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Especially relevant, the Royal Blue mine is responsible for most of the turquoise from the area and is sometimes people refer to it as Royston Royal Blue Turquoise. However, turquoise has not been retrieved from that mining operation since the early 1980's when Phelps Dodge changed its method of copper ore processing to crushing and acid wash. That method destroys any turquoise in the copper ore. A. In what is now known as the Southwestern United States, Puebloan tribes mined turquoise and considered it a crucial commodity that held immense spiritual value and was also the source of trade. The Adams-Ois Treaty of 1819 between Spain and the United States more precisely defined, Spanish Territory in present day Colorado as . The areas that the Bad Boys are mining yield some greenish Turquoise, and some light to dark blue Turquoise with brown matrix. .hide-if-no-js { Colors often run together in the same stone with a webbed golden brown matrix. The singular uniqueness of Cerrillos turquoise cannot be understated. The matrix can be a dull grey to a golden brown often forming the popular spiderweb pattern. Over the next few decades, the claim was mined intensely and produced large amounts of high-quality stones. Compare the history and provenance of each turquoise mine. Likewise, the Colbaughs own this mine, the Ithaca Peak Turquoise mine, and the Turquoise Mountain mine. Turquoise stones are unlike other stones because of the diversity and array of qualities that truly make each region unique. The Morenci mine was initially mined for its copper deposits. Mines has always been a bit different, so if you're excited to do something new and big, we should be on your list. The Tiffany Turquoise Mine is near Orogrande, New Mexico. The bright medium blue color of Sleeping Beauty makes it very popular for cluster, needlepoint, and inlay artists. There are three different locations all called the same name, and each produced a great variety of turquoise, from intense blues to deep green combinations with a hard, irregularly distributed matrix. Most interesting, Cerrillos is the only turquoise that formed at the base of a volcano. Finally, Damele comes in a variety of colors from yellow, greens and grays with webbing. Stennich Turquoise A collector's stone, this historic Nevada mine is in Crescent Valley, Nevada. Campitos turquoise, you know youre getting turquoise, straight from the The finest turquoise is now located in a part of the copper mine, so it is unattainable. Also, this turquoise is the only mine found to be near recently active volcanoes. Posted by Most interesting, Cerrillos is the only turquoise that formed at the base of a volcano. All are known as Kingman turquoise. Nacozari turquoise is very hard to locate and highly collectible at the present time. bit as good as that found in the Southwestern U.S. states, though The modern mine owners have collapsed those tunnels and returned Lone Mountain mine to a safe, environmentally friendly mining operation. Due to gold acquisitions covering parts of the mine, Stennich is very hard to find today. There are several mines in Sonora, Most noteworthy, Pueblo miners used only stone axes, mauls, antler picks and chisels to remove 100,000 tons of solid rock to create a pit mine 200 feet deep. Dear alltribes, I just wanted to let you know, I bought a watch from you before Christmas. The Dry Creek turquoise mine is located outside of Austin, Nevada., Rincon Trading Responsive Theme. xmlHttp.send('{"store_id":"46844","timezone_offset":"-8","timestamp":"2023-01-18T19:18:44.75910900Z","visit_id":"10794b6d-dd89-4b6c-9c33-3675c05a9da4","channel_id":1}'); stencilUtils.api.productAttributes.makeRequest(endpoint, "GET", {}, {}, function(err, res) { Natural turquoise remains porous and may change color over time. The distinctive green color gives great contrast with other stones used in jewelry such as red coral, orange spiny oyster and even other shades of turquoise. However, the turquoise is hard and takes an excellent polish. If you stop into a tourist trap along a New Mexican freeway, it is likely to be full of pieces using this stabilized Chinese turquoise. Natural Nevada Broken Arrow Variscite. All Rights Reserved. The mine is now under thousands of tons of rock. The mine is actually a series of deposits in the hills 10 miles south of Santa Fe, NM. The United States is a primary source of quality natural turquoise. Consequently, this mine originates from I.P. 5 Your email address will not be published. Required fields are marked *. the Sonoran Blue Jay, Sonoran Mountain, The Sierra Bella, and others. The Damele mine is outside of Austin, Nevada. Kingman Turquoise unearthed. Entice customers to sign up for your mailing list with discounts or exclusive offers. Unfortunately, due to Covid and other factors, we are unable to take walk in customers at this time. Royston Turquoise is recognized for its dominantly green to lighter blue color range. Ten miles south of Santa Fe, it is the site of the largest prehistoric mining activity on the continent because the huge turquoise deposit is viewable at the surface. Acquired by Lynn Otteson in 1958, it is now small operation open pit mine operated by the Otteson Family. As a result, this was due to its rich color and its hardness. As a result, this material is one of the top turquoise mines in the United States. earth and containing all the power, strength, and beauty found therein. Very similar to the wonderful Tyrone Turquoise. The matrix ranges from dark brown to a light golden color. outside of Cananea, Sonora, Mexico. Lone Mountain Turquoise is renowned for its ability to keep the same blue color intact, even after decades of wear and use. Due to the short amount of time it's allowed to be mined each year, the supply of Carico Lake Turquoise is extremely limited. Navajo artist Aaron Anderson counts this turquoise as one of his favorite to use. range in shades of light or medium blue to a vibrant blue-green. Sea Blue / Green Hachita Turquoise Rough; Good Hard-Rock Vein; Aztec Mine. The Kingman turquoise mine has a long and productive history. When the Toltec It is located in New Mexico. Color such as the piece to the left - a cabochon of gorgeous Stabilized turquoise is turquoise that has been copper, iron, nickel, and other minerals. Intensive copper mining in the area throughout the 20th century uncovered large amounts of turquoise deposits. Alltribes is one of the rare jewelry stores that has a workshop employing Native American artists creating extraordinary pieces of jewelry on site. All three of our limited editions"#8 Mine", "Spider Web Opal" and "Sunset Canyon" are simply the finest handcrafted native jewelry made. Today, many mines throughout the world remain active and produce highly prized stones of impeccable beauty and composition. Nacozari Turquoise Mine in Mexico The Nacozari mine is closed for good according to Mexican officials. The Morenci turquoise mine is located in Greenlee County, Arizona. The Royston mine produces turquoise ranging in color from dark green to deep sky blue. Experience, opinions and disagreements about turquoise are part of the history and beauty that tie each generation together. Miners then use powered hammers to remove turquoise-bearing stone from the Nevada earth. Pilot Mountain turquoise is found in thin seams and produces few large nuggets. As part of our continuing effort to inform and inspire, we offer a vast array of in-depth knowledge for those who want to learn more about Native Americans and the Southwest. See products Turquoise District The old Evan's mine District have always been considered a southwest Turquoise mine. Matrix colors float around medium to dark brown. Alltribes Indian Art is one of the last Native American operated, full-time jewelry shops, left outside of the Gallup, New Mexico area. Located in Southeastern New Mexico in Hidalgo County, N.M. SAN SIMON MINING DISTRICT. Calcite is also abundant in this mine. Droped off on a fri afternoon and ups delivered tues. Good all round experience. They include the Azure, Cameo, Galilee, and Aztec claims. Enchantment Turquoise is one of the harder New Mexico Turquoise mines to get turquoise from. } Most importantly, Royston Turquoise originally consisted of four old Turquoise claims located within the Royston mining district. setTimeout( The district is known for its interesting historical ruins dating from prehistoric times to the early 1900's. The Mount Chalchihuitl turquoise area is a few miles north of Cerrillos; Turquoise Hill is 5 miles further north near the highway . I didn't expect much from the watch itself, but I knew the band would have lasting beauty. The finished products from the rough are gorgeous. Candelaria Turquoise veins in grey host rock. The color of Easter Blue turquoise is unique among turquoise found in the Royston Mining District. The turquoise is a very light blue/green, almost off-white. A Canadian gold mining company has acquired the mine and does not want any production of Turquoise to come from the mine. if (BCData.product_attributes && !BCData.product_attributes.base && "sku" !== 'id') { As mining progressed, it became clear that the ancient Natives had dug out many extensive tunnels in their search for Turquoise. It has a close resemblance to the old high grade blue Persian Turquoise. It's hard to keep one running working with horses all day. Silver Sun specializes in natural American collectable turquoise. The mine currently produces some very high grade material, but limited in quantities. Sleeping Beauty Turquoise From Globe, Az. Today it is valued for both its beauty and rarity. The Cerrillos mining district lies north of the town of Los Cerrillos. Since the stone was first discovered, it has been revered by civilizations some of which built entire industries on the back of turquoise stones. The area around Dry Creek has none of these, so the turquoise was forged as a beautiful cream color.Dry Creek Turquoise Mine The turquoise is a very light blue/green, almost off-white. jewelry crafting, its important to understand the differences in the The earliest Turquoise Mine being in what is now known as Cerrillos, NM. Necozari and Cannanea mines had a major impact on the jewelry market in the late 1990's and early 2000'. | Mine List The fingerprint consists of the variation of color, the transition of color, the color and contents of the host rock matrix and interacting pattern between the formed turquoise and host rock matrix. Teotihuacan mask that dates back as far as 300 A.D. has been Thank you for taking the time to share your passion about turquoise. These mines include: Easter Blue, Bunker Hill, Royal Blue, and Oscar Wehrend. sku: "", The Carico Lake Turquoise Mine is a historic mine named for its home on a dried up lake bed located in Lander County, Nevada. It is usually common to find the more established artists using Royston turquoise, as it can be more expensive than turquoise from other active mines. White Water Turquoise is highly coveted for its beautiful water web matrix with natural inclusions of silver colored Iron Pyrite. Sleeping Beauty Turquoise and is not dyed. In addition to Native American jewelry, Alltribes upholds the ancient traditions of Native Americans by offering more than remarkable jewelry. It was first mined in the late 1950s and production ends in 1980. These stones are usually easy to identify and classify as being Bisbee. A trained eye can identify the origin of a stone by looking at the unique turquoise fingerprint. many varieties of turquoise available, so that you can ensure youre These differences in The Apache Blue turquoise mine is a small claim located near the town of Tonopah, Nevada. It was a mine in Sonora, Mexico. This stone makes wonderful Turquoise Jewelry. Morenci has an unusual matrix of irregular black pyrite that, when polished, often looks like silver. It is also one of the oldest on record and archeologists have discovered ancient mining sites used by the Navajo and other Southwestern tribes. Variscite is a hydrated, Most interestingly, at times, materials which may be, Variscite from Nevada typically contains black spiderwebbing in the matrix and is often confused with green turquoise. Theturquoiseobtained from this hard work traded among early peoples from Mexico to the Midwest and from the east to west coasts. These two sources produce beautifully colored gems.The White Water Turquoise features beautiful water web and Iron Pyrite matrix. There are five other abandon claims in this area. Tyrone turquoise is part of the mineral band that starts east of Silver City and curves around through Arizona and the Morenci turquoise mine area into Mexico. fetch(endpoint).then(function(res) { }; Most turquoise found in southwestern Nevada is a shade of green. Tonys regular practice is to cover his working areas with 20 tons of dirt, as to discourage thieves from stealing material from his claim when he wasnt there to guard it. It lies close to the Candelaria mine, and both are owned by the Otteson family. been mined since ancient times. For example, a Sitemap | There may still be undescovered New Mexico Turquoise Mines in the Hachita Mountains. Next Weeks Blog: Who is a turquoise expert? We hope you enjoy your Crystal Bisbee , Sonoran Gold TurquoiseOne of the hottest new Turquoise varieties on the market , Turquoise Cabochons|Gemstone Cabs|Friday Cabochon , Copyright 2023 Durango Silver Company. Sometimes the stone has a greenish tint. Lots of possibilities for Turquoise jewelry. This turquoise fingerprint is affected by many factors. Archaeological evidence has shown that turquoise mining has been present there for over 1,400 years, dating back to the ancient Hohokam culture. Campitos turquoise stands out from other Compare the best turquoise from one mine next to the best turquoise from another mine. While most of our silversmiths are Navajo, we employ artists from a wide variety of backgrounds. 75 Carats. BigCommerce Premium Themes by PSDCenter, Congratulations on your Crystal Bisbee Turquoise, Chevron and Spiny Oyster Shell Bead Cross Necklace, Number 8 Spiderweb Turquoise Necklace Set, Nacozari Turquoise Mine in Mexico Closed for Good. The mine is actually a copper producing mine. The color of Cerrillos turquoise runs the entire range of the turquoise spectrum. The mine produced the first high-grade turquoise in North America, and the age of Cerrillos turquoise makes it extremely valuable! return false; Compare the history and provenance of each turquoise mine. Some work from home, on the reservation, and some work here in our shop. Lone Mountain turquoise, even those stones mined during the early 20th century, still shine a brilliant blue. treated in a way that increases its durability and protects its color. C. Compare the production of a mine to the influence it has on the overall turquoise market. Most of the robins egg blue turquoise you see today is Sleeping Beauty turquoise. Most noteworthy, many vintage pieces, such as the rainbow man, have this variety of turquoise. the coloring? Cerrillos turquoise holds a special place in the history of Native American jewelry, and turquoise mining lore. Mining locations can be mostly found in the Southwestern states of Nevada, Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico and California. Example Pictures are not necessarily the highest of grade, rather a good example of a common look from a particular mine. In addition, the Damele mine produces lime green Turquoise, Faustite, and Variscite. This is a thankless endeavor but important for the discussions and conclusions about turquoises rarity and values. Our dazzling, Sleeping Beauty Turquoise comes from a nearby mine in Globe, AZ. The skilled artisans at Alltribes continue the age-old tradition and create captivating works of art that will surpass your expectations! The turquoise found at Morenci eventually became worth more than the copper. All Rights Reserved. turquoise tends to have a clear light to medium blue color, deeply Hachita, New Mexico. So excited to keep our business local! The color of Apache Blue Turquoise is a deep, dark blue. Demele is usually a variscite, which people confuse with turquoise. The variety extracted from this mine is usually of bright and intense color, often considered the "darker twin" of the most famous Sleeping Beauty. Turquoise (Mexico) Baja Turquoise Nacozari Turquoise Sonoran Blue Turquoise Campitos Turquoise Sonoran Green Turquoise If youre looking for a very blue turquoise at a good value that has Style: #8 Mine Spiderweb. Turquoise has been a prized gem in Mexico for a very long Turquoise mines have been in operation across the world for thousands of years. Not far from the Chalchihuitl turquoise mine in the Cerrillos are the remains of a small, 5-structure mining camp that has been tentatively dated 900 to 1140. It is the only turquoise that formed at the base of a volcano. In conclusion, Bisbee Turquoise Jewelry is some of the most desired jewelry on the market. I hope that we all continue to learn more about turquoise together, Talkin Turquoise has a rich blue color overlaid by a dark brown or black pattern of FREE shipping. Especially relevant, the Tiffany Company in New York and its associates bought up the mine area and extracted $2,000,000 worth of turquoise between 1892 and 1899. The owner did what he said he would do, made the custom ring and Better than I thought it would be, yes will order more. silvergemspalace. The unique color is due to the absence of metals in the ground where the turquoise was formed. In the rugged boot hills of southern New Mexico, this very rough and beautiful place full of endless hills of Century plants, lies the now defunct High Lonesome Turquoise Mine. name: "", Wonderful people with whom to do business. Candelaria Turquoise Mine The matrix is usually a dark brown but can get lighter into the yellow or golden range. The Cripple Creek mine in Teller County, Colorado is the site for a number of small gold mining claims. The Campitos mine has been in The Kingman site is next to a large copper mine, which is commonly found alongside turquoise. However, early mining in the claim was unorganized, haphazard and led to unsafe conditions, including unstable tunnels. This is one of the only New Mexico Turquoise Mines we have heard you can rock hound in. The Tiffany Company in New York and its associates bought up the mine area and extracted $2,000,000 worth of turquoise between 1892 and 1899. Tyrone Turquoise is from the Tyrone mine was associated with the copper mine operations southwest of Silver City, New Mexico. The Kingman turquoise mine is located in northwestern Arizona. if (typeof subscribeOnBodlEvents === 'function') { The Morenci copper mine is the largest in the United States and still produces more than 750,000,000 pounds of copper per year. Ithaca Peak Turquoise w/ black and silver pyrite matrix. to try and market the highend turquoise more than the stabilized material.'POST', ''); Shocking but True, I dont Like Turquoise BUT I love everything else about it, Turquoise Trade In The Western Hemisphere, A Color Can Be Bottled But Never Contained. Bringing to our clients the marvel of . The matrix ranges from a black to a reddish brown, with moderate spiderwebbing. Very similar to the wonderful Tyrone Turquoise. Ithaca Peak turquoise comes from the Cerbat Mountains in Mohave County. The Kingman Turquoise Mine is another well-known Arizona mine. Within the umbrella of the Kingman name are actually three separate claims: Mineral Park, Ithaca Peak, and Aztec Mountain. }) Thank you for educating us about this beautiful gemstone..MY personal favorite..!! The mine also produces other shades of blue. In fact, the Cerrillos New Mexico Turquoise mines produce seventy-five colors, from tan to khaki-green to rich, blue-green to bright and light colors. Damele comes from the Benny Demele Mine in Central Nevada. vibrancy, clarity, Campitos turquoise from Campitos Mountain in Sonora, } Here at Turquoise District we are working the Mountains of the Old Evan's District. Follow the links to learn more about the unique qualities of each turquoise mine and vi Bisbee turquoise is definitely one of the more sought after and highly collectible turquoise stones available today. The Number 8 mine turquoise is rare and highly collectible. As a result, it is very difficult to obtain now because the mine is depleted. Originally nicknamed 'Zuni Nuggets', this turquoise is naturally hard & high-grade. They dug other vertical shafts into the ground to reach veins of turquoise. Damele comes from the Benny Demele Mine in Central Nevada. While many retailers frequently claim to be leaders in Native American jewelry and Southwest jewelry, no name is more respected throughout the industry than Alltribes. What is for sale on the market might not be as good as what someone has in their collection. Miners from the San Marcos Pueblo, who later moved toSanto DomingoPueblo south of Santa Fe, most heavily worked the mine. Will look great with collection. Easter Blue Turquoise Mine Blue turquoise, such as Kingman and Sleeping Beauty, is commonly found near deposits of copper. And should your beloved jewelry ever need to be repaired, we help with that, too. gained even greater prominence. This is strictly enforced. With masterful techniques, our artisans incorporate this semi-precious stone into beautiful and intricate designs, drawing customers from around the world. Real Turquoise 1990 2022 Schannep Ventures L.L.C.ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. There is no current mining activity at this turquoise mine. The Pueblo peoples continued to extractturquoisefrom the Cerrillos mine until the 1870's when a silver mining boom raised interest in the area. })(120000); const endpoint = "/remote/v1/product-attributes/"; The Sleeping Beauty turquoise mine is located just outside the town of Globe, in southern Arizona. Consequently, the appearance of the different varieties of turquoise can mimic many other known turquoise deposits around the world. Nevada is the state with the highest output of turquoise, with a record of over 100 mines that have produced turquoise in the last century. The stone comes out of the mine and is only cut and polished. The matrix colors are usually a deep brown and black, with partial spiderwebbing. Mexico does not have turquoise mines as such. 33X22MM Natural Turquoise mines from America . The Royston Turquoise Mine produces a good quantity of high-quality turquoise stones. In modern times the mine ownership changed hands throughout the 19th century, but it has been owned by the Colbaugh family since the early 20th century. Campitos is unique in several ways. Mexican turquoise pairs beautifully with silver making it a popular choice for rings, necklace pendants. It is medium brilliant blue in its high grade form. The uniformity of Sleeping Beauty turquoise has one more effect: it is easy to make Sleeping Beauty block (plastic) turquoise. } We stock everything from the mottled green shades of Campitos turquoise to sunny sky or pale baby blue Baja stones. Our Hometown Is Golden. Believe it or not, turquoise from this mine has been identified in over 30 different colors! Mined intensely in prehistoric times, settlers first came to the area when stories told by Indians mentioned turquoise deposits found in the hills of the Little Hatchet Mountains. Apache Blue turquoise is a distinctive stone for many contemporary artists. Many of the turquoise tunnels found were so ancient and carefully refilled by the Indians that they were only found by later mining. Much of the Mexican Turquoise comes in a gorgeous Sky Blue A few of the lighter green turquoise from the Royston mine, that display little matrix, can sometimes approach the look of Cheyenne turquoise. Variscite from Nevada typically contains black spiderwebbing in the matrix and is often confused with green turquoise. Most interesting, mining first commences in the early 1900s. Prospectors began working deposits around 1880s and not only found the turquoise, but silver, copper, and gold as well. A majority of the Mexican Turquoise on the market today comes from the Necozari and the Cannanea mines. }); Have an idea for something new? Lone Mountain turquoise ranks higher than most other turquoise on the hardness scale, which may explain one of the unique qualities of these stones. | FAQ | Links Everyone was super friendly and attentive. The Lone Mountain Turquoise mine is located a short distance outside of Tonopah, Nevada. Calcite is also abundant in this mine. In addition, Carico Lake turquoise comes in a dark blue-green color with a black or brown, spider web matrix. Sleeping Beauty turquoise is uniform in color compared to the range that most mines produce. This mine is no longer in production. Hats off to Richard and company!!! It is the first new mine discovered in New Mexico since the days of Coronado in the 1500's. One of the most stunning pieces A wonderful New Mexico turquoise mine. var notice = document.getElementById("cptch_time_limit_notice_46"); Many stones display a combination of its darker and lighter green colors in a layered pattern. Using only stone axes, mauls, antler picks, and chisels, Pueblo miners removed 100,000 tons of solid rock to create a pit mine 200 feet deep. There are several turquoise deposits throughout Mexico, some of which have been mined since ancient times. Cameo Turquoise from Sonora Mexico. Visa Debit This turquoise is used by talented artists who create magnificent and top-quality pieces. page, Created by Durango In addition, weve try to include both turquoise in finished jewelry and examples of the same turquoise in rough form. Turquoise has been used as an iconic gemstone in Chinese jewelry for centuries. Bisbee Turquoise if ( notice )

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