving Synergy or is requesting a customization, please complete a MCPS Help Desk ticket. Contact Skool support at (+31) 40 750 77 77 or by email at [email protected]. Student Records Exchange compares an incoming students course history to district course information and displays the best matches, enabling the district clerk to make any needed adjustments before the data is entered into the students new course history. Synergy can generate multi-level reports or add filters to report interfaces for complex data sets or deeper insights. Navigate to Settings > Configuration > Other options > Office 365 Integration. Go back to the details page of the application Response to COVID-19, Synergy Education Platform The latest version of BEM is always available to users. Rescheduling and deleting conferences is just as simple. Careers, Support:877.899.9111 My Payment Network is based in Madison, WI. A Microsoft Certified Partners software solution for Edupoint, the Synergy Education Platform is confirmed by Microsoft to be an official solution, work effectively, and help customers with a range of information technology (IT) projects and specific products and services. // 020 7550 9286. A simple-to-use data inquiry tool enables Synergy users to search and analyze any data within Synergy including custom fields without the need for advanced technical skills. In order to enable an API integration with SDS, district administrators must first create a vendor account within GURU. To meet the varied needs of districts, the TeacherVUE gradebook can perform advanced calculations such as term or category weighting, and can aggregate multiple assignment scores to determine student proficiency levels on standards. It is a secure way to access information about attendance, classes, grades, report cards, online school enrollment, athletic registration, Synergy mail, a link to MyMCPSClassroom digital learning platform to see your childs class materials, and much more. Synergy can be seamlessly integrated with virtually any third party application that your district is using or plans to use. Synergy Training Videos, Materials, and Guides can be found on MCPS Help Desk Portal, then search "Synergy" or enter a specific question or task to see all the materials our staff has made available. Roles make it easy to search for other users and share information with the right group or groups of people. Thriving Students Synergy SIS. User flags may be specified for student users to indicate their participation in a program or cohort. On the profile page, select the options '.' button in the top right, and select 'Applications' from the list. To use the access token in any subsequent API calls you add the header 'access-token' and assign it the value of 2023 San Francisco Unified School District. The Ed-Fi solution is an educational data standard and tool suite that empowers educators with real-time, actionable information on every student in their classroom, school, district or state. Go to SIS Intranet section to view these resources. Our select partners are leaders in their field, whose solutions can be used in concert with Synergy Education Platform to deliver best-in-class solutions to our partner districts. If the toggle is unavailable, shown but off and not available for interaction, this means that the providers profile does not currently support providing that data. Synergy reports run quickly and seamlessly without impacting system performance. For specific training requests ask your schools Super User or contact the The Technology Implementation Team in the office of Technology Integration and Learning Management. Classroom Apps OneRoster Ed-Fi Other Third Party Integrations Configure & Customize Synergy provides extensive out-of-the-box flexibility, allowing you to tailor your solution to meet your district's specific needs. These will be needed (along with your regional GURU API URL) when configuring the SDS integration. Synergy SIS provides school personnel with convenient tools to simplify everyday student health management, including medication alerts, health alerts, nurses log, Individual Health Plans (IHPs), and health screenings with support for waivers and referrals. The POST request must contain your application public key, if you require a login without javascript on the page. Product Consulting Services, Our Story With Synergy's single, centralized database, data is entered once and populates instantly throughout the platform. Copy the following elements From the Synergy example above to the dataflow (ideally in the below order): Access token A System Admin can get his access token from the profile page. Synergy Mail leverages the platform's role definitions, making it easy to find and select staff, parents, students, entire classes, user groups, student groups, and pre-built distribution lists. If you run into any issue, work with the provider and SDS POC to get them resolved. The built-in Data Validation and Rules Engine includes safeguards to preserve data integrity and eliminate redundancies. Strongly typed data types such as dates are serialized and delivered in string format. Getting Started with Synergy SIS - Cobb County School District OneRoster providers status and capabilities District gradebooks can include pre-defined assignments and category weighting settings for entire grade levels or individual subjects. From within the SIS, go to System > Configuration > SIS Integrations > OneRoster API > Fill out form. In the app's overview page, find the Manage section and select Users and groups. For more information, see your specific provider's documentation to obtain or to generate them. Information for setup will be provided privately. Empowered Teachers API requests must also contain the user OAuth token under the header access-token. Access Token URL, if your SIS/SMS OneRoster API is configured for authentication using OAuth2, you'll also need to provide the Access Token URL endpoint that will be used to connect. If a district does not require teachers to use a district gradebook, they may remove pre-defined items from their individual gradebooks. This data is used to streamline SIS-related help requests, as well as enable advanced functionality like My Classes, which allows teachers to easily submit help requests on behalf of students. Simply select a series of steps and screens using a built-in visual editor, and then add questions, decisions points, and optional external steps such as conducting meetings or generating reports. Enter a Vendor Name and retain the Client ID and Client Secret that are automatically generated. Once you are logged in you can access your applications via the

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