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18. Answer: Nick Carter, Howie Dorough, AJ McLean, Brian Littrell and Kevin Richardson. We've got this super tough Billie Eilish quiz, Julie and the Phantoms quiz and the ultimate indie music quiz! Start this quiz to find your result. 19. On a side note, you can now also vote for your three favourite pieces of all time in this year'sClassic FM Hall of Fame. Share these music trivia questions with your music-loving pals as well. Eminem & 50 Cent debuted in the ARIA Top 50 at number 15 on July 28th 2019 and spent two weeks in the Top 50 (Last week of entry: August 4th 2019). Link to me! Many artists and songs have come and gone throughout the years, helping to define our culture and give character to the many decades that weve lived through. The developers have placed good security algorithms that only allow them temporary access to your Spotify or Apple Music account. Your feedback is helpful! 11. 6. Who held the number one spot in the UK charts for 16 weeks with (Everything I Do) Id Do It For You? Which rock icon had a reality TV show on MTV from 2002 to 2005? The Music Taste test was created based on these experiments and research by UK scientists led by Adrian North, a psychology professor. Miley Cyrus is the daughter of country singer Billy Ray Cyrus? Find out your favorite genres and moods, and get music recommendations that will help you discover new music. Answer: douard-Lon Scott de Martinville. Have a look around and see what we're about. 20. 9. 8. heavy metal. 9. Who are the founding members of the group Backstreet Boys? Whenever I'm in a good mood, which I usually am. The music taste test contains 15 questions. "Remember The Name" from Ed Sheeran feat. I am way too good to you, are lyrics from a hit song by which hip hop superstar? Im there, I get paid a fee? 19. Which Netflix dating reality TV show features people falling in love without actually seeing one another at first? From In The Heights to Hamilton, if there isnt a story then you aint listening! What kind of music do you want to play? Which high school subject did Walter White teach in Breaking Bad? When Mannequin Challenge was trending back in 2016, which song accompanied it? What is the name of Jay-Zs record label? What rock star moonlights as a horror movie writer and director? Developed by experts, this fun little music personality test is created to help you discover what your taste in music reveals about you. . Which rapper holds the world record for the most words per minute? What was the theme song for the 1982 film, Rocky III? 25. Play fun music, film, TV and entertainment quizzes, personality quizzes and other games on Smooth Radio. Wonder Woman (and I dont care if shes not Marvel). 4 A Word From Verywell 8. True or False. classic hits. What is the first song by Elvis Presley to become his first U.S. What year did The Simple Life, starring Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie, premiere? 900 Takers Personality Quiz tell me your skz bias and i'll tell you what i think about you Take later 504 Takers Personality Quiz What Type of ENBY are you Take later 1.2K Takers Personality Quiz which one of my addictions are you? I'm good with technology but not much beyond that. 14. New merch available now. You might also like: Sports Quiz Questions. For you, that's a good sign. 27. 35. 16. 31. 30. Brothers Barry, Robin, and Maurice Gibb formed which pop group in the late 1950s? It can tell us when you're going to fall in love, how cool you are, or how basic you are. 9. 35. Take the quiz below and find out once and for all. 35. 8. Which member of the Electric Light Orchestra left to form Wizzard in July 1972? 6. What was the biggest selling single of the 80s in the UK? Music can evoke different emotions, and when choosing a particular song or album, we are often guided by mood. Today, music is one of the most powerful forces in modern culture, with resources providing us with first-hand access to new song releases and albums that previous generations could only dream of. Which South African female rapper received global exposure with her song featuring John Cena? 22. 17. Find Out With This Quiz. What musical key are the most popular songs written in? Which boy band featured twins Matt and Luke Goss? 27. Pick the former child actors shown in music videos as a solo artist or as part of a group. Where were Biggie Smalls (Notorious B.I.G.) Name the 2005 fuel-based song by Daddy Yankee? You have a massive collection of all different kinds of music, and you are likely to enjoy a wide variety, even if it doesn't seem like you would initially. Part II of the song Another brick in the wall Pink Floyd is about which subject? After officials revealed over the weekend that a . 14. Image: TVT / Discogs Peter Gunn Laverne & Shirley The Brady Bunch 18. Close your eyes and Ill kiss you, tomorrow Ill miss you.. 4. Which band started their career as a fictional group on a sitcom? A list of 45 interesting Music Taste questions! Grade schoolers generally prefer pop and rock music. Hybrid Theory was the hit debut album for which rock band? Also if you don't know the songs, they're all nice and there's no time limit so take a listen if you want. Ur listening to anaconda full screen and dancing in ur chair with headphones full blast then ur parent of choice comes in cuz I dont wanna offend u in case 1 of them is dead or somat - u didnt hear them come in cuz u were jammin, they remove ur headphones and look at u, what is ur . What film was the Kenny Loggins song Danger Zone the theme song for? 32. Who won a Grammy for best reggae album in 1995? 16. Anything I could get my hands on and a bicycle. Statistical controls. What the name of the white rapper who had a one-hit-wonder in the 1990s called Informer? You dont like to be put in a box and a you feel the same way about your music. Which DJ-Musician is known for the most romantic lines at the start of every song he is featured in? What is the real name of B-Real, from the rap Super Group Cypress Hill? We have over 2000 music quizzes to test your knowledge about lyrics, artists, and chart-topping hits. If you want an even more specific selection, there are sliders on the right-hand side and you can pick whether you want a more chill song, a slower song, or a more danceable one. Do You Have Good Taste In Music? Then, music icon Madonna dropped the plan via a racy, celebrity-filled "announcement" the 64-year-old is embarking on a greatest hits tour. 2. 46 minutes ago. 2. Ghost Kid. Log in with Spotify to find out how compatible your music taste is with your friends. What is the name of the lead singer of the English rock band The Who? Test the limit. If you like, you like it! 26. How did you start your morning? Answer: James Honeyman-Scott of The Pretenders. Mick Jagger and David Bowie had a hit with which song? Whenever I need some excitement or have had a bad day. 29. 3. 9. It was written by guitarist Pete Townshend. Peter Noone was the lead singer of which band? * If you think this isnt correct then you probably havent seen Hamilton! Posts: 5. What US festival hosted over 350,000 music fans in 1969? The study found that jazz and classical music lovers enjoyed high levels of self-esteem and creativity. Questions and Answers. Music quizzes are usually entertaining, therefore I thought it was only fair to present you with some music quiz questions. 13. 1. The music round is a typical pub quiz fixture, and there are few hotter eras than the rock and roll era of the 1970s. 10. Ill choose my own name thanks. 13. Answer: The Who's second rock opera, Quadrophenia, was released in 1973. Take a Random Music Quiz All Untaken Page Next >> Played: 503,878 Rating: 4.88 featured Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Lyrics No matter how old I get, I'll always remember the lyrics! In which year did the Spice Girls release Wannabe? What is the name of the song that Funk-rock band Wild Cherry is best known for? 35. Who is the main character in the Lord of the Rings books? if you were explaining your taste in music you would say: rock. You love acts like Lil Nas X and you consider yourself something of an expert when it comes to rap lyrics! 26. Very short songs and very long songs each have good qualities, but I don't like ones of medium length too much. What was the name of David Bowies flamboyant alter ego? Which TV series had the theme tune Ill Be There For You by The Rembrandts? What was the original name of the popular Punk-rock band Green Day? 10. 21. 27. Your taste in music is kind of basic but not all the way there. What was the hit debut single by Alicia Keys in 2001? 32. Going crazy with the crowd and screaming so loudly that we can't hear the performer. 12. The lyrics are the main thing. Before he was the frontman for Foo Fighters, Dave Grohl was the dummer for which band? As you already know, you can very easily match your personality traits with your music taste. Quiz. 17. Eurovision sensation ABBA came from which country? 25. 7. 3. What was the UKs best-selling album of the 2000s? What pop star wrote songs for Ariana Grande, Miley Cyrus, Britney Spears and Alice Cooper? Which pop singer do you think is most talented? 3. 7. 12. 5) How well the band comes together as a whole. 8. Early Breakfast with Lucy Coward 12. Norman Cook is better known by his DJ stage name of what? 7. Bjrn Again is a tribute band for which world-famous pop group? Which holiday hit in 1994 was written by Mariah Carey in 15 minutes? To the researchers' surprise, it turned out that fans of specific music genres circled almost identical answers in the personality test. Which musician has had the most number-one hits in The Billboard ranking? 12. What color represents the bad guys in Yellow Submarine? 23. Losing My Religion was a huge hit for which band? 5m. 2. Who did a duet with Ed Sheeran on his hit song, Perfect Duet? Respect to you, it's pretty catchy! One study further suggests other key psychological functions: Improving performance Stimulating curiosity and imagination Amplifying certain moods or emotions The study indicated that gender, age, social class, and cultural background also play important roles in musical taste. The experiment itself was not one of the complicated ones. 20. Who takes the Yellow Submarine to Liverpool to find relief for the people? Which Beatles song did Frank Sinatra call the greatest love song written? What year was Britney Spears album Oops! I Did It Again released? 4. Which Senagalese-American singer has been credited with over 300 appearances on songs? S#x on Fire and Use Somebody were multi-platinum hits for which American band? Which American rapper originally went by the name Lesane Parish Crooks? US residents can opt out of "sales" of personal data. Errol Brown was the lead singer of which band? Which Korean Artists Video became the first to reach one billion views on youtube? , 491 Best Music Quiz Questions with Answers to Test Your Knowledge, 285 Trivia Questions for Kids (with Answers). Three feet high and rising was the debut album of which band? 25. Madness had 15 top ten hits in the 80s but only one of them reached number one what was it called? Which Miley Cyrus song mentions Jay-Z and Britney Spears? 23. What was the name of The Polices first single, released in 1977? Q. Take this epic quiz and get your answer to the question, 'what is my music taste'. 1. What is the name of the band who released the #1 Selling Album Ever in the USA? What sort of music do you like? Spotify users are now able to compare their music tastes to their friends with a new online app called 21. 29. Answer these questions to find out! 20. . 13. 12. What is the name of the Rapper who does a featured guest appearance in Justin Bieber's "Baby"? In which video did Michael Jackson first perform his famous moonwalk in 1983? Which American producer due features Pharrell Williams and Chad Hugo? I will give you questions and determine how good your taste in music is, in my opinion. Pop music, which is short for popular music, is distinguished by melodies and lyrics that are easily understood by a wide spectrum of listeners. 24. Who would yell Cabs are here! when it was time for the group to go out on Jersey Shore? Answer: All I Want for Christmas is You. 35. Answer: Do They Know Its Christmas? All of your suggestions are RUBBISH! June 2018 reading time: < 1 MIN. 5. 16. 23. What was the last song the Beatles recorded together? What is the name of the soul band of which Chaka Khan was the lead singer before she went solo in 1983? Lately, Ive been, Ive been losing sleep, Dreaming about the things that we could be. If you want to check your knowledge of pop music and require pop music quiz questions you are in luck. Your taste in music is bad (or good). What was the name of the Coolio hit from soundtrack to the film Dangerous Minds? Have fun while playing it and share with friends too. 232 The Office Trivia Questions to Test Super 313 Best Star Wars Trivia Questions with Answers 241 Multiple Choice Trivia Questions and Answers to 310 Best Marvel Trivia Questions and Answers for 294 Best Disney Trivia Questions for True Die-hard 314 Best NBA Trivia Questions to Test True 264 Truth or Dare Questions for Couples (Clean and Dirty), 209 Truth or Dare Questions for Girls (Ultimate List), 204 Questions to Ask a Guy You Like (Flirty, Funny & More), 255 Questions to Ask a Girl You Like (Funny, Flirty & More). Which of the following bands didnt have a hit in the 80s? Weve set up these music pub quiz questions so you can test your knowledge about all types of music including chart-toppers and indie hits. The Swedish House Mafia is a band from Sweden: True or False? 23. Music can uplift, inspire, and motivate, but what we listen to gives away our personalities! 14. 31. What year did Star Wars: Galaxys Edge open at Disneyland Resort in California? 9. 2. The Music Taste test was created based on these experiments and research by UK scientists led by Adrian North, a psychology professor. Silver Lady singer David Soul also starred in which iconic action TV series? 6) Dream Theater. 13. By Mike Solomon and Matt Miller. It is thought that peoples taste in music can be divided or stratified along different cultural levels and that these form the components or building blocks in an individuals expression of their taste in music. Which musicians have had successful careers in the movie industry? 12. Questions about Music Taste related topics. Knapp 90 Euro im Jahr mssen Amazon-Kunden in Deutschland mittlerweile fr das Prime-Abo bezahlen. My favorite songs don't have lyrics or they're what some would consider cliche. You're into Latvian folk music! 10. , Culture is defined through music. How old was George Michael when he wrote the song Careless Whisper? We will answer it with decibel precision. 34. 1 Which artist invented the music production technique called The Wall of Sound in the 1960s? Sir Rod Stewart formed a band in 1970, releasing its debut album that same year what was it called? Reporting on what you care about. What was the best selling film soundtrack of the 1970s in the UK? Its Now or Never was the first number one of which singer in the 1960s? What is your taste in music?.Do you enjoy a good pop song,a nice tune or are you more of rock guy or metalhead.Would you prefer a sick rhyme or are you more of a folk,country or blues type of person. 23. Let's get started! 80s Music Quiz Question: "Super Freak" Answer: "Super Freak" was released in 1981 as part of Rick James's Street Songs album. There is no denying that our musical taste carries certain stereotypes. Its the most organised room in the house. Answer: Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo & Thomas Bangalter. Das neue und abgespeckte Abo heit Amazon Prime Lite. 29. This Music Taste Test is free of charge and allows you to obtain your presumed social status based on your taste in music, as plotted according to research from Duke University. You, like most others, certainly have a favorite song and an artist or band. This is what makes this quiz quite knowledgeable. What Type Are You? 3. 15. 19. They either listen to a specific genre or some selected songs. For more, see Childress, Clayton, Shyon Baumann, Craig M. Rawlings, and Jean-Franois Nault. Which group recorded the hit single Karma Chameleon in 1984? 35. In which Mama and Papas song are: all the leaves are brown and the sky is grey? 11. Lin-Manuel Miranda is your hero and contemporary musicals are your passion. Ace Frehley is a member of which iconic rock band? You probably know every single band (and can even spot the fakes we slipped into that list). What was the best-selling single of the 1970s in the UK? 22. The live album Beauty and the Beat featured pianist George Shearring and which singer? Answer: Will Smith, Rihanna, Justin Timberlake, Jennifer Lopez. Pop music is one of the most popular types of modern music. Free. 16. ARCA is a feeder series that has led many drivers into the top ranks of NASCAR . 4. Simple, Compound and Complex Sentences Quiz, Which Anime Character Are You Most Like? 8. 11. Jazz fans tend to be sociable, while classical music listeners are more introverted. You can't get enough of Blackpink, Red Velvet and BTS, and you consider yourself the number one K-Pop fan! 34. Who wrote the Austen Powers theme-song, also known as Soul Bossa Nova? I'd rather enjoy what others have created. 17. You're into pop! Ringo Starr was not the original drummer for the Beatles but who was? What year did season one of RuPauls Drag Race premiere? Cardi B first rose to fame in 2015 when she appeared on what TV show? Let's put your oldies music knowledge to the test. What rock icon was the founder of The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Long-haired Men? sundancekd. So, the next time you have a House Party, you should have some pretty interesting 70s music quiz with answers on hand. 20. Getting lost in the sound with thousands of others. The White House sought Tuesday to deflect criticism over its handling of discoveries of classified documents at sites tied to President Joe Biden. 29. 17. It could do with a tidy but I know where everything is, ot check out our other music quizzes? It can tell us when you're going to fall in love, how cool you are, or how basic you are. How creative do you consider yourself to be? Which Beatle drags a relative along for the ride in Magical Mystery Tour? Do you want to be in our awesome band? Which of the Cardi B song has these lyrics, You in the club just to party. Add some good vocals and you've got a perfect song. The song I Love Rock n Roll by Joan Jett and the Blackhearts is a cover. 24. 6. Whenever I want to escape the pressures of my daily life. How many instruments could the late Prince (Artist formerly known as Prince)? my ipod. Which reality show features the following people: Kris, Kim, Kourtney, Khloe, Kendall, and Kylie? That instrument that mesmerized me so much in my favorite song. Classical Music Lovers of Mozart and Beethoven are much more at ease with themselves and the world around them. 2. 11. Who gets shrunken down to size in Help!? 14. Who were the Glastonbury Festival headliners in 2019? First, her Instagram was wiped, ready for some big news. 1. What film did The Clashs Joe Strummer direct starring some of his bandmates? 21. Who was the very first American Idol winner? Which American pop star had back to back 2015 chart success with singles Sorry and Love Yourself? Quiz topic: Which music genre best describes my music taste? The only concerts I go to usually don't have a vocalist. 23. 4. Who is the first (and, so far, only) Disney princess with a tattoo? Played: 226,480 Rating: 4.21 featured Who Did that Pop Song #1 Music Taste Analyzer tool analyzes your favorite artists to help you discover your music taste.

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