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The after mess hall was hit at least once (Hit No. This area was finally abandoned due to intense heat and smoke. This action, however, again emphasizes the necessity of having fire fighting equipment which is adequate for the control of conflagrations resulting from present warfare. projectiles is definitely established in that the gunnery officer of ASTORIA found part of the base of an 8" A.P. To add your CA-71 photos: Click on your Last Name on the CA-71 Crew Roster: Click on any photo below to view larger image: THUMBNAIL: YEAR: DESCRIPTION-Page 1 / 0: NEXT: U.S.S . Some, but probably not all, of the projectiles may be expected to give "low order" bursts. Despite the fact that one was fired from about 17,000 yards and the other from about 3,000 yards, neither one of these penetrated the barbette or put the turret out of action. I am just guessing. Login| Ammunition hoists to secondary battery were put out of operation by either direct hits or fragments. The hits are numbered for convenience from forward to aft without regard to time, size or source. Early in the action, two hits (No. [7], Quincy earned one battle star during World War II. A hit (No. USS Quincy (CA 39) From USNA Virtual Memorial Hall. Nineteen of the twenty-one primary targets assigned the task force were successfully neutralized or destroyed, thus enabling Army troops to occupy the city that day. 2 in sick bay (Hits Nos. (d) "Present fire-fighting equipment, depending on the central power plant of the ship, proved unsatisfactory. 7 were hit (Hits Nos. IT is now docked at . 26. Shortly after the Japanese force had checked their fire and began their withdrawal, USS Quincy sank bow-first at this location at 0238hrs on August 9th, 1942, taking 370 of her crew with her to the bottom. 3 and No. She served alongside German heavy cruisers at Mlaga to evacuate their respective nationals out of Spain. At 0155 when enemy searchlights illuminated ASTORIA, the main battery was trained out and fire was opened immediately upon order of the gunnery officer. At 02:10, incoming shells killed or wounded almost all of Quincy's bridge crew, including the captain. 12. Description, history, and photograph(s) of heavy cruiser USS Quincy (CA-39) in WWII. Again the most extensive and serious damage from gunfire was from the first few 8" salvos which struck the bridge, carpenter shop, battle II, secondary battery, and the hangar where planes were set on fire, presenting the enemy with a well-illuminated target. General Dwight D. Eisenhower, Supreme Commander, Allied Expeditionary Force, accompanied by Rear Admiral Alan G. Kirk, inspected the ship's company in Belfast Lough 15 May 1944. These explosions either ruptured the hull or opened seams, which permitted water to enter causing the ship to list to port. 30) on the well deck set the planes secured there on fire, sprayed gasoline on the well deck, the midship portion of the upper deck and the planes on the catapult. 28 and 36, respectively). Various other hits were received in the control stations located on the foremast. 20) penetrated the second deck amidships (90 lb. (b) "There should be a hand-operated fuel oil service pump located in each fireroom.". room, diesel generator room, bomb stowage, and the 5" A.A. handling room were immediately flooded. U.S.S. ASTORIA ltr. The flooding from these two torpedo hits was undoubtedly the cause of the rapid sinking of the vessel. Registration and communicating with shipmates at is FREE FOREVER. [4], Quincy got underway for the South Pacific in July with other vessels assembling for the invasion of Guadalcanal. Due to sinkage and port list as the result of torpedo explosions forward, most of these compartments on the second deck were flooding through the shell holes in the port side as surviving personnel were abandoning this area. Your ORIGINAL HOMETOWN and State are asked for because that confirms who you are in your shipmate's memories. All the ships were in condition of Readiness II, material condition Zed. The address of this blog is 1, 5 and 7 were put out of action, after three star shell salvos were fired to starboard, from a series of hits (Nos. No. These stays are located well clear of all batteries and fire control instruments. 5) was received in the turret officer's booth putting this station out of action. Within a few minutes, Quincy was caught in a crossfire between Aoba, Furutaka, and Tenry, and was hit heavily and set afire. In addition to DesRon 23's Presidential Unit Citation, Spence earned 8 battle stars. Over 1000 men were killed or lost at sea. Ted: clerk, wrote out paychecks, Skipper during Quincy's final cruise in the Pacific, Korean War, 1953-4. 36. The model is now at the Navy Museum, Washington Navy Yard. Registration and communicating with shipmates at is FREE FOREVER. In honor of the meeting between Saudi's King Abdul Aziz and Franklin D. Roosevelt aboard Quincy, the official residence of the American ambassador to Saudi Arabia is named Quincy House, and is located on the Diplomatic Quarter in Riyadh. She was launched on 23 June 1943; sponsored by Mrs. Catherine Adams-Morgan, wife of Henry S. Morgan, daughter of Charles Francis Adams, and sponsor of the previous Quincy. New Orleans class Heavy Cruiser: Displacement: 12,411 tons (full load) . 19) in the space immediately above. Both the port and starboard catapult towers were struck by 5" projectiles (Hits Nos. The galley just forward of the well deck was hit from both starboard and port sides (Hits Nos. 1 in wardroom (Hit No. For three days the group provided fire support on the left flank of the 3rd U.S. Army. [4], Quincy sailed for San Diego on 5 June via the Panama Canal and arrived on 19 June. Two hits (Nos. Hits were received from automatic A.A. weapons. The President's senior aide, Maj. Gen. Edwin "Pa" Watson, who had been ailing, died aboard ship on 20 February. The experiences of ASTORIA in comparison with the experiences of SAN FRANCISCO** afford an excellent contrast of the effectiveness of A.P. 8. 62, USS San Francisco CA38 War Damage Report No. This action emphasizes again the absolute necessity of permanently removing inflammables and leaving ashore clothes, records, paint, and other materials that are not essential for the war-time operation of the ship. Her own aircraft strafed targets in Omonawa on Tokune Shima 19 May. Quincy later made a South American goodwill tour from 10 April to 12 June, and upon returning to Norfolk, embarked reservists for three training cruises from 9 July to 24 August. 53, USS Independence CVL22 & USS Denver CL58 War Damage Report No. References: The crew was about to abandon ship when all at once the enemy extinguished searchlights and ceased firing. A fire was started on the fantail and was fought successfully until the fire main pressure failed. Quincy's captain, Samuel N. Moore, gave the order to commence firing, but the gun crews were not ready. Steering control was lost at this time - probably due to severing of the steering leads by a fragment from one of these hits. There was a minor flareback in No. 79. Both smoke stacks were reported riddled by fragments and minor caliber hits. This was my father who passed away in 2008. She departed Portland, 24 June, for Cherbourg, France. This ship and Vincennes were a slightly improved version of the New Orleans-class design. 35. 57. She was the only one of her class to retain her Bofors 40 mm gun mounts instead of receiving the newer 3/50 mounts. I on the starboard side and jammed the turret in train. According to reference (d), this was accomplished a few minutes after the torpedo hit in way of No. 88. 1, 2 and 3) Nearly all of the fire main risers were cut by either direct hits or fragments. Ammunition within exploded with such violence that the Commanding Officer ASTORIA reported in reference (a) that "QUINCY had blown up". 1 in warrant officers' country (Hit No. The structural damage, though severe, was not of a serious nature except in the cases of the penetrative hit into No. Damage to QUINCY and VINCENNES was so extensive that loss of the vessels was inevitable. The 5" magazines were not flooded probably because the valves to the sea floods were inaccessible. Damage to QUINCY and VINCENNES was so extensive that loss of the vessels was inevitable. She supported carriers in strikes in the Tokyo Plains area, Honshu, Hokkaido, and Shikoku. 1 fireroom and wrecked it. Main battery control forward was hit by a projectile which did not detonate. After penetrating the shield it hit one of the 5" ready-service boxes for this gun. Since there were no survivors from the No. After a shakedown cruise in the Gulf of Paria, between Trinidad and Venezuela, the new heavy cruiser was assigned, 27 March 1944, to Task Force 22 and trained in Casco Bay, Maine, until she steamed to Belfast, Northern Ireland, with TG 27.10, arriving 14 May and reporting to Commander, 12th Fleet for duty. The fire was extinguished by throwing the flags overboard. This rendered the ship incapable of fighting the fires except by a few CO2 extinguishers which were soon exhausted. (c) Senior Surviving Officer, QUINCY ltr. During the period 6 through 17 June, in conjunction with shore fire control parties and aircraft spotters, QUINCY conducted highly accurate pinpoint firing against enemy mobile batteries and concentrations of tanks, trucks, and troops. 24) in No. Turrets I and II were trained around to starboard and brought to bear upon the enemy. does not retain your payment information if you make a purchase. 57, Wartime Diversion of US Navy Forces in Response to Public Demands for Augmented Coastal Defense-CNA, Wartime Instructions for United States Merchant Vessels 1942, Washington Navy Yard: History of the Naval Gun Factory, 1883-1939, Washington Navy Yard - Pay Roll of Mechanics and Labourers, c1819-1820, WAVE QUARTERS D STATION RULES FOR LIFE AT D, [UPDATED] Washington Navy Yard Station Log November 1822 - December 1889, The Story Behind Names of Different Ranks, History of Warrant Officers in the US Navy, Women's Uniform Regulations, Yeoman (F), US Naval Reserve Force, 1918, Women's Winter Uniform Regulations, Yeoman (F), US Naval Reserve Force, 1919, World War I British and German Naval Messages (1918), World War II Invasion of Normandy 1944 Interrogation of Generalleutnant Rudolf Schmetzer, Deck plans of ASTORIA showing hits and locations of fires, Outboard profile of VINCENNES showing hits. This resulted in the flooding of most of the second deck. paint locker and started a small fire. Home Join Now About Hullnumber Before You Register Tell A Shipmate FAQs Related Links Contact Us. US Navy Crew List - Reunite with old Navy Buddies - 344743 entries available online. QUINCY served in the screen of the Fast Carrier Task groups ranging off the coastline of Korea 25 July 1953 through 1 December 1953. This recommendation, which has been discussed in reference (e), has also been approved. During June 1944,Quincyprovided gunfire support for the Normandy Invasion and bombarded German positions around Cherbourg, France. She also neutralized and destroyed heavy, long range enemy batteries, supported minesweepers operating under enemy fire, engaged enemy batteries that were firing on the crews of CORRY (DD 463) and GLENNON (DD 620) during their efforts to abandon their ships after they had struck mines, and participated in the reduction of the town of Quineville 12 June 1944. CA34/A9-16 dated 4 Sept. 1942 - (War Damage Report). [4], On 28 July, Quincy sailed with TF 16 for Iceland on neutrality duty which included a patrol in the Denmark Straits from 2124 September. Radio II, Mess Hall and After Repair Station. Shortly thereafter the enemy searchlights were turned on this task group. This turret, like No. Fires from the hangar and the boat deck necessitated the abandoning of this space early in the action. This program involves the installation of additional pumps with independent sources of power, separation of fire mains into loops to reduce probability of a few hits placing the entire system out of operation, installation of fog nozzles and other mechanical aids and rearrangement of inflammable stowage in which essential inflammable materials are to be carried below the waterline and at the extremities of the vessel. 74. The cruisers of this task group, in a column led by VINCENNES,. Before contacting the Reference Staff, please read through these questions and answers first. At this time all turrets and secondary battery except turret III and gun No. Further hits started fires in the movie locker and the cane fender stowage in the after end of the searchlight platform. Guns Nos. 45, USS New Orleans CA32 War Damage Report No. projectile, and blown overboard. [1], During the period 6 through 17 June, in conjunction with shore fire control parties and aircraft spotters, Quincy conducted highly accurate pinpoint firing against enemy mobile batteries and concentrations of tanks, trucks, and troops. 2 mess hall were hit repeatedly, apparently the same hits mentioned in the preceding paragraph. 34 and 42) early in the action started fires in the cane fender stowage and the movie locker. The President and his party returned 12 February and the next day received Farouk 1, King of Egypt, and Haile Selassie, Emperor of Ethiopia. I really am not sure of date when daddy boarded the Quincy, not even the year. 87. 77. 3 of the after 1.1" battery. The clipping room to the forward 1.1" battery was struck (Hit No. The forward 5" magazines were not flooded apparently because the hand operating station on the second platform deck could not be reached and power was not available for operation of the electrical controls on the second deck. Bureau of Ships QUINCY stood out of Belfast Lough 20 May for the Clyde and anchored off Greenock, Scotland to begin special training in shore bombardment. There, Roosevelt and Saud concluded a secret agreement in which the U.S. would provide Saudi Arabia military security military assistance, training and a military base at Dhahran in Saudi Arabia in exchange for secure access to supplies of oil.[3][4][5][6]. The battle has often been cited as the worst defeat in a fair fight in the history of the United States Navy. During the engagement described in paragraphs 12, 13, and 14, ASTORIA sustained an unknown number of hits from 8", 5", and 20mm projectiles of which about 63 were reported in references (a) and (b). Personnel casualties suffered by QUINCY were by far the heaviest sustained on any of the three ships in this action. 83. A powder fire was reported in this turret as a result of the hit in the barbette. It is improbable that this resulted from the shock of the torpedo hit forward. 73. About 0156 the fourth Japanese salvo landed near the bow. The fragment consisted of about half of the base ring into which the base plug screws.'s mission is to provide a means for shipmates to keep in touch with one another. She then steamed to Malta via the Straits of Messina. QUINCY departed Malta 6 February and arrived Great Bitter Lake in the Suez Canal two days later, after calling at Ismalia, Egypt. On all three of these ships, as the compartments flooded, the vessels trimmed down by the head putting the second deck under water. All Rights Reserved. One result was the destruction of the forced draft blower to No. USS Quincy(CA-39) in New York harbour on 23 May 1942 History United States Name Quincy Namesake City of Quincy, Massachusetts Ordered 13 February 1929 Awarded 9 January 1933 Builder Bethlehem Shipbuilding Corporation's Fore River Shipyard, Quincy, Massachusetts Cost $8,196,000 (contract price) Laid down 15 November 1933 Launched 19 June 1935 This explosion rendered the forward control spaces untenable. At 0208 course was changed to the left and the stern was again brought through the enemy's fire. One 8" projectile (Hit No. 4 firerooms undoubtedly resulted in immediate flooding of these two compartments. I was hit (No. It is definitely known that guns No. I'm doing this for my father who's not so computer savvy but he's love to get in contact with his mates from the Quincy CA71. Letters from a Sailor, My Uncle Ted just celebrated his 83rd birthday (11-9-2013), was on the USS Quincy for 2-1/2 yrs, remembers Lt Kenneth Farmer,Woodrow Kirk, Ira Jay Hopkins Jr, Roger Miller, Roger Dudley. The spotter was unable to clear this. In addition, an intense fire was started which eventually forced the abandoning of all secondary guns on the upper deck. These estimates are made on the basis of those reported by the Commanding Officer and from the effects of the projectiles as compared with the performance of U.S. Navy projectiles on light plating. The heavy cruiser sailed for Mers-el-Kebir, North Africa 4 July, arriving there the 10th. Besides the damage suffered by gunfire, it appears as though one torpedo (possibly two) struck the port side of VINCENNES. 16, 12 and 14, respectively. U.S.S. The boats and the 20mm clipping room were set on fire by Hit No. QUINCY (CA-71) Crew Roster U.S.S. About a minute later, direct hits were received on sky aft and sky forward, blowing the after director overboard. From 16 April QUINCY supported the carriers in their strikes on Okinawa, Amami Gunto, and Minami Daito Shima. During the period of replenishment and upkeep at Leyte in the Philippines, Rear Admiral Wiltse, ComCruDiv 10 transferred to Quincy. President Roosevelt received Ibn Saud, King of Saudi Arabia, 14 February. From 0200 to 0206 ASTORIA was under an extremely heavy concentration of fire. About 0200, attempts were made to evade enemy fire by turning hard right. Fires in both cases, however, were also a major contributing factor. On the afternoon of 13 August, in company with four British cruisers, one French cruiser, and four American destroyers, QUINCY departed Malta for the landings on the southern coast of France, arriving Baie de Cavalaire 15 August. Cincpac directed, however, that Commanding Officers, at their own discretion, have the planes flown off or dropped overboard if action appears imminent. August 9, 1942 (50 years old) 82. 44. 50. These six are the only hits reported which struck originally below the second deck. Decommissioned in 1946, the ship was placed in reserve at Bremerton, Wash. After the outbreak of the Korean War, the QUINCY was recommissioned in January 1952. During the period of replenishment and upkeep at Leyte, Rear Admiral Wiltse, ComCruDiv 10 transferred to Quincy. The well deck was struck at least once (Hit No. and. The fireroom started to fill with smoke and the feed lines were leaking at all flanges. During the next fifteen minutes. Please send. In accordance with reference (e), a vertical loop fire main in the forward and after living spaces, separated by at least one deck is being installed in all heavy cruisers in commission. Naval Academy, The Sullivan Brothers and the Assignment of Family Members, Historic Former U.S. Navy Bases and Stations, The African American Experience in the U.S. Navy, Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders in the U.S. Navy, Contributions of Native Americans to the U.S. Navy, The World Cruise of the Great White Fleet, Navy Underwater Archaeology Return Program, Annual Navy History and Heritage Awards - Main, Research Permits for Sunken & Terrestrial Military Craft, Scanning, Copyright & Citation Information, Obtain Duplications of Records and Photos, USS Franklin D. Roosevelt (CVB-42/CVA-42), USS George E. Badger (DD-196/AVP-16/AVD-3/APD-33), USS Guadalcanal (AVG-60/ACV-60/CVE-60/CVU-60), USS Lexington (CV-16/CVA-16/CVS-16/CVT-16), NH 94540 Commander John L. Hall, USN Commander Paulus P. Powell, USN, NH 80176 Destroyer Division Fifteen (DESDIV 15), NH 50709 View at Amoy, China taken from Kulangsoo, USS Perch (SS-313/SSP-313/APSS-313/LLPSS-313), 80-G-7861 USS Portland (CA-33) and USS San Francisco (CA-38), NH 107440 USS Thompson USS Davison USS Mervine USS Quick, 80-G-367853 Invasion of Southern France, August 1944, 80-G-368078 General Dwight D. Eisenhower, U.S. Army, USA C-545 President Franklin D. Roosevelt, USA C-548 President Franklin D. Roosevelt, See More USS Quincy (CA-71) Related Content, See More USS Quinnebaug (ID# 1687) Related Content, NH 42543 U.S. New cruisers of the CL55 class are equipped with two 100 kw units. 33. does not retain your payment information if you make a purchase. Crew Contact And Reunion Information Contact Name: Mr. Dallas E Diettert Address: 17714 SE 105th Ter, Summerfield, FL, 34491-6926 Phone: 352-347-8767 E-mail: None Note About Contacts. Two hits (Nos. [4], Quincy returned to the Boston Navy Yard on 5 October for refit preparatory to final acceptance trials which were held from 1518 March 1937. 29, Battle of Savo Island Battle of Savo Island Allied and Japanese Orders of Battle Vignette: Lieutenant. 45) entered the forward mess hall but did not explode. This projectile, which is boat-tailed, has three copper rotating bands and is 4.3 inches long. 1 in the officers' galley (Hit No. on the port catapult was set afire and shortly thereafter, was knocked off the catapult inboard onto the well deck by a hit from port (Hit No. Upon her arrival back in the United States,Quincywas transferred to the Pacific, where she escorted the fast carriers as they conducted air strikes on targets in the Ryukyus and the Japanese Home Islands during the last five months of World War II. projectiles. She was again decommissioned in July 1954 and spent nearly two decades in "mothballs" at Bremerton. USS Quincy (CA-39) (+1942) Details general nationality: american purpose: war type: cruiser (heavy) propulsion: steam turbine date built: 1936 details tonnage: 9375 disp (surf) dimensions: Vincennes (CA44). She later provided close fire support for the Marines during the landing. The slow degree of flooding which was reported was more apt to have been the result of a projectile hit below the water line. About the time turrets I and II were put out of action, director I was jammed in train. At the bottom of every email sent by HullNumber is an UNSUBSCRIBE link. 60. ; launched on 9 March 1944; co-sponsored by Mrs. Angelina Bertera and Miss Norma McCurley; and commissioned on 9 September 1944 at Boston, Mass., Capt. About 0209 turret II was struck on the face plate by an 8" shell which penetrated without exploding and set exposed powder on fire. Samuel Moore Class of 1913. The USNSM is housed aboard the Quincy-built USS Salem; the world's only preserved Heavy Cruiser. Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. This type projectile which is unusually effective against light armor is poor against anything over 1/2 caliber in thickness. About 0206 director II was hit and put out of action. 5 exploded. USS QUINCY was the fourth BALTIMORE - class heavy cruiser and the third ship in the Navy to bear the name. Many casualties were sustained by this repair party. 38.'s mission is to provide a means for shipmates to keep in touch with one another. On the other hand, six of the nine turrets on ASTORIA, QUINCY and VINCENNES were put out of action due to direct hits by 8" A.P. QUINCY steamed to Portland, England 21 June and joined TF 129.

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