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state of florida pay raise 2022

Ron DeSantis has been a staunch advocate for police officers and has pushed for bonuses for that group. The 15% is the average increase for state-sworn LEOs. But with inflation rising and many state agencies struggling to hire and keep employees, lawmakers have adapted to a new political reality. Florida legislators will convene next week to review and approve Florida's 2022-2023 budget. House Democrats on Thursday were quick to criticize the new budget, saying it did not adequately help Floridians with rising housing costs and noted that the budget is padded with federal funds from the Biden administration. DeSantis on masks, Districts rebelled against DeSantis: Florida school districts rebel against governor's mask order, presenting political test, What DeSantis wanted: Helped by federal aid, Gov. If approved by the Governor, these provisions take effect July 1, 2022, except where otherwise expressly provided. The 5.38 percent salary increase is a big bump and meant to address rising inflation, and the minimum wage of $15 will boost pay for many state workers. In 2020, the average starting salary for a teacher in Florida was $40,000 (26 th in the nation), and with today's funding, it will now be at least $47,000 (9 th in the nation). Would you like to receive our daily news? Ron DeSantis signed the state's budget, which includes 3% across-the-board pay raises for dedicated workers who keep the Sunshine State's infrastructure going in good times and bad. You Asked: When will state employees receive pay raises? Your real name will be displayed next to your photo for comments, blog posts, and more! WFSE members voted overwhelmingly in support of additional increases for targeted job classifications. This 15% pay raise is a permanent, recurring salary increase for all state officers, according to Griffin. Bill proposes annual cost-of-living pay raises for Florida state workers. These bonus checks would have been the second round of federally funded first-responder bonuses received by state police. $11.00 / hour. The budget also includes various state tax suspensions, which the governor and others have said are needed to help combat economic inflation. Southwest Florida was No. (96% voted yes!) The bill, relating tothe General Appropriations Act for Fiscal Year 2022-2023, provides for a total budget of $112.1 billion, including: Other Pay Issues - All in addition to 5.38 percent across-the-board increase, Total: $1.9 billion [$470.8 million State Funds, $1.46 billion State Fiscal Recovery Funds], Total Appropriations: $25.7 billion [$18.7 billion GR; $7 billion TF, excludes tuition], Total Funding - Including Local Revenues: $39.2 billion [$25.7 billion state/federal funds; $13.5 billion local funds][1], Total: $1.7 billion [$610.9 million GR; $1.1 Billion TF], Total Funding: $24.3 billion [$13.5 billion state funds; $10.7 billion local funds], Total: $574.1 million [$565.7 million GR; $8.3 million TF], Total: $301 million [$132.1 million GR; $168.9 million TF], Total: $619.7 million [$328.9 million GR; $253.8 million TF; $37 million tuition/fees], Total: $246.9 million [$59.1 million GR; $187.8 million TF], Total: $2.2 billion [$1.3 billion GR; $241 million TF; $715.6 million tuition/fees], Total: $5.6 billion [$3.0 billion GR; $620.8 million TF; $1.97 billion tuition/fees], Total: $994 billion [$268 million GR, $726 million TF], Total Budget: $48.9 billion [$14.7 billion GR; $34.2 billion TF]; 31,191.26 positions, Total: $38.6 billion [$10.2 billion GR; $28.4 billion TF]; 1,539.5 positions, Total: $2.1 billion [$912.2 million GR; $1.2 billion TF]; 2,698.5 positions, Total: $4.2 billion [$2.5 billion GR; $1.7 billion TF]; 12,231.75 positions, Total: $349.9 million [$208 million GR; $141.9 million TF]; 407 positions, Total: $3.4 billion [$750.6 million GR; $2.7 billion TF]; 12,832 positions, Total: $186 million [$71.5 million GR; $101 million TF]; 1,482.5 positions, Criminal and Civil Justice Appropriations, Total Budget: $6.9 billion [$6 billion GR; $938 million TF]; 45,211.5 positions, Total: $3.8 billion [$3.75 billion GR; $63.9 million TF]; 23,380 positions, Total: $345.7 million [$77.3 million GR; $268.4 million TF]; 1,293.5 positions, Total: $387.6 million [$226.0 million GR; $161.6 million TF]; 1,954 positions, Total: $607.4 million [$457.7 million GR; $149.6 million TF]; 3,247.5 positions, Total: $1.07 billion [$885.1 million GR; $182.9 million TF]; 10,684 positions, Total: $702.8 million [$591.3 million GR; $111.4 million TF]; 4,506.5 positions, Transportation, Tourism, and Economic Development Appropriations, Total Budget: $16.5 billion [$1.0 billion GR; $15.5 billion TF]; 13,126 positions, Total: $1.3 billion [$236.9 million GR; $1.1 billion TF]; 1,510 positions, Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, Total: $529.2 million [$10 million GR; $519.2 million TF]; 4,340 positions, Total: $75.3 million [$31.8 million GR; $43.5 million TF]; 459 positions, Total: $193.7 million [$163.6 million GR; $30.1 million TF]; 444 positions, Total: $12.7 billion [$498.6 million GR; $12.3 billion TF]; 6,175 positions, SmallCounty Road Resurface Assistance Program (SCRAP)-$47.7million($20millionSFRF), Small County Outreach Program (SCOP) - $115.2 million ($30 million SFRF), County TransportationPrograms - $49.6million, Total: $1.6 billion [$63.4 million GR; $1.6 billion TF]; 198 positions, Agriculture, Environment, and General Government Appropriations, Total Budget: $9.3 billion [$2.5 billion GR; $1.6 billion LATF; $5.2 billion Other TF]; 20,385 positions, Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services, Total: $2 billion [$271 million GR; $209.4 million LATF; $1.5 billion TF]; 3,876 positions, Total: $41.8 million [$20.6 million GR; $21.2 million TF]; 28 positions, Total: $4.2 billion [$1.4 billion GR; $1.3 billion LATF; $1.5 billion TF]; 3,088 positions, Department of Business & Professional Regulation, Total: $160.2 million [$1.8 million GR; $158.5 million TF]; 1,545 positions, Total: $477.2 million [$55.4 million GR; $421.8 million TF]; 2,568.5 positions, Total: $481.2 million [$108.6 million GR; $107.6 million LATF; $265 million TF]; 2,149 positions, Total Budget: $1 billion [$421.2 million GR; $623.4 million TF]; 1,025.5 positions, Total Budget: $29.2 million TF; 216 positions, Total: $637.8 million [$230 million GR; $407.8 million TF]; 5,012 positions. TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (AP) Florida Gov. Florida Department of corrections announce hiring bonuses up to the Senate state and! Hochul, a Democrat, said that with the new three-year contract, "they'll receive a well-deserved 19% pay increase here. Andy Beshear vetoed line items in the legislation, though the raise for state employees was not among them. Our stories may be republished online or in print under Creative Commons license CC BY-NC-ND 4.0. Search Search . [1] Local revenues include required and discretionary local effort for the public schools and tuition and fees for workforce, colleges, and universities. Chance of rain 100%.. Kathy Hochul greeting returning nurses at Mount Sinai just before dawn. Florida State The Legislature, following a request from DeSantis, created a one-month gas tax suspension in the budget for October, which will lower the price of gas by about 25 cents a gallon. make about $655 less than the Florida average, which is . Andrew Gothard, president of the United Faculty of Florida told the Florida Phoenix on Friday that pay raise initiatives for state workers in the budget likely wont include college or university faculty. Updated: 10:18 AM EDT August 11, 2022. We ask that you edit only for style or to shorten, provide proper attribution and link to our web site. Despite failing to meet a late Tuesday deadline to finalize a 2022-23 state budget, House and Senate negotiatorsdid manage to approvea 5.38% pay raise for all state employees, along with setting a new, $15-an-hour minimum wage for these workers. Published Mar. The Governor doesnt like to mention this, but Floridas budget includes nearly $40 billion in federal money this year. TALLAHASSEE, Fla. - With Governor Ron DeSantis' approval of the 2022-2023 Freedom First Budget, the Florida Department of Corrections (FDC) receives record pay increases to retain and recruit public servants to continue the agency's crucial public safety . Ron DeSantis ' proposed nearly $100 billion spending plan would provide an average 4% pay increase for state employees and ensure their . The Tampa market, with a 46.6 overall score, ranked No. More on state minimum wage:Florida lawmakers . What were doing in the budget is making sure that were meeting the obligations, making sure were funding key priorities but also, protecting the state against what very well may be a Biden-induced recession, said DeSantis, who is running for reelection and is considered a potential frontrunner for a 2024 GOP presidential bid. During the 2022 Legislative Session, our union lobbied hard for job-class-specific raises to address pay inequities between different job classifications, specifically those requiring work on the frontlines of the pandemic. Gov. The Legislature was expected to end its session on Friday. I applaud the Governors leadership and vision for recognizing that the starting salary of teachers needed to be raised to address this challenge. For the rest of Floridians, affordable housing has been the subject of calls for more money, as the states sizzling housing market has driven rents and home prices through the roof. Kansas Gov. Gov. Florida Gov. over how much the state spends in the 2022-23 fiscal year. Renee Fargason, spokeswoman for the State University System of Florida, said in an email to the Phoenix that law enforcement officers at universities could see a bump in their pay. Copyright, 2022-2023 Salary Increase and Minimum Wage Pay Adjustment for In-Unit & Out-of-Unit Staff, : State University System Free Expression Statement, Florida Board of Governors Statement of Free Expression. 2022, September 6. 1 on the Sunshine State, with an overall competitive score of 27.6. Existing Florida law enforcement officers will also receive a 5% pay raise or have their salary increased to $50,000. Issac Morgan is a 2009 graduate of Florida A&M University's School of Journalism, and a proud native of Tallahassee. However, this year state law enforcement is excluded. We cover state government and politics with a staff of five journalists located at the Florida Press Center in downtown Tallahassee. Dec 01, 2016 at 9:21 am. Lawmakers in the GOP-controlled statehouse approved the budget in March on a largely bipartisan basis after a legislative session dominated by bitter partisan fights over bills involving race, sex, gender and abortion. DeSantis on masks, Florida school districts rebel against governor's mask order, presenting political test, Helped by federal aid, Gov. State attorneys, public defenders and DCA Judges will all receive 10% pay increases, and $59 million is . The General Schedule (GS) payscale is the federal government payscale used to determine the salaries of over 70% of federal civilian employees. Ron DeSantis' budget proposal for next year could inject hundreds of millions of dollars into the North Florida economy and build a new state emergency operations center in Tallahassee. Ron DeSantis has signed a $109.9 billion state budget bill that includes pay raises for state workers and law enforcement, as well as tax suspensions on gas, diapers and school supplies. More details on these changes can be found below. Example video title will go here for this video. The Florida Legislature wrapped up an overtime session by granting final approval to a $112.1 billion budget that includes $50 million for a Sixth District Court of Appeal in Lakeland, the first new district court since 1979. Thunder possible. Gov. The variety of bills touch virtually every aspect of life in the Sunshine State. Rain likely. 10, 2022 | Updated Mar. An hourly rate of pay is provided for Other Personal Services (OPS) employees since they normally do not work a standard pay cycle (biweekly or monthly) and the calculation of an annualized salary would not be accurate. 0. John Kennedy is a reporter in the USA TODAY Networks Florida Capital Bureau. In his recommended appropriations bill for 2022-2023, DeSantis proposed $1,000 checks for "essential first responders" including any individual "who is a first responder, considered an essential frontline worker in responding to the COVID-19 pandemic, and employed by a state or local government who is a sworn law enforcement officer, emergency medical technician, firefighter". Health care-wise, the "Freedom First Budget" provides support for substance use disorder services and direct care providers, but leaves COVID-19 mitigation funding virtually off the table. . The . Chance of rain 100%. Never in my career have I seen such significant support for our officers and staff. Important Notes: DeSantis confirms 2nd year of $1K bonuses for first responders, police officers. Our stories may be republished online or in print under Creative Commons license CC BY-NC-ND 4.0. For those adopting a child from the state's child welfare system, officers could get a $10,000 . Invalid password or account does not exist. After that, the budget has to be sent to Gov. This summary is provided for information only and does not represent the opinion of any Senator, Senate Officer, or Senate Office. Nat Bender on Monday, June 6 2022 - 12:03pm. We won't share it with anyone else. Various sections of the budget proposal have already garnered media attention including suggested pay increases for Florida's teachers and law enforcement officers, and several tax-reducing measures. PHOTO: Frankfort Independent Schools swears in new board members, January Jamboree raises funds for Sunshine Center. DeSantis wants to use $225 million to boost . 2022; Capitol Report March 5, 2022; Facebook. September 30, 2025. Ron DeSantis, a Republican, . Because the new fiscal year doesnt start until July 1, raises on the base salary or wages of each eligible state employee will also become effective on that date. State social workers, family support workers, state troopers, vehicle enforcement officers and public advocacy workers received targeted salary increases. For information on bargaining 2023-25 contracts, check the Bargaining Updates page. Andy . Teacher Salary Increase Allocation. There was a problem saving your notification. 2020. During the 2020 Legislative Session Governor DeSantis and legislative partners successfully championed and secured the historic Teacher Salary Increase Allocation through House Bill (HB) 641 and funded this new allocation with $500 million in line item 92 the General Appropriations Act (HB 5001). The celebration over a historic 5.3% across-the-board pay raise for state employees and a . Senate President Wilton Simpson, R-Trilby, last year successfully pushed to bring state workers up to a minimum $13 hourly wage. Teachers and state employees would generally get an extra 1% salary increase in the budget, on top of the 2.5% they were already scheduled to receive in the coming fiscal year, which begins July 1 . Winds SSE at 10 to 20 mph. The pay bump for state employees is the first since fiscal year 2015. The Florida House and Senate finalized its state budget for 2022-23, including 5.38 percent pay increases for state workers and a minimum wage of $15 an hour for state employees and school support staffers in school districts across the state. This message has been approved by Renisha Gibbs, Associate Vice President for Human Resources and Finance & Administration Chief of Staff, for distribution to all Deans, Directors, and Department Heads. Other state law enforcement agencies are excited about the pay raise, which they are calling historic. And the cost of living continues to rise! This number accounts for the 5.38% raise for all state employees and the increase to a minimum officer pay of $50,000 or a 5% increase, whichever is greatest, he wrote in the email. This will help Florida to recruit and retain great teachers., Governor DeSantis is unquestionably the most pro-teacher governor in the nation. He directed questions on what was funded by the Florida Legislature in conference to lawmakers. Low 46F. 10 an hour as of September 30, 2021, the average salary budget. 2023. I am happy to say that Governor DeSantis, the Legislature, and the Department of Education are making education a priority in Florida, said Kristen Geiger,Teacher, Fleming Island Elementary School. Weekly . $5.2 million for FYs 2021-2022 and 2022-2023; Florida State Guard - $10 million; 6.0 positions; New Counterdrug Program Headquarters Building - $2.2 . This situation is getting even more difficult for teachers across the nation with rising inflation. 2013-14 Broadband Pay Bands [Effective 7-1-13] (36.00 KB) 2013-14 General Pay Increase Instructions for October 1, 2013 (22.99 KB) 2013-14 Instructions for July 1, 2013 Special Pay Adjustment for Law Enforcement Employees (25.28 KB) 2013-14 Lump Sum Bonus - Additional Information (977.11 KB) 2013-14 Lump Sum Bonus Plan Template (54.00 KB) Membership Administrator: Debbie Tully (Extension 411) . A Training and Education Specialist at the Florida School for the Deaf and Blind, Eyvolle Pamphile was sworn onto the AFSCME Florida Executive Board on Saturday, December 11 in Orlando. Data source is the State of Florida People First personnel information system. Last month, President Biden signed an executive order finalizing the average 2.7% pay raise for federal employees, set to begin with the first full pay period of this year. Rob Klepper, Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission communications lead, wrote in an email: "We are grateful for Governor DeSantis historic pay raises and continued support for state employees.". 40. The pay . Under the GS payscale, an employee's base pay depends on two factors - the GS . On top of this, he wrote that $5,000 competitive market pay additives were approved for FHP troopers in four additional counties, which brought the total to over 30 counties eligible for pay additives. The Sentinel reported House officials proposed the raise for state officers and offered the bonus to local officers the Legislature has no control over local law enforcement pay. Accordingly, all employers are required to pay employees at least the new minimum rate of $10 an hour or $6.98 plus tips for tipped employees. It would take a pay increase of about $13,500/year or 45.8% to bring the buying power of the median state employee salary back to its 1987 level. Floridas Republican-led Legislature has historically proved stingy with pay raises to public employees, many years doling out no annual hikes and keeping salaries low. Create a password that only you will remember. Accurate population data is critical nationwide, but the stakes are especially high for a state like Florida. ~ Third year in a row for increases in teacher pay ~. Weve put words into action by replacing Common Core, eliminating the Florida Standards Assessment, and working with our close friends in the Florida Legislature to secure $800 million in state funding to provide teachers a well-deserved pay increase. Copyright 2000- 2023 State of Florida. (For all other contracts, click here.). Email notifications are only sent once a day, and only if there are new matching items. Prison Construction - Two New Facilities: One 250 bed hospital facility - $200 million, Offender Based Information System (OBIS) replacement - $10.2 million, Statewide Prosecutor Workload - $1.8 million and 12 positions, Solicitor General Workload - $1.7 million and 10 positions, Election Crimes Investigations - $1.5 million and 10 positions, Cyberfraud Analysis and Education - $0.5 million and 6 positions, Increase DJJ Provider Pay to Minimum Wage - $5.3 million, Salary Increases for Deputy Sheriffs and County Correctional Officers in Fiscally Constrained Counties - $15.0 million, Appellate Court Operational Increases - $9.7 million and 62 positions, Construction of one 4,500 Bed Prison - $650.0 million, Construction of one 250 Bed Prison Hospital - $200.0 million, Price Level Increase for Correctional Officers in Private Prisons - $33.9 million, Offender Based Information System (OBIS) Replacement - $10.2 million, Information Technology Infrastructure Improvements - $5.1 million, Critical Security Equipment - $3.0 million, Statewide Recruitment Staffing - $1.9 million and 12 positions, Critical Legal Positions - $1.2 million and 13 positions, Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA) Program Compliance - $1.2 million and 11 positions, Pensacola Regional Operations Center Facility - $6.3 million, Sexual Assault Kit Tracking System - $0.9 million and 2 positions, Increase Federal Grants Trust Fund Authority - COPS Anti-Methamphetamine Program (CAMP) Grant - $0.8 million, Criminal Justice Data Technical Assistance Grant - $5.0 million, Biometric Identification Solution (BIS) Modernization - $3.5 million, Criminal Justice Data Transparency - $3.0 million, Statewide Behavioral Threat Assessment Management Strategy - $1.3 million and 3 positions, Increase Provider Pay to Minimum Wage - $5.3 million, Expansion of Vocational and Educational Services - $3.7 million, Continuation and Expansion of Prevention and Early Intervention Programs - $1.6 million, Electronic Monitoring Enhancements - $1.0 million, Establishment of an Electronic Health Record - $0.7 million and 3 positions, Child Representation Pilot Program - $2.4 million and 3 positions, Staffing Support for the Justice Administrative Commission - $0.5 million and 4 positions, Clerks of Court Pandemic Recovery Plan - $6.3 million, Guardian ad Litem Trust Fund Authority - $4.4 million and 67.5 positions, State Attorney and Public Defender Motor Vehicle Replacement - $2.5 million, Appellate Case Management Solution - $4.5 million, Maintain Early Childhood Courts - $1.0 million and 9 positions, Trial Courts Pandemic Recovery Plan - $10.0 million, Support for Post-Pandemic Proceedings - $1.9 million, Supreme Court Fellows Program - $0.6 million, Transportation Work Program - $11.6 billion, Affordable Housing Programs - $362.7 million, Library, Cultural, and Historical Grants, Initiatives, and Facilities - $175.3 million, Urban Search and Rescue Teams Training and Equipment Grants - $10 million, Florida National Guard Tuition Assistance - $5.2 million, Reemployment Assistance Program Operations and Tax Services Provider - $33.4 million, State Housing Initiatives Partnership (SHIP) - $209.5 million (allocated to local governments), Affordable Housing Programs - $153.3 million, including the State Apartment Incentive Loan (SAIL) and $100 million for a Florida Hometown Hero Housing Program, Noncustodial Parent Employment Program - $7.0 million, Law Enforcement Recruitment Bonus Program - $20 million, First Responders Recognition Payments - $125 million SFRF, Broadband Opportunity Grant Program - $400 million SFRF, Consumer-First Workforce Information System - $150 million SFRF, Rural Infrastructure Fund - $30 million ($25 million SFRF), Economic Development Projects - $6.0 million, Housing and Community Development Projects - $107.9 million, Florida Highway Patrol Taser Replacement - $1.5 million, Florida Highway Patrol Academy Driving Track - $10 million, Increased Authority for Work Zone Traffic Enforcement - $5.8 million, Additional Commercial Driver License Third Party Testing - $570,119; 6.0 positions, Motorist Modernization Project - Phase II - $10 million, Florida National Guard Tuition Assistance - $5.2 million for FYs 2021-2022 and 2022-2023, Florida State Guard - $10 million; 6.0 positions, New Counterdrug Program Headquarters Building - $2.2 million, Libraries Maintenance of Effort - $23.9 million; and Additional Aid - $2 million, Cultural and Museum Programs and Initiatives - $73.2 million, General Program Support Grants - $46.0 million (fully funds all 556 projects), Culture Builds Florida Ranked List - $3.1 million (funds all 131 projects), Cultural Facilities Grants Ranked List - $10 million SFRF (funds 24 projects), Cultural and Museum Projects - $14.1 million, Historical Preservation Programs and Initiatives - $31.1 million, Historic Preservation Small Matching Grants Ranked List - $1.6million (funds all58projects), Historic Preservation Special Category Ranked List - $21.5 million (funds all 77 projects), Historic Preservation Projects - $9.4 million, African-American Cultural and Historical Grants Ranked List - $30.3 million (SFRF). The Seminole County teachers union wants bigger raises for teachers, arguing an A-rated district shouldn't pay a "C-minus" salary. The Consumer Price Index rose by 7.9 percent through February, the fastest pace of annual inflation in 40 years. A recruitment plan, providing teachers with the support they need, and increased compensation leads to a bright future for our teachers and a bright future for our students., Over my career, I have seen many changes in the education system and several administrations in Tallahassee. So when can state workers expect to see that additional money on their paychecks? Javascript must be enabled for site search. September 30, 2026. Wages have been practically frozen for most of us for 10 years., As for the rest of the universities in the SUS (State University System of Florida), this is a common problem with the employees not receiving raises and being short-staffed.. The governor had originally asked for a five-month suspension of the state gas tax. General Schedule (GS) Payscale in Florida for 2022. Simpson, the Senate president, is running for the post of Agriculture Commissioner later this year and the spending provision sought by his chamber would not takeeffect until January 2023, when he could potentially be in charge of the department. And at the University of South Florida, in Tampa, the only university employees included in the proposed pay increases are university police, said Althea Johnson, assistant director of media relations. The cost of groceries rose 8.5 percent over the past year. Mailing Address: 300 East Brevard Street Tallahassee Florida, 32301. By this initiative happening, it is not about having a salary, it is about can a teacher pay their light bill, can a teacher pay their water bill, can a teacher give a kid who doesnt have food at home an extra snack, or an extra bag of chips to put in their backpack and not at the expense of their own home., I dont think people always understand the countless hours we put into our work, said Loren Temes, 2nd Grade Teacher, Renaissance Charter School at Wellington. Do you think Gov. State Corrections Chapter Website: SCOPBA.COM. We ask that you edit only for style or to shorten, provide proper attribution and link to our web site. Pay Raise. Paul Walker, the Florida Department of Corrections press secretary, wrote in an email that the FDC "received record pay increases to retain and recruit public servants to continue the agencys crucial public safety mission," because of DeSantis' Freedom First Budget. Nurses began returning to work at both hospitals Thursday morning, with New York Gov. Photo credit: AFSCME Florida. Brown contributed to this report. Confidential or exempt information under Florida Public Records Law is not included. 10 Tampa Bay reached out to both the offices of the Florida House and Senate but has not yet received a response. The Orlando Sentinel reported that people were upset by the exclusion of state LEOs from the second round of bonuses. "We have invested more than $2 billion in teacher pay, and . 2022. Contact: Local: (850) 222-3329 Toll-Free: 1-800-733-3722 Fax: (850) 561-8336. Choose wisely! If you do not want your e-mail address released in response to a public records request, do not send electronic mail to this entity. Rick Scott wants the state's highway patrol troopers, wildlife officers and state law-enforcement agents to get a 5 percent pay raise next year. Annual salary includes applicable employee pay additives (i.e., competitive area differential, trainer, hazardous duty, temporary special duty, legislative approved, critical market pay, and leadworker), but does not include overtime or other incentive payments. Judges) employees.It does not include Legislature, state university system, benefit-only entities, or municipal . The Florida Senate passed its fiscal year (FY) 2022-23 budget proposal (SB 2500) on February 9, 2022.

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