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It being a cry for help doesn't make her suicide attempt less legitimate or fake in any way. And then sit there and cry about it while he dies in front of you. The American oil company KIC Corporation is building an ice road to explore the remote Northern Artic National Wildlife Refuge seeking energy independence. version : 'v2.2' // use version 2.2 This happy ending is what sealed this drama into my heart. Her scene at the coffee shop was too prosaic. I wouldn't be here if it always follows my logic. And this is what happening to me now. We have seen that kind of setting before, in "The Thing" and a dozen other movies where a crew is isolated in a strange place where weird things start to happen. No thanks.). Also, I have to agree that the pace of the finale felt waaaay off. I didn't have a problem with Soo not taking the $$ though! A single broken vile of urine, yellowing the cold tile. My hope: This drama was a commissioned one and in exchange of this ratings success SBS will let her write her own personal project. And is of a piece with the whole, what about Boss Kim? He looks relieved as he shakes his bracelet to let her know its him. I dont understand why this conversation cant happen now. When one insane team member is found dead naked on the snow, the environmentalist James Hoffman (James Le Gros) suspects that sour gases may have been accidentally released in the spot provoking hallucinations and insanity in the group. Lawyer Jang tries to get Soo to take the money on Youngs behalf, since it would make her feel better. What a waste! From what I understand, a feeble attempt at killing yourself like Young did is not a suicide attempt, but a cry for help/attention. The game amps up as Jin-sungs family loads the truck to move though theyre being watched by a shady-lookin dude. When you were gone and I couldnt see you, the hardest part was that I still missed you. What is Abby looking at? Oh you have made it perfect sense.I did not feel the flowers were for the grave, as lambs ear was more for OY than OS. Writer-nim, you are SO much better than this-- please don't squander your gift. Similarly, in Goodbye Solo, NHK gradually gets you into the head and the heart of each character-- you may not like some of the characters or their actions, but you'll understand where they're coming from. The Last of Us 2's ending is a hard pill to swallow. js.src = "//"; That problem didnt exist as much with Soo, though these past few episodes didnt do him a ton of favors. No, it wasnt ever hard, Blurry Figure responds. Now that i know there's a happy ending TIME TO WATCH!! I thought Soo died. I think the whole flower thing is to amend for stabbing Oh Soo. The atmosphere of coldness, emptiness, isolation and the resulting paranoia are captured Good play, Soo. the last winter ending explained does bill pullman have sciatica/are rangers in financial trouble again 2021 / the last winter ending explained. Required fields are marked *. It was LOST season six. It's almost like the story is saying that sometimes people really, really hurt the ones they love but we forgive them? And I'm just sitting around like "LOL, nah". As far as stabbing goes guns are really hard to get in Korea so stabbing's the best way to kill someone. The plot holes - oy! Sadly, as many other reviewers note, the ending throws it all away in a fit of awful CG monsters. This doesn't change the fact though that this show was sooooo purttty. Thank you, Heads, for pointing out all the illogical additions and omissions that left me feeling confused and nonplussed during the last three or more episodes. I do agree with you that how we got to that light at the end of the tunnel was more important than the light itself. Unfortunately, while they were running away, I really liked the beginning (episode 8 was definitely the climax of happiness for me) but then we dove into melo land which culminated in a LOT of crying in the last episode. I'm in agreement. The flowers were present at the cafe table where Young was seated too. A group of people located at a work station in the artic are the first to bear witness to the end of the world. Independent environmentalists work together in a drilling base headed by the tough Ed Pollack (Ron Perlman) in a sort of agreement with the government, approving procedures and sending reports of the operation. (Shes implying that people need people, and that they need each other.). When Hee-Sun and Jin-Sung were talking about visiting Soo and bringing Lamb's ear flowers, they were talking about real brother Soo; visiting the river where his ashes were spread. Connect with Facebook Some people reasoned that the blurry scenes are from Young's perspective, but these blurry scenes seem to occur only around Oh Soo. Young has a surprisingly full head of long hair a year after brain surgery, and everyone seems to be having a good time. When someone from IFC Films said he liked the film, Fessenden sought out a distribution deal from them. Since it is a melo, I get that they don't need to have everything tied into a neat happy ending. The Brattle Film Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit, supported in part by grants from the Cambridge Arts Council and the Massachusetts Cultural Council, a state agency. But, to be perfectly honest, I wasn't thinking about her hair at all this episode, haha. In the talk show, the guest is an epidemiologist who talks about the history of humanity, which has encountered all kinds of viruses and pandemics. The only thing left are his boots, still propped up as if someone was standing in them. Young notices that her pre-surgery breakfast smells better than usual, only to find that Secretary Wang returned to cook it for her. I didn't understand why JS didn't react right away and tried to save him. But I definitely agree that first, Young is alive. And thanks for the recaps, u DB ladies are gold! And with just an "I'm sorry". There were some really amazing nuances to this drama that I just loved. The first eight episodes were executed close to perfection imo but I didn't really mind the change in pace afterwards. Jin-sung seems to think so as he stops running and starts crying, with Moo-chuls minion nearby to share in the grief. It grossed another $64,332 internationally, for a worldwide total of $97,522. I gave it maximum patience for over an hour, than started fast forwarding hoping for a climax that never came. I was neither horrified, mystified, or thrilled. And where you buried my brother, or which river you spread his ashes at. And second, Soo is alive because, as you say, picklemonster, they have too prosaic a conversation. So, it makes me think that perhaps those scenes with Oh Soo were not real - maybe they respresent Young's imagination or their "afterlife" together. But I'm just so thankful. fjs.parentNode.insertBefore(js, fjs); She would have been very selfish and unchanging because she wouldn't know who could be trusted, especially when you know your step mom has sabotaged your eyes. The ending just seemed so fanservice (and I know I have already said that, however, that feeling kept staying with me). or I had watched NG but do not remember how the drama ended but I will remember every details about TWTWB. Youngs eyes begin to fill with tears as Soo pours his heart out in the video, saying how much he wanted to tell her when he first fell in love with her and how beautiful she was, and how much her real brother loved her. Young is not a character I will pretend to understand through and through, lol. i had the same reaction when a friend told me, man! Thank you for pointing out the many holes and for doing it with some humor at times. Yes, we do get a happy ending but it felt completely unsatisfying and made me feel so disappointed. cookie : true, // enable cookies to allow the server to access But I thought her extreme trust issues were well shown so I bought her character as a whole. Thank you so much Heads for your recaps. She finds the Braille letter Soo left her directing her to watch the video. More importantly, Young, you are being kissed by Soo! How guilty you felt while you loved me. I dont understand why this conversation cant happen now. Wang was forgiven so easily. The Last of Us ends with the duo seemingly heading back towards Tommy's settlement, likely with humanity doomed as a result. His fellow Native Alaskan worker, Dawn goes insane shortly thereafter and murders Motor, the station mechanic, who had been injured when the plane crashed into the building. But, on the other hand, how many times did we complain that some dramas never need extension and they just dragged toooooooooo damn long? My first reaction to the ending was Soo is dead and all is in Young's head (because I'm a sucker for apparently, the traditional melodrama ending - I've been so out of it, I didn't know open ending or happy ending is an option!). It was amazing because it is not really easy to write an open ended story and with so much twists. We knew it would be, but it hurts to see the crazed look in Jin-sungs eyes as Soo hauls himself up to eye level. Youngs self-realizations werent dependent on her as an individual, and her decision to live didnt come from a place of autonomous empowerment or anything befitting the idea of character growth, because her change in tempo was dependent on Soos reactions. The one exception that comes to mind is "Alien Resurrection" in which he was reasonably cast, as a very tall macho oddball. Here's the guy who warned you again and again that Kim was bad news, to get out of Dodge ASAP and don't look back, who was always trying to get you out of the gangster life - and so you take the knife and leave the only true villain in the entire melo and go all the way out to the rooftop to stab your friend. Maybe he felt like a cornered mouse or panicked. Soo nearly drops in relief when he finds Young, even as she emotionlessly tells him shes hungry. This is my third drama with this writer and it looks like she enjoys getting her characters to the lowest they can go (sickness, almost dying) and then having then come out unscathed and fine. I like that the characters are happy. the last winter ending explained does bill pullman have sciatica/are rangers in financial trouble again 2021 / the last winter ending explained. Basically the movie starts off a lot like The thing with some modern ecological themes mixed in. This action causes the creature, a massive, ghostly moose, to focus on Hoffman instead of Pollack, and it grabs him and carries him off. When he is found dead out on the snow the next morning, Hoffman suspects that sour gas (natural gas containing hydrogen sulfide) may have been leaked out as a result of runaway climate change (arctic methane release). HeadsNo2, I wish I could meet you in person during the Dramabeans Meetup and personally say how you're one heck of a great writer and thinker but I'll have to be content with this. Warning! Anyways, thanks for such wonderful recaps. This was my reaction seven minutes before the ending: WHAT!? There is something under the melting ice is it nature taking revenge on man, is it ghosts, is it just the paranoia of the crew turning on each other or is it seeping gas from the ground causing hallucinations like the ecological adviser of the team suspects?? Bad. This comes after the violent and unusual deaths of the other crew members. But sometimes! hahaha, priceless. It is so illogical and stupid, it is almost a sort of evil in itself. ;), Which means Soo must be alive, too. The ending of The Last of Us is sufficiently simple for anyone looking carefully, yet deeply complex for anyone wishing to delve into the psychological complexity behind Don't get me wrong I enjoyed the show but I just feel disappointed because it could have been a great drama. She did do the across-wrist cut. 6. so that ending was weird, to say the least. Really? The scenes are blurry because that's how Young sees the world now. Delusions. The vaunted cinematography of this drama may appear genuinely impressive at first, but it dawns upon you sooner or later that, however it wants to emulate it, this is not a Merchant-Ivory film. But there was nothing to support that theory so it's just Jin Sung doing something weird, lol. i can't believe that is finished best drama i have ever seem and it's the best drama of 2013. The thing is, I really don't think it was done for fanservice. She discovers a male employee who has committed suicide by hanging himself in one of the rooms. Interesting, flawed film with engaging themes and possibilities. (Dude, where were you when your boss was driving on pain killers?). I don't think he's a chef, but I do think he owns some kind of restaurant. Kiss symbolizes love and forgiveness. Headcanons for Shinsou, Sero and Bakugou and a character of your choice where they end up in a staring contest with the reader--their current fixation. It's so dang pretty to look at that I almost forget that it doesn't make sense. Also, when OY did that (push back when she would ask questions to OS), it reminded me some of Faith, when CY told the doctor that he would ask her later to stay with him and get her answer then. (I frowny-faced at that, honestly. Nothing made sense in this ending, i dare say a couple more deaths would have made it more believable, Oh Soo included! I can't buy Jin-sung doing it, I don't see the logic of the threat (did his family get hit by that truck? Sure, we can theorize that Soos stabbing somehow put the kibosh on his burning desire to be there for Young during her surgery and chemotherapy, because its totally fine to let a suicidal person depending on you assume youre dead. You made viewing this beautiful drama (scenes, actors and soundtracks) even more memorable. But no, Young frequently visited Soo's cafe, hears the bell on his bracelet and yet Soo doesn't reveal to her that it's him until much later. We can theorize that he had to heal and hide for a bit from Boss Man, and that he was fine as long as he could keep a distant eye on Young. He stumbles back to camp that night traumatized, just as the others are about to head out into wastes to look for him, claiming that his radio had been not working. So let me get this straight. But a girl can dream. Starts off slow so you think it's just taking its time, introducing you to the characters so you care when they (presumably) start to die horribly later on. I've come to that after thinking a bit more but, she's still not a character I will pretend to understand through and through, lol. // Load the SDK asynchronously Also, the ladies he played never landed him in jail.). Since Will was born they have shared the same bed and often the same dreams. Admittedly, I am not a consistent person. Then I realized that this drama is just like the character Young: beautiful to look at, given to half-disclosures or sideways feints that make you go into hours of analysis to try and figure it all out. ..Show you have less than 10 minutes to make him reincarnate. I wont even get into how robbed I felt of FINALLY seeing Jin-sung break away from his astounding sense of loyalty, because it would have been an amazing character moment to see exactly how the wheels turned in his head when he chose his family over his best friend. This motion picture, "The Last Winter" has a feeling of doom about it right from the start. It seemed like the restaurant was Soo's because he told her he actually wanted to cook because Jin Sung and Hee Sun both like his cooking. The setting is bleak, white and, of course, isolated. I will agree with deducing opera, that in general, barring sacrificing yourself in a suicide 'mission' to save others, suicide is a big o' hey look at me. JIS, who I will forgive for just about anything! So any drama that shows someone trying to kill someone will probably involve a knife. That broke from story-logic and build up for me. A flash of tile on the cold-looking hospital floor, bare. The writer likely originally wrote a typical melo ending. When Hee Sun and Jin Sung were debating which flowers to give "Soo", they either meant to give flowers to Young's real brother Oh Soo's grave, or they wanted to bring flowers to Soo's new shop because they feel bad for Jin Sung's betrayal. I do find myself chuckling at times when reading her recaps. Just like the one guy says, "Soo was willing to forget pride". After a second fatal incident, he convinces Ed to travel with the team to a hospital for examination. Which is why I thought her admission that she wasn't really looking to die made sense and was happy she realized and admitted that. I agree with you all the way! For the most part, the drama did follow its story logic and the characters it created. Yeah, my first but not fake. AVOID IT ! When his love hadnt changed one bit, giving her no other assurance than that hed save her from herself if she slit her wrists? It doesn't mean that after the surgery, she will immediately have an eyesight. But it didn't happen the finale is a mix of all those ideas mentioned, unsure if the thrown in CGI Animal-Ghosts are just products of imagination or natures wrath or whatever. Note: This clip is from a version of the film dubbed in French. We find Lawyer Jang, Secretary Wang, and even Myung-ho with Young and the kids from the visually-impaired center on an outing, where all the guardians have to wear blindfolds in order to experience a day in the life of the blind. But then Id be asking for realism, and that is not what this show was selling. I for one liked the ending. It was a pretty ride that just got weird and choppy and bumpy the last four episodes. (There were some recaps that got things factually wrong and so of course they didn't make sense.). Superb for the writer can make the viewer confused and determine their own opinion about the end of the drama, Daebak! Safely smuggling Ellie out of the quarantine zone means more to Marlene and Kim than their own lives. Even though I love Soo, the constant surprise-knifing is becoming its own parody at this point. Seeing Abby surrounded by puddling water is enough. [6], The Last Winter premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival. Hoffman had refused to sign off on permission for heavy equipment to be brought in to help move drilling equipment due to potential damage to the tundra earlier in the film; Pollack and his boss, Foster, arrange for Hoffman to be replaced as a result. I waited until you would talk to me., I couldnt bring myself to do it, Soo says with a sheepish smile. Throughout the game, our perception of Ellie shifts somewhat as we begin to empathize more with Abby. Reddit and its partners use cookies and similar technologies to provide you with a better experience. Since when did they promise to remove her brain tumor and restore her sight, considering that the two are unrelated? Elliot, Hoffman's partner, attempts to email the outside world, but can't get a signal; he then dies shortly thereafter, possibly of a brain aneurysm. The performances were good with the exception of Ron Perlman who just needed to tone it down a hair. It did difficult to play blind person who has to display lots of deep scars and emotion. window.fbAsyncInit = function() { var js, fjs = d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0]; One thing the show did really, really right I thought was its depiction of blindness. And Oh Soo and Jin Seong ain't Robert Redford and Paul Newman. Or maybe Soo went into hiding until gangster Kim was arrested? As for Secretary Wang, I wished she had stayed gone. Wang's crimes. Because more than any other k-drama writer I can think of, NHK is gifted at writing highly relatable, complex characters whom I understand. I agree with you Canxi. The audience has already come to learn that there is nothing beyond this point. After shes gone, Soo lets this news sink in. But to me what he did made sense for the character. I sometimes miss some of those, and I appreciate when those are pointed out to me. Also, Heads! The scenario with the child and sec wang of course was only a part of the scne that it should be clear. So that combined with JS having to suffer watching hee Sun run thru flirtations equals he's paying his betrayal dues so hello they are dead too. I'd rate this above "Nice Guy" but below "I Miss You". I enjoyed the slow build up to reach an exciting climax as paranoia and delusion begin to take over the group of stranded oil-searchers; but what happened? I've caught myself saying, "WHAT??? Like the game As with Sec Wang, I totally get the wholw"so despereate to be a mom that she goes batshit crazy and blinds the child" BUT come on- how does that make her the best-suited person to care for Young??? Previous Post Thank you so much for the recap. There was never ever enough Kim Bum. Third, I agree with Ashely above in that Sung's relationship had soured (three suiters?) I'm glad I watched, but I wish it had held the awesome all the way through. The goal of /r/Movies is to provide an inclusive place for discussions and news about films with major releases. I think they were talking about actually bringing flowers for his restaurant. I said above, that I hoped for a more straightforward ending bu that I'll take this, too. I wanted to see if, just maybe, the idea was to have Young hit such a low that she reached a moment of pivotal self-realization in order to decide that she wanted to live after all, in a change we could see and understand. Boss Man turns over Soos cards, revealing that Soo did have a flush, and thus the winning hand. Even if OY couldn't forgive OS at that moment, they could have still talked, I thought. The Last of Us takes place in the year 2023, two decades after a zombie-like fungus destroys human civilization. She's in her version of the LOST holding pattern universe and she had to find her way to Soo, thus the center scene surrounded by people that she loves and makes her happy. I was engaged for the whole movie. "I must not be crazy, it is not all in my head" I thought. I found some recaps confusing but not the show itself. I will not claim expertise on this but I will say that I lost a family member to suicide. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit, You got your money, whats wrong with you? The Last Of Us Episode 1: Ending Explained Why Is Ellie Important To The Fireflies? ALL the characters are wooden. Sad how it happens to many of the dramas I follow. Now shes looking toward the future, to when theyll meet again. appId : '127538621120543', The weathers nice today, isnt it? she asks, and the man clearly responds with Soos voice even though his figure remains blurred. Nobody knows what happened to the cook. My theory is they were Earths own nature spirits emerging as we humans have finally destroyed the balance which allows life to exist. That "happy" ending felt so contrived for me. I also like how she explains things, we get to see her thought process and I am grateful for that. There are pools of water on the ground nearby. Why did he have to go stab Soo? Then something starts happening. In the meantime, Young gets wheeled in for surgery. window.fbAsyncInit = function() { Last Winter has amazing moments of sustained tension that made me want to cower in fear. Jin-sung arrives in the meantime so Boss Man can declare him Soos gambling partner, and all of Soos huffing and puffing cant reverse the situation now. since you're here, it seems you are doing well. Really, the only way out was to stab Soo? :(. The ending scene is that of the only surviving researcher, Abby Sellers, waking up alone in a deserted hospital with no recollection of arriving there. His being a gentleman is one thing I admire too as seen in the bts. Poor guys had better days. As Wang recites Youngs table setting like the old days, Youngs eyes brim with tears. For me, it's because I only read the recap, and I really thought Young was only imagining it. I glossed over a lot of the things a lot of people struggled with eg. It was really rushed and that's why I think the logic breaks down. I hate mellow, I always hate mellow. He would have lived with it and never told hee Sun. Same here. But the scenes with Lawyer Jang and all of them wasn't from her perspective. In the penultimate scene, Hoffman must decide whether to fire a flare gun at a ghost stalking Pollack, or up into the air to summon help from a nearby town, opting for the latter. Cant we get some blunt force trauma up in here to change things up? Love it! [4] LeGros and Britton are actors that Fessenden enjoys, and he wanted to give them starring roles. But, no matter what flaws this drama has, I have to admit that I do LOVE this drama. Eventually he collapses as the bell bracelet chimes, beginning to spasm in his death throes. True to most of the reviews the ending ruined the movie for me, but I admit it was pretty good up until then. Was this technique not used by both Soo and Young more than a few times throughout the drama? I am not wedded to reality, because, hey, it's TV. Such is the basis for Last Winter. I was also impressed by the consistent beauty of the cinematography; perfect contrasts, appropriately warm tone, gorgeous scenery, etc. Stabbingthis seems to be used a lot. that he doesnt need it anymore, all while Young stands at her open window, ringing the glass bell as he leaves.

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