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when a guy says you're funny

1. (5 Reasons). I would say entertaining the rejection sounds desperate in itself! You know hes checking you out when around. 3 Look Who's Talking This is one of the best responses to a compliment there is. "They'll look directly into your eyes with a level of intensity that makes your heart aware," relationship expert and author, Cindee Bartholomew, tells Bustle. When you want to look hot, getting a youre hot comment can make your day. The best way to respond to this compliment is simply saying thank you. If you want to be more flirty, you can say, I bet youre sweet all over.. Here, shut him down with sarcastic replies. This is good because there is nothing worse than being with someone who seems almost indifferent to your presence, is there? First, it's important to remember that not all compliments are created equal. And obviously we treasure humor in other girls. Every once in a while a film comes along that simply transports you with its sheer brilliance the brilliance of the sea shining on a bright, crisp Gloucester morning CODA is one such film that approaches perfection. Related article: How To Respond To Someone Calling You Attractive? We all want to feel understood, especially in romantic partnerships. Can we do it again?" It really comes down to three main reasons: This is the most obvious reason why a guy would call you pretty as its a pretty bold move. The next hallmark sign of a guy having a crush on you is when he tells you a secret that he has never told anyone else. Everybody wants to be Superman. I know, its hard to know what guys are thinking. EDIT: Yes, obviously if a girl/woman says that she's already into me. However, it could be interpreted as flirtation if you are not in a relationship. Girl you are hilarious" or something like that. Cruz suggests starting by complimenting your date on how nice they look. She's a natural beauty, both inside and out. If it comes from a guy, its a huge sign of him really liking you. So, if a man points out how great you look its definitely a crush! But no one makes a move. This reply says to a random stranger that you want to know what hes up to. Its just an alternative to thank you, and a flirty reply. When he says it with this meaning it means that he feels as if you are a mystery to him. Here you give a sarcastic response to some random guy who calls you Youre such a hot girl, AF.. All responses depend on the way a guy calls you hot and how well you know them. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. 12. Being called pretty is quite the compliment, and it can often leave you speechless or stumbling about what to reply. Maybe hes just being friendly and trying to make you feel good. Humor in romantic relationships: A meta-analysis. Its your crush, you tried to catch his attention lately. This is the gal who has the ENTIRE package. The fact is, when a guy is genuinely infatuated with a girl, she likely dominates his thoughts and he really does indeed miss her all of the time they are apart. This is why that phrase is a huge indicator of him having a crush on you. "You're the only thing I think about.". sometimes people are funny without even trying to be. Here are ten tips if youre unsure how to respond when a guy says youre sweet. And if he tells you a secret, then its probably because he trusts you and wants to be with you. A crush calling you sweet is a compliment. Asking you to sit next to him is the first step towards intimacy. spark is usually lit when making eye contact. If he is using this word, then he really finds you beautiful.". 22. They are usually too nervous to come over and ask you out straight up, so they would rather ask if they can sit with you. Reply with an invitation to be friends. Against all odds, after a period of mourning, the surviving Eagles -- Don Henley, Joe Walsh, and Timothy B. Schmit -- decided to forge ahead and hit the . But it could mean different things depending on the context. Think "wide eyes, bright smiles," Kimia Mansoor, professional matchmaker at Tawkify, tells Bustle. If hes always laughing at your jokes, then its a good sign. It means that he likes you and wants to spend more time with you! He says (in the middle of a date): It'll. The guy your seeing just called you "fun," and elaborated by saying that you are "close friends." Is there a chance that you could be something more . If a guy invites you to sit next to him, its a huge sign that he likes you. This is one of the biggest signs that he still thinks about you. You can say, Great! If you like a guy, you shouldn't sit around waiting for him to ask you out. According to Stephanie Churma, spiritual relationship coach and owner of The Good Love Company, there's a look people get in their eyes when they're completely captivated by someone. It might be a cliche, but men dont often notice subtle changes in our appearance unless they have a crush on us, of course! That doesnt mean you have to be blunt or say something to upset him though, here are some things you can say: If youre the kind of person who likes to keep the mood light when a guy might be hitting on you, there are some replies you can use to do that. What he means: It's really you. In this case, his body language will likely be more relaxed and he won't seem as nervous as he would if he were attracted to you. If you buy through links on this page, we may earn a small commission. 22. He Consid. When a guy has a crush on you, he will have a crush on every aspect of you: your personality, your humor, and, of course, your looks. He'll most likely try to backtrack by saying that he didn't mean what he said and that he actually meant something else completely. While for the guy you met on a dating site, try flirting responses if you have a crush on him. You've only seen one page. Would you guys say like maybe two or three times, at least in my experience. It will come across as flirty and fun if you say it playful, teasingly. Hes attracted to you and he wants to get to know you better. Funny puns are a great way to say I love you; I care about you and I have a sense of humor! This is a safe response that wont offend anyone and will let the guy know that you appreciate his compliment. If any of this happens, theres a good chance they might not be into you. When they tell you you're "awesome," here's what they *really* mean. Being called funny is such a big compliment to me. When a guy tells you that you're awesome, it may mean he thinks you are funny. 5. This is one of the first things a guy might ask you when hes interested in more than just being friends. Dont forget that guys arent used to being emotionally vulnerable with other people. If someone's laughing at your jokes when you first meet, it's a good sign. We and our partners use data for Personalised ads and content, ad and content measurement, audience insights and product development. Do they compliment you right back? If he's calling you cute, he's probably referring to more than just your looks. If someone's interested in you, it doesn't matter how long you've already been talking they'll still want more. But, instead he get any further, this comeback will stop him. Its because he wants to be close to you. "You'll best spot it when you're knee-deep in a story about anything that lights you up," Churma says. Youre crushing on a guy and youre not sure how to tell if he feels the same way? He wants to be there for you when you need him, and hell do everything that he can to make sure that happens. If you want to keep the conversation going, you can ask why they think youre sweet. Heres where you want to go beyond just a thank you. Photo by Alice Teeple on reshot A guy who doesnt care about you wont ask you that, believe me. A good sign that someone thinks youre amazing is the amount of focus and attention they put on you and only you. Keep him away with this witty comeback also giving a reason why you look hot in this picture. You dont want to give him the wrong idea, and you dont want to make things awkward. The ultimate excuse you all use a lot, so why not use it to deal with stalkers? Simple 3-Minute Meditation Script Thatll Change Your Life! Some are just said so to make you feel perfect about yourself. He starts showing up at places you frequent, and you can feel him changing Family Life Activities is owned by a young married couple who saw it necessary to share their experiences of love and family. No, it's actually a huge compliment. A shy guy who has a huge crush on you will ask you timidly, praying for the answer to be yes. I like the first and last response the most, these are sooo bad and good at the same time. With this reply, you are saying: You can try on other girls because Im different! When a guy says youre sweet, there are a few things to remember. The phrase youre sweet can mean different things depending on the context and tone in which it is said. For example, when someone says youre awesome, itd be helpful to know whether theyre just saying that to butter you up or they really think youre something special. Use it sparingly and only when you mean it, and she will appreciate it much more. By subscribing to this BDG newsletter, you agree to our. "Anyone who's genuinely smitten with you will want to extend your time together," Churma says. Texting a guy I met a few days ago and he just said that he thinks I'm really hot via text and I have noo idea what to . Here are loads of things you can say back when a guy calls you pretty, from the fun to the serious and flirtatious! You need to take rejection with a grain of salt and then move on to the next man. Give this random dude a chance to change what he just said about you. I am damn funny, it's about time that someone notices. is my usual response when guys say I'm hot. So, if a guy tells you that he misses you, it definitely means that he has feelings for you. Dont lay it on too thick or think you are trying to butter her up for something. But you should remember a few things before you start throwing around the word sweet.. 2 Reply tokiemon 11 yr. ago This is when you reach out and honk her nose. Think about it: you only miss someone you really care about, right? You already know what this guy trying to say. READ NEXT:Cute Replies To Thank You From Your Crush. But she's adorable and sweet in her own way. Some of our partners may process your data as a part of their legitimate business interest without asking for consent. Here's another comeback to use when a guy tells you that he's already taken. I try to be the sweetest person I can be.. As someone who likes to think I'm funny I love it when guys, or anyone really, says I'm funny because it's like YES, FINALLY. For example, you could say, Thanks, I try not to be too sweet so that people dont take advantage of me.. This shows that hes really interested in your life and wants to know everything about you! You sense that this dude is stalking you everywhere online, such a direct response this is. But if you say it more seriously and sincerely, it will sound more romantic. If they offer to help in any way, this is a sign they really care about you and your future, she says. She knows what she wants, and is determined AF to get it. The cute girl is going to make him lunch, bake him brownies and be an awesome friend. Girls like to be called sweet just as they like to be called beautiful or hot. She may not be captivating enough to win his heart. Plus, men usually dont give out compliments like this unless there are feelings involved. But, savage comebacks will shut him down. Well, if you sense someone actually taunting you, these are the: comebacks to backhanded compliments on Instagram to give them what they deserve. Why would I be embarrassed about being seen as funny? If he's your boyfriend, he'll be happy to know you think about him too. Responding to a compliment is always tricky- you dont want to seem unappreciative. "They will often continue to stare at you even after you look away and when you look again at them they will smile again.". Indeed, its a compliment that elevates your ego., This article was originally published on Jan. 25, 2018, How Ovulation Affects Your Sense Of Smell, Libido, & More, This Is The Best Day To Be On Dating Apps In The New Year, Should You Sleep With Someone To Get Over Your Ex? If the guy is someone you know and trust - like a close friend or family member - then chances are he's just trying to make you feel good about yourself. Reddit and its partners use cookies and similar technologies to provide you with a better experience. Be mature and take it with grace. If you want to make the guy feel good, you can tell him that hes sweet. If hes not flirting with you theres no harm in enjoying the compliment! You're simply so attractive he can't help but say it - even though what he means might be a bit vaguer. - Barry, you are so funny sometimes. There are many ways you can respond to a guy who says youre sweet, but our best are these: Your partner could be a genuine compliment if you are in a relationship. Answer (1 of 21): My usual response is, "I assure you I'm normal. He's trying to let you down gently because he can't handle hurting your feelings, or even worse making you cry. Probably it means that he finds you physically attractive and is telling you that you're interesting and funny because of this so that you like him. That will make you look like an idiot. How To Respond To Someone Calling You Attractive? "When you call someone beautiful, there's something gentle in it, too. Plus, some sarcastic replies for the complete stranger (or stalker) to put them off. Certainly, which can be uncomfortable so unsure about how to respond back. Would you expect introverts to be good at cold calling? First, make sure she is sweet. 2. Tell him, you also find him hot AF. If you call her sweet every other sentence, she will get sick of it and lose its meaning. Well, dont worry! 3. When a guy is confident, he knows the answer will be yes, so he is only asking in order to reaffirm that you are interested, as well. Girls, what is the stupidest and most absurd question you Press J to jump to the feed. By YourTango Admin Written on May 25, 2010. Compliment, unless the timing is really suspicious. You know better, but you still want him to say it like it is. If he finds you funny, you're already special to him. I just happen to be really damn funny. It's not like you need him in order to be happy. An example of data being processed may be a unique identifier stored in a cookie. Bolde says, "He means this one, but he actually means so much more. Second, dont lay it on too thick or think you are trying to butter her up for something. It could simply be a term of endearment, meaning that the person sees you as kind, caring, or considerate. This is probably one of the more obvious signs that a guy has a crush on you. 23. Step two: Compliment her back and be sincere. My bf and I are always playing off each other and cracking up to tears and missing exits on the freeway and shit like that. In general, responding positively to a compliment is the best way. For a long time, that's all women wanted in a guy: someone to provide for them. According to relationship therapist Kimberly Panganiban, LMFT, these could be simple goals like finishing up a project, or a bigger goal, like finding a new job. Please don't make posts like this anymore it's giving females the wrong guidance. Maybe, he wants to call you beautiful, and hot fits better. Likely reasons why a guy will call you pretty are that he is attracted to you, he is just being nice, he is being condescending or that he is trying to cheer you up.

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