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tongue and groove soffit board

characteristics & properties of western red cedar. Plus they provided recommended installation instructions in case you are a do-it-yourselfer. When does it make sense to Factory Finish? Every phase of the shipping was well coordinated. Europe, Asia, Africa - anywhere a container will go we can get it there. Perfect for interior or exterior projects, boards are light weight and easy to nail, saw, trim or cut. A tongue and groove soffit is a wooden board design typically used within ceiling and soffits to add character to a space, both in an indoor or outdoor setting. Aesthetically, a tongue and groove soffit can improve the exterior look of a building with minimal effort required. These products meet the same quality and environmental benchmarks of our other products, including being VOC free, LBC red list free, 100% recyclable, and offering up to LR.73 light reflectance. Both seasoned (kiln-dried) and unseasoned (green) sidings are available. We believe that having this protective yet pleasant design will save time, money and energy when it comes to any ceiling issues or need for repairs. VERSATEX Building Products400 Steel StAliquippa, PA 15001, This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google. Hardie Groove Lining is a flat sheet that has vertical V-shaped grooves carved into its face. Ill wait until the paint has had time to fully cure for at least another week or two (or three) before doing that extra final coat. Cut notches so the preacher will fit fairly tightly around the board to be marked. Add to cart; View Detail; 1" Thick Ipe Decking; 5/44 Ipe Tongue and Groove (T&G) - Specific Lengths . Product available in select widths for an additional charge and pending availability. I was incredibly nervous about how long the job would take knowing what wood tends to do when being stored, however, the job is complete and the cedar fared very well. Photos courtesy of Bob N. of Lynden. 1x6" Tongue and Groove is the most popular but a wider 1x8" pattern can be selected to have a more rustic appearance. 1-in x 4-in x 12-ft Tongue and Groove Edge Unfinished Select Douglas Fir Board. Tongue & Groove PANELING is naturally graded to the smooth face. Prime white, Paint Cabot's "White" (OM 4632 4652). The tonge and groove edges of the hollow soffit allow boards to fit neatly together with 25mm cladding pins. Tongue & groove V cladding is perfect for many external & internal applications such as sheds, garages, cabins, walls, panelling and many other applications. Tongue and groove joints are most commonly used when designing and installing ceilings, flooring, and paneling in walls, floors, or ceilings. Tongue and Groove is a type of pattern stock that comes in a variety of designs. Southern Yellow Pine. Another huge perk of tongue and groove siding materials is their seamless installation process. One edge of the wood plank will have a narrow channel carved out. 1. Making mistakes - Fixing something that goes wrong costs 10 times more than it does to do the job right in the first place. He even arranged a tour of the mill for me. Then finish nailing off the board. Draw the opening using another box as a pattern. Tongue & Groove SIDING has both a rough and smooth face and is normally graded to the rough face (the best visible face) unless requested otherwise for a higher price. I don't think you need adhesive. It also retains its good looks year after year, even in the most demanding conditions. Wall and Ceiling Repair Simplified: 11 Clever Tricks. Thickness: 7.5mmLength: 2400mm or 2700mmWidth: 1200mm, Hardie Drive Screw 30mm x 7g Stainless Steel 316, Fast and effective using low pressure water and a brush, Easy installation for a fast and effective build time, Outstanding impact resistance, making it ideal where walls are prone to damage, Long re-painting times and minimal ongoing maintenance, 3, Podgora Avenue, Huapai, 0810, Auckland, 2023 All rights reserved. Crisp, white semimatte finish complements all housing exteriors. 1 1/4x6 T&G (BUTT JOINT NO V EDGE) IPE SIDING, CLEAR (BL Grade Equivalent CLEAR), KD, S2S, Smooth Use. We believe an investment in your home should last, and we promise our high performance products' integrity with industry-leading warranties. You might be wondering why our Buffalo diagrams above have letters - A, B, C - instead of actual measurements. 1x6 T&G (V4E) REDWOOD-SAP SIDING, B (BL Grade Equivalent NEAR CLEAR), KD, UNFINISHED, S2S, +1x2 BOARD (SQUARE EDGE - SURFACED) REDWOOD-SAP TRIM Smooth Use (OM 4596). Quick and easy installation. By machine, a moulder or shaper will produce the desired result and by hand, you can use hand tools such as a router to carve out a groove. Patterns without any V Edge are referred to as Flush-Joint (cedar, pine) or Butt-Joint (redwood). Do you agree with the use of cookies? Hello Rob, Sheila, and Debbie, I want to offer a gracious thank you for all of the professional, knowledgeable, and helpful care I received from Buffalo Lumber! Our tongue and groove wood ceiling materials include hardwoods like Ipe, Cumaru, Garapa, & more. The beauty and benefits of AZEK Beadboard: Stands up to harsh weather. Tongue & Groove PANELING is usually graded to the SMOOTH face. We have tongue and groove cladding, T&G flooring and many more T and G boards. Its going to look terrific when all of the painting is completed. Im sure the neighbors were as tired of looking at it as we were, and I was pretty tired of climbing up and down on it every day, although it contributed to losing nearly 10lbs in the past month! We hope youre enjoying the summer, and having time to spend with your family doing fun things. All product comes in 5-metre lengths. Signature Looks. All communication is handled personally - by phone and email. If using a power washer, be sure to test the pressure setting and nozzle first to ensure that the surface of the trim will not be damaged. Homeowners, protect your heart and wallet. How distinct or shadowed the line between the boards appears after installation depends on the shape of the edge - the pattern profile you choose. Both seasoned (kiln-dried) and unseasoned (green) sidings are available. The T&G Ends can be beveled or flush joint. Tongue and Groove. You guys also did a great job with the wood! Tongue and groove siding is available with rough or smooth faces. Hi Rob! x 2 ft. Blue Stain Pine Tongue and Groove Siding Board (5-Pack) by Swaner Hardwood. Our Stealth beadboard features an extended leg, making it easier to nail than traditional beadboard, thus speeding up the installation process. Tongue and groove joints allow two flat pieces to be joined strongly together to make a single flat surface. Out of all the t&g I ordered I don't think I wasted more then 1 or 2 boards but used those boards for smaller pieces. Longboard Architectural Products provides the design and construction community with inspiring architectural products for thoughtful spaces. Hard to believe that we started planning this project in earnest back in late December (although I suspect that Nancy starting planning it earlier than that! Many contemporary homes add tongue and groove to porch roofs and sun rooms as well as cathedral ceilings. Edge Profile: Tongue and groove American Planking 3.75-in x 1-ft Red Cedar Aromatic Cedar Tongue and Groove Wall Plank (Coverage Area: 15-sq ft) Model # 408083 Find My Store for pricing and availability 310 5.375-in x 12-ft Pine Wood Tongue and Groove Wall Plank (Coverage Area: 5.38-sq ft) Model # L5TGV11446212 Find My Store It's a flat sheet that has vertical V-shaped grooves carved into its face. The grey-bearded guy in the one pic is our carpenter in case you wondered. We even got tips on to how to care for and install the wood. Features of Our Interior Wood Paneling. As a rough estimate, DIY shiplap in a 200 sq. Buffalo Lumber offers a wide selection of quality products. Dimensions: Before plywood became common, tongue and groove boards were also used for sheathing buildings and to construct concrete formwork . This made it the preferred wood in early America for use as water reservoirs. . Their customer service is excellent. T&G Pattern: V4E - 4 Beveled Edges (reversible), 3. On Profiled Decking & Siding Orders Over $5,000 On Live-Edge Wood Slab Orders Over $500. The 1x12 tongue and groove boards are kiln-dried to reduce the appearance of unfinished lines caused by the effects of shrinking and swelling. Using the tongue & groove facility these boards can be as wide as you want, with hidden fixings. You can either apply finish to the raw wood on each chamfer before nailing up each board or touch up the entire shiplap ceiling after its finished. They intervened when our site visit reports and punch lists showed improper installation and then used their expertise to get the installer back on track. The popular joint is also used in some flat pack furniture designs due to its easy construction. This board features a reversible pattern that allows you to choose the best one to compliment your decor. Instead, choose lengths so the joints look as random as possible. Our orders are custom milled and factory finished. 1x6 T&G (V2E 3/8 T&G 6 3/4 EXP) PINE-WHITE PANELING, STANDARD (BL Grade Equivalent MILL SELECT), KD, S1S, Smooth. 300mm Tongue & Groove Soffit (trade) Stock Code: HOL300 14.94 17.93 Inc VAT Quantity Add to Cart Description: The term Tongue and Groove siding refers to the edge profile that is milled into each individual wall board. T&G Wood Sidingis a best seller because of its versatility. By the end of the process our team was ready to do the entire shopping center in real cedar siding rainscreen system. A few common patterns we offer are: Edge-V with Flat Back. 1x4 T&G (FINE LINE 3 EXP 3/8 TNG, 3/16 Gap) CEDAR-WRC SIDING, AYE&BTR (BL Grade Equivalent CLEAR), KD, StainEXT Olympic Cedar Natural Tone (OM 4714). Our client and the design team wanted the wood look in a modern design but was concerned about cost and maintenance issues associated real wood veneer. It was a truly great experience !! Our Stealth beadboard features an extended leg, making it easier to nail than traditional beadboard, thus speeding up the installation process. The picture above reflects a heavy timber rafter porch system decked with our 112 car siding. The new corner stop has the following benefits: hidden fixings, more durable and weatherproof, and it has a variety of sizes for thicker cladding. Choose your own aesthetic; our profiles are equally suitable for horizontal and vertical orientation. Boy, was I in for a pleasant surprise! I needed to replace a few siding panels with dry rot. It is extremely durable, often being salvaged from demolished centuries-old homes for reuse. Foiled hollow soffit boards are wood-grained, a lookalike wood style finish. 2023 The AZEK Company Inc. and its affiliates. In fact, its OK to install boards that are only a couple of feet long. Barnwood Siding; New Barnwood FAQ's; Photo Gallery; Request A Quote; Dura-Groove Pine Tongue & Groove. 877-960-9663. I recommend Buffalo Lumber to anyone needing quality wood products. Patterns without any V Edge are referred to as Flush-Joint (cedar, pine) or Butt-Joint (redwood). I got to use my new miter saw to cut all the boards, and primed and painted the cut ends before they were installed. Pompano Beach, FL 33064, A tongue and groove soffit is a wooden board design typically used within ceiling and soffits to add character to a space, both in an indoor or outdoor setting. On a leap of faith I ordered an entire semi-truck load of lumber and had it delivered to my business for storage. Timber Southern Cross is a re-release of the old traditional timber stop. Buffalo Lumber. Soffits play an integral role in supporting the health of the buildings roof and a soffit system will ensure a longer natural lifespan of your ceiling. Our timber supported range of roofing systems and components are designed to provide existing, leaking wooden roofs with an attractive, weather-tight seal and as a rafter gasket system for new-build timber conservatories. Euro Cylinders Within this, there are two key parts of the joint: the solid tongue and the slip groove. Features and Benefits: We never use it in these situations.We always nail above the tongue in the "V" groove. This grooved lining is also appropriate as a ceiling lining or use externally on eaves and soffits. See Areas we ship to and Delivery Information. Issaquah Cedar & Lumber Here are some examples: This is a soffit that uses tongue and groove joints for an easy installation process. I would highly recommend Buffalo Lumber. 5 out of 5 stars (1,174) $ 55.00. 1x10 BOARD (SQUARE EDGE) CEDAR-IRC TRIM, D&BTR (BL Grade Equivalent NEAR CLEAR), KD, StainEXT,RESAWN, Rough Use. There is also a T&G pattern profile call "carsiding" that has aV-Groovein the center of the board. As with many of our profiles, VERSATEX T&G options give you design and installation flexibility. In horizontal application, start at the bottom and work up with the groove edges facing downwards. A 1x4 Tongue & Groove pattern is going to create a line every 3 inches, while a 1x6 creates its line every 5 inches for the same pattern. Whether youre wanting a roof extension or a porch ceiling renovation, opting for a. is great for both ceiling protection as well as decoration. Painting not required but certainly available as another appealing option. i would use no other company. Yes Call us today at 425-392-3631. Hopefully it will be this beautiful for years to come! 1x8 T&G (V4E 3/8 T&G 6 3/4 EXP) CEDAR-WRC SIDING, STK (BL Grade Equivalent MILL SELECT), KD, StainEXT, RESAWN, Rough Use. My name is Michael Ethridge and I work for Phillips Partnership PC. Once you get a board seated, go ahead and add a nail or two. Im glad we had the extra cedar boards as there was a considerable amount of picking through the boards and cutting out the unusable pieces/sections to ensure the new gable looks perfect. Tongue and groove soffits are especially high in demand due to their installation ease and classic finished look. The popular joint is also used in some flat pack furniture designs due to its easy construction. Vertical siding applications require horizontal nailers, blocking or other wood framing members spaced no more Exposure and Sight lines:Many designers plan other elements around the sight lines created by wood siding patterns. (1) REDWOOD T&G Patterns 204-206 5-8-inch V1S-S2S 3-32-V, (2) REDWOOD T&G Patterns 709-713 1-inch V1S-S2S 1-4-V, (3) REDWOOD T&G Patterns 707-716 1-inch V1S-S2S 3-32-V, (4) REDWOOD T&G Patterns 709-713R 1-inch V2S-S1S-Saw-1S 1-4-V, (5) REDWOOD T&G Patterns 707-716R 1-inch V2S-S1S-Saw-1S 3-32-V, (6) REDWOOD T&G Patterns 732-734R 1-inch V2S-S1S-Saw-1S 1-4-V, (7) REDWOOD T&G Patterns 726-728R 1-inch V2S-S1S-Saw-1S 1-8-V, (8) REDWOOD T&G Patterns 632-634 1-inch S2S-CM, (9) REDWOOD T&G Patterns 632-634EE 1-inch EE S2S-CM, (10) REDWOOD T&G Patterns 616-617 1-inch V&CV-S2S 1-4-V, (12) REDWOOD T&G Patterns 16-18 1-inch S2S-CM paneling. Marlin, TX. If theres a gap, tap on the end with a block to close it. We have been using Buffalo Lumber for a few years as our custom cedar supplier. These elements cover the edges and underside of your ceiling and exterior wall to ensure complete protection. nails is the best choice for fastening, although an 18-gauge nailer will do the job, too. Please enter these characters in the following text field. If youre installing tongue and groove boards over drywall (or plaster especially), its a good idea to install 12 battens and fasten them directly to the framing with 2-1/2-in. No. Home House & Components Parts of House Ceiling. Tongue and groove is a traditional plank format that has been used for decades, both inside and outside the home. Sign up for our newsletter! He did an excellent job, wood was covered by you guys and by him. ", REDWOOD SIDING SAP B (BL Grade Equivalent NEAR CLEAR), KD, Smooth Use. There wont be enough wood left after that to do anything else (except maybe a small birdhouse)! it wouldn't be fair to ignore the coordination of the shipping department a/k/a Chaos Central. In these uncertain times we can help you plan. We had some challenges working around the 8 purlins, but our carpenter (an old-school guy) managed to make the necessary cuts and adjustments around them. Nominal 1x6, 1x8 refers to the size before the pattern profile is milled and NOT the board's final finished or "dressed" dimensions. It can be used indoors or outdoors, rough side or smooth side, installed horizontally, vertically or diagonally, to provide distinctly different looks. Designed to a common industry specification, euro cylinder locks operate the multi-point locking mechanisms of uPVC, aluminium and composite doors and provide protection against all known attacks. But it can also happen at shiplap ceiling protrusions or even at projecting inside corners. Theyll give you a much more solid nailing surface.

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